Keep It Simple Chapters 3-4
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Keep It Simple

Author: Bluebirdprism.

Moderately edited and enhanced by Rick Henry, 02-2022

Some characters owned by D.C. Comics. This is fan fiction of an erotic nature, for mature readers only.


Chapter 3: Allies

I hadn’t decided exactly how to get David on board with my plan, to show all of the bloated ego villain masterminds just how easily Superman could be brought down by the end of a soon future day. If the materials from Mr. Luthor were going to be waiting in our suite by late afternoon, I wouldn’t really have much choice other than to tell him something about what was going on. I knew David’s natural curiosity would never let the issue rest until I spilled some kind of information. As we walked down to the Athletech’s lobby, I figured I had gotten pretty far without my usual meticulous consideration and planning; maybe my luck would continue, just telling David a “cloaked” truth (yet with a much, much darker actual intent)—how I wanted to humiliate Superman.

When we got back to the hotel, as promised, sitting on the dinette table was one long box that was obviously the baseball bat prototype and several large square boxes that must have contained the Kryptonite and tools I would need. David let himself fall on the pristine white couch before looking over and seeing all of our mail. “Don’t tell me this is more from work?” David’s head rolled back in premature frustration.

I stepped toward the table. “Not exactly, it’s for a side project I’m doing for Mr. Luthor.”

I think David actually teleported from the couch to the dining room. “Side project? Come on, you know you’re telling me more than that—spill!” his eyes practically flashed as he took in all of the boxes as I stacked them by the doorway to the kitchen, more to let me brace for the big reveal than to clear off the table.  

Finally I sat down across from him, “Ok, everybody knows that Luthor has it out for Superman; allegedly, right?”

David shrugged, “Well, yeah, but who doesn’t really?” I tilted my head, not expecting that response from Superman’s biggest fan. He looked down for a second as if he was…embarrassed? “I mean, sure Superman’s a good guy and he helps people and everything, but just imagine actually beating him. Able to be dominating the world’s strongest man, especially if it were just a regular guy like you, or me, or Luthor?”

David took a deep breath, the same way he did when I made him squirm in bed and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. David licked his lips, “Would be one hell of a rush, and pretty hot.” I saw him dart his eyes up for a second and seeing my disbelief, he looked back to the table. “It’s totally lame I know, not to mention practically impossible, but it’s still a turn on.” David looked up, giving me the crooked smile and half-hearted shrug that I can only describe as fucking adorable, it showed the little kid still watching Saturday morning cartoons hidden under the bulk of muscle and 5 o’clock shadow.

I silently thanked every higher power I could think of for David’s superhero kink. I knew he was a fanboy of many super-powered celebrities, but I didn’t know about this less than pure aspect to his wide-eyed adoration. I leaned forward, “What if I told you it wasn’t so impossible—for regular guys like you, me, or Mr. Luthor?”

David’s eyes narrowed, “I’d tell you to keep talking.” I knew him well enough that his expression meant he was willing to hear me out, but was skeptical that I was about to say anything convincing.

“I’ll just say that Mr. Luthor was more than generous when he heard my proposal, and with those packages over there, I’m going to score a home run.”

David’s eyes knitted together, “I’m not sure I get it.”

I leaned back in my chair. “Okay, you know all of these famous headliner so-called villains that just keep coming up with all sorts of crazy schemes for world domination or whatever, and attempt to install Superman safeguards in their schemes, right?” David nodded, still looking confused. “Well that’s the first mistake. They try to focus on too many things at once, and their plans have too many parts and facets. They stretch their ideas too thin and miss crucial details. The solution to that is simply to “keep it simple.” If you have a particular goal in mind, with a persistent spandex-wrapped obstacle… isn’t it smart to take care of the opposition by devoting your energy to clearing the way to success, and then turn to address the ultimate goal?”

Now it was David’s turn to sit back, “So…you’re trying to take over the world?”

We both laughed as I shook my head, “No, I’m hardly that ambitious. But making some moonlight money along with the satisfaction of subduing the world’s strongest superhero, that I can enjoy doing.”

David leaned forward again. “You’re serious, you really want to take down Superman?” he laughed. “Ok, I’ll bite. How?”

