The sissification of Spider-man Chapter 8
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 8 “Weblon Factory”

Spidey screamed in agony as he felt the web fluid blasting from his manhole. The rawness of his anus unbearable, as the cum loads of Dmitry and Ivan mixed with his own web fluid to push lines of webbing out his of abused butthole. The force of the web flow wracked his weakened hero body with pain, yet kept him in a semi-aroused state. The constant release of the liquid webbing massaged his prostate and his anal web glands, producing an arousal that left his hero cock semi-turgid. His body lay flat and prone on the table, where he gazed around helplessly. He could barely make out his surroundings anymore, only noticing that his mask was sopping wet from a load of Ivan’s cum and his body fully naked. He could still feel his boots though. The release of the web load that Ivan and Dmitry had sparked from working over his ass seemed to go on endlessly. The hero lie there motionless wondering when it would all stop. He felt like he was taking the longest dump of his life.

“Watch the collectors, Ivan!” shouted the Wasp as the first two baskets began to fill. The Wasp smiled with pleasure, amazed at how much fluid one wimpy webhead’s anus could produce and knowing that his control over this defeated hero’s body would give him abilities that none of his enemies had. Not only did he now have the power to trap other heroes with Spidey fluid, but he also had the capability to make new snug weblon suits that would overwhelm, control and milk all the cocks of each and every superhero in the city. “I know have the power to sissify them all” Wasp snickered.

As Ivan and Dmitry carried off three more baskets, the Wasp noticed that the web flow was abating. They had milked the hero for all he was worth for now. It was time to give him some reprieve until his glandular web levels could be replenished. With that he roared out his next set of orders “Ivan, Dmitry! Cut off the flow and seal him up!” The black weblon-clad henchmen jumped to carry out the Wasp’s order. Ivan pulled out his utility knife and slashed through the weak web line leaking out of Spidey’s butthole. Then, to stop the flow, he licked his lycra-gloved finger and prodded his way into the webhead’s anus. Spidey almost passed out from the pressure. Anymore use of his tender hero hole would kill him. “Can’t… take… much… more!” he slurred into his mask that reeked of Ivan’s semen. He just wanted to be taken somewhere, left alone, even left for dead. “What are they doing to me?” he thought to himself. “All those years I longed to suck and ride another man’s cock. The arousal, the lust. I thought it would be fun. But these guys have made me into their bitch. Can’t… survive… more… Russian… dick.” And then he passed out.

“Men, it would appear that we’ve worn him out” laughed the Wasp. “Take him to the backroom and clean him up. He needs time to replenish his web supply before our next session begins”. With that the Wasp left the room and headed to the lab’s adjacent processing area, where he admired the mother lode that he had acquired from the ass of his new hero/cumwhore.

The Wasp slowly inspected the now dried webbing, taking part of it to the carding machine he had recently purchased. “Now, I will have the power to take out every hero in the city. It’s just a matter of hours before I have just what I need to bring all these sissy-fag crime fighters to their knees. None of them can control their pricks in their tight suits and after tomorrow, they will have even bigger problems doing so”.

The Wasp flipped on the machine and set to work. He knew he had a few hours of carding and weaving ahead of him, if he wanted to get his new hero-defeating invention ready before dawn. He knew that with the webhead out of commission, it would only be a few days before his other hero friends began looking for him. And before that time the Wasp needed to have just the right tool ready to do them in.

Several hours later Spidey awoke in a small, dark cell. He looked around groggily not knowing where he was and feeling like a truck had hit him. “Where… where am I?” He felt the walls soon noticing that he was naked. His cock seemed smaller than ever and his ass hurt like hell. He reached to touch it but immediately felt a fiery stinging sensation, as it was raw from all of yesterday’s abuse. Not even the sexy feeling of his lycra gloves sparked any arousal. But after spreading his legs and looking down, he noticed he hadn’t felt his butthole. To his horror he saw the flat black plastic T shape protruding from his ass. “Hell, what have they done to me? I’ve got a fat rubber plug of my asshole, like I’m some sort of gay slut.” He whimpered slightly as he came to the realization that all his “bi” jerk off and forced fuck sessions with str8 criminals were now coming back to haunt him. He was no longer in charge of when he took cock up his ass. It was no longer a sport, it was work.

The horrified hero tried to stand, wobbling at first. Then he noticed a light coming from the vent above the door. “If only I can get to it” he thought, wondering if he still had any Spidey powers at all. He placed his gloved hands on the wall and slowly pushed up with his feet. It worked. He was scaling the wall, yet very slowly. All the muscles in his body were sore and it felt like they were ripping apart with each crawling motion he made.

As the webhead finally got closer to the vent, he noticed a whirring noise coming from the area outside the door. The room was all lit up and there were what seemed to be massive boxes placed around the space, but he couldn’t tell what they were. The cumload that Ivan had sprayed all over his mask had dried and distorted his ability to see through the eye holes.

