The Sissification of Spider-man Chapter 5
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The Sissification of Spider-man

Author: Unknown

Chapter 5 “Caught in the Act”

Spidey/Peter panicked as he saw his aunt wilt to the floor.  His dick rock hard, and his hand eagerly jerking, his head spun and he lost concentration.  In that split second his anal muscles relaxed and his asshole lost grip of the dildo.  He collapsed to the floor in a thud.  His boned weblon cock slamming hard against the carpet.  With that his body spasmed and he released a pool of hero cream underneath himself.  His asshole was loose and horny but he needed to get out of the house.  He needed to run, but where?His conscience said he should tend to his aunt. But knowing she had seen his “friend”, Spidey, pleasuring his own butthole, Pete felt like he had to disappear. He couldn’t face his aunt knowing that she thought Spidey was a big fag, who liked to take cock up his ass.

Unfortunately it was daylight out. Spidey could never leave the house safely without his normal web shooters.  And fingering his asshole on Aunt May’s rooftop to induce a load of of ass-webbing strong enough to get him into Manhattan was out of the question. “I gotta get this mess cleaned up”, he thought.  Quickly stripping out of his sheer costume and gathering all the webbing and tights. He moved around quickly just in his mask, using a towel to wipe up all the cum on the floor.  Once that was done, he went to help his aunt, who was still out cold. He carried her to her room and put her on her bed.   “I’m sorry Aunt May” he whimpered, while tearing up under his hero mask.  “I didn’t mean for you to find out”.  

He quickly went to his room, cleaned off his cum-covered cock, slipped on some new mesh briefs and put on his normal clothes.  He shucked off the mask and buried it deep in his backpack with his Spidey suit. He needed to lay low for awhile.  He would go over to MJ’s apartment.  With her out of town for the weekend, he would have some peace and quiet and time to think about what had happened to his body.   Who had his web-shooters? And why could he not find any fluid capsules in his apartment?  Had the Wasp left the note on his window after raping his young man asshole?  Did the Wasp know that he, Peter Parker, was Spider-man?

Once Pete got to MJ’s, he quickly unpacked. Tossing his cum-stained hero gear into the wash machine, careful to put it on the gentle cycle so that the material would not get damaged.   After all, one time he had washed it too long on medium and the weakened fabric had split, showing his boned cock to a villain he was fighting.  Luckily, the villain has been shocked by the size of his Spidey-dick, so the hero had been able to web that bad guy and force a blow job out of him.  The villain had sucked so good that Spidey almost curled up in pain as his load spewed out, depleting his ball sack.  These memories alone made the hero soon realise he was now hard again. He needed a shower though, and quick.

The first thing Spidey did was turn the shower on high and strip from his clothes. He admired his taught, slightly bruised body in the mirror. He couldn’t help turning to look as his clean shaven fuck hole; checking to see if the new web nodes that had formed there could be seen on the surface. The sight of his hole had him aroused even more, knowing how good it felt to have a live cock or dildo up inside himself.   He moved to the shower to get his special douching tube. Fortunately, MJ was not very curious about technical matters and just assumed the tubing in the bathroom was something related to plumbing issues.  Little did she know, it had to do with Peter’s (Spidey’s) plumbing.  Pete lubed his tight man hole and inserted the plastic douche tube.  He moaned as he felt a warm stream of water filling his insides.   The pleasure was wonderful. He felt his cock grow hard and his bowels fill up. He was all arousal until he felt a sudden pressure. “Oh fuck,” he thought. “No, it can’t be!… web nodes… activated again!”With that he felt a blast of goo encircle the tubing.  His douche mechanism locked inside his hero anus. “NO!!! Can’t be!Got to fight it or my ass will rupture”.  The boned hero squatted there frantically yanking at the tube webbed up into his asshole. Pete groaned and doubled over, the water pressure on his bowels was too much.  He couldn’t take much more.  “Pain too intense… can’t think… losing focus… aaaaaaaaagh,” he moaned as he collapsed to the floor and the douche tube blasted out of his asshole.   Water bursting everywhere, leaking from the unconscious hero’s butt.  

Sometime later, Pete started to come to. Feeling groggy and and weak. Starting to focus and hear voices but “where am I?” he thought. I feel like I can’t move.  “Let’s get him up” said a nearby voice.  “WE need to finish what HE started”.  With that Pete noticed two masked men in black lycra bodysuits moving close to him.  They hoisted him up onto the toilet, where before Pete could think a huge rush left his bowels. “Aaagggggggghh,” he moaned feeling as if the hugest cock ever had just been pulled from inside him.  He had forgot the douching process he started. But where had these guys come from and what were there plans for him?“That’s it!  Let it go!” said one of the henchman.  “We need you nice and clean before we work you over!” said the other.   Pete noticed his cock stiffen as he took the final dumps, fully cleansing his hero insides.   He hadn’t had a good douching in two or three days and the emptiness of his hole was making him horny.   “But what do these two have in mind for me?” he thought to himself.  He realised he was completely unarmed:no web shooters, no hero suit, no way to control his hero cock.  How could he overpower these guys and escape?One of them would have been challenge enough in his current, weakened state.   But two? That was too much.   As Pete cleaned himself up, one of the thugs went to the other room, while the other stood guard at the door.  “Who are you?” screamed a naked Peter Parker.  “What do you want from me?”

