The Mask of Spider-man Chapter 5
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The Mask of Spider-man


By Todd Fleming 

Chapter 5


Peter watched as The Mask smashed a strange looking machine. Could that be what took away his powers? he thought wildly. He tried to stop the muscle man from destroying the only chance he had to regain his former life, but he was tossed aside easily.

“No!” Peter screamed as the machine was smashed to little bits. Sirens could be heard in the background as the villain accomplished what many had dreamed, The Mask had destroyed Spider-Man.

The sirens grew louder and louder as the villain slammed Peter to the ground causing the former hero to cry out in pain. “You never should have messed with me boy!” The newly powered villain hissed as he leaped into the shadows.

Peter cried for his tormentor to return as The Mask was his only hope to ever regaining his powers. Standing alone in the wrestling ring, the former hero tried to figure out what he was going to do.

His thoughts were interrupted as the doors slammed open as the police flooded the room with their guns trained on the weak hero.

Peter trembled as he realized that there was no where for him to run. He dropped to the floor and placed his hands on his head.

“Spider-Man,” The lead policeman said. “You are under arrest for the murder of Dr. Carson. Anything you say can and will be used against you.”

Peter listened with horror as the policeman read him his rights as he was handcuffed and dragged to his feet. A strange collar was placed around his neck that sent an electric charge through his body when the policeman who put the collar on him pressed a button.

Once the collar was on him, the two policemen turned to the others. “We can take him in ourselves. Let the chief know that we are on our way.”

The other policemen nodded and put their guns away and left the collared hero with the first two policemen.

“I can’t believe our information was correct,” Officer Smith said with a smirk. “We have the great Spider-Man in our grasp.”

“When has our information every been wrong?” Officer Turner said rolling his eyes.

“Our boy looks a bit scrawny to me. Look how his costume is sagging off his body.” “The boss said this would happen when his powers were stripped from him. Our hero is just a helpless little boy now!”

Peter could not believe his ears. Not only was he arrested but it seems he was in the hands of dirty cops. The could be even worse than going to jail depending on who these cops worked for.

“Let’s go. We need to get our bug to the boss.”

Officer Smith shook his head. “We have time and I want to have some fun.”

Peter quivered with fear as he stumbled back right into Officer Turner. Officer Smith stepped forward and started to pull off his mask. “No!” He cried out.

A jolt of electricity slammed into his body as Turner activated the collar. Crying out in pain, the former hero fell to his knees. “Now be a good boy or we will make you feel more of that.”

As his mask was slowly taken off, Peter closed his eyes in denial as his greatest secret was revealed to these dirty cops.

Smith laughed as he looked at the youthful face of the former hero. “HAHAHA! He really is just a boy.” He lifted Peter’s face by his chin as he looked deep into the frightened young man’s eyes. “You are in a world of trouble boy!”

“We don’t have time for this,” Turner said impatiently. “We need to get him to the boss.”

Smith grudgingly nodded as they picked Peter up to his feet and dragged him to the exit. He tried to walk on his own but the night’s events had sapped all of his energy. He didn’t even have the strength to struggle.

The former hero was tossed in the back seat of the police car and soon it was speeding down the road. Peter could not believe that this was happening to him. He never felt so helpless in his entire life. He slumped down on his seat trying to hide his face so that no one else would see him like this.

The car eventually turned into an alley and came to a stop. The two policemen pulled Peter out of the car and dragged him to where a stretch limo sat waiting. Opening the back door, they threw the young man in before shutting the door and heading back to their car.

Peter looked up and paled as he stared straight into the eyes of the worst man that he could imagine seeing him like this, The Kingpin.

The hulking bald man raised an eyebrow as his eyes bore into Peter’s face. The limo started moving as the young man tried to think of a way to escape.

“It seems like The Mask’s gambit actually worked.” Kingpin said softly.

Peter knew he only had one chance to get out of this. “Please help me!” He cried as tears started streaming down his face. “This man kidnapped me and forced me to wear this costume as he did horrible things to me. I’m not Spider-Man, I’m not!”

Kingpin stared at him with no expression as he raised an eyebrow. He pulled out his phone which was already connected to a call. “Did you get that?” He asked.

“Yes sir,” The voice on the other line answered. “I am running the test now and they are the same voice.”

Hanging up the phone, Kingpin grabbed Peter by his hair and pulled him up to his knees. “After all this time, I finally have you, Spider-Man. I kept recordings of all of our previous encounters and thanks to your theatrics, I now know without a doubt that you are Spider-Man, or would you prefer me to call you Peter now?”

