The sissification of Spider-man Chapter 9
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 9 “Birth of the Hymenoptroids”

A weakened Spider-man was moving in and out of consciousness. His “suiting” at the hands of Ivan and Dmitry had left him aroused, humiliated and utterly defeated. Desperate to escape he tried to muster enough strength to fight the thugs but the latest dose of Wasp venom was too much for him. He couldn’t concentrate and was lost in thoughts of his past hero ventures: dreaming of how his suit aroused him and how he used to show off in it.

Very few people knew that on slow nights, when there were no criminals to pursue, Spidey would slip on a pair of MJ’s pantyhose and wear them when patrolling the city. Their snug, web-like feel made him feel manly and stiffened a bulge he was proud to show off. Some nights, provided his Spidey sense was calm, he would shuck off his hero tights and web over rooftops in his hero unitard showing off his nyloned legs. At times he would even shave his sinewy quads and calves to increase the sexy feel of the shiny, suntan webbing encasing him. Unable to resist the arousal he would, on occasion, unsnap the crotch of his leotard and reveal his boned hero cock. It was on these nights that he had so much precum leakage that he would cock sock his boner to keep it from staining his Spidey suit. Just the feel of his shiny sheer legs and pent up penis would lead him to full distraction and have him fingering his man hole and jerking within seconds. Sometimes he would even hide one of MJ’s toys on a roof nearby their apartment so that he could pleasure his man pussy before going home to service his girlfriend. The arousal caused by his hero tights and the rubbing of MJ’s hose on his manhole often made him jealous that his girlfriend could “web up” without the shame that he often felt.

As Spidey glared at the bright lights in the room around him his thoughts continued to drift. He remembered nights of catching muggers in Central Park and webbing them to trees. Once he’d returned stolen purses or wallets to their rightful owners, the Webhead took these crooks off to the bushes and sucked them off … or used his mouth to get them hard enough that he could ride them. In fact, it was on one of these nights that the Wasp caught Spidey on video and knew that his hungry manhole and appetite for cum would be the very thing that did the hero in.

The hero stood trapped and drooling as he thought of those hot man fucks and how he had wanted to show off for a villain in his pantyhose. He had wanted to prove to a thug how manly pantyhose made him and how big his penis grew when they pressed on it and trapped it. He also wanted a thug to force his hero penis to leak and fuck him when he had on his girlfriend’s tights. Spidey moaned unintelligibly as his mind wandered through his hosed past. Little did he know that he was about to come up against his hosed future.

As the night progressed the hero became more lucid and realised his new suit was missing. The thugs must have put away his sheer, weblon Spidey suit for future usage. But when he looked down his Spidey sense tingled as he saw that his state of arousal had not abated. He was still masked. “Thank goodness for that,” the hero groaned. But his legs were a milky beige colour and his penis and balls had been cock-socked. The nylon sheath over his manhood had him standing at attention and producing slight leakage. He noticed too that he still had on his boots, as he struggled to breathe through his rank, cum-stained mask. He wasn’t sure but he thought it smelled of piss as well.

“What the heck have they done to me?” he asked himself as he tried to get a grasp on where he was. “They have me in some sort of contraption…” he mumbled to himself. And indeed he soon came to understand that he was locked in a pillory of sorts. In fact it resembled something that an obstetrician would use. His hero body was taught and prone and his legs spread apart at shoulder-width: the one-time hero forced into a semi-squat. There he was alone, ass vulnerable and poised for his next usage…


Barry Allen had just arrived home from work to find a package waiting at his doorstep. “Some postal service,” he grunted. “Just leave stuff outside for anyone to steal.”

He picked up the package and brought it inside. He was curious that it didn’t have a return address. He was wary of such “gifts”, cause there were too many villains running around sending such packages to unsuspecting heroes. He checked out the thick envelope and look for traces of tampering, wiring or chemicals. He didn’t notice anything but preferred rather to be safe than sorry. So he took the package to the shed in his yard, unwrapping it with lightning speed and ducking into the apartment to await any unwanted explosion. He gave it a few minutes: nothing. So he assumed it was safe. He returned to the shed and saw the mass of red fabric.

“What the hell?” he muttered to himself. And then he saw the note from Spidey. “Aah, a new suit from a special fabric,” he read. “What’s this about sissy stuff?” He looked at the suit and tucked it in the envelope, figuring it best to try the outfit on inside his apartment. That way he would have access to mirrors to check out the suit and look for any potentially embarrassing flaws.

