Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 5
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Superman A Hero’s Humiliation

Author: Unknown

Chapter 5

Back in his cell, still naked, with his throbbing hard cock getting fat from the manipulations by his powerful muscled hands, the pervert was replaying his humiliation at the hands of the sexy Caitlin. His mind’s eye replaying in graphic detail, the way Oleg’s muscled body looked, dripping with sweat at Caitlin’s control of his cock. Even in his mind’s eye the display was riveting, and there in his cell, he knew he was close to another knee buckling orgasm. In his mind he felt so completely perverted, that if it wasn’t for the fact felt so amazing to be debased and perverted he would be sickened by his actions. Not incredibly aroused as he presently was.

Back at the gala, Lois was busy taking her frustrations out on the bathroom stall she had retreated to after Clark, had clearly purposely avoided her. She was pounding her fists against the door and cursing the name of her husband, all while many of the other guests could hear.

Of course Lois, couldn’t be bothered to care, all she kept thinking was there was something happening to her loving husband, a secret clearly keeping from her. She felt a wedged between the two of them that had never been there before, and she felt worried that this could be the end of the road for the two of them. Of course sitting there she still held out hope that she was wrong, still no idea of exactly what kind of depraved perverted actions her husband was involved in. She definitely wouldn’t want any part of Clark/Superman after that night was over.

Things back in the theatre hadn’t improved for Clark. He had remained naked, the cum that he had shot all over his stomach was being rubbed into the flesh of his chiselled abdominals by his own wet palm, as he watched Caitlin, sucking on the massive tool that Oleg was packing between his muscled legs.

Caitlin was an expert at sucking cock, and was presently kissing Oleg’s thick hard shaft, while one hand stroked the base of his dick, and her other hand lovingly cradled his hairy sweaty balls.

Clark who was sitting on aisle seat, couldn’t take his eyes off the scene of the clearly in lust couple at his feet. Oleg was clearly enjoying her efforts his huge hands reaching down to play with her creamy white globes, that had fallen out of her sexy bra, that now lay discarded on the theatre floor.

“It feels so good.”

He mumbled in Russian, while Clark stood up from where he was playing with himself, now. His hands finished rubbing his jizz into his naked stomach flesh. She had broken the spell, but Clark’s mind was completely lost in desire. He came out of his hypnotic state with a huge hard on, despite the fact that he had clearly just ejaculated, and his eyes were glued to the young twosome.

He felt like a dirty pervert watching them, but instead of feeling disturbed by the dirty realization he felt his cock hard as rock in his hands. He could smell the sweat of Oleg’s body, as he got closer, and knelt behind Caitlin, stripping the blouse she still wore off her body. He kissed her neck, and felt his cock starting to shrivel slightly. Caitlin, knew without seeing it what was taking place behind her, and in between licks of Oleg’s hard cock a sinister smile could be seen break across her lovely young face.

“Why thank you sissy, that feel’s much better.”

“Your welcome.”

She stopped kissing Oleg’s cock, and then dragged him to his knees, so all three of them were inches apart. She reached between Clark’s legs, and started to stroke his cock, knowing it wouldn’t get rigid, her mind devising a plan to get him to admit to her, how sexy he found her partner in this exercise.

“What’s the matter sissy? Don’t you find me sexy?”

Both Oleg, and Caitlin smiled, while Clark’s look was somewhat less amused. He started pumping his cock himself, his lips kissing the naked breasts of Caitlin, which only caused his cock to shrivel further, down from fifteen solid inches, to a much more reasonable eight, but shrivelling fast.

What was the matter indeed he thought. I have never had this problem with Lois. He quickly pulled his head away, and scurried across the carpet. He needed to get out of this situation, and back to the loving arms of his wife.

“Oh my god I am so sorry, I should really leave you two alone. You need some privacy, sorry, I don’t know what happened to me.”

He quickly started dressing, as Caitlin, returned to sucking off Oleg, of course Clark’s eye caught the sexy spectacle, and could feel himself stiffening in his pants. He was only half dressed, his fingers clumsily playing with the buttons of his shirt, as he walked over practically unconsciously, kneeling down by the two of them.

“I thought you were leaving sissy?”

“I don’t know what it is about you two, that makes me want to stay?”

“It’s okay sissy. You think, we are sexy there is nothing wrong with that.”

“Yes your both so sexy.”

She smiled and leaned