Testing Superman (Revised + Illustrated version) Chapters 9-11
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Testing Superman (updated illustrated version)

Author: Superman Fann

Enhanced, edited, and expanded by Rick Henry, 12-2021; strawbridge88@att.net

This is the revised version by Rick Henry of this classic story writtenm originallly by Superman Fannn, Thanks Rick for sharing this version.

Major characters within are owned by D.C. Comics; this is a work of fan fiction. Though implausible in many respects, this is sexually explicit, m/m erotic material for mature readers only. Illustrations selected were those which basically matched the happenings within the story & not truly “exact,” but as close as possible to fit the text. Most used were given permission by the artists credited; but some unavailable factors were involved.


Chapter 9

Superman, with Jimmy in his arms, was still completely naked as his costume had been destroyed by the super soldier. Almost immediately upon taking off, he began to grow hard. At first, he thought it was just the stimulation of the air as he flew with no costume, but he soon realized that he was almost hornier than he had ever been in his life. The increased weight and size of his genitals, the thrust of his nipples, making him almost intoxicated. He tried to will the hard-on to go away but it was no use. Jimmy noticed, but pretended not to. Superman knew that he couldn’t fly back to Metropolis this way for fear someone would see him in this condition. “Need to make a detour,” he murmured. “Reconfigure a few things.”

He looked below and saw a deserted area. He landed and put Jimmy down. “I’m sorry, Jimmy, but it appears my new found powers come with some side effects,” Superman explained. “Expressing my strengths seems to really stimulate me.  Not sure how to handle that, without a large enough cup to contain me—hold me in.” He turned from Jimmy, placed his hands on his hips, and with a great rising sigh, produced a hands’ free ejaculation like he’d not quite experienced before. “Fffffuuuuuu-ccccckkkkkk!!” Superman groaned as rope upon rope of milky white seed burst from his now even more enlarged member, appearing now to be about sixteen inches long, thick as Jimmy’s forearm, and his balls a pair of churning small grapefruits. Even taking him to his knees, as if instantly draining him… heaving and cumming, powerful shot after shot.

When done, he fell forwards spent, on hands and knees, shaking his head, gasping. “Whew—WOW—whew…!”

Jimmy was watching the powerful man in disbelief. He was also shocked at the physical differences in Superman since his transformation. Superman had always been a very masculine sort of man, rather cultured and reserved, but with the now extra facial hair and a heavier coating of fur on his torso and limbs, he was the over-definition of masculine. Not to mention the amassed bulge-worthy increase of his muscularity, making one think of him more as a Paul Bunyan in miniature, rather than a once before “big guy” in a baggy suit at the Daily Planet.

Superman’s ejaculation session concluded, the hirsute muscleman finally arose, gathering his wits, stood there breathing heavily with his head down and his hands at his hips. Not his normal heroic stance but looking rather contrite, embarrassed. He finally had a chance to take a closer look at his transformation. He ran his fingers through his thick chest hair, finger-stroked at his much larger nipples, mouth opening with a relished “Ahhhhhhhhh!” Gave a slight flex of his pecs and was surprised to see how much they jumped. Checking out his arms, he was amazed at how much more they were peaked, how dense they felt.  Pat-stroked over his burgeoning thighs, cupped the wonder of his larger genitals.  One hand going back to curve over his still small ass, smiling.  Lost in thought, he almost forgot about Jimmy standing there. Yet keenly aware he was, and had seen everything.

“Jimmy, I’m sorry you had to witness that. It appears that with my new found strength and increased size, my testosterone levels must have skyrocketed…” Superman stated. “I’m going to have to conduct some of my own tests to see if any of my other powers are affected,” he continued. “I’d feel more comfortable doing it in my costume, but it’s apparent none of them would fit me anymore.  Looks like I’ll need to make a speedy trip to my home Fortress soon, to sort things out.  Believe I need to take you with me.  Anchor me, a bit.  If you don’t mind.  This is all a little overwhelming, even for me. Need someone I can trust.”

“I’m sure you’re right, Superman,” Jimmy agreed. “I’d be more than happy to help with your tests. You appear so much more massive than you were before.  And different.”

