The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 3
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 3 “Anal Web Factory”

Spidey lay there tormented. His hot, horny hero hole now filled with two of the Wasp’s lycra-covered fingers. He felt them filling up his fairly-tight butthole, while enjoying the arousal the feeling of the fabric caused as the villain worked his Spidey hole open. Spidey groaned as he felt the Wasp’s fat digits spread apart his asshole. He almost felt as if he were leaking, thinking back to how MJ’s pussy got all wet when Peter/Spidey fucked her. The nylon encasement, the well-endowed villain above himall he wanted to do was give up his ass for a good pounding.

As the hero succumbed to his own arousal, he noticed the villain’s sudden movement.He wings waved steadily causing a humming sound that had Spidey paralysed.But he moved upward quickly, his fingers still teasing the arachno-hero’s tight butt.At the same time he shucked up the hero’s mask quicklyenough to spin Spidey into a state of frenzy.Not only was he getting off on a sissy nylon suit, but now the world might fight out that the real sissy under the suit was Peter Parker.He would lose his job, lose his girlfriend, more than that he would lose his manhood.

The trembling hero suddenly realized that the situation was not as dire as he had initially thought.A surprise was coming to him, but not what he expected. Spidey lay there half in horror, half in anticipation as the Wasp lowered his yellow briefs revealing his 12 inches uncut cock. The hero gasped realizing that not only did he want to suck it, but he was going to have to. Just as his mind began to process the job that lie in store for him, two drops of pre-cum from the villain’s massive shaft spilled onto Spidey’s lips. The salty smell wafted under his nose and without thinking he greedily licked the hot liquid off his lips.

Laying there with his mouth wide open he happily accommodated the Wasp’s thick rod.Hungrily licking the tip of the villain’s cockhead and lapping up drop after drop of fresh pre-cum.The villain arched his back and thrust himself into the web head’s mouth. Almost choking him and bruising his lips, as he forced the hero he was finger-fucking to gown down on his massive Wasp cock.Little did Spidey know that while the villain was getting serviced, he was also preparing Spidey’s fragile asshole for the next phase of his plan.While under the painful hypnosis of the Wasp’s constant wing movement, Spidey could not muster enough concentration to get his Spidey sense working.Anything the Wasp threw his way went practically unnoticed.The hero had completely failed in his danger perception. And while he thought that his own manhole was leaking in arousal, wet like MJ’s sissy hole he so loved to fuck, in reality the Wasp was injecting the hero’s anus with a mixture of Wasp venom and web fluid that would change Spidey’s life forever.The hero’s body was about to become a production line for the Wasp’s evil plan to enslave the spider.The hero had no idea that his fear of becoming (secret desire to become) a hard man’s bitch was about to become reality.

“You enjoying this, Spider-Fag?” the villain called out.Spidey could not respond, his mouth plugged with that enormous cock.The hero mumbled what he could, but with his hard wet cock protruding from the sissy nylon suit and both his holes filled to capacity, the answer to the villain’s taunt was obvious.

“You’re gonna make a good web whore. And if you behave, I’ll make sure you get all the cock you want every day”.The hero froze half-terrified, half-excited, wondering what the hell the Wasp meant. But just when his jaws felt they couldn’t suck anymore, the villain yanked his turgid dick from Spidey’s mouth, leaving the hero gasping for air and trying to catch his breath.Spidey looked up dazed as the 6’4” villain towered over him, his cock full hard at a 90° angle to the ground.The web head tried to focus, thinking that this couldn’t be happening to him.The fact that he was acting like the villain’s bitch disgusted him.But he was victim to his own asshole.Only the slightest penetration could make Spidey fully vulnerable.That’s why so many times at night, as a young hero, he had crept up to Aunt May’s attic, where he hid a dildo that he could easily mount to the wall with a blast of high-degree webbing.He squatted on that toy many nights and rode it till he creamed his Spidey suit.In fact, he had almost always had to dildo-fuck himself before going out to fight crime.More than one villain in a tight-fitting lycra suit was too much for the hero to handle.One accidental brush of a villain’s arm, leg or hand over Spidey’s ass-crack, and immediately his dick went hard and his reactions slowed.The only way for him to get back his concentration and agility was to achieve anal orgasm.Something he could scarcely afford to do with criminals surrounding him.

