The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 4
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 4 “The Addiction”

Spidey awoke from the wild sex scene on the roof top.His ass still spasming, it suddenly felt cool. A wind was blowing and the hero was trying to get his bearings.He looked around the rooftop asking himselfwhere was the Wasp? Had he left him here without finishing him off? Well, at least in the literal sense, he HAD milked the hero of a massive load of cum.The hero slowly crawled to his feet, only noticing the sheerness of his new costume when his cockhead brushed the concrete making his dick once again rock hard and tenting in his new weblon suit.His face was still masked but his Spidey suit was in shreds, almost completely gone after the ripping of the wild fuck session with the Wasp.He slowly stood up had admiring, but still almost ashamed of how much he enjoyed the new body sock encasing his hard, sinewy frame.

“Thank goodness, it’s dark out now!” thought the hero.“I could hardly web home dressed like this. I’d get arrested for indecent exposure”.

Suddenly Spidey felt a moist drop on his foot.It was the suit.The feel of the weblon was making him leak massive amounts of pre-cum.The drip was getting thicker and steadier. He knew he had to get home and out of the web suit fast before he was forced to orgasm again.“But wait!” he thought as he lifted his arm to shoot the standard web line to the adjacent building. “Hey, where are my web shooters?”, he started to freak out.He thought of the prospect of having to crawl and leap from building to building to get all the way to Brooklyn,someone would surely see him.Even if it was dark out.The thoughts of his web-shooters triggered a flashback.His hero hole began to tingle and swell and he remember how the Wasp had fucked his hole deep. The hero thought back; unconsciously rubbing his erect penis as he recalled the rape that had set off the web-jaculation from his butthole. He remembered taking that thick, villain cock and realised that that one orgasm was the source of this suit.He recalled the Wasp warning him that now he would be a “real spider”. His body shuddered as he felt a sudden pulsing in his anus.“Oh no!” he shuddered. “It’s happening again”. Could Spidey survive a future of only shooting web from his butthole?

He tried to calm himself. He tried to rationalise that web lines were the only way he could get home quickly.Even if it meant that the web would have to come from his ass.He started to rub his butt crack, quickly noticing the new bulbous web nodes that had formed around his anus.“What the hell sort of chemical did Wasp give me?” he thought to himself both aroused and confused.“Will I ever be normal again”, he expressed his doubt almost out loud.

But no time for second-guessing, Spidey stroked his weblonned dick and rubbed his anus.It only took three strokes before the first, thick line shot from his asshole. The force of the web blast almost sending him over the top.He almost orgasmed a second pool of cum onto the roof.He steadied himself, knowing that with another blast he would have to cum soon.With that he leapt from the roof, swinging into the cool night air.The rush of wind made his cock fully hard, but caused a shrinking in his balls. He suddenly realised that the very fluid that had so many times saved his life could now be his undoing,to make enough web fluid he needed cum to replenish his chemical supplies.Spidey quickly realised he would have to get ample supplies of cum injected up his ass and save as much of his own, provided he was going to be able to web villains into submission and flee them. 

He was thinking so many things.But the breeze across his freshly-shaved ball sack did more to make him focus on his state of “manly” arousal.Precum ran down his dick and over his balls to the legs of his weblon body suit.At times the leakage was so much that splats of Spidey-fluid fell on cars and nearby rooftops.He worked his dick and hole as much as necessary to get fresh lines out of his ass, but only when truly needed.He didn’t know if he had enough cum in his hero body to get him home safely.As he contorted his body to clearly aim the shots of lifeline from his butthole, he breathed a sigh of relief when he landed on a rooftop close to the Brooklyn bridge.Only about three more loads and he would be home safely.He focused his butthole purposefully, almost fingering his slightly sore manhole to blow a long, thick line.Once thrown he let go, swinging from the web and slightly enjoying how the tug on his ass reminded him of how good riding cock felt.After webbing safely across the river, he managed the rest of the trip home with leaps through dark alleys and creative acrobatics.Sitting on rooftops and rubbing his butt in this neighbourhood could lead to some unwanted hassles.

Within a few minutes he was on the roof of Aunt May’s house, glad to be home and ready for a good night’s sleep.He quietly raised the window and creeped into his attic room.But suddenly, he noticed a paper blowing on the window.He quickly grabbed it, both freezing and spasming from the message. “A LITTLE TOO CAUGHT UP IN YOUR WEB, SPIDER-FREAK. W” was how the note read.With that, an immobile Spidey creamed his web-pantyhose suit.

