Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book V Part 3
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Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord

Book V “The Great Superhero Roundup

Author: L. Cross – Approx. 2010.

Moderately enhanced/embellished/expanded/edited by Rick Henry, 10-2021, strawbridge88@att.net

Chapter 3 “The Hunter’s Crew of Hero-Destroyers Strike Again!”

It is midnight in Manhattan. A tower clock in the distance begins chiming the hour above the din of the sprawling city far below. Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, hides in the shadows unnoticed. The moon is full and the illumination gives the superhero an unobstructed view of the vacant rooftop of One New York Plaza.

Well… it’s midnight… and here I am like the kidnappers demanded thinks Spider-man. The note said to tell no one, and come here alone if I ever wanted to see Aunt May again! Spider-man is not up to par this morning; he is beside himself with guilt. It’s my entire fault… first Uncle Ben… now Aunt May! Spider-man takes a deep breath and manages to shake off the sullenness. I’m no good to Aunt May unless I keep my wits about me! But alone in the darkness his mind races abundant with unanswered questions. How did these thugs discover Spider-man was Peter Parker? I have told no one! What do they want with Spider-man? Will they release Aunt May if I submit to their demands? What do they want in exchange for Aunt May?

Suddenly Spider-man’s thoughts are interrupted. He spies a tall uniformed security officer, nightstick in hand, making rounds on the rooftop of One New York Plaza. NO! The guard’s presence will scare off the kidnappers! Spider-man springs from the shadows and dives towards the rooftop. Webbing springs from his wrists and adheres to a nearby construction crane. In an instant, Spider-man swings over the wide city avenue far below in wide arc and lands lightly on the rooftop of One New York Plaza!

The startled young security officer brandishes his nightstick, and reaches instinctively for his holstered sidearm on his gun belt. The young officer quickly recovers and relaxes when he realizes it is none other than the famous Manhattan web-slinging superhero… Spider-man!

“Whew!” remarks the startled young officer as he sheaths his nightstick and extends his hand while presenting the best disarming boyish grin he can muster. “You gave me quite a scare. Good thing old Bob is off tonight, otherwise you’d be giving him CPR. I’m Ryan Blake, Spider-man.”

Spider-man does not reply but shakes hands quickly to be polite, and then moves off to search the rooftop. Spider-man dismisses the officer’s presence – the damage the officers’ unanticipated arrival caused cannot be undone. Spider-man desperately sprints about the vacant rooftop looking for any clue to Aunt May’s whereabouts… a note with further instruction—anything!

The young officer watches as Spider-man searches the roof for clues that do not exist. The boyish grin leaves his face as he smugly adjusts his black tie and then checks the time on his wrist watch. The officer smirks as Spider-man desperately darts about the roof on a fool’s errand searching for a clue to the whereabouts of his precious Aunt May. The young security officer is a good-looking young man with a fair complexion, wavy short blond hair and bright blue eyes. He has a well-developed athletic body that even the drab standard white, short-sleeved shirt and black pants security officer’s uniform cannot camouflage. Ryan casually leans back against the roof’s metal railing and produces a silver cord strung through two shiny rings. The young officer idly begins to play with the implement letting the rings run up and down the silver cord. Ryan seems absorbed, indifferent to the superhero who suddenly invaded his rooftop, working the cord into different positions to allow for changes of movement in the rings. Once or twice Ryan jerks on the cord sharply so that the rings disappear into his hand for an instant before dropping free again. In the moonlight, the rings look like shining wheels of sparkling light.

Spider-man finally abandons his fruitless search of the roof. Nothing here! My spider senses would be going crazy if these thugs were anywhere nearby.  I have no choice but to wait until the kidnappers make contact again.

Spider-man is about to vault off the rooftop when out of the corner of his eye he glimpses the young officer fumbling with something very shiny. Spider-man turns and faces the guard and watches for a few seconds. Spider-man watches the rings as they slide back and forth glimmering in the moonlight. Spider-man becomes quickly mesmerized watching as the bright shiny rings slide up and down the silver cord.

The young officer notices Spider-man’s interest and continues sliding the shiny rings up and down the cord asking, “Are you watching Spider-man?” The rings spin on the cord flashing in brilliant bursts. “You are, aren’t you? Watching them spin and spin and spin; so beautiful. You like them don’t you, Spider-man. You like watching the brilliant colors.” 