Suddenly a high-pitched hum brought Spidey back from his daydreaming.Before he could comprehend what was happening he felt his anus being stretched.He quickly realized that the rod that he had been choking on for the past 20 minutes was now filling his butt.He looked down to see his wet cock glisten in the nylon cock-sock that covered it.The huge manly figure above him was now fucking his ass, and as if under some kind of mind control, Spidey had locked his trademark red boots around the back of the Wasp’s waist using his legs to push that huge villain cock further inside him. The hero couldn’t help himself.The penetration had brought his mind back to the days of self pleasure in that attic room. And he thought to himself, “this sure as hell beats using that black rubber dildo, this cock is thicker and the heat makes it easier to ride”.Spidey bucked his waist harder, working to sync himself to the rhythm of the Wasp’s fucking.He pounded his tight hero butt down, slamming it onto the Wasp’s cock, gasping in both pain and arousal.Spidey had become his worst nightmare.He now epitomized the classic cock-whore, the same girl’s he had despised in school for laughing at him, assuming a science nerd was not manly enough to satisfy their sexual needs.Little did they know,not only was he not manly enough, but he was jealous.He wanted to be one of them, taking the biggest cocks inside his ass with full abandon just like they did.

Suddenly the hero shivered all over.He felt a pool forming all over his abdomen as his butthole was showered with the biggest load of cum he had ever felt.His rectum got hot and wet, stuffed with what felt like an endless ejaculation.Spidey tried to focus and enjoy the orgasm, but the hot spurts of cum had overloaded his senses.He knew something wasn’t right.He felt weakened, as if he had been poisoned.His body did not feel like his own.And suddenly as he lie there drained of his hero cum, the ass of his nylon suit ripped open and soaked in Wasp seed, he felt his body began to mutate.The Wasp had not only cum inside him but had injected his Spidey ass with some sort of chemicals.The hero suddenly felt bumps forming at the entrance to his asshole.Small nodes, like spinnerets, were developing on his arachnid body.Peter Parker/Spidey was becoming even more the spider than he had ever been before.With the launch of the transformation, the Wasp laughed loudly above the completely used sissy hero.With one quick tug he yanked his massive cock out of the webhead’s ass.Causing an abrupt arousal as his dick brushed the hero’s new anal web nodes.The Spider-Wimp moaned loudly hearing a thwip sound and feeling a convulsion that made him think he had just tried to take a dump. But it wasn’t that at all, Spidey looked down to see a line of web trailing from his asshole to the adjacent wall. The sissy hero had just shot web from his butt.

“NO!!!!!!!!” He cried out.“What the hell have you done to me? I can’t run around shooting string from my butthole uncontrollably! How will I ever fight crime again?” cried the discouraged hero. 

“What’s wrong Spider Sissy?Afraid of living up to your name?You call yourself Spider-MAN.That’s a joke in itself alone.But no worries, mate.If you can’t deliver the man part, at least you’ll make a good spider.Only now you’ll shoot web from your ass like REAL spiders do, not from those silly web-bracelets of yours”.

The hero’s body went rigid.His cock semi-hard and his body cold from the pool of his own cum and that of the Wasp’s that had drenched him.His mind froze in fear at the thought of when his next anal web shot would release.“How would he control this?” he asked himself.And what would he do in his civilian gear.Peter Parker couldn’t just walk around with webbing trailing out his butt. Millions of scenes flashed through his mind as his contemplated his body’s mutation.But a more urgent matter was at hand.What did the Wasp still have in store for him?

To be continued…

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