Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 2
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Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord

Author: L. Cross – Approx. 2010.

Moderately enhanced/embellished/expanded/edited by Rick Henry, 10-2021.


Part 2 “Captured by the Hunter

Several minutes later, the hunter approaches Tarzan as he lays face down with his face buried in the sandy soil. The hunter stares down at the young jungle man clad only in a loin cloth as he circles his downed prey several times. The hunter drops the sack and nudges the big jungle man in the ribs hard with his foot, trying to arouse him. “The jungle boy is out cold,” says the hunter out loud. The hunter kneels down next to Tarzan and rolls the strapping young man over onto his back in the sand. He slaps the young man’s handsome face three times sharply in quick succession, but the man does not stir.

“Excellent – that drug really did a number on Tarzan,” murmurs the hunter. “Yes!” he thinks,

appraising his young captive from his muscular pecs down to his powerful calves – a magnificent specimen of manhood. The hunter wastes no time and disarms the Jungle Lord. He pulls the large knife out of Tarzan’s holster, and cuts the leather waist cord of the loin cloth he wears. The hunter pulls the knife holster away from Tarzan’s waist, dragging the cut leather cord and the loin cloth off along with it, leaving Tarzan completely naked. The hunter examines the knife and then holsters it, looking down at the naked young man.

 “Nothing personal, Tarzan – strictly following orders – your new owner wants you kept naked from this point forward,” explains the hunter as he pokes and prods Tarzan’s balls with the holstered knife, sizing them up for the ball shackle he will soon lock around the Jungle Lord’s manhood. “These will make great souvenirs,” says the hunter aloud as he opens his sack and deposits both the knife and loin cloth into the sack.

The hunter rummages through the sack and pulls out a set of heavy, leather neck-wrist restraints and a small lockable steel shackle with a length of chain attached to it, and tosses the items next to the naked man with a clatter. He again rummages through the sack and retrieves a strange looking thick, leather hood and a large black ball gag with leather straps. The hunter looks at the grotesque leather hood and then down at Tarzan laying naked in the sandy soil. “Well kid… you’re in for a rough time from here on in!  Not only am I instructed to keep you in the buff, but I’m to take away your speech, sight and hearing,” explains the hunter to the slumbering jungle man. The hood is black and made of thick leather, and has the grotesque, distorted features of a gorilla’s face on the front of the hood. The hood has only two opening – an air hole in the wide flat nose-piece of the face, and a mouth opening between the thick oversized lips of gorilla’s mouth. The gorilla hood has zipper on the back, and a thick black leather cord interwoven and laced through the back of the hood, hidden by the long lengths of shoulder-length black kinky hair sewn into it.

The thick leather cord, when drawn tight and tied off, compresses the hood tight around the wearer’s face like a second skin. At the base of the hood is a tiny padlock used to lock the zipper closed, once the hood with the mask is secured over the victim. “Well, jungle boy – act like an ape, and sooner or later someone will dress you up as one,” thinks the hunter as he unzips and unlaces the thick leather animal hood, preparing to put the hood over Tarzan’s head.    

To be continued….

(Note: all subsequent maskings of the captured heroes will have both nose and small mouth holes in their fronts.  Additionally, the ball gags inserted will also have adequate straw-holes drilled into the center of the ball that fits into their mouths, so they may be given liquid only nourishments and water twice daily. In the event captives are forced to toil in the hot sun, they will be given water breaks every hour, to keep them from passing out or having heatstroke).

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2 thoughts on “Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book 1 Part 2
5 (2)

  1. Thank you Rick Henry for your reasonable revision to the story’s mask concept! I know this is all kink fantasy, but first time through it always threw me out of the story when I read the masks had no mouth holes and at the same time they were never coming off the heroes again – so they’re never going to eat or drink again? Even in a story with superheroes, superscience and magic powers, that was a bridge too far.

  2. Hey masterofkaorak, Rick Henry also was very troubled by the very same mask problem, I think he will be very glad to see more people commenting his improvements to these stories.

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