The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 6
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 6 “Anal Milking”

Spidey moaned as his cocooned body hit the floor of the truck. His boned cock was pressed to his rock-hard abs that he had just covered with a load of his young man cream. His masked face in the cocoon was making him sweaty and, it was difficult for him to breathe. Even more troublesome for the hero was that his arms had been cocoon-webbed to the front of his body so that they were pinned to his manhood. His hands, covered in weblon from the sissy body sock he had on, were cupping his cock and balls, leaving him unable to calm his arousal. At the same time, his increased horniness was having an impact on his anal web nodes. They grew increasingly sensitive as he lay there feeling his dick.

Spidey felt helpless. In the quiet of the delivery truck he could hear the lycra-covered henchmen talking about what a good fuck the “spider-fag” would be and which of them could make Spidey shoot a bigger load. They both laughed at how easy it was to decommission a tough guy once you take away his web-shooters and tights. Spidey’s face turned red under his mask in the cocoon that held him. He was both angry and humiliated, wondering what the hell happened to his arachnid powers. “How was it that he could be any villain or thug’s web bitch, but he couldn’t summon enough strength to wall-climb or throw lethal punches?” thought the hero to himself.

Suddenly he heard the truck stop. The engine shut off. He heard one lycra thug laugh, “Shame we have to hand our bug over to the boss. I’d like to have a go with our sissy bitch hero!”.  Both men laughed knowing that the hero they had “wrapped up” in the truck would like that too. “Nooo!”, Spidey let out a muffled sob into his wet mask. “I’m not a fag!  I’m not your cum whore.”

The door clicked open and Spidey sensed the piercing rays of the daylight outside. Even through his own webbing and mask, he could still slightly get his bearings, knowing that it must be mid-afternoon by know. He thought about his Aunt May, wondering if she was OK.  “Was she now haunted by images of a “gay” superhero fucking his man pussy in her house?  God, how could he ever look her in the eye again!!!”

Spidey wriggled in his cocoon sack as the light hit him. The thugs laughed at his futile attempts to get away. Noticing even before Spidey realised that the movement of the web sack, coupled with the touch of his weblonned hands cupping his penis, had an immediate effect. He felt his dick harden between his fingers. He was now leaking precum into his nylon-covered palms. The thugs laughed saying “Oh no, here she goes again!”, as they watched the stain from the wimp hero’s precum load grow on the outside of the cocoon. They quickly took Spidey’s limp body (with the exception of his cock that is) and moved him into the back door of the warehouse building. The hero was about to be delivered to his new master. Spidey/Peter was slightly dazed, distracted constantly by the hardening and leaking of his manhood. He felt the cool darkness of the room he was now in. He could hear random voices speaking around him, but he didn’t recognise any of them:  not yet at least. 

“Master, we have brought your gift!  He’s now yours!” stated one of the thugs solemnly.  “Do you wish for us to unwrap him?”

“Not yet, men!  Let’s give our little bug friend a proper greeting!” said the deep, masculine voice that Spidey didn’t yet recognise.

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN began the hum of the wings that Spidey had heard so many times. The high-pitched sound of that flapping had the Webhead curling up in agony. Spidey fell to the floor, squirming, unable to cover his ears. Wracked with intense pain. “Aaaaaaaaaagh” he screamed. Almost like a girl, the pitch of his voice was so high. He felt his body spasming as he lay there writhing. His only distraction was his hose hands feeling up his cock.  He now knew he was at the mercy of the Wasp once again.

“Welcome Web-wimp!” Wasp bellowed. “Gentlemen, cut his feet free so he can stand!” the orders continued. “I wouldn’t want our little hero friend to be uncomfortable.”

Spidey heard two snips. His feet had been released. He realised luckily that the lycra thugs had been generous enough to let him wear his Spidey boots with the nylon body sock that they had taken from Mary Jane’s apt. At least whoever was in the room would not immediately recognise that Spider-man gets off on women’s pantyhose, particularly ones that come from a fluid he shoots out his own asshole. Spidey stood there his ears throbbing. The din from the wing vibrations had almost made him deaf. So much so that he could barely make out a female voice nearby him in the room. Then it hit him, a cold chill went up his spine. “No, they wouldn’t he thought!!!  Not her!!!” 

