The Mask of Spider-man Chapter 3
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The Mask of Spider-man


By Todd Fleming 

Chapter 3


Peter could not believe his eyes as he left the Daily Bugle and hopped on the subway home. After delivering his pictures, Jonas kept him busy all day with tasks leaving him unable to start his own investigation. It was unlike Jonas to work him like this but he was too worried about his own reputation to really think about it.

Every aspect of the media believed that it was Spider-Man who committed the murder and he had to watch helplessly as they slammed his alter ego all day. Even Peter could not fault them for believing their once beloved hero snapped and committed murder. The evidence seemed daunting and the it only made Peter want to hurry home and clear his name before too much damage was done.

The talk on the subway was all about Spider-Man and their belief that he had snapped. Peter could not believe the general public would turn on him this quickly. Could Hobgoblin be right when he told Spider-Man how the public lived for the fall of their heroes? The young man never felt so isolated and alone. He looked out the window of the subway and wished that it would go faster. He needed to get home and clear his name.

After what seemed like an eternity, Peter finally made it home and barely said hello to his Aunt May before leaping up the stairs to his bedroom. Opening his closet, his face suddenly turned pale. All of his costumes were gone. Every single one of them.

A shiver ran down Peter’s spine as he realized that someone has been in his bedroom. He rushed out of his bedroom and almost tripped as he ran down the stairs.

“Hey Aunt May, have you been in my bedroom?” He asked anxiously.

His elderly aunt smiled as she shook her head. “I know you don’t like me going into your bedroom, Peter. I would never invade your privacy like that.” She frowned slightly as she pressed her hand against her nephew’s head. “Are you alright Peter? You look pale.”

Peter tried hard to control his body from shaking. He smiled at his Aunt and tried to pretend that everything was alright. “I’m just tired, Aunt May.” He said trying to keep the fear out of his voice. “Jonas had me working pretty hard today.”

His aunt did not look convinced. “I can make you some homemade chicken soup. That always made you feel better as a child, dear.”

“I think I better just go to bed. I’m sure that a good night sleep will be just the ticket.”

Peter ran back up the stairs before his aunt could get another word in. Closing the door behind him, he shivered as he pressed his body against the door. He took a deep breath and and tried to calm himself down.

Forcing himself to move, the young man looked around his room and saw that nothing else was taken. Someone knew who he really was and went straight for his costumes. The terror he felt at being exposed like this was almost too much for him. Everyone he ever loved was in grave danger. He needed to find this person and stop them before it was too late.

His cell phone rang interrupting his thoughts. Looking at the phone, Peter realized that it was a private number. Who would be calling him at this time of night?

“Hello?” He said nervously as he answered the phone.

“Hello, Spider-Man,” a deep voice answered back with glee. “I trust you have been having a good day?”

“Who are you?” Peter demanded. “What do you want?”

“Is that fear in your voice?” The mysterious voice said mockingly. “Good, it will be quite satisfying when I break you, little spider.”

Peter wanted to throw the phone across the room. He never felt exposed like this in his entire life and for the first time since he acquired his power he felt vulnerable. “What do you want?” He demanded again.

“You will find a duffle bag under your bed. I want you to put on the costume and meet me at the wrestling ring in Queens at midnight. If you don’t show up, one of your loved ones will die.”

The phone clicked as the mysterious caller hung up on the other end. Peter stared in horror at the phone for several seconds. What was he going to do? He had very little time to clear his name of murder, but his friends and family were in danger.

With a heavy sigh, he bent down and pulled the duffle bag out from under his bed. Opening the bag, Peter paled as he pulled out what looked like his costume. The material was wrong as this replica was made out of lycra.

As he took off his clothes, Peter stood naked in his room as he held the replica in his hands. Was he really going to go with this madman’s demands? He glanced at his alarm clock and realized that he only had an hour to make it to queens. Normally it would have been plenty of time, but after a quick check Peter realized all of his webbing cartridges were missing as well. Without his webbing, he barely had enough time to make it in time.

Peter quickly pulled on the costume and realized that it would be skin tight on him. The lycra hugged his body like second skin and it showed every muscle and bulge of his body. There was no hiding his endowment in this thing and he reddened at the thought of someone seeing him like this. His nipples looked like they would poke through the costume and he felt a wedgie forming in his bubble butt as the material clung to his body.

The tightness of the costume caused the slick material to caress his cock and balls causing unforeseen pleasure to his most private of regions. His cock started to harden as this new feeling gave the hero an electric thrill.

With very little time to fix the problem of his spontaneous erection, Spider-Man leaped from his window and started the long trek to face the man who wanted to destroy him.

As Spider-Man approached the same wrestling arena that he tested his powers almost a year ago, he could not help but feel apprehension. He felt very exposed in this tight costume and even though he managed to get his erection under control, he felt as if he was naked.

It felt strange coming back to the same arena where he had tried to make money and test his powers. Why this mysterious villain choose this place was beyond his understanding. He could only hope that he could figure out a way to stop this madness before things got worse.

As the hero walked through the door, he felt a tingle go through his body. It was different than his spider sense and he thought nothing of it. The empty arena felt like something out of a haunted house and he was painfully aware of the shadows that loomed around him.

Spider-Man stopped in shock as he approached the ring. Standing in the middle was the man he faced in this very ring, The Mask. He had been expecting Green Goblin or even Kingpin, but this wasn’t even a villain. Just some dumb brute.

