The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 7
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 7 “Web Slave”

Spidey lie there on the table his anal pussy still spasming after shooting that web load. The depleted hero felt like he had just taken the biggest dump of his life. His ass wet and dripping yet his rock-hard cock still lifting him up off the surgical table. He looked like a human tripod. He body was all sweaty and he was breathing hard. He felt weak and dizzy and couldn’t focus. He felt the nodules on his butthole still throbbing. “What have these fiends done to me?“ he thought. “I’ve turned into a faggy slut“ he muttered as he brushed over his nyloned boner with his webbed hands. He slowly scanned the room noticing MJ on the floor passed out. Suddenly a shiver ran down his spine. He recalled her seeing him take the massive dildo that lay on the ground beside the table. He remembered her collapsing as he yelled for someone to fuck him. “How could he ever face her again? How could he ever regain his manhood in front of her?“ he sobbed.

“Enough whimpering, super wimp!“ roared the Wasp! We need to get you prepped for the testing. “Ivan, Dmitry strip him!!!” The wasp barked his orders as two thugs who had just entered the room. They were dressed in what looked like weblon suits similar to the one he was currently wearing. Only theirs weren’t the fluid grey-white colour that Spidey sported. They had been died black and hid nothing of the manhood that both the Russians possessed. Spidey couldn’t hold back as he felt his body tingle. Those two man cocks in front of him had him leaking again. “Well, well, well…“ chuckled the Wasp. “Looks like our hero is looking forward to his clean up! Take him then!“

Spidey’s thin supple body shuddered as he saw the men head toward him. His instinct was to fight but he had no energy left. He would be knocked cold before he could punch either of them. What’s more, with the webbing milked from his body, he wasn’t even sure he had any of his Spidey powers left. His web shooters were gone and in this state with his empty, spasming bowels, he felt like there was no way he could even scale a wall.

“Mask too, boss?“ asked one of the thugs. “No, leave it for now. We’ll get that on film later.“ Ordered the Wasp. Spidey felt the first thug grab him from behind, giving him a bear hug that almost crushed his body. It was Ivan holding him while Dmitry unzipped and removed his Spidey boots. His body tingled as his weblonned feet touched the floor. The sheer sweatiness of the hose and the proximity of Ivan and Dmitry’s man meat had the hero’s anus twitching again. He felt in no way like the hero he had once been. Ever since the Wasp had stung him he was solely at the mercy of his cock and his ass. “Let’s get this off of you, Spider-queer. We need to get you cleaned up and fed for your next mission“ instructed Ivan. Spidey felt a quick snip and his weblon body sock was being removed. The thugs ripped it off his arms and chest and then playfully tugged the cock sock of his hero prick. Spidey/Pete almost orgasmed at the arousing pull. Sadly he felt the nylon removed from his sinewy legs and then his feet. He felt all but helpless and unmanly having had the fabric that most aroused him and made him feel semi-masculine taken away. “Get the hose!“ shouted Dmitry to Ivan, who quickly brought it over. “Time for your douching, Spider-wimp!“ Dmitry barked.

Spidey turned nervously, but before he could react Ivan had his arms. He felt the thick black nyloned bulged brushing on his buttocks. Noticing it grow stiff as it rubbed Spidey’s naked body. Suddenly a hot tingling and the inside of his hero pussy was on fire. The liquid enema had filled his bowels. It went immediately into action cleaning the cavity that would soon spin yet another load of anal web. He felt it flush him clean and douche his insides, knowing that his weakened anus couldn’t hold any liquid release for an extended period of time. “Toilet, pleeease.. am… too… weak.“ He begged as the thugs saw his manhole swelling. “Get the bucket“ Immediately Spidey was pushed down to expel his load, giving out a huge moan, as he freed the cleanser from inside him. “Aaaaaagh“ he yelled as he grabbed his still boned cock wishing he could focus enough to orgasm. “Hands off!“ bellowed the Wasp and he slapped the hero’s dick making him almost fall off the bucket and make a mess. “You need that fluid inside you for your next webload!“ the Wasp instructed. “Ivan, Dmitry! Rinse!“ came the next orders. And the thugs held up Spidey and hosed down his body with warm water. He had never been worked over like this before. He just wanted a chance to rest.