“No worries, web head” smirked the guard at the door.  “We have our orders.  And you’ll soon find out what awaits you. ”

“Get into this!” barked the second guard returning.  “What the…” thought Pete/Spidey as he saw the freshly cleaned weblon body sock in the henchman’s hand.  “How did… where did you find…” stuttered Peter/Spidey.  Shut up and put it on!” commanded the henchman.  Pete’s cock boned instantly at the sight of the suit.  He pulled the weblon fabric shamefully over his feet, his cock starting to drip. As he pulled the suit up over his muscular thighs and ass, he moaned.  The fabric so tight on his dick almost forced an ejaculation from him. “Nooo. .  can’t succumb!Must focus. Can’t ejaculate!” thought the hero trying to coach himself. He knew he had to maintain control of his young body.  The hormone surges he had as a young man could be dangerous for him.  He could lose loads of vital spider-cum that kept him powerful.   Without that fluid, these henchmen would beat him up in a sec.

Pete pulled on the rest of the weblon suit, adjusting his balls and boned cock and blushing as he saw his aroused body in the mirror. From the corner of his eye, he could see that he looked like a sissy. If pics of this leaked to the outside world, he would be finished.  No one would ever take him seriously again and every villain on earth would be able to blackmail him forcing him to perform sexual favours in order to keep his dirty little secret.  Pete snapped out of his daze, when the one henchman shouted,“Put this on!”Pete looked down to see his Spidey mask at his feet. “What the…?” he protested. “That’s not mine!”

“The hell it ain’t” yelled the henchman. “Now put it on!So we can get this finished”, he barked. “No way!” said Pete. “I’m not Spider-man”.   With that the second henchman lost his patience. “Enough of this”. What Pete/Spidey didn’t realise was that the two henchmen had plans to work him over. So while he had been fighting with the one about his mask, the other had been making some preparations. And Spidey soon found out what they were. As he continued to protest, the second henchman moved up behind him and whispered into his ear, “Put it on NOW!”.  With that he shoved two greased fingers up Spidey’s asshole, impaling his freshly douched anus. “Aaaaaggh” screamed the hero making a tent in his sissy, pantyhose hero suit. “Uugggghhhh” he continued feeling as if the henchman was lifting his hero body up with just the two fat fingers protruding into his asshole. There was an almost unbearable pressure building on his prostate. He felt like the Wasp was fucking his hero hole all over again. His dick was standing up at a 45° angle, rock hard and leaking into the suit. He turned red with shame.   Grabbing the mask and pulling it over his face. “At least this way, no one can see what a sissy fag I am” he though, trying to console himself. He wanted to cry.

“We gotta get you ready, Spider-sissy!Our boss is waiting for you. And we need to get you prepared for delivery. ”  said the henchman whose fingers were impaling the weakened hero.    “Ready for what?” shouted Spidey, his voice quavering. He fully lacked the self-assurance he had just days ago.  He had become victim to his dick and his insatiable asshole. What had the Wasp done to him to make him act like such a cum whore?He couldn’t stop thinking of his dick. Boner after boner. He just wanted constant milkings and fucking. There was no way he could ever keep Manhattan safe again.

“We need to get this working, man” instructed the first henchman, who had thrown Spidey his hero mask. “OK then, I’m on it. ”Spidey looked nervously between the two of them, not knowing what they had in mind. Suddenly his Spidey Sense tingle and he turned toward the henchman behind him. Before could react, his Spidey hole was being finger-fucked. The evil thug worked the hero’s tight anus, rubbing the area around the web nodes quickly and with severe intensity. “Aaaaaaaaaagh” moaned Spidey. “Can’t take much more. Balls depleted. No cum supply. Too weak to orgasm”.   So many thoughts rushed through the hero’s mind as he worked his hole onto the henchman’s fingers. Spidey felt that familiar pressure building again. “Oh crap” he thought as he knew his ass was about to explode.

“Dude, now!” yelled the first henchman as they both dashed for the bathroom door. They bolted out quickly, closing the door tight after flicking on an outside switch. With that Spidey stumbled, enveloped by a furious wind. His web nodes orgasmed from his anus, shooting out a thick, steady, fibrous web that was now swirling around his boned hero body. Spidey fought to stand up in the bathroom-turned-centrifuge, but slowly he gave up, having no choice but to submit himself to the process. Within five minutes he stood there immobile. His world had gone dark. All he could do was mumble from inside the wrapping. As he stood there trapped, he heard the door click open. Muffled words sent shivers up his spine.

“Great work!  It’s just like boss said.  A little ass play and this sissy hero cocooned himself”.   “Yep, boss will be very satisfied once we make the delivery”. Spidey tensed up inside the cocoon web sack. “What can I do?  How to escape?He felt his body being lifted and his cocoon being carried someplace. But a careless brush by the one henchman finished the hero off. And he was placed in the back of a delivery truck, the henchman’s touch caused the hero to explode inside his tight web trap.   “When will it end?” thought the trapped hero, lying there with a hot load of fresh cum all over his stomach.

To be continued…  

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