“I feel much stronger, but even flying you here was a different experience. It was more a feeling of forceful movement through the air than defying gravity. It also oddly appears some of the control I had over my body is gone—I’ve never “had” to cum before in my life. It was as if I had no control.”  Yet as he mentioned it, “Even talking about it—too.” Superman began to get hard again. Try as he might, he could not will it away. The more he tried, the hornier he became.  He tried urgently to quell the feelings, backing away—“Ohhh, Jimmy, Jimmy—look out!.” 

And without much warning, Superman suddenly orgasmed once again. “Oh, no! Noooo!! I’m, I’m Cumminggggggg—Aaaaggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!“ This time with no escape, Jimmy was drenched with a great spray of his potent super semen, just as he had been starting to say something.  The first stream hit him and its force went right to the back of his throat. “Uhhhhh…” he managed to murmur, as another volley hit him, trying to catch his breath.  And had to swallow hard, nearly choking on the effusion. Which was delicious beyond expectation.

Superman as before, depowered, was dropped to his knees, almost frightened. “Must, must learn to control this,” he groaned in distress. “My testosterone levels have gone through the roof. Must!! Or I’m finished,” in disbelief. And Jimmy, half in shock, half enthralled at the wondrous taste… the sensuality of the whole thing, again swallowed… relishing every drop, watching his hero expend himself into a heap of momentary paralysis… as he moved out the way to a safer spot, still cherishing the MOS’s warm seed.  A roil of unusual vibrations seemed to be seeping through him. “I’m feeling quite strange,” he thought. Took a deep breath, and the buttons popped off his shirt.


Chapter 10

“Jimmy”, Superman said, climbing to his feet once more, “I’m so sorry. Like I said, I feel so different, and this new, overwhelming sense of power and lack of self-control is worrying me a bit.  My thinking doesn’t even seem to be the same… I fear that the extra strength and increased testosterone levels could prohibit me from protecting people as I’ve always done.  I must test myself, and find out how much control I actually have.  Are you willing to stay with me until I can figure things out, Jimmy? I kind of need a true friend.”  Nonetheless, he couldn’t seem to stop show-flexing himself from different angles, obviously relishing his new found size.  And no less in love with it all.

“Of course, I will,” answered Jimmy, who was continuing to feel the amazing effects of the two big mouthfuls of Superman’s cum he’d just ingested, himself.  He could feel his muscles swelling and tensing underneath his clothing. His penis was stirred in his boxers; it felt heavier, longer… he patted at it to be sure, and he actually could feel a coarse coating of new ginger hair growing out on his chest. Not to mention some sudden fuzz on his face. This was phenomenal, but he didn’t want to say a word—knew he truly wanted more.  Even with this minimal “dose,” he was beginning to feel like more like a super-man, as well. But thought it best to say nothing. Wondered how he might acquire more.

“Jimmy,” Superman began, “before I test my strength and invulnerability, I’d like to test my other powers first.  We know flight is not a problem except that is a different feeling, and I’m quite certain I can fly faster than before.  I don’t know if testing myself here is the best place.”

Jimmy answered, “Well, we passed that old dilapidated, abandoned prison, and one of Luthor’s older warehouses on our flight here. From what I know it’s been locked tight; bet it must have some his old devices hidden away there. Might be a good place to start, if you’re not inclined to head to your fortress.”

“Excellent idea,” rallied the MOS. Then suddenly looking at him, he observed Jimmy’s altered look. With a wry smile he concluded, “Jimmy, your clothes are a wreck, hanging in shreds. And I could use some, too. Seems like our encounters with those shots of “super serum” has done a number on both of us. Mine from that soldier—and his mixed with mine on you. I’ll fix that now.  There’s a mall nearby.  We’ll drop in for a little visit.”

“But not like this!  And they’re closed, this time of night?”

“So, we’ll get in through the roof. No alarms if I punch a hole in the ceiling.”

“But, but wouldn’t that be trespassing—stealing?