I told David my plan, going into a little more detail than I had given Mr. Luthor. When I finished, David leaned far back in his chair; I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his tight jeans. Ever since my visit to Lexcorp, I seemed to be on sexual overdrive. I couldn’t tell if it was the unfulfilled desire to sleep with Lex, or just some unexpected awakening of an increased libido; but I suddenly wanted David right then and there.

David slapped his knees and grinned looking at the stack of boxes. “And it’s all there in the boxes… I can’t believe I’m even saying this, but it’s actually brilliant!”

I straddled him sitting on his rock hard thighs. “So you’ll help me?” David nodded, pulling me in by my tie and kissed me. As the kiss deepened and our mouths opened, I couldn’t help gasping as he gripped my ass and forcefully pulled me forward, meshing our crotches together. He pressed his up against me, and I could feel him like iron under the rough denim.

I slid my hands down his torso, feeling the ridges between his cobble-stoned abs. He was practically panting in my ear as I unbuttoned his jeans, exposing bright red underwear barely containing his twitching manhood. I pulled his shirt up hooking it behind his head, and let my mouth follow the trail my hands had taken a moment earlier. I looked up as I kneeled between his legs. David was groping his hard bulge, his expression pure beatific bliss as I let my lips press against his bulge. I pulled his jeans lower and discovered the pouch was a jockstrap; the waist-band yellow and the straps cupping his gorgeous ass were bright blue. I leaned back on my bent legs and grinned tauntingly, as he opened his eyes and looked down at me eyeing his subtle Superman jockstrap. “Shut up,” I laughed. “No, I like it, my own Man of Steel. With the other about to lose his title, permanently!” I snorted aloud. I got back up and slid my right hand up and under him, letting my thumb tease the joint of the pouch and straps. I sent my hand further, hooking two fingers up, I nearly came in my pants hearing David’s lusty moan. Watching him ride my fingers and arch in the chair was like heaven… studying every muscle and curve, writhing with every bend of a knuckle.

I stood up, my forearm flexing as I began a two-finger drill inside him, persistently pressing his prostate like an impatient visitor at a doorbell; each push inside him producing trembling moans and whimpers of pleasure. I kissed him as he shivered, gripped his hair tightly. “Let me show you what I do with superheroes I trap.” David grinned and kissed me again.

I led him back by the waistband into the suite bedroom, shoving him back onto the bed. I grabbed the curtain ties and lashed his hands firmly to the headboard, barely able to do it efficiently as our lips practically never broke contact the whole time. I licked my way down his neck, to his chest, biting his swollen nub until he cried out and bucked his hips under me.  I licked his angry nipples before grinning in David’s face: “I think I’ve got just the thing to settle down the Man of Steel.”

I slid off the bed, letting my body rub his the whole way down. I stood up, unbuttoning my light gray slacks, letting them fall to the floor. I stood there in front of David, fondling the nine-sized bulge in my white thong as he licked his lips, flexing his restrained arms in vain, looking every part the muscular subdued superhero. I crouched down to go through my duffel bag that had a pocket dedicated to toys and oils, pulling one out and holding it behind my back as I got back on the bed straddling David’s waist. He licked his lips again, “Well, come on, don’t make me wait. What’s the surprise?”

 I pulled out a neon green vibrator and teased it against his chest. David laughed, and then gave a pained expression in a bid for the Tony Awards, “Oh, no—not the Kryptonite dildo! You’ll never get away with this, you fiend!”

I dipped my head, biting into his neck and sucking until he gave a choked moan. “But I already have….” I whispered. (Imaging how it would be, once I had the “real deal” bound and under me—in endless debilitating shock. Wailing and helpless. As I knew we would.)  David laughed again, until I pressed the vibrator to his lips and he hungrily sucked it down, licking it like the world’s best ice cream.

I made David deep throat the vibrator twice, loving his roleplay as he pretended the mere sight of it was rendering him pained, helpless, and horny. I reached down, pulling his full, and very thick manly-eight out of the jock pouch. His precum was more than enough for lube as I started stroking his cock, sliding the dildo down his body until I got to his eager ass. I turned the vibration to low, teasing around his hole until roleplay was forgotten. He arched off the bed as much as his bonds would allow, “Ohhh! Fuuuuuck, fuck! Please!” I smiled darkly as I watched him writhe in need, “I love it when you beg.” As I pushed the vibrator inside of him, pushing it slowly in as he opened to the penetration. His breath came in ragged gasps; I went further, turning up the speed as I went.

