Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 4
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Superman A Hero’s Humiliation

Author: Unknown

Chapter 4

Superman awoke on the cold floor still naked and in chains, but his body feeling fresh and clean. The last moment he remembered was pouring his cum all over himself in a truly depraved act of perversion. The humiliating and sickening display had lasted almost five minutes, his pleasured hands letting the cum leak from the fountain of his cupped hands and coat each sexy inch of his still muscled physique.

He collapsed soon after, not realizing while he was acting in such a perverse manner, that he failed to notice his room was being filled with a dust that Luthor’s lab rats at Luthor Corp had been working on to render him unconscious, in case they needed to go into the cell for any reason. It was a special combination of chemicals that he knew from his tests with trying to create a drug. This drug had been named slumber because during its testing during one of his many battles with the big blue sissy, it simply acted the way a sleeping pill would for a normal human.

While he was under the drugs effect a couple of Luthor’s goons from the party came into the cell and cleaned off the cum soaked body of the degenerate that was once Superman. They were weary of getting close since they knew that it was only due to the humiliating mind fucking he had received at the hands of his greatest enemy, that he couldn’t break his bonds.

After they washed him off they gave him his nourishment shot, and then left him to sleep, his mind still replaying the evenings humiliating events, as drool pooled on the floor by his mouth.

The only thing that kept him docile was the humiliating belief of Superman that he was simply a pathetic sissy. He had not been weakened by kryptonite, or stepped through the power eraser at the fortress of solitude, therefore being turned into a mortal man. In every way except his weakened mind he was still Superman last son of Krypton. Of course, his mind had been broken in so many places from his humiliating evening that, he couldn’t comprehend any of the traits of his former self. It was as if he had willingly given himself up to his humiliating new life.

It was quite the feet, and Luthor watched proud of his accomplishment as the Sissy of Steel’s eyes gazed at the wall, and his hands drifted down to his crotch, his mind telling him to replay last night, and immediately his mind drifted back to the next humiliating episode from the previous night.

A buzz on the cell phone of Caitlin Holloway alerted her, and even without looking at it she knew it was done. The bartender who had earlier been the first to tweak the once powerful man of steel, grabbed it from her pocket and glanced at the text message she had received. Phase 2 is a go.

Caitlin twisted her face into a lovely smile, deleting the message, as she heard the familiar buzz of vibrating cell phones all throughout the party. She watched the two men, who had been working with her since the bar opened, a pair of handsome fellows that she went to school with, one named Oleg who was from Russia, and the other Jack from the land down under.

She tried not to think much about it, knowing if she did she herself might become overtaken with lustful thoughts, even as the idea of being the first to send him down his debauched path of perversion. It was a wonderful feeling, that gave her an immense rush of power.

While all of this was happening in the great room, the once proud, noble and powerful Clark/Superman was walking slowly back to the party. His mouth filled with a salty taste, that he tried to wipe clean by moving around his tongue repeatedly but having no effect, and feeling of throbbing pain in his kidney’s.

His mind was filled with thoughts about his first depraved trip to the bathroom, as he strolled quietly back to the great room not wanting to draw attention to himself. He felt more unsure of himself as usual, even when under the guise of his altar ego, and he was certain that there was something that he was not being told.

The guilty shifty eyed look he had received from the bathroom attendant named Gustavo, as he left the bathroom put him ill at ease, as he began the journey from the bathroom to the great room.

Back at Clark’s table Lois was on the verge of frenzy wondering where her husband was. He was acting like a complete basket case one minute rebuffing her advances the next, sniffing, and nuzzling her beautiful perfumed neck like some sort of hormonally imbalanced teenager. Of course she knew that since he was an alien after all that his body chemistry was completely different then his own. Of course it had never felt more apparent to her then it did at that moment.

She did not know what when she saw Clark again he was in for the chewing out of his life. She refused to be treated this way, it didn’t matter how good he was at rocking her world as Superman, when they were out in public together, and he was her husband Clark she was the one who projected the controlling veneer. She would not allow herself to be embarrassed publicly by the man she loved. That was something she always thought lesser women allowed to happen to themselves. If there was one thing that Lois never lacked it was confidence.