Superman looked at him with a frown. “Merely a matter of perspective, my friend. You do what you have to do. Necessity, the Mother of Implementation…. Just a matter of perspective, that’s all.”  And he grabbed him up close again, and they took off. Jimmy just not too comfortable with this change of his former friend’s attitude. But his head against his friend’s nude warmth and chest, really got him hard.

Once inside the store, Superman told Jimmy to go find whatever he wanted. He, himself, was going to rummage through the fabric dept.  Had to fashion something… since form-fitting uniforms and capes were not standard fare in the clothing area for hugely muscled men. But he still had his sturdy red boots on. Nice.

They weren’t there long. Jimmy found what he needed in the big and tall department, amazed the length of his shirt sleeves and trouser seams had increased, and wisely chose something still looser fitting. At this rate, you never know, he surmised. Whereas the Man of Steel had managed to put together a finely swirling thick black cape, and stitched together a black silky thong, which barely covered his more than prodigiously noticeable male-fantastic equipment.

Jimmy caught him preening in front of a set of three-way mirrors, sans the cape. He was obviously completely enamored, viewing himself. “You know Jimmy, I really think it’s about time I changed out that silly red and blue costume.  This look is so much more amazing.  To show myself like this.  Let the people see I really AM a Superior Man—someone to truly gasp over when seeing!  A truly bonafide SUPERMAN!!  What do you think?”  Even his voice seemed to have dropped an octave lower.

“Uhhh, well, sure. You, you are spectacular.  More than before.  But, uhh, what about the kids seeing you like that, practically naked—almost nude? Even women would be a little taken aback.  Don’t you think?  Not exactly something… you could, uhh, could wear to church, or give a charity speech in.”

“Why?  Why not?!  On stage at the Mr. Olympias, they don’t hide much.  Flaunt it for the whole world to see. Why else did they build themselves up—not to hide in a closet!”  Superman demanded, and seeming to get a little angry. “Perfection is hard to come by, Jimmy! They should be thankful to see it!  And, so much of it!!  Wow, aren’t these arms and pecs incredible?  Arms already popping 26 ½”—I just measured them. Shoulders, thighs??  Hey, Jimmy?  And these much huger nipples, so gorgeous… and my manly pouch, about to burst loose with my incredible masculinity?!  I really am quite something!!

Rather with a sour taste in his mouth, poor Jimmy looked askance.  Good grief, what was happening here?  His once ultimate hero, still beyond manly and gorgeous, but “super-strange”… would be more the word for it. What had happened to him, what he was becoming?  I mean, heck… he’d just seen him MURDER three men, and now, break into a store and STEAL merchandise?!!  (Not that he was any less guilty, what he was wearing.)

“I think, Jimmy,” Superman said with all seriousness, “when this is all over, I should become President.  It’s about time a powerful being like me took over, and ran this show properly.  Nobody out there seems to know what the blazes they’re doing.  Don’t even have the “balls,” pardon my pun—checking out the size of mine!!  But I think that’s what I’ll do.  Just take off for Washington, and give them holy hell!  Who could stop me, being so tough, so smart, so invincible?  Don’t even think Kryptonite could do much anymore—though not sure about that, just yet.  But damn, take over this country, run it right!  Then… cross on over to Europe, get them straightened out.  Damn, think I will.  It’s about time!!”

All Jimmy could do was swallow hard. His friend was freaking out. Was becoming something Jimmy could not understand. Nor even liked.

“With a cock and pecs like this, I should rule the world,” Superman said.  Cupping himself. “I sure do have it, don’t I, Jimmy?!  All of itI shouldRULE THE WORLD!!

Artwork by Phonometrie, Deviant Art – [But the MOS needs a hirsute body, nipples beyond 4” long & thick, a smattering of dark beard on his face: his alien-infused transformation having become greater and greater.]
Artwork by Phonometrie, Deviant Art – [But the MOS needs a hirsute body, nipples beyond 4” long & thick, a smattering of dark beard on his face: his alien-infused transformation having become greater and greater.]. Link to his Deviant Art profile by clicking in the image.

“If, if you say so. Sure, sure you should,” Jimmy stammered. “Maybe you should put on your cape, though. Starting to get daylight. We need to get out of here.”