Then came a new order from the Wasp! “Strip it!!!” he roared. And then Spidey/Peter realised his hosed up manhood was soon to be seen by the woman he loved. For it was MJ’s voice that he had recognised nearby. His girlfriend was about to see her boyfriend standing in front of her like a sissy! His penis boned and leaking in a pantyhose suit! He felt like he was going to vomit. His legs weakened as the cocoon was removed from his body. His habit of shaving his legs to make his Spidey suit more comfortable made him look even faggier. He felt his muscled legs in sheer nylons exposed to the people in the room. Some of them, including MJ, gasped. Others laughed out loud, commenting on what “pretty legs” the hero had. MJ covered her face with her hands. Humiliated that her hero-lover had a boner in women’s tights. Her first thought was “does he wear mine too?”. Then the flashbacks came the missing hose, the strange spots on nylons she thought she had just bought. She turned to run from the room, but the lycra thugs stopped. “Going somewhere?” they asked. “Leave me alone screamed MJ!  This is making me sick!  My boyfriend’s a big sissy that gets off in women’s hose!!!”

Pete/Spidey felt himself almost crying. He couldn’t stand hearing those words. It was all too real now. Pete’s/Spidey’s other big secret. He felt like he would faint. But before he could react, a faint tingle of his Spidey Sense, and then a gloved hand was caressing his hosed manhood. It was covered in latex and almost too much for the hero to bear. The tightness of his hose coupled with the cool latex were making him hornier by the second. And then the familiar push from behind and his anal muscles relaxed. One latex finger worked up inside his butthole and Spidey began moaning and riding the fat digit like he was taking cock. “Oh God”, he heard MJ scream, but he didn’t care. “Do you do this all the time, you fag!” she shouted at him. She tried desperately to run over and hit him but was no match for the thugs that held her.

She cried as she watched her boyfriend moan, his upper body still cocooned while the Wasp loosened his anus. Then she saw another thug roll in a small table. On it was the biggest dildo she had ever seen. She stared at it terrified but, at the same time, with feelings of jealousy.  “Was Pete/Spidey going to get fucked by this huge plastic cock?  Would he enjoy it?  Was he really a big FAG?”  All this raced through her mind.

Her questions were answered soon enough, as she watched the Wasp push two more fingers inside Spidey’s butt. The hero moaned cupping his hands over his immense, leaking boner to help himself enjoy the digital impalement even more. She screamed as the Wasp took Spidey and turned him around, bending him forward over the small table. The fingers slowly slipped out of his ass, exposing his wet gaping ass lips!  She could now see Spidey/Pete had a pussy just like hers. Wet and horny, it was waiting to be satisfied by a nice-sized cock.She stared in shock and horror as her boyfriend’s man pussy sucked in the immense dildo. She look incredulously until, without warning, she passed out.

“Seems the show was too much for your girlfriend, Webhead” chuckled the Wasp. “That’s really too bad though, since we were just getting started.”

“Shut up and FUCK me!” screamed the muffled voice of Pete/Spidey, whose endless desire to have his pussy hole filled had consumed his life. Much as his gaping manhole had consumed the rubber cock that was now inside him. He forced his own impalement as the huge dildo filled him. He wanted to fuck all the cum out of his body. If he couldn’t shoot a load anymore they would have no use for him. So he rode the substitute cock faster, trying to work himself to orgasm. It was too late when he remembered the ultimate effect that a good fucking had on his body. It was no longer just about his cock anymore. His asshole, thanks to the new web nodes, would have its say as well.

And then it hit. The pressure in his butthole suddenly made the fucking unpleasant. The growth and protrusion of the web nodes intensified. And they refused to hold back. His ass and back spasmed as the force of the anal web build-up rocket-launched the dildo out of his butt. 

“Move to collect!” roared the Wasp to his thugs as the dildo hit the floor. The thugs quickly put in place what appeared to be a concave net that would collect the fountain of webbing that was now spraying out of the used hero’s anus. The thugs watched in amazement as a steady stream of white, milky liquid sprayed from the Webhead’s butt. It fell like cotton into the collection device, given that contact with air made the web fluid take on a fibrous consistency.

“Way to go, men!” bellowed the Wasp!  “We now have our first load! 

“First load?” thought the depleted Spider-man.  “This may never stop!” he realised as he lay on the metal table shuddering and spasming.  His butthole in the air for all to view.  His only thought at the moment, “How much time before my next milking?”

To be continued…

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