I bent down and took his weeping wet manhood in my mouth, sucking him in as he clenched down on the ‘Kryptonite’ dildo, his whole body quivering as he cried out in ecstasy. His body seized and shook as he moved from thrusting into my mouth and pushing on the vibrator, whimpering my name soft and high pitched, which was even hotter coming from the muscled hulk of his body. I felt his breathing become more urgent, frantic, his fists clenched and his head flew back against the pillows. I knew he was close and I wanted to taste him, to feel him erupt in my mouth. I started sucking him harder, twisting the vibrator back and forth until he finally groaned almost like an animal and his body stiffened, his ass clenching so hard I couldn’t move the vibrator anymore and he blasted—his hot seed hitting the back of my throat as I savored every drop.

His orgasm seemed to go forever, every shot sending shivers through his body and making his cut stone abs spasm. When the tide finally calmed, I gently pulled the vibrator from his ass. I climbed up his body, pushing my hard bulge against his wet drained cock getting another moan from Super David. I untied his hands and he hugged me close to him, laying on his chest, my legs wrapping his left leg. His arm slid down my back, teasing the strap of my thong between my ass, pressing against me. His thick middle finger pushed the strap aside, entering me, fingerfucking me as I humped my aching cock against his hip. I moaned in his ear as he pushed a second finger inside me, stretching me open and pushing his thick fingers deeper. My cock finally throbbed and I came in hot splashes against his hip, spilling all of the pent-up lust on his smooth skin. David grinned and kissed me, “So, how about a shower, and then we can start humiliating superheroes!”

I laughed, kissing him as we walked to the bathroom.   


Chapter 4: Commence

I had every bit of faith in David’s abilities, having seen him in action, and he never failed to impress. But the speed and fervor he worked with was like nothing I had ever seen out of him before. He was motivated and excited often working long into the night designing the panels and input system for our secret weapon. To put icing on the cake, David took initiative and thinly coated the bat with pure lead to ensure that Superman wouldn’t notice a thing until it was way too late.

It was a little complicated to form a plan that would get Superman anywhere near Lex Luthor in a non-combative setting. I had a few meetings with Luthor which were mainly a chance for Lex to tempt and tease me, while discussing Superman’s defeat; leaving me a horny disheveled mess as I left his building each evening.   We did manage to get a few constructive things done despite the thick lust in the air every time I stepped in his office. We finally settled on a perfect plan Superman couldn’t resist… something philanthropic. As Lex put it, “If there are cameras and smiling babies, Superman won’t be too hard to convince to make an appearance.”

Superman had been involved in several epic battles over the past few days, causing damage to the city faster than construction crews and crisis volunteers could repair it. There was a fire smoldering in the city as the space and capability to care for those injured in Superman’s wake ran low. Was he a “help,” or a menace? People were being flown to adjoining towns to receive medical attention and the delay in treatment was causing an increasing amount of unrest. There had long been protests about the shortcomings of the network of hospitals in Metropolis as well as the constantly increasing costs of health insurance. Mr. Luthor had re-started construction on a massive medical complex. It had been originally meant to be a cooperative annex to STAR Labs for research projects, but Luthor had wisely shifted focus and instead marketed the building as being a medical center to accommodate the now sudden spike in civilians needing care. Luthor’s stock in the public opinion skyrocketed and as could be expected, the underground dissatisfaction with Superman started gaining supporters.

A few well-placed calls to the Daily Planet set things in motion and sprung a leak about the Luthor Medical Campus and the opening date. Two days after my last meeting with Luthor, Superman’s plan to attend the grand opening was made official by a misleading headline “Superman Partners With Lex Luthor!” The article was a greatly embellished account of Luthor’s efforts to build the medical center, still only in partial completion, and Superman’s cooperation with the on-going construction. Which really meant that Superman would leave Lex alone, once STAR Labs was endorsing and backed the project.

We had plenty of time to finish our work before the opening date. Lex had made one call for a progress report which had been intimidating. However, he seemed impressed with mine and David’s progress and I took the lack of check-ups to be a sign of Mr. Luthor’s confidence in my ability to deliver results. David was like a different person when he showed me his latest modification to the baseball bat. The way his eyes shone and the earnest beaming smile as he talked was intoxicating. I finally couldn’t contain myself and leaned in toward David.