She saw him walking through the French doors that lead into the Museum’s great room, and pushed herself back away from the table, on the balls of her feet now ready to rise and confront him. Poor Lois was thwarted by Luthor who had risen to the lectern to deliver some news.

“Good evening once again ladies and gentleman. I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening so far. Like my good friend Sissy Kent over there.”

Clark felt his cock grow rigid in his boxers, not hard enough for anyone other then Clark to notice, but they both knew if he kept at it, before long he would have his cock out begging for satisfaction, no matter how he to get it.

Of course Luthor had many more humiliations in store for the man of steel, and outing his secret this early was the last thing he wanted to do. Especially since the news he had to deliver trouble him greatly.

After taking his evil eyes off of Clark he turned his focus back to the task at hand. The disappointing news he had to deliver.

“Ladies and gentlemen I regret to inform you that because of the delay in arrival for one of the members of the bachelor auction we will be unable to begin the auction as scheduled. This eligible bachelor has been delayed en route because of inclement weather. I am told however that he should be able to arrive no later then ten thirty at which point the auction will get under way as originally intended. I again apologize, but I am sure if we try our best we can make the best of a bad situation. Isn’t that right Sissy.”

His cock plumped even more, and he had to throw out his arm to prevent him from falling over, trying to be as nonchalant as possible. He couldn’t be detected with the huge hard on swinging between his sexy muscled sissy legs.

Of course there was one keen observer who had caught this, her green eyes a fire with possibilities. The idea that the simply defilement of his name, was turning him to a depraved pervert incapable of self control, gave her an erotic thrill. Not to mention that there now a pair of words at her disposal to send him over the edge, if she was lucky enough to get the chance.

She felt lucky that she had been presented the opportunity, and the thought of lightening striking twice was moistening the thing landing strip between her legs.

“To help pass the time, the caterers for this affair will beginning to remove some of the tables around the center of the room, so that people can stretch out more easily, and people can get a little dancing done. Maybe place your remaining tickets in the jars for the silent auction prizes. Again I apologize, and hope that this doesn’t ruin the evening for you. I promise you will not be disappointed if you stick around for the auction, even the poor girl to bid on Sissy Kent, isn`t that right Lois.”

He gave a look over to Clark, who had begun striding across the room before Luthor finished his speech, of course by the time his name had been defiled for the third time, a small puddle of pre cum wetted the front of his tuxedo pants. He saw a little hitch in his step, paying attention while the rest of the participants roared with laughter, which did nothing to diminish the embarrassment of the once proud Clark/Supes.

He was on his way back to the table as the eruption of laughter continued. He got ten feet from the table, before he noticed the enraged look in the eyes of his lovely voluptuous wife. He knew that it was a look that didn’t mean anything good for him.

He quickly made a b-line, in the other direction deciding instead of facing a verbal barrage of accusations that he was neither willing or able to endure that perhaps getting another drink was a good idea. It may have done a terrible job at decreasing his animal lust, but he knew from countless issues of men’s health magazine that the quickest way to ensure a limp noodle would be all he could tug would be more alcohol.

Of course this sent Lois into a disappointed fury, and she headed for the women’s bathroom to vent and regain her composure. She was livid and couldn’t bear the sight of her husband at the moment, because she wasn’t sure that if she started to unravel that she may not stop before she had done some troubling damage, maybe not to Clark/Superman, but to the people and property around her.

He got in a behind a handful of comely co-eds, even the pair he remembered as blowing him off with a roll of there lovely eyes, less then two hours before. His perverts mind wondered what they would think if they knew about how he had fucked himself in the bathroom earlier. It got much worse for Clark/Superman after that, but as he stood in line behind them, his mind couldn’t recall the fact that he had been filmed masturbating the second time, to a gooey climax in the same stall, or the cock he had sucked less then fifteen minutes after that.

As Luthor watched Clark waiting in the line for booze he wondered to himself, exactly what would happen when he played the video of Clark furiously fucking his huge muscled member. He was definitely, playing out various scenarios in his own mind, having to step on his own foot so his mind wouldn’t get to carried away.

His mind of course was soon filled with more of the perverted torments that he had in store for superman. Including something truly amazing, with Superman and the costume. Of course that was still a ways off. He sensed from the fact Clark wasn’t fondling himself that he was not demeaned, humiliated and defeated near enough.