Obviously out it from the shock he felt, Spidey/Peter didn’t realise that he must have let out a very loud moan when he released the content of his young man balls onto the floor.He was quickly brought back to reality when he heard footsteps in the hallway.“Peter, is that you?” queried the shrill voice of his dear, sweet, but clueless aunt.He add to act fast.If May found him here masked and dressed in a pantyhose suit, the shock would kill her.He quickly dove to the bed as he saw the doorknob turn. Shucking off his hero mask, he pulled up the covers hoping his new garb would go unnoticed.He smiled as his aunt peered through the door. “Fine, Aunt May!” he managed to muster the words, as she looked in on him with a concerned smile.“I just had a bad dream”, the hero/Peter Parker attempted to explain away.“Oh, if that’s all it was” she smiled.“You try and get some sleep and think more pleasant thoughts”. Peter nodded and smiled nervously, realising that he had missed a close call.Suddenly his relief disappeared as he looked down to see that the whole time his aunt had been there, he had been pitching a tent in the sheets that were covering him.“Thank goodness for poor-lighting and Aunt May’s bad eyesight,” he chuckled to himself nervously.

With that Peter quickly pulled down the covers and shucked off the suit that caused him so much pleasure, but which he knew would be his demise.He had to think of a way to wear the suit so as to cause enough arousal to i) give him the visual display of virility in his crotch area that distracts and scares villains, ii) strategically shoot anal web in loads big enough to disarm his foes and make him mobile, and iii) occasionally expose his web head manhood in order to lure in bi/closeted tops, who would fill his tight hero hole with enough hot cum to keep his web nodes in production.With that Peter pulled the weblon suit of his feet noticing how completely sopping wet the crotch area was. He also stared at the hole in the ass of the costume made by his first blast of anal web.

Pete quickly washed up in the sink in his room, getting as clean as he could, as quietly as he could, in the middle of the night.If anything, he didn’t want to wake his aunt again.He lie down and pulled up the sheets; this time of his naked, tired body.He continued to feel a weird swelling in the web nodes surrounding his ass.He wondered as he drowsed off, if he would shoot a line from now on at the slightest hint of any pressure in that area.If so, he was in for a very unhappy future.Apparently, the Wasp knew what he was up to, when he hatched this plan.Peter finally dosed off and slept till late in the morning.After he woke up he pulled on some pajamas and went downstairs to greet his aunt.But no one answered when he called.He looked in the kitchen and dining room, until he found a note on the table saying that she had gone out to do the shopping.Peter shrugged and decided he should go upstairs, shower and change before she got back.He went up to his room and grabbed his towel, soap, etc.But in doing so he knocked his web suit off the inside of the closet door, where he left it hanging to dry.Just the sight of it sent a wave of arousal through is young body. “Home alone, the feel of the webbing on his cock and muscles. With no one around, surely there was no harm it a quick jerk off,“ he thought.

He began to pull on the suit, noticing a number of tears.He didn’t feel so excited.So he quickly remembered his earlier days of improvising.He rummaged through his drawers to find a pair of MJ’s pantyhose, he used to jerk off in.That is, before he could make his own hose with his horny ass.He pulled on the nylons; his cock pointing at a 90° angle to the floor, long before he felt the nylon trap it. He managed to pull on the weblon suit over that and cover (web hose) his upper body.Admiring himself in his full-length mirror, he felt like the epitome of “manhood“. He shucked on his Spidey mask and pulled on his boots.The arousal he got from the sight of his own body almost brought him to the edge.With that sight he knew only one thing was missing.He lifted a secret floorboard and pulled out his favourite toy, big enough almost to rival the rod that the Wasp had shoved inside him.He stood before the mirror slowly rubbing his Spidey prick with weblonned hands.He enjoyed the feel and the tightness. He quickly realised that for best effect, he needed a position for maximum fucking.He that he began to lube the rubber cockhead and tease his hero hole.He needed to get this just right.He felt his hole spasm as he got one, soon two, nylon fingers inside him.He worked his butt pussy just long enough to feel the pressure build.With that he flipped onto the floor rolling back legs over head and aiming to shoot a precise anal web line straight to the ceiling.He moaned loudly as the thick web left his anus, feeling like the horniest dump he had ever taken.After testing that the web was secure he pulled himself up into mid-air, spreading his legs wide as if offering his hole to the Wasp or any hot man that would fuck him.He slowly used the tight nylon suit to masturbate, jerking in slow, purposeful strokes.Feeling his precum pool well up as he reached for his favourite toy.Fortunately the anal web was slick enough that it reduced his need for lube. He pressed the toy to his butt lips and relaxed to penetrate himself with the fat, artificial cockhead.

Just the feeling of his anus opening wider had him on the verge of orgasm.He slowly fucked his hole moaning louder and louder, oblivious to the world around him.Suddenly a shriek came from the door. Peter/Spidey, whoever, he was could barely think.His aunt passed out then and there as she walked in to find Spider-man in pantyhose fucking his own butt. 

To be continued…

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