Suddenly, his Spidey sense tingled. “Oh, wow!” he thought. “Just like old times. At least they didn’t completely destroy me”. The hero scrambled around lowering himself down the wall to wait and see who was coming and how many of them there were. He heard keys jingling. “Ivan, Dmitry! Open the door!” ordered the Wasp. “And be careful. He may be awake and since he’s rested the power of my venom may be depleted”. The Wasp warned both men to be ready for attack.

The hero didn’t know what to expect and whether he would have an opportunity to take any of the men out. Moreover, he wasn’t really sure if he could even fight them. Suddenly the door slammed open, a blast of light flooding the room. All the men laughed as the masked hero stood there his gloved hands covering his eyes and trying to make out who they were. As he lowered his arms a bit, the Wasp and his henchman laughed even harder at the load of dried cum that covered the hero’s mask. With his bruised body, a seemingly tiny dick and a mask that betrayed his lust to be a cumwhore, suddenly the hero did not feel very heroic.

As if on instinct Spidey drew his arm in an effort to shoot a line that would web the two henchmen. But it immediately became obvious to him how stupid he looked, for his webshooters were gone. There was no way he could web them, or at least so he thought.

Both henchman laughed again as they saw the hero’s futile attempt at initiating a fight. Spidey quickly tried to gather his wits; he leapt to the nearest wall trying to get high enough up that he’d be out of the two thugs reach. But his spider powers had only partially returned. He didn’t have the strength to move fast enough and while Ivan caught his right leg by the boot, Dmitry reached up to attack his most vulnerable spot. His Spidey sense went haywire just before a torrent of pain rushed through the core of his body. Dmitry had unplugged his asshole making him scream like a woman. The Wasp stood there chuckling and showing a slight boner as the hero’s used hole opened up, squirting a small blast of web line onto the floor.

“Bring him men” barked the Wasp. And with that Ivan pulled out a syringe from a pocket on his belt, injecting yet another load of venom into the trapped hero. Spidey felt his body go slightly numb as he collapsed into Dmitry’s arms. He had fallen helplessly into the hold of the man that had fucked him like he was a cheap whore. He tried to struggle as his once powerful hero body faded in the arms of a former Russian body-builder. Spidey felt dizzy, yet he hadn’t passed out. He felt his naked body against the black lycra-nylon suit of his captor and as he glanced over at the familiar bulge that Ivan sported in his suit: he knew he was done for. And just as he finished that thought, he felt himself stiffen at the moment his hero penis made contact with Dmitry’s rock hard bicep.

“To the lab-table!” directed the Wasp. “It’s time to test the effects of the goods our web-wimp has helped us produce”. Spidey writhed in Dmitry’s arms as the thug set him down on the cool steel of the table. He felt his Spidey hole tighten at the contact with the icy steel. But before he could get a grip on what was happening, he heard the command “Dress him!”

Spidey looked round to see what was coming. “Dress me?” he thought, feeling completely confused. And then he saw Ivan taking what looked like his Spidey suit from a nearby closet. “What the hell…?” he asked himself, wondering if the Wasp had plans to set him free. “Suit up” came the next order from the Wasp. And with that Spidey felt his boots come off and the suit being pulled over his feet. At that moment Spidey knew of the trap he was now caught in. The sheer delight of the weblon suit made his wimp cock stand at attention. With that Ivan licked his hero dick and began to go down on the webhead as the sheer tights crept up his legs. Dmitry put Spidey’s boots back on him, as the hero spasmed from the contact of feeling his sexy hosed feet with the sweaty boots he had worn for the past two days. The thugs continued as Ivan nicely tucked Spidey’s boned cock inside the suit, the hero rod pointing to high noon. They then quickly finished suiting him, rubbing his buttocks as they ungloved him and pulled the nylon hero suit over his excessively-aroused body. It was only then that the hero caught the glare of the engagement ring on his right hand. Thoughts of shame immediately passed through his head as he remembered how MJ had last seen him. She now knew her hero boyfriend was a cocksucker and worse: a cumwhore. He tried to hold back tears and the thugs pulled his gloves back on and zipped the back of the suit. He felt his mask getting moist from the shame leaking from his eyes. “How can I ever survive being used as the Wasp’s queer bitch?” he wondered to himself.

“And now for your next task, Spider-slut!” the Wasp laughed. “I’ve got some correspondence for you to take care of. Just as this suit makes you lose control of your cock, there are a number of other faggy, cock-sucking, cumwhore superheroes out there running around as well. And they too need to be taught a lesson. So start writing!!!! I think the first one should go… ‘Dear Flash, while working in the lab I’ve discovered a new fabric that is tear proof and makes us heroes less vulnerable to embarrassing run ins in our tights. Why don’t you try this out and let me know if it works and how it feels. I know it’s a little sissy like, but it is tear proof and makes you feel good about your manhood. Yours, Spidey”

To be continued…

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