After the handful of girls waiting to get there drink orders filled, were satisfied it was Clark’s turn, and of course it was none other then Caitlin who was afforded the pleasure of dealing with the once dignified man. He had been turned into something far from that, but of course he wasn’t aware of this fact yet. And if Caitlin was up to the challenge, he wouldn’t become aware in the near future.

“Nice to see you again Sissy. Can you handle another scotch, or is there something else you would like Sissy?”

The effect was almost instantaneous, as Caitlin, along with Jack and Oleg watched a little tremor flutter through the former hero’s body. He had to reach out and place his muscled hand on the edge of the bar. Caitlin, sensed this and took his hand off the table.

“What’s the matter. Is it something I said?”

Clark looked at her, his cock growing impossibly hard in his pantaloon prison, the touch of her hand feeling incredibly nice to the perverted Clark.

She could see the tent his dick was making in the pants and this excited her, much as it would any woman. Especially a woman, who had been taught by her mother the sinister Mrs Holloway, that men were and should be subservient to there female counter parts. It was not something that her boss may have believed, but it was definitely a belief she tried desperately to install in her lovely young, nubile daughter.

She quickly poured a scotch, and dropped in some ice. She was getting wet between the legs, knowing she had him. She wanted to be the one to him engage in his next humiliating task. It was no longer enough for her to be the one who began his erotic perverse awakening. She had to be the one to further sissify Clark.

“Boys watch the bar for me. I think this one needs some counselling.”

They looked at her slightly saddened by the fact that she would be leaving them alone since, they both loved the view when ever she bent over and exposed her g-string panties to them. This attire was definitely against normal business dress codes, but when your mother ran the company as part of the Luther Corp it was hardly like anything would ever come of it.

She grabbed, an un-opened bottle of scotch, and then Clark’s hand and lead him away from the bar and out of the museum’s great room, and out into the museum itself. It took nearly forty five minutes to get through the museum, if you went on a tour, but Caitlin knew exactly where she wanted to stop in.

Halfway through the museum was a small mock up of 1800’s Metropolis, specifically its downtown. The two of them walked down to the old movie theatre, where they could be a little more secluded.

She wished she had an old super 8 copy of the debauched events from the bathroom, but she knew that having Clark in the flesh could be so much better. Better still, was the camera she had implanted in the diamond stud, in the center of the necklace she was wear. It would catch on video another episode of his perverted undoing, and at the hands of a girl barely old enough to vote.


The two of them saddled into a pair of seats near the back of the otherwise empty theatre. She had walked up and hit the play button to begin the old talkie, before returning to her seat, her mind a fire with perverted thoughts of how to further humiliate and degrade this man.

“What’s the matter. You seem so tense? Don`t you like being alone with beautiful girls? Or are you some kind of closet case.”

He looked embarrassed, and she liked this taking the bottle of booze from his powerless hands, bringing it up to her lips and taking a big swallow. He watched her intently, his cock still hard from the earlier defilement of his once strong and powerful name.

“I am a married man.”

She smiled coyly, taking another swig letting a little of the chestnut coloured booze dribble out of her mouth, and splash down into the lovely valley of her cleavage, his eyes following each bead of booze till it came to rest.

“That’s only a problem if your wife finds out.”

“This is wrong.”

She laughed and took the mouth of the bottle, and pressed it to Clark’s lips and he willingly drank. While the booze spilled past his lips her free hand slide over to his engorged cock, throbbing so hard she could feel a pulse.

“This doesn’t feel like the cock of a mild mannered reporter sissy.”

He did a spit take, much like Lois did every time he shot his gooey dick sauce into her mouth, making him wonder why she even bothered giving him head if she always ended up spitting it out.

“Does the word sissy, turn you on?”

He turned his head to afraid to answer this vision of loveliness who was sitting next to him. She could, as her lovely green eyes focused on his crotch, and feel him become rigid under hand giving him away.

“Tell me sissy Kent does the word turn you on?”

She started pinching the tip of his swelling balls, and he tried to reach down to protect himself. He of course was enjoying the slightly painful feeling as well, so did not fight as hard as he could have, or normally would have.

“Why are you doing this to me?”