Peter felt the blood drain from his face as he realized that his one gambit had failed. Not only did his nemesis have him helpless but he knew his secret identity. “What are you going to do to me?” He said trying desperately to be brave.

Kingpin smirked as he took the handcuffs and collar off the helpless hero. “You are mine, Peter. Your Aunt has been picked up and will be safe as long as you be a good boy and listen to your master.”

The thought of his dear aunt being in the clutches of Kingpin was too much for Peter to process. Without his powers, there was no way for him to protect his aunt. “Please,” He begged the man who used to be the bunt of all his jokes. “Leave her out of this. You have me, isn’t that enough.”

The criminal mastermind smiled as he ruffled Peter’s hair. “She will be my insurance that you will cooperate, Peter. Do you think I am going to kill you? If you were anyone else, I would, but I have much bigger plans for you, my boy. You are going to serve me until I am bored with you. The once mighty Spider-Man as my personal assistant will cement my power in this city.”

Peter paled when he realized that death would have been a mercy for him. His brilliant mind tried to figure out a way out of this but nothing came to him. He had no choice but to submit and hope that he will have a chance in the future to escape.

“You win,” He said softly. “I will do anything you ask.”

“Like you had any choice, Peter,” Kingpin said with a smirk.

The criminal mastermind took Peter’s face and caressed his cheek as his massive thumb rubbed against his lips. The sensation was oddly pleasurable for the former hero as he opened his mouth and started sucking on the thumb of his nemesis. His only hope was to play along until there was an opening to escape.

“You now belong to me, Spider-Man.” Kingpin said as his limo sped to his penthouse.

The Mask leaped down on the balcony of Kingpin’s penthouse. After weeks of using his powers for his own gains and working for the criminal mastermind on the side, he knew that he was now unstoppable. It was time for him to show the fat massive man that he was no longer his pawn.

Walking in, he saw his prey sitting at his desk working on something. “Did you need something?” The mastermind said cooly. “I don’t recall summoning you.”

Trying not to snarl, The Mask was tired of being treated like some dumb thug. He had fully mastered Spider-Man’s powers these past weeks. It was time for Kingpin to realize that.

“Listen to me, you fat piece of shit!” He shouted as his anger erupted like a volcano. “You don’t get to order me around anymore!”

Kingpin looked up with a raised eyebrow and put down his pen. “Do you think I will let you talk to me like this? I held up my end of the bargain and let you drain Peter’s powers, now you must fulfill your end of the bargain.”

The Mask shook his head. “I don’t need your stupid deal anymore, Fisk. I am taking control now. You will work for me!”

The massive criminal leaped to his feet and flexed his fists. “Over my dead body!” He snarled.

The powerful wrestler smiled as he was going to enjoy beating the living shit out of this asshole. The two massive men slammed into each other as blow after blow was exchanged. He was amazed that Kingpin was able to take all of his hardest punches. How was this possible?

As the fight went on, The Mask found himself getting a bit tired. In the beginning of the fight, he had the upper hand, but the tides were slowly turning as Kingpin’s attacks were finding their mark more and more.

Feeling a weakness that he never thought possible, The Mask’s eyes widened as he finally realized that his powers were being leached away from him.

“This can’t be!” He shouted in shock. “I destroyed the dna machine when I raped Spider-Man.”

Kingpin laughed as he picked up his former partner by his throat. “You may have stolen his powers, but you remain a stupid brute. It was easy to recreate Dr. Carter’s research. Now I have stripped you of Spider-Man’s powers, I believe your part in this play has ended.”

The Mask struggled helplessly in Kingpin’s grip as the mastermind walked on the balcony. “Wait!” He begged. “I’m sorry!”

Kingpin snarled as he dropped The Mask off of the balcony and watched as the former wrestler fell into the darkness of the street below. “I don’t give second chances,” He said softly.

Walking back to his desk, Kingpin pressed a button and Peter immediately came into the office. The former hero was wearing a tight blue thong with his former symbol of power on the crotch.

“Inform security that there is a mess to clean up on the street, Peter,” Kingpin said as he sat at his desk picking up his pen.

“Yes, Mr. Fisk,” Peter said as he rushed to follow his orders.

It was easy to train the former hero to be his slave. Without his powers and his aunt in his clutches, there was no room for resistance. Kingpin went back to work as he felt the powers of Spider-Man coursing through his body. He had a city to take over.

The end.


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