Spider-man nods robotically suddenly unable to think of anything else, completely absorbed in the movement of the hands and the cord and the rings! Spider-man had never seen anything so intriguing! He cannot seem to look away! He does not want to! Spider-man is vaguely aware something is wrong here and that he should not be letting this happen to him, yet at the same time he is enormously happy that it is!

Spider-man tries to speak but finds he cannot! Spider-man can suddenly do nothing but stand there and watch the rings, the sparkle of the metal as it is caught in the moonlight. Suddenly Spider-man discovers he cannot look away!

Island magic, Spider-man,” explains the suddenly emboldened young security officer coldly as he steps closer to Spider-man “I am part of a crew of Hero-Destroyers. We bring superheroes down! You’re up next! You haven’t fallen prey to the Hunter! Just like Batman and Robin… they are both languishing in a sweltering superhero prison! Even Superman, the mighty Man of Steel, has been stripped of his mighty superpowers, and costume, too, I might add… and sentenced to hard labor! Soon you will be joining them. Just keep watching the shiny rings Web- Slinger! Are you watching?”

Spider-man nods again as Ryan weaves his mind-crippling spell unabated. He continues ranting, “You no longer have free will. You are a slave now, Spider-man…you will obey me! You will do whatever you are told to do, instantly. I find magic is so much more persuasive than threats, punishment or beatings!” The young officer’s hands continue to weave and the rings seem to glisten even brighter!

“Just a moment longer and the spell will be in place, and nothing will undo it. Just keep watching Spider-man! Keep watching!” orders Ryan cockily.

Spider-man has fallen completely under the young officer’s spell… he can do nothing but stand statue-like staring at the brilliant rings bursting with color! “Just keep watching… only a little longer superhero… keep watching… keep watching… keep watching,” commands young Ryan. “How are you feeling, Spider-man? I imagine a tad bit confused. I wager that mind’s eye of yours is flashing like a strobe light in and out of consciousness. In a few seconds, your mind will go dark and stay dark forever, leaving a fine-tuned young body with a crippled mind!

“Big magic… island magic!” shouts Ryan as he abruptly claps his hands together encasing the silver cord and rings. “Done… the spell is in place,” laughs Ryan boyishly as he excitedly pockets his magic implement. He begins to circle the spellbound Spider-man who continues standing rigidly staring out… at nothing. He loosens his tie, unbuttons his collar; Ryan unbuckles his gun belt and lets it fall to the roof deck. He continues to circle the hapless superhero ranting, “I should tell you I am openly gay, Spider-man. I used to be Robin’s boyfriend… but I helped make him a slave, too! Obviously, you cannot hear but please…just indulge me.”

Ryan stops in front of Spider-man and reaches up towards Spider-man’s neck with both hands. He fumbles with the edges of the costumes’ mask and after a few seconds manages to lift and pull Spider-man’s mask-up off over his head. Ryan looks at the unmasked superhero and remarks, “Peter Parker, I presume! You’re a good-looking fellow…why hide that handsome face?”

Ryan casually tosses the bright red webbed mask to the deck; he again slowly circles the tall unmasked hero appraising the young strapping man’s muscular body – bulging biceps, well-defined pectorals, six-pack abdominals, rounded buttocks – the muscles clearly outlined contained within the tight-fitting bright red and blue spandex. “And a killer body to match that handsome mug!”

Ryan bends over and retrieves his black lacquered night stick from his discarded gun belt. He slaps the long stick in the palm of his hand several times while he stands proudly in front of the unmasked superhero. He shoves the end of the club under Parker’s chin and uses the stick to raise and examine Spider-man’s face like a potential buyer in an ancient slave market. Ryan looks into Spider-man’s glazed over vacant blue eyes and solemnly swears, “Before I turn you over to the rest of the crew of Hero-Destroyers for transport to superhero prison, I’m going to sample the goods! That old disgustingly fat pervert with deep pockets down in San Miguel gets sloppy seconds this time! In a few seconds, I’m going to fuck you silly, and then you’re going to give me a blow job. I’m going to use you like two-dollar whore!” Ryan raises the nightstick higher pressing the implement deeper under Spider-man’s chin tilting Parker’s head back.  “Now strip out of that costume, and let me get a look at the goods!”