He looked so pathetic, which made her feel even stronger. Like she could punch him in the face, and he would be unable to do anything about it. Of course, simply kicking his ass wasn’t close to being good enough for Caitlyn. She wanted him on his knees begging her for kindness and mercy. She knew the easiest way to accomplish this task was to sexually frustrate and manipulate him.

“Sissy, I am only trying to be kind to you. Sissy I want you to show me what a big strong man you are, Sissy. I am a virgin sissy, and I want you to be my first. I am sure your wife wouldn’t mind you taking a young girls virginity sissy. In fact she will probably be proud of you Sissy. That way she won’t have to wonder anymore about you, I mean you have been keeping things from her right?”

Clark felt nervous, and didn’t know why, and so incredibly horny. Only one of these feelings worried him. Caitlyn knew if she said the word secret he would fall into a hypnotic state and be her subservient willing fuck puppet. She could do whatever she wanted to him, and he could only let it happen. He would have no say in his defilement. She didn’t see the fun in that.

“Come on sissy. Be a sport and help a girl out. I thought a big strong guy like you, would jump at the chance sissy.”

Clark knew what was building in him, his huge dick tenting the crotch of his pants. She was amazingly sexy, and he couldn’t help but think that being alone with her in a movie theatre, and possibly getting carried away wasn’t half as bad as what he had remembered doing in the bathroom earlier, or the things he didn’t remember doing.

He reached up and brushed the back of his hand against her soft face. It was a move Lois loved, and he assumed this beautiful young thing would enjoy it the same.

“What kind kindergarten bullshit is that?”

“I thought you would like it.”

“And to think you get paid to use that brain of yours sissy. Hard to believe.”

Caitlin quickly pulled off his bow tie with one quick tug, quickly putting her nimble fingers to work undoing the buttons down the front of his shirt. He watched her, and could see she clearly wanted to see him stripped of his clothes.

“I am going to turn you out. Once I am through with you, sissy, you aren’t going to be able to stand.”

She got on top of him, the dampness between her legs pressing over his stained crotch. She drew him close to her, those lovely lips of hers looking soft and kissable. He pressed his to hers, but instead of exciting his lustful cock all it did was soften underneath her grinding pussy.

She pulled her lips away, looking down at him, as he tried valiantly to hide his eyes from her gaze. He knew that the softening of his cock would not be a welcome to development to her, and he was genuinely afraid of what she would do to him.

“Whats going on down there sissy.”

The cock stiffened as it had like clock work during each previous defilement of his name, however as she reached down between his legs hoping to feel a hard staff, all she felt was his dick getting more and more flaccid.

“I don’t know what’s wrong.”

He offered weakly, as she looked down on him. It was then that she knew his secret, not the secret he feared most, but one that she was intent on using to help lead him to his depraved, perverse destruction.

“Oh my god it can’t be true.”

The shame on Clark’s face was clearly evident to her even in the dim lit of the old fashioned movie house. She leaned in to Superman’s body again, and started whispering in his ear.

“I can’t believe that you are a sissy. I mean a big strong guy like you. How did a big muscled stud like you get a hot piece of ass like Lois Lane, if he can’t even keep a hard on. What do you have to say for yourself sissy?”

The words were horrifying to Clark, as she continued trying to revive his cock, which upon the defilement of his name would stiffen only to immediately retreat from the rubbing being done by the sexy vixen next to him.

“It must be the alcohol.”

It was a weak defence, and she knew it seeing the sweat beading at his temples, as she moved her hands from his crotch and started to take his shirt off. She knew that, he was powerless to do anything about it. If he did try to get up and leave she could simply tell everyone what had happened. That he had try to ply her with booze and then fuck her. She took a heavy swig from the bottle of booze, and then poured the remaining contents of the booze down Clark’s throat, as he allowed it to afraid of the reprecusions if he offered any resistance.

“Take off your pants you despicable sissy.”

She looked at him, wearing a look of equal measures of disgust and pity, as he quickly followed her order. Within a few seconds, his disobedient fingers and hands had his pants pulled off, sitting nude in front of her. She admired his sexy muscled body for a moment, her left hand caressing his rock hard six pack abs. His body was completely impervious to her sinful touch, the cock softening pathetically behind her back.

This was another unfortunate side effect of the tapes for poor Clark. As soon as he sucked his first cock of the evening no matter how brief the blow job lasted, it would render him completely useless to all provocations from the opposite sex. Except of course if the desire was to further humiliate the poor sissy, which had now become Caitlin’s goal.