“You’re right, little pal.  Really right. Just the pal I need, to set me straight. Come on,” Superman agreed.

Once back at the damaged ceiling hole he had previously made, he scooped Jimmy up in his arms and leaped into the air.  Within ten minutes, he was landing them at the front door of the old Luthor warehouse. It was a foreboding sight to behold… massively muscled, black-caped and heavily thonged, in stand-out red-calved boots, Superman carrying Jimmy in his arms.  But when he landed in front of the place, he actually broke the pavement with his landing and his feet were covered in a small pile of rubble.  He looked a bit confused, if not concerned, as he put Jimmy down… amazed at the increased power he’d exerted. He once again was fighting the urge to cum, and knew he needed to focus all of his attention on that.  His cock was hard as a rock, about to rip out of his thong, and his aching, hairy balls were screaming for release.  “Got to get my mind off of it,” he thought. “Got to! Gain control!”

He focused his attention on the locked doors, grabbed them with both hands and with a small jerk, pulled both doors practically off their hinges.  “Guess I don’t know my own strength”, he chuckled with his new bass voice.  

Jimmy was amazed at how effortlessly the doors were ripped from their placements.  He was also anxious to see how much strength he too might’ve gained, but wasn’t ready to express his newfound metamorphosis to Superman just yet. Although the MOS had eyed him with a new sort of respect, and an unmistakable sexual appreciation. Or was he imagining things again?

The two men walked in the front door and Superman propped the doors back up, so their entrance wouldn’t be that easily detected, just in case Luthor’s men might be skimming around on patrol.  As they walked in the visitors’ foyer of the abandoned facility, Superman caught a glimpse of himself in full costume for the first time in one of the mirrored walls.  He was truly the picture of ultra-masculinity.  He bounced his pecs and struck a double biceps pose, sucking in his still cobblestone abs, letting the cape slide back from his shoulders behind him.  He smiled, and Jimmy noticed a look of pure smug, unalterable arrogance that he’d never seen from Superman before (except at the store earlier). It was heart-stopping. If not scary.

Even gave him a slyly-lingering, long sort of wink. Which made him catch his breath. And his balls curl.

“I think my new costume will be without a shirt, Jimmy. People need to see these fantastic pecs, a real man’s breasts, with super-sized nipples—no need to cover up such magnificent perfection!  Not to mention the “wonderment” between my legs…!” Superman added with a smirk.  Jimmy was no longer surprised—a sinking feeling deep in the pit of his stomach—suddenly more than a little disquieted, almost angered at the pomposity of the man he’d always looked up to (who seemed surely now to have disappeared).  And was having more than second thoughts about… the strangeness of him being an alien, as had that evil Trytonian been—no longer a genuinely good thing for Earth? Or what he was becoming…. Somehow with his increased mass, almost unnaturally grotesque, not beautiful as before.


Chapter 11

Jimmy, as well, was still feeling quite strange. Even his newer clothing was again snug from his muscular increase… and his admiration of Superman was quickly turning to that of disdain and dislike.  The assisted power of Superman’s two jolts of his super- semen was making him feel oddly powerful; and in a way was changing his thoughts of needing Superman to protect him into one of feeling more like an upcoming competitor. The Man of Steel’s newly acquired, over-lording confidence wasn’t helping matters, either.  Jimmy, however, did not want to let on about his surging new found strength, until he first knew its limits—just like Superman was here now to test his—and until he knew if he might really need any more of the alien’s sweet nectar, which had made him this way. Or how he might get it.  A daunting idea.  Not to mention the wonder of what it might do to him if he did?!  Good or bad?

“I’m going to test my visual powers first,” Superman said as he walked to the vault area with a swagger.  He focused his eyes on the smaller inner vault room where valuables were kept and attempted to engage his x-ray vision. It was obvious that he was struggling a little bit as his beefy hands rubbed his eyes and massaged his forehead.

“What’s the matter, Superman?  You haven’t still lost your ability to see through things?” Jimmy asked.  Superman didn’t answer but continued staring with a very intense look in his eyes.  Eventually he was able to see in.  