However, as the thugs moved quickly around him. He knew that no rest was coming soon. He looked around confused as Ivan and Dmitry towelled him off, rubbing their hosed groins on his exhausted body during the process. The vision of their muscled bodies with those fat Russian cocks trapped under the sheer black nylon of the body suits made Spidey/Peter long to feel those man rods inside him. But no sooner than the thought occurred to him did it become a reality. “Film him!” barked the Wasp. “Give him what he needs to restart the web production process!!“ And before he knew it, Spidey’s mask was jerked half-way up and a semi-hard, hosed Russian cock was slapping his face. “Suck it, Webhead!“ yelled Ivan with a thick accent. Spidey trembled. He didn’t want to submit but his gay hero body had overpowered him. Even before the Wasp’s venom injection, Spidey had sucked off most of the villains he caught. He had found out early on that cumloads made his web thicker and stronger. And these Russians, no doubt, had loads in them that would make him able to release a webbing that could cocoon them in a flash. “Is this my way to escape?“ Spidey thought to himself. “Can I save my ass, well… with my ass?“ He quickly went to licking Ivan’s massive dick, choking to get the rod fully in his mouth.

Spidey slowly got used to the rod fucking his face and started to go down on Ivan good. Thoughts of all the studs he had webbed and sucked off before passing through his head. He wanted this man load and he wanted it now. But then his Spidey-sense. A tingling came over him and then he felt it. A spasm shot through his horny body as Dmitry push open his anal lips. Two hosed fingers were prodding his horned hero body and probing him to full Spider-fag arousal. He moaned as he went down more on Ivan to cancel out the pain he felt in his butthole. He only wished he could watch Dmitry as he shoved that meat into his bug body. He wanted to ride that 12 inch cock like Dmitry’s bitch. And there it was. The hot penetration from a rod that the hero felt would rip him in half. His man lips hugging the cock and feeling the nylon on it massaging the inside of his semi-loosened hole. Spidey no longer had any thoughts of escape. He was about to become a cum dump to these two manly Russians: taking their loads from both ends. He clenched with his man hole and sucked from the front, working both men to achieve a simultaneous blast. Meanwhile both men pumped the defeated hero shoving their rods into him and cursing him in their native tongue. The words meant nothing to Spidey but with the Wasp’s venom coursing through his veins, the fact that they had made him their bitch sure turned him on. He felt his own member stiffen as the two thugs synchronised their fucking. He felt them quicken. It was only a matter of seconds before Ivan would choke him with a hot load and Dmitry would full his man pussy. “Aaaaaaaaaaaagh“ he screamed as he felt the climax from both ends.

The Russians pummelled him as he choked on one’s cum and felt the other’s load slime his ass so much that his big fat dick slipped from the Webhead’s gaping anus. “Swallow!!!“ yelled Ivan and he made the hero submit and lick his dick clean. “Take it all!!“ It’s almost time for you to produce again. Spidey slowly swallowed the last of Ivan’s load and then reached down to get some of Dmitry’s goo from his butt. He licked the taste of both men off his fingers as he kneeled before them. “Suit him up!!” commanded the Wasp as both men hurried to a nearby closet. The skimpy black suit clued Spidey into the fact that his own arousal was to be his undoing again soon. Ivan and Dmitry hurried over to him taking both his legs. As he felt the black nylon beginning to cover his body, his hero dick once again sprung to full attention. As the suit came to trap his cock against his hard hero abs it hardened more and the leakage started. He felt that suit making his anus twitch and his body feel manlier. His strength was coming back. “But will I have enough power to escape?“ he asked himself. The thugs finished the encasement process and the Spidey fell the suit hug every inch of his body: his cock, his balls, his buttocks. The tight nylon even rode up his ass to tease his over-sensitive manhole. Both Ivan and Dmitry looked at him one last time as they pressed their hosed rods against his. And then the spasms began. Dmitry had injected Spidey’s hole with more Wasp venom and the anal nodes were once again rising. “Noooooooooo…!!!” Spidey screamed “Can’t take this! Ass is too sore… Cock leaking… Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!“ And then he fell to his knees his anus spasming as the new load flew from his butt …

To be continued…

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