“Surprised to see me Peter?” The Mask smirked as he slowly gazed at his foe causing the hero to cover his crotch with embarrassment. “I have waited a long time for this, boy! I challenge you to a wrestling match!”

Spider-Man tensed as he climbed into the ring. Surely it could not be The Mask working alone here. He waited for his spider sense to tingle from the surprise attack of another villain. Surely this must be some kind of trap.

“Why are you doing this?” He asked hoping to buy some time to formulate a plan.

The Mask laughed as he smirked at the confused hero. “Would you believe good old fashion revenge? You destroyed my life when you cheated during that wrestling match. Now I get to return the favor.”

“I did not mean to do anything to hurt you,” Spider-Man said sincerely. “We can talk about this and work something out.”

The Mask smirked again as he leered at the confused hero. “Let’s do this, boy!”

With a roar, he charged the hero as he prepared to pounce. Spider-Man leaped in the air just as the metal cage came crashing down locking them together in the ring. His body felt like lead as he performed what was supposed to be an easy act. Using his powers to cling to the walls of the cage, the hero looked down at the wrestler. He wanted to teach him a lesson, but he wanted to protect his secret.

“Let’s talk about this?” He asked once again.

The Mask glared at the hero who was out of reach. He ran back to the ropes on the other side at the ring and bounced off and into the air. With an acrobatic grace that should have been impossible for a man of his girth.

Spider-Man saw him hurling towards him and barely had time to leap out of the way to the other side of the ring. What was going on with him? His spider sense should have kicked but he felt nothing as The Mask crashed into the wall of cage where the hero was just seconds ago.

The hero did not have time to think about what happened when he got his next shock. The Mask was clinging to the wall of the cage like he had Peter’s powers.

“This is amazing!” The Mask said with a huge grin. “So it works after all!”

“What are you talking about?” Spider-Man said confused. “What did you do to me?”

The Mask leaped from his position and slammed into the weakened hero before he could react. The wrestler became more nimble as Spider-Man grew slower and slower. Before he knew it, the young man was in a wrestling choke hold fighting to breath.

Spider-Man felt himself being flung across the ring. Trying to shake the cobwebs from his head, he managed to get on his hands and knees. He never felt so weak in his life and to his horror, his tights were tented with an erection. How could he get hard like this fighting another man.

The Mask calmly walked over to the dazed hero and picked him up by his throat. “I’ve taken your powers, little boy.” He said as he pulled Spider-Man’s mask off his face. “You destroyed my life, so now I am going to return the favor.”

Looking at this ordinary man who managed to not only discover his identity but also steal his powers, Spider-Man struggled to break free from the iron grip that started to squeeze the life out of him. He needed to get free and find out how to get his powers back. He vaguely realized that even if he got free that he would not be able to escape the cage that surrounded the wrestling ring.

The wrestler lifted the hero high in the air before he slammed the weakened young man into the floor of the ring. The sound of the slam echoed in the room as pain exploded in Peter’s body. He struggled to get to his feet but was forced back to the ground as The Mask’s huge foot pressed against the small of his back.

“Time for your punishment that I promised so long ago, boy.” The villain sneered. He took off his belt and raised it high in the air.

Spider-Man struggled uselessly as the belt hit him square in his muscled ass. A scream ripped from his throat as the belt slammed against his ass again and again. As his ass was punished, his cock seemed to enjoy every moment. His erection pressed against the tight thin layer of fabric and he could feel his groin become wet with his excitement.

The Mask lifted the defeated hero up with his arm around his neck and began to spank his already sore ass with his huge hand. “You’ve been a bad boy, Peter!” He whispered in his ear as tears streamed down his face.

“Please stop!” Spider-Man cried as the combination of pleasure and pain was too much for him to handle.

The villain threw the defeated young man across the ring as he laughed. He walked over to the groaning hero and brought him up to his knees. “I will stop if you suck my cock, boy. Refuse and I will spank you again.”

Peter looked at the huge bulge in The Mask’s tights. Although he wanted the pain to stop, there was no way that he could do such a disgusting act.

The Mask smiled as the hero shook his head. “Very well,” He said with an evil smile. He grabbed Peter by his brown hair and threw him over the ropes of the wrestling ring. With his new found powers, he easily ripped the lycra off the lean body of the young man exposing his bare ass.

The former powerful hero tried to brace himself but his already red ass could not withstand the beating that the once ordinary wrestler gave him. Tears flowed down his face as smack after smack tore into his ass. His screams of pain echoed through arena as he kicked like a child being punished.

After several minutes of this severe punishment, Peter could take no more. His ass was now bright purple and numb and there were no more tears that he could produce. His voice could barely produce a sound as he said, “I’ll do it.”

The Mask picked Spider-Man up from the ropes and threw him on the floor. The defeated hero looked up in horror as the villain freed his cock and his huge cock throbbed as it rubbed against the young man’s quivering lips.

Feeling the salty precum on his lips. Spider-Man stuck out his tongue and tasted his first cock. Closing his eyes in disbelief, the hero slowly ran his tongue around the head unsure of what to do next.

The Mask yanked Peter’s head up. “Look at me!” He growled as his victim opened his eyes to stare in horror into the man who broke him.

The villain thrust his monster cock into the hero’s mouth and started to fuck it as Spider-Man gagged as his mouth was transformed into a pussy. If he had any tears left they would have been running down his cheeks. His jaw felt like he was going to be unhinged by the girth of the erection that pistoned in and out of him like a drill as he stared into the hard eyes of the man who was raping his mouth.

To be continued…

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