“No, Jimmy.  I just needed to readjust and coordinate with my new powers,” Superman responded with a cockier confidence, which now was growing more and more evident.  “There are some odd weapons and strange belongings in that vault.  And were obviously secured there for hidden reasons. We will have to explore further.”

With an unusual display of his otherworldly powers, he tackled those doors, too, and soon they swung wide. How he might have disengaged the locks Jimmy didn’t know—had he done it just with his laser vision, triggering them?  No matter. But he had not damaged them by utilizing any of his gargantuan, incredible strength.  His arms bulging thick as Jimmy’s larger thighs; a finger flick, by which he could have propelled an SUV across the room.

Almost as if for show, Superman ducked a little, flexed his ever mammoth pecs, and leaned in as he looked into the vault with fierce determination.  The opening and the door had been somewhat smaller-sized and cramped, as if to keep out but only special visitors.  Though Jimmy was relatively impressed at the mountain of muscle in front of him… he was becoming less and less enamored with his former infatuation.  “Amazing,” said Superman in some wonder. “There is a fine couch, tables and lamps, an easy chair, almost a very private den. Even a shower stall. A bar, some books.  Scattered tools on the floor. I wonder why?”

Jimmy crouched in behind him, the lights were automatic and glowed invitingly. It was perhaps a 14 x 16 room, comfortable looking, with a fine large oil painting covering the whole wall behind the couch.  A scene from the Bible, of all things.  A mightily nude, downed and muscular Goliath was laying struck back, sprawled onto the ground, one of his huge arms trying to prop himself up, the other raised in a futile defense, as a young, trimly muscled David stood over him… one hand hooked into his hair, the giant’s eyes wide with terror, a short sword in David’s other hand, about to descend into his thick neck.

“Not too cheery,” Jimmy commented. Curious, and definitely stimulated. A certain eroticism was evident in the depiction. Why here, of all places?  What could it mean? But the stirring within him was deeply impressionable.

And then to the other side, they both looked in astonishment.  There was an enclosure of sturdy-clear Lucite projecting out from the wall, doors apparently easy to be opened, a chamber of sorts.  Within it, raised upon a small wide-stepped platform maybe six inches high, sat a large, curve- topped chest, reminiscent of a Pirate’s Treasure Chest, with smooth, gray metallic sides, and a gold plaque prominently embedded along the top curve. The container must have been about five and a half feet long; its lower portions two and a half feet wide, two and a half feet deep, with its higher curved top about another foot high. It had three bulky combination locks affixed to the front side.

They went in up close. And read the plaque in bold letters, finely engraved:

Some How, Some Way, Some Day!!


“What the hell—?” Superman retorted.

“Sure is strange,” Jimmy agreed.

“We’ll have to see the contents, then!”  The entire casket appeared to be made of sturdy iron, or thick steel, and was lead-covered: a truly heavy piece of work.

“Can’t see through it,” the MOS muttered. “Probably some fancy, new weapon that that crack-pot Luthor has been working on, to try to take me down with. Like earlier today…. Oh, well.  We’ll have to open, and dismantle it.”

“Let me get one of those crowbars over there, to bust the locks,” Jimmy offered.  And hurried to get one. When he handed it to Superman, Superman said, “No, you do it. I’ve been noticing you, Jimmy—how much you’ve changed. Seems that super-serum has been working on you, too; reason you needed some new clothes.  So here, let me see how you manage this.” Then he took the 18” goose-necked crowbar, bent it into a simple “U” and handed it back to him. “Go ahead.  Straighten it out.  Then use it.”

Jimmy paused a moment, a bit dumbfounded. Then with a shrug, gritted his teeth… and bent the bar straight again. His jaw dropping open. 

Superman smiled.  “Getting to be real pals, aren’t we?  Might even have to make you Secretary of State, once I get to Washington.  Okay, break ‘em down.”

He could have melted the locks if he’d have wanted to, but thought “Hey, let the kid do it.  Good exercise.”  Though he was getting awfully horny again.  Now was not the time. Something he’d have to work on controlling.  Really.

