The Mask of Spider-man Chapter 4
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The Mask of Spider-man


By Todd Fleming 

Chapter 4


Yesterday, Peter Parker was on top of the world. He was the mighty hero, Spider-Man, and fought crime against the criminal element of New York City. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that he would be powerless sucking on the cock of a washed up wrestler.

His ass felt like it was on fire as the cool air seemed to make the stinging even worse. His own cock was out of control and hard so if someone was watching, they would think he was turned on by serving the bigger man. His jaw felt like it would break at any moment trying to take in the monster cock of the huge wrestler.

As a straight man, Peter never touched another man’s cock and the thought of sucking it like he was a woman was repulsive to him. He would have refused to service the man who stole his powers, but the recent memory of the spanking he had to endure was too much for him to handle.

There was no amusement that normally came when he fought crime and his mouth was too full to produce his normal quips. The salty taste of The Mask’s precum ran down his throat causing him to gag which seemed to turn on the huge man even more. His puppy dog brown eyes looked up and pleaded with the man who extracted revenge on him for ruining his life in this very wrestling ring months ago.

“Holy shit!” The Mask exclaimed as he flexed his already huge muscles as a new power flowed through him. The transference of the DNA machine was complete and it left Peter as a young man and The Mask with incredible powers.

The newly powered villain shoved Peter back as he laughed with delight. This was the most incredible feeling that he ever felt before. Strength combined with agility caused him to leap in the air and stick to the ceiling of the cage that surrounded the wrestling ring.

“This is incredible!” The Mask laughed. “It actually worked!”

Peter looked in horror at the man who beat, spanked, and raped his mouth. How was this possible. His brilliant mind could not think clearly through the pain that he was feeling. All he could do was try and crawl away towards the door and hope to escape.

The Mask leaped back down and lifted the former hero by his throat. “Where do you think you’re going, boy?” He sneered as he spat on the young man’s face. “I’m not done with you yet.”

Groaning from pain and humiliation, Peter did something he thought he would never do. He started begging. “Please, you already took my powers. Just let me go.”

The villain smiled an evil grin as he ran his finger down the cheek of Peter’s pretty face. “This is just the beginning, boy.”

Peter gulped in fright of what lay ahead. The worst case was that he would be killed, but the thought of being tortured by his captor seemed even worse than death.

The Mask ripped off the remaining tatters of Peter’s fake Spider-Man costume that he himself provided to the fallen hero. “I don’t think you are worthy of being a hero anymore.” He smirked as his hard eyes bore into Peter’s.

The former Spider-Man felt a lump in his throat as he realized that this was the truth. Stripped of his powers and now the last symbol of his heroism, Peter was just a weak and scared young man. His only hope was that The Mask would have mercy on him and that seemed very unlikely.

Peter could feel the huge erection of The Mask pressing against his normal sized cock. Although his initial erection had gone down, the rubbing against his cock stirred life into it once again. To his horror, his arousal was becoming obvious. He didn’t know if it was because of his lack of sex or if the huge man actually turned him on, but it left Peter trembling like a baby with conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure.

The Mask roughly kissed his prey as his new powers coursed down to his cock making it harder and bigger than it was before. Did Peter’s cock become smaller now that he was just a normal kid again? It was something worth investigated once he had his fun.

Breaking from the kiss, the super powered villain was now tempted to keep the kid as his new slave. His feeling of being drunk with power was combined with the fact that dominating this once alpha hero turned him on more than anything he ever felt in his life. He reached down and roughly tugged on the kid’s average erection causing him to cry out in pain and pleasure.

“Don’t touch me there!” Peter cried as he tried to break free from the powerful grip of his captor. This feeling of helplessness played a huge part of his breaking. Things would never be the same again for Peter Parker as he was a broken man.

The Mask ran his finger over Peter’s lips as he pressed his huge erection against the kid’s ass. “I don’t think you are in any position to give orders little Peter.” he said with an evil smile. “Consider this training for your new life.”

Peter’s eyes grew wide as his wish for a quick death or to be set free was dashed. What did he mean? he thought wildly. The thought of being molested and raped like this on a continuous basis sent waves of terror through his lean muscled body.

He did not have much time to think as the young man was thrown to the ground on his stomach. He tried to scramble away but The Mask circled his large arms around his waist and pulled his ass towards his groin.