Barry Allen walked into his bedroom stripping out of his civilian gear. He inspected the fabric wondering what Spidey was up to this time. He slowly pulled on the suit feeling all of a sudden both faggy and aroused. The sheerness of the suit was having a strange effect on his hero rod but it was completely see through. “How can I wear this to fight crime?” he thought, wondering what sort of hero goes about town showing off his manhood to the world. “Maybe Spidey meant to send a pair of briefs to go with it?” he wondered. At least that way dudes wouldn’t be checkin’ out his dick wherever he went. Even if they generally would not see it, since he moved so fast.

Flash finished pulling on the new costume fully impressed by how hard his man rod got when he saw himself in the mirror. “Fuck yeah, look at that cock!” he said admiring his boner in the tight suit. “Hell, if Spidey saw me now, he’d go down on me”, he smiled to himself. Flash was well aware that Spidey gave a random thug a blow job now and then. He had also given in once when Spidey was under the influence of some mind controlling drug and let the Web-head suck his rod.

Flash laughed as he checked out his hard, muscled body in the new hero suit. “Shit this looks like that Web-head shot a line or two on me and dyed it red” he smiled. I need to figure out where he is and ask what this faggy suit is all about. “He better have a good explanation” thought Flash. “Or I’ll beat the crap out of him.”


Spidey stood there squatting wondering what the Wasp had planned. But in his confusion he hadn’t noticed the transformation in his body. It wasn’t until he heard a SPLAT noise on the floor that he noticed his new shape and screamed. He anus was gaping and dilated and he had just released a blast of water from his rectum. “What is this? I’m confused” he thought, seeing that the water was too clear to be an enema of any sort. What it was, was that his water had broke… as if he were a woman giving birth. Then it became clear and he felt the pressure on his sphincter. He WAS giving birth and suddenly he felt the pain of more pressure on his lower abdomen. As hard round object was forcing itself out of his manhole… “Shit, Wasp impregnated me!!!” he screamed.

“Calm down, Web wimp!” bellowed a voice from the other side of the room. Spidey recognized that it was the Wasp, who had come to monitor the delivery of his … what? Children? Eggs? What the hell did he have growing inside him? Was he really giving birth? Had he really be transformed from a closeted fag, who got off on women’s pantyhose into a she-male, who would be forced to give birth to the offspring of hardened criminals? How was this even possible? All of these thoughts ran through his mind.

He couldn’t think long, because suddenly a cool, steel utensil was prodding at his anus. Again he moaned as he felt that Wasp poke at his manhole with a pair of lubed forceps. Spidey was delivering the Wasp’s eggs and lord only knew how many he would have to push out his hero hole. The Web-head wondered how the heck this could happen. When did the Wasp impregnate him and how could he, a man – albeit somewhat of a sissy, become host to eggs. He couldn’t ponder this long though, before “oooooooooooahhhhh” he gasped as the first egg approximately 10” in diameter thrust out his asshole. Tears rolled down his face again, wetting his mask, as he squat there delivering a series of 5 or so eggs that the Wasp and his thugs collected from the Spiderfag’s man pussy. He squat there, panting and moaning, his pussy hole gaping and his hosed cock leaking precum. He couldn’t catch his breath and felt that being violated repeatedly and filled with venom cum and loads of Russian sperm had been less torture that what he had just gone through. Understandably the ass of his weblons had been ripped and was wet with lube and fluids seeping from his anal vagina.

“How long can this go on?” he thought. “Didn’t Flash get my package? Surely the new suit would have at least lured him to seek me out for a good blowjob. I’ve seen how he smiles when I suck him” wondered the Spider-wimp.

The Wasp laughed as the booted, masked, hosed hero stood there trapped with fluids leaking from his ass. The sight of the Web-wuss made his cock stiffen. He was almost turned on enough for another round of insemination. But he knew he had to concentrate. He would soon have another faggy hero coming round and he needed to have a trap ready that could take on Flash despite his lightning speed. It would take a concentrated effort by him and all his thugs for Wasp to get Flash trapped and sedated before he could do anything to help out his web-headed fuck buddy.

The Wasp continued to stand there smiling as he called for Dmitry and Ivan. He told them to get the stun gun and set up the electro charge shield. One sprint through an electro-force field would send the Scarlet Speedster reeling and deplete his powers almost completely. Plus if he took the bait and was mincing around in that faggy hose suit the Spider-wimp had sent him, then he definitely would not be in any position to fight. Entrapment in hero hose, no matter how tear resistant, would make Flash an even bigger laughing stock than his web-headed, cocksucker friend. Soon Wasp would have another wimpy hero in his collection … defeated, humiliated and ready for cummining. Not only would the Spider-wimp continue to be inseminated, his ass would go on serving as a weblon factory.

To be continued …

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