Jimmy jimmied the locks, broke them apart like paper, relatively satisfied. Knowing the lid was bound to be heavy, Superman gestured “Come on,” and he and both Jimmy heaved hard, and pried the lid open and wide. 

Instantly, Superman fell back—“Ayaaahh-aaghhhh!!” in pure shock, wavering, hands raised to shield his eyes, his face—stupefied. Protect his head. His brain. Body, chest….

“NO!  It can’t be... Kryptonite…!!” gasping weakly, staggering back and away as far as he could—the radiant green glow unmistakable. He stumbled blindly backwards out of the Lucite enclosure, legs giving out and clumsily fell, sliding across the floor on his cape, ended up his huge, tapered back colliding with the low seat cushions of the couch, head falling partially back, crying out.  “Jimmy, Jimmy, close the lid!  CLOSE… THE LID…!!  Please, please!!”  Shaking and desperate.  More Kryptonite than he’d ever seen in his whole life. The lumps and mounds, chunks of it, having been placed in the complete lower-filled half the treasure chest.  It was horrible. Could feel his head swirling crazily, from just its twelve feet away.

But Jimmy didn’t close the lid, left it open. The time to strike was now.  “It’s too heavy,” he said, following; going over nonchalantly, settling down near the stricken alien. The painting on the wall had more than inspired him.  Though he would have to do this very carefully.

“Say, I have an idea, Clark. Maybe you can build up resistance to it, if you… if you take yourself again. Like you told me. Restrengthen yourself.  Said how you seem to get stronger each time. Why not try that?”

Startled, the hero looked at him.  Clark?!  Who, who told you.? You-you know who I am?!”

“Actually figured it out some time ago. Built the way you are, yet acting so demure. But could never hide those close-up facial resemblances in my photos. Even with glasses, baggy clothes. Studied and compared them a long time.  Wanted to get closer to you, but didn’t know how….”

“Well, we’ve certainly gotten… closer, haven’t we…?” the addled MOS conceded. Taking a moment of absorbing silence to digest what was occurring.

“It’s been a real, treat, Clark.  A real dream of mine.”

“And you, you don’t think less of me. The sexual thing, then—I mean?”  The big guy was pouring sweat, obviously uncomfortable, agitated, shaking a little.

“No. No, actually… have relished this with all my heart.”

“Oh, Jimmy! A real pal, at last. One I can trust.”

“Why not?  We’re practically brothers, now—having shared ourselves so much.”

The alien was breathing laboredly, nonetheless. “That lid,” he said. “That lid. Must close. Cover it.”

“Okay, my man. Let me.  I’ll just strip out of my clothes. That should help some.” And made his way back into the enclosure, stripped himself near naked, covered the green lethal minerals with his clothing, and came slowly back towards his quivering friend. Stopping over him, before settling down close again, “That should do it.  At least the glow is gone.  And I can see you’re already getting hard, again… looking at me.  That thong.”

“You, you’re quite handsome, Jimmy. Increased, too. In those briefs, bulging almost as I was…. Looking more and more, like I used to.  Incredibly… de-desirable.”  Still a bit out of it. Getting more and more horned by the second. Breath tightening, nipples swelling.

Artwork, Phonometrie, Deviant Art – [Jimmy. though with a light beard now, and thicker hair on his torso, much increased, deciding what he must do: using himself as a lure to entice the MOS for another go... so he could once more savor his super-semen, and strengthen himself enough to take him down—after hopefully weakening him further]
Artwork, Phonometrie, Deviant Art – [Jimmy. though with a light beard now, and thicker hair on his torso, much increased, deciding what he must do: using himself as a lure to entice the MOS for another go... so he could once more savor his super-semen, and strengthen himself enough to take him down—after hopefully weakening him further]. Link to his Deviant Art profile by clicking in the image.

“Thanks, Clark.  I appreciate that.  That I stimulate you.  But you’re more than quite a piece of work yourself, now. Amazing, other-worldly!”

And with a ragged smile, the hero said, “Well, guess we’ll never be able to go back to the Daily Planet looking like this. People’d never believe us… in shirt sleeves, or even sports jackets, anymore.”

“No. No going back, I guess,” Jimmy concurred. “Next stop, wherever!! So, let’s get on with it.”