The former hero cried out as he felt the head of the monster cock pressing against his virgin ass. His cries turned into screams as the villain thrust his cock forward tearing his ass apart. Pain exploded everywhere as Peter screamed at the top of his lungs.

The Mask ignored his screams of pain as he started fucking the kid who ruined his life. The tightness of the once virgin ass felt great and his cock became harder than he thought was possible. The pleasure he felt as he popped Peter’s cherry was combined with the fact that his new powers increased his stamina and sexual prowess. He felt he could fuck the boy all day long.

Peter eventually stopped screaming as his voice gave out but to his horror there was a growing sense of pleasure that mingled with the pain as the constant battering of his prostate gave him a new sexual thrill.

Soon both hero and villain were lost in their own pleasure and moaning with desire as Peter actually rocked his ass deeper into that monster cock. The Mask was surprised that the boy started participating but it added to his own pleasure so he just enjoyed raping the weak hero.

“Oh god!” Peter moaned hoarsely as he reached for his hard and leaking cock with one of his hands. The pleasure now was stronger than the pain and this new incredible feeling was almost too much for him to handle. His softly jerked himself as The Mask occasionally slapped his poor red, battered ass.

Peter was the first to lose control as the constant jerking combined with his battered prostate sent him over the edge. With a hoarse cry, his cock exploded as cum flew everywhere from his six inch cock.

The orgasm of the kid that he destroyed was the final catalyst for The Mask. He took his cock out of Peter’s ass and flipped the cum shooting former hero on his back as shot after shot of cum still exploded from the former Spider-Man’s cock.

With a bestial cry, The Mask felt the mother of all orgasms fill his body and soul as the first shot of cum exploded from his monster cock and hit Peter right in the face. Throwing his head back in pleasure, he continued to jerk himself as so much cum exploded from his cock that he thought he would not have a sperm left in his nuts.

After several minutes of the most intense orgasm that he ever felt, The Mask looked down at the cum covered face of his enemy. Peter had a dreamy look on his face as most of his face and torso was covered in cum. He could not tell if it was mostly his or Peter’s cum, but the pretty boy did look good covered in cum.

The Mask’s cock started to stir again as the usual feeling of tiredness was absent from the powerful villain. His libedo was definately stronger than before he thought as he was tempted to play with his new toy again.

Looking at his watch, The Mask regretted that he did not have time to ravish the former hero again. As tempting as it was to keep him for himself, he had a plan and he would stick with it. Peter would not get off easy by being his sex slave. His fate was much much worse.

Standing to his feet, The Mask observed that the boy’s orgasm drained him of all his energy. He lay on the floor of the wrestling ring with his dreamy smile and looked like he was close to falling asleep totally unaware of the next step of his nightmare.

The villain lifted the cage using a remote control and hurried to his bag. He had little time before he had to be gone. The bag opened and he pulled out one of Peter’s authentic Spider-Man’s outfits. He went back to the ring and tossed the costume on the floor next to the pretty boy still experiencing his after glow.

“Put this on, Peter.” He growled as he kicked the beaten hero.

Peter blinked as he looked up at the man who savagely raped him and opened a new door of forbidden pleasure to him. He looked down at the cum that covered his body and wrinkled his nose as the smell was not pleasant.

“I need to get cleaned up,” He mumbled half to himself as he tried to focus on the order given to him.

The Mask grabbed Peter by his hair and slapped his face hard, leaving a huge red mark on the boy’s face. “Get dressed now!” He snarled as he went to grab a towel for his now cum covered hand.

Peter grabbed the costume and instantly knew that this was one of his stolen costumes. Not willing to face more punishment, he pulled the costume over his cum covered body feeling the tightness mingle with his and his tormentor’s seed. The smell was causing him to gag, but he just did not have the strength to resist.

The Mask returned as Peter was putting on the mask. The villain looked at the former hero and saw the once skin tight costume had become baggy and loose. So the loss of his spider dna cause Peter to lose much of his muscle mass. He looked like a pretty frat boy trying to pass off as a superhero and no longer the power hero that caused villains to shake in fear.

Peter also noticed the change of his muscle mass but he was helpless to do anything but stand there weak waiting for his next order.

Looking at his watch, The Mask knew he had to hurry. The police would be here any moment and he wanted to be gone when they arrived.

To be continued…
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