“And if you put your thumb right here-mmph!” I cut David off with a kiss, tasting his soft lips as he moaned, letting the bat fall from his hand. It wasn’t long before our hands were all over each other. David cupped my ass, carrying me to the plush couch where we continued pawing each other, gasping between deep kisses. I heard David’s moans getting more urgent by the time we had pulled our clothes away; kissing and tasting every inch of skin as a shirt fell, licking shuddering thighs while pants slid over slender hips. David broke our kiss and sat back on his haunches. He fished a condom out of the end table but I caught his hand before he slid it over me. Our eyes locked for a moment before I slowly turned over. I looked back over my shoulder and moaned as he began to play with my ass, teasing my entrance. He started a maddening slow push inside me with his thick middle finger, twitching his digit until a choked moan poured out of me, begging him to take me. David held me tight wrapping his arms around my chest with his first push. His cock pressed in, finally breaking through. I couldn’t suppress the first whimper of pain but reached back gripping David’s thigh as he started to pull back. “Don’t, please don’t.” David stopped for a second before pushing back in, getting another, this time louder moan as initial pain began to soften into pleasure.

The pain was soon forgotten and I was moaning David’s name in hitching gasps. My shortness of breath increased when David pulled my head back to his shoulder, bringing us up to our knees as he kissed me, his free hand massaging my nipples, no tiny pimples, but almost gum-drop sized at that. Soon I was lost in the kiss, and David released his hold on my hair, sliding his hand down my body until he gripped my cock, thumping my belly button in anxious need for release. He stroked my smooth shaft and I melted, opening my lips to his tongue, my ass to his cock, rocketing into bliss as he stroked me. My body began to tense and shiver as he brought me closer to the end. My hands flew up and back, one gripping his arm that was still twisting my earnestly engaged nipple, my other hand clenching David’s hair. I couldn’t even make out words as David fucked me to no return, my back spasmed, and just as orgasm blinded me, I imagined Lex Luthor behind me, clenching me to his marble smooth chest.

I finally calmed after riding the intense wave of orgasm and making a mental note to bottom more often. David held me against his chest as I stopped shaking, pulling me back with him as he nestled against the arm of the couch. I fell naturally against him, settling in the bend of his arm. Were we cuddling? David and I had our fun… but it had never been like a “couple” sort of thing. I sat there for a moment trying to decide how I felt about this, not sure if I was even interested in trying the whole boyfriend route with anyone. Not even to mention how weird it could become going from a friend with benefits to “another half” with David. My mind started racing with all of the possible outcomes and trying to find a way to get out of this loaded cuddle without looking like a jerk.

Suddenly David’s arm tightened around my waist and his other hand lifted my chin. His eyes, usually open and eager, were hooded and thoughtful now. He held my chin for a moment, just looking at me and just as I started to feel anxious, his voice came out low and thick, “Don’t worry.” He kissed me, a soft, tender pressure of his lips against mine, “All in good time.” He kissed me again, then released my chin and started stroking my hair. My head rested on his chest, the feeling of his fingers sliding along my scalp coupled with his steady heartbeat under my ear had me near sleep in short order. My last thought, as David’s chest rose in a deep breath under my head, that though he had been of few words he was right. I liked this, what we had and what we were, official labels notwithstanding. If we decided we wanted a title, we’d make our own. Until that time, this was good…this was great.

Simple. As things should be.

To be continued…

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    1. Might be cool if you really “absorbed” what you were reading first, before making comment.
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      1. Yes, I read and “absorbed” and sorry for reproaching your work but I thought it might have been much cooler if stories about superheroes were revolved around the superhero.
        I read the last chapter and sorry to say it wasn’t what I expected.
        It is also implausible that a teenager could come out with a plan to defeat “Superman” in a short period like just immediately after he was asked, when more experienced and smarter villains couldn’t.

        1. Hmmm. I suggest you take up your dissatisfaction with the original author (who I could not locate).
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          Tastes differ, naturally. But this was a cut above many in style, content, idea, expression, and execution.
          (Though personally I was not thrilled with “I” and Luthor’s sexual interest in each other, and thought David was the
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        2. Hey, I understand that everyone reading this blog want to read a story about a Superheroes being destroyed, that’s why I started it.

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