From another secluded vantage point overlooking the rooftop of One New York Plaza another masked superhero, this one clad in tight-fitting black and green spandex, watches events transpire. He packs his gloved fist into his gloved palm and then grimaces; he gnashes his teeth together as a seemingly spellbound Spider-man allows a security officer to unmask him! Green Lantern’s stomach turns in disgust as the security guard watches Spider-man begin to peel his tight-fitting red and blue Lycra costume off his athletic body. Seconds later an unmasked and completely naked Spider-man stands spellbound and mindless before the young security officer who wielded the strange silver cord and rings. Green Lantern watches helplessly as the officer slowly circles Spider-man slowly rubbing his smooth black lacquered nightstick up and down the superheroes strapping chest and powerful backside in a sort of sexual foreplay. The officer again faces the unmasked and naked superhero shoving his nightstick up under Parker’s chin to raise his head and further examine his handsome facial features. The officer seems to relish his absolute power over the once proud and mighty Spider-man; he boldly lowers the stick below Spider-man’s athletic waist.  Ryan uses the nightstick to nudge and lift Parker’s ball sack several times to judge the size of the superheroes package. Satisfied, Ryan steps behind Spider-man and uses the nightstick to spread Parker’s buttocks apart to probe his ass crack.

The foreplay is suddenly over. Green Lantern watches horrified as the young officer barks a command to Spider-man and gestures imperiously towards the roof’s deck with his nightstick. Green Lantern sighs sullenly as the naked superhero drops to his bare knees on the roof’s deck and then slowly falls forward onto the open palms of his hands. Ryan grins wickedly and then unzips his fly in preparation for the sexual assault. The officer quickly kneels behind Spider-man sliding his nightstick under and around the hero’s waist. Grasping both ends of the stick with either hand Ryan uses the club as leverage while sodomizing the hapless superhero.

Green Lantern is beside himself as the debauchery unfolds. Fiend! NO! Get a grip! What did he call himself…hero-destroyer? Spider-man’s sources at the Daily Bugle were right – there is a gang hunting and capturing superheroes! Batman, Robin… even Superman has gone missing… all in a matter of months. Spider-man was wise to contact me before meeting these thugs. The vermin somehow discovered Spider-man’s secret identity and used the information to force him to come alone to this secluded rooftop. Spider-man knew he had to step into the trap lest harm befall his family. Spider-man wanted me to know his fate should he fall into their clutches… and to eventually rescue him and the others. God, I’m probably on the hero-destroyer’s list too, along with the others. The Torch… The Flash… Iron Man… Captain America…. Lightning Lad… even the fledgling superhero, Flex! We must act as one against these diabolical thugs… apparently even Superman could not prevail against these hero-destroyers, alone! How did they find out our secret identities? It does not…. 

Events transpiring on the rooftop interrupt Green Lantern’s morbid thoughts. The officer has finished sodomizing Spider-man and stands erect, no pun intended, to keep the second part of the promise he made to Spider-man. He slaps the club in the palm of his hand and barks more orders at the naked young man down on his hands and knees.  Parker obeys and rises up off the palms of his hands and kneels submissively at Ryan’s feet with the same distant glazed over stare.

“Fiend,” mutters Green Lantern! He sighs sullenly and closes his eyes as Spider-man obeys opening his mouth to receive Ryan’s cock. The eager and ready young security officer roughly stuffs his rock-hard soiled cock into Parker’s mouth and barks another command. Parker’s cheeks concave as Spider-man begins to obediently suck Ryan off. The officer tosses his club away sending it clattering nosily across the roof. He hoots with unabashed levity as he grabs Parker’s ears to use as head-handles. He keeps a firm grip on Spider-man’s ears guiding his stiff tool in and out of Parker’s willing mouth.

Green Lantern shakes off his anger and disgust. He would like nothing better than to mete out swift justice to the unscrupulous thug who has enslaved Spider-man. However, he stays the course and focuses on what must be done! That cord and metal rings that fiend wielded against Spider-man is obviously a powerful magical talisman; my power ring protects me from its strange magic. I could easily stop this debauchery, but I must let it runs it course. Spider-man knew he was the bait for this trap albeit we never imagined he would have to suffer this level of depravity! NO! I must not intervene. I will stick to the plan and follow this gang of hero-destroyers back their lair. They will lead me right to Superman and the others. Then I will gather an army of superheroes and deal with this gang of hero-destroyers!

To be continued…

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