The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 1
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The first story for this blog is about Spider-man (my favorite hero). 

This story has 10 parts and sadly was never finished.

Hope you enjoy it.

The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 1 “Dream State”

Peter Parker hadn’t slept well in weeks.  He was constantly tormented by dreams of his last and almost total defeat by a new villain called the Wasp.  Once again Pete (aka Spidey) had failed to keep his arousal in his lycra under control and he let the hot body and outline of the villain’s fat cockhead in the tights get the best of him. 

Since that fateful night Pete/Spidey had been having incredibly arousing sexual dreams that left him leaking into his sleep tights and bedding and also playing with his manhole like a cheap whore.  As Spidey thought back to that night, he remembered how his craving for the Wasp’s muscular, taught body had distracted him.  Throwing off his spidey sense and leaving him target to the Wasp’s highly potent venom sting darts. 

Spidey had caught the Wasp trying to steal secret documents from the AMCO chemical lab and had intervened to stop the villain’s spree of thefts of government documents.  As Spidey lept to the roof to apprehend the Wasp, his mind went numb as he caught sight of the Wasp’s villian package.  Clearly the villain was more than 12 inches hard and wore the minimum amount of support under his yellow tights.  The virility of the Wasp had Spidey boned, tenting and fully unaware that the hero had his otherwise impressive penis pressing on the that of the villain.  Spidey shook his head, feeling as if he had been in a trance, he saw the slightness of his manhood, compared to that of the Wasp.  Nervously, he called to the villain trying to focus on the job at hand:stopping this crime.

“Time to give in, Wasp!  You should know that crime doesn’t pay and you’re no match for the agility of my spidey pppp ….“

Just was the webhead had launched into one of his heroic proclamations a strong burning sensation hit his middle back and his left butt cheek.  His head started to spin as he fell to his knees and yanked what appeared to be a dart from his muscular haunch. 

“What the ..??  What have you done to me?” he asked groggily.

“No worries Webhead.  This is just the beggining of your demise.“, the Wasp smirked.  “I have bigger and more humiliating plans for you.“

Spidey slid further to the ground.  Struggling to remain on all fours.  He looked up dazed again that massive Wasp cock taunting him:  making him horny, yet making him feel inferior.

The Wasp moved quickly going to collect the prize he most treasured.  First, he stripped the hero of his web-shooters.  The Wasp had plans to web himself a spider in the most humiliating way!  Spidey would become addicted to his web, needing web encasement to assume his hero identity and to regain his virility.

Wasp quickly moved to strip Spidey … leaving his mask out as a small modicum of respect he still had/did not have for the dazed hero.  He briefly admired the Webhead’s small, tight, agile body and his manhood that was impressive enough for such a wimpy hero.  The Wasp spread apart the stunned hero’s legs and lifted him up off the ground.  The villain quickly noticed a nearby ladder to the buidling’s roof and with his newly-aquired web-shooting ability, fashioned a web-rope to hoist the hero up. 

Knowing very well that Spidey could control and adjust the type and thickness of the webbing he shoots, the Wasp took advantage of this to launch the transformation of our hero from man to sissy.  After several year’s of studying the spider-clown and how he fought with other villains, Wasp had come to the conclusion that Spidey’s biggest weakness was his vanity and his addiction to his tights.  The tight lycra suit that contained just a hint of nylon to make it shiny and also to make it feel sexy made Spidey love being a hero all the more.  Also, at the beginning of his hero career Spidey also felt that he had a lot to be proud of as far as his special endownment went, but recently the villains taking him on had made him pale in comparison.  Spidey/Pete tried to disregard the inadequacy, it seemed to still be sufficient for MJ.  At least, so far.

The though of Spidey’s addiction made the Wasp smile.  He was going to make spidey a tights-addict wimp.  Spidey would never be able to muster the courage to fight a battle anymore without the tightness of the new webbing that Wasp would produce to cover his body:  the thinnest of webfluids that gripped the curves of a man’s muscles and bulge  – web-nylon (weblon).

Getting horny at the thought of the hero hard in sheer sissy nylon tightness, the Wasp blasted loads of web steadily over the hero’s taught, numb body.  It covered his legs, his ass, and his chest.  The villain left Spidey’s groin free for now, as he had a special present in mind for the hero’s not-so-heroic penis.  As the weblon bodysock covered and pressed on the hero’s body, the Wasp covered Spidey’s dick and balls with a special-made weblon cock-sock.  The cock sock was extra sheer and extra tight.  Both it and the body sock gave off a blackish, charcoal hue – the cock-sock shiny and perfectly outlining the hero’s hard eight-incher.  Spidey slowly regained consciousness as the cock-sock forced a steady stream of pre-cum from his penis. 

To be continued…

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