And still dazed, the MOS said woozily, “What’s best, yes. Yes, let me try, what you said—that… I need to. Any way. Must have release… but, I…” feeling too weak to even think. The too near rays of the Kryptonite still reaching him.

“Let me help you, Clark,” Jimmy soothed. Why pretend now?  He drew in close, carefully untied the strings at his neck, freeing the bigger man of his cape.  And could feel him, as if falling weakly forwards and into him, as if actually craving, really needing the protection of his arms, his body, so much warmer and closer…. “Have to shug you out of these, too, big guy.  Get more comfortable.” 

His hands going not shyly down anymore, relieving him of his thong, the MOS easily shedding the flimsy thing quite eagerly, could see he was already 3/4 hard, as was himself.  Then Jimmy stood up and back, determined what he must do… shed his own last bit of undergear in half a flash, and was down beside the dazed alien in moments once more.  Reached for his nipples, pulled him in, kissed him strongly—felt him lurch and take deep breaths… then, still grasping onto his huge udders, brought them together forcefully across the middle of his massive pecs, rubbing the tender ends of them both into each other.  Felt him tremble, surrendering to him. Their juices instantly beginning to drivel over his hands. Superman’s hands rising to enclose around him closer, moaning rapturously.

“Oh!! OH, OH, OHHHH!!” he whimper-cried out. “Jimmy, Jimmy—my only friend. Yes, yes!!” His manhood fully risen in moments, urgent, already in full flow, practically up and beyond, boldly between and in front of his mighty pecs.

Jimmy knew it would be a feat, but it may be his only chance. He then half stood, straddled over the MOS, determined to do so… and slowly, carefully eased himself down over, and atop of the alien’s well-lubricated, flowing monster cock shaft.  For an ordinary man it might have been fatal.  But Jimmy’s newly achieved body and physique was somehow very well able and capable of receiving him.  Indeed it hurt, but not near as he’d imagined, and he began to easily impale himself on the superior rod… took him as far in as he had never dreamed.  Felt like his very lungs might rupture—but the ecstasy of the MOS’s fullness was nearly earth-shattering.  And he savored him completely, his body adapting almost instantly, no problem. Even craved more—and sad… that it might never be so again.

“I’m going to ride you, cowboy, all the way into the sunset!”  And ride him he did, to the astonishment of both. The MOS was as if utterly helpless to stop him, nor did he want to—Jimmy’s mouth which had also claimed both of his huge teats… was drinking and suckling from, chewing them both at the same time.  While he bucked and fucked himself, his friend atop him, encompassing him, nearly out of his mind with his own joy, his own need to unload… without realizing he was actually being fatefully drained of all his resources, from both top and lower decks in equal accord.

Jimmy depleting his great breasts, and his inner strengths, as he erupted into him in mere minutes.  Both of them enthralled at the quickness of it—the life-giving serum Jimmy had robbed from him, filling his own insides with the overwhelming surges of the results….  When he pulled off of him, he was near to fainting… as the MOS, doubly expended, lay back almost inert, slack, completely shocked, powerless and drained more so than ever before, or expected.  Breathing heavily, eyes closed, nearly out of it. Soft low groans and purrs emitting from him, involuntarily sated, yet still distressed. Head thrust back on the seat of the low couch, not really moving.  Jimmy had to feel for his neck pulse, make sure he was alive.  Not quite the finale he’d envisioned.

Somehow, Jimmy found his way over to the compact bar Luthor had installed.  Rummaged around, and found there really were a few trays of ice cubes in the small refrigerator. Discovered some glasses, and poured out a few healthy slugs of really fine brandy, and headed back to his friend. Gee-minee Christmas!  He felt like his arms and legs, chest and shoulders were about to pop off his bones. Their tremoring increases were intoxicating. Even in his balls, the extra weight; and his cock must be cresting 12 plus inches now.  WOW!!  A Superman, himself!  His nipples erected, tingling notably, at least two or so inches outwards in the cool. Feeling the heated warmth of the alien’s semen working still inside him. Something he’d never forget.

To be continued…

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