“I want you to tell me what you want, since I am clearly not it.”

“No your wrong I want you.”

He reached up and started using his clumsy sissy fingers to try and unbutton her blouse, his strong lips kissing her perfumed neck. He hoped that this would make him come to his senses, and feel his man meat harden. Of course it’s effect was the complete opposite. She looked down on him more disgusted now by his limp tool.

She had never felt quite so rejected by a man, and this made her furious. She wanted to cause him as much pain and embarrassment as she incurred, her breasts almost ready to spill out of her bra.

“I want you to get on your knees, sissy.”

Clark hesitated, feeling pathetic and weak, while instantly hard at the defilement of his name.

“I will never get on my knees for you.”

As much as she didn’t want to she knew, likely that she would have to utter the word. She wanted to be powerful enough to do it without suggestion, but she knew at that moment she didn’t have the power.

“If you don’t get on your knees right now, I will tell everyone you brought me in her to rape me. That you tried to get me drunk and have your way with me. You will be vilified, a married man raping a young girl. What will the world think, if they found out.”

The words rang true in his worried mind, and much as he had in the bathroom he cowered to his knees. She smiled and stood up, taking off her bra and exposing her breasts to him. She took his head and rubbed it against her breasts, reaching into the pocket of her skirt.

“Why don’t you find me sexy Clark?”

“But I do.”

“Your lips say yes, but your cock says no. I have seen plenty of men who find me sexy, and all of them had rock hard cocks. You can tell me. It can be something between us.”

“Please tell me why you are doing this to me?”

“Because I can, now tell me, what it is you want.”

“I want you.”

“Well I want to believe that but your cock is being honest. It’s okay. Just admit that you wished I had a cock. A big beautiful throbbing dick to fuck you with sissy. I won’t tell a soul. It will be our secret.”

She watched his eyes glaze over like she had been told they would. He was completely under her control, and she took a second to drink in the view of his beautiful nakedness. She lead him out to theatre aisle, and knelt him down on his knees again.

“Wait here sissy.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

She looked down at him smiling, and quickly did the buttons of her shirt back up, and walked out of the room. Clark knelt in the theatre aisle, in a trance waiting for her to return. In short order she did, but she wasn’t alone.

She had brought Oleg with her telling him at the bar that she wanted to play.

“Sissy I want you to sit there and masturbate, while Oleg and I have some fun.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

“Your right he is a fucking freak. Mild mannered sissy Kent is a fucking pervert.”

Caitlin smiled and started rubbing Oleg over top of his pants until he was hard, and then pulled his pants down, and started giving him a hand job, while Clark knelt vigorously jerking his cock off.

“Sissy, what do you think of Oleg’s cock?”

He was not sure how to answer her, all his mind knew was that he liked the way it looked. He started feeling a tinge of cock lust fill his body. It only him pump his cock harder.

Annoyed by his refusal to answer, Caitlin ceased her manipulations of Oleg’s cock and walked over to the hypnotize man of steel. She got down on her knees, her face level with his and grabbed his cock in her hands.

The cock did not soften this time, Clark/Superman’s mind filled with an overwhelming craving for sexual release.

“When I ask you a question I expect, an answer.”

“Yes master.”

“Now I want you to take the empty bottle of scotch, and start sucking the top like it was a cock, while I go back and play with Oleg’s big fat cock. With your free hand I want you to keep fucking yourself.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

Clark found the bottle and proceeded to suck it like a cock, his eyes feasting on the rather wonderful sight of Caitlin’s soft dainty hands pleasuring her friend. His mind was filled with conflicting messages, his enjoyment at seeing her pleasure a man, while he committed the degrading act of sucking a bottle like a cock, while vigorously jerking off.

She had them in a race to see who would bust first, and of course it was no surprise, when Clark shot his load all over his stomach. The bottle cock, wedged between his lips, the perverted pleasured look on his face.

Caitlin smiled as she got Oleg to the edge, and left him with blue balls. She told him, she would finish him off later, and pulled out a camera and quickly took some more incriminating photos of the former mild mannered reporter Clark Kent. It was not what she had hoped for, but somehow she hoped she would get another chance.

To be continued…

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