The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 1
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 1. Astonishment


Superman swooped down from flight onto the balcony of his alter ego Clark Kent.He had spent the night fighting a ruthless crimal gang, in of all places the Metropolis landfill. The gang was running a meth lab from a warehouse shack there.They had given him a real run for his money.His blue nylon and spandex uniform was filthy.

Opening the french doors that led into his/Clark’s bedroom, Superman was astounded at the sight before him. A naked man lay across his bed covered in blood.Superman rushed to the aid of the unknown intruder.The naked bludgeoned body lay face down. From the appearance of things it looked like the man had been beaten to a pulp by someone with brute strenghth. A quick glance around the body produced no apparent weapon.Without thinking Superman reached down gingerly and felt the man’s carotid for a pulse. There was none. Then superman slowlyrolled the naked body over.For the second time in since he arrived home, superman jumped back in amazement.

The man on the bed was Clark Kent!

“What the…….. How the……..”, Superman gasped. Just then he heard a loud crashing noise from the front of the apartment. Seconds later two of Metropolis’ finest were in the bedroom aiming their drawn weapons at the Man of Steel.

 “Superman!?”, one of the cops yelled. “What is going on here. We got a call that someone was screaming for their life in here. They said it sounded like one hell of a fight. What’s happened to Mr. Kent. This is his apartment, isn’t it?”

Superman stood there aghast, his hands covered in the dead man’s blood.His uniform filthy and disheveled from the night’s battles.”Gentlemen, I have only just arrived, myself. I found this man like this when I got here.” Superman tried to explain. “It does appear to be Clark Kent though.”, he said with clear astonishment. He couldn’t very well tell them why he knew that it wasn’t Clark.

“Well Superman, this doesn’t look good.I know that our weapons will have absolutely no effect on you, but we must ask you not to move or fly away, until we get to the bottom of this.” the lead officer politely requested.

Superman gave the officer his word that he would not flee. He, too, wanted to “Get to the bottom of this!”.

Officer Steve Bartlett, made a radio call into the precinct. He used the codes to inform the desk sergeant of the corpse. He requested that homicide and the coroner be sent to Clark Kent’s apartment. “… and Oh, the detective’s might want to bring someone from the district attorney’s office with them too!” he told the desk sergeant.”We have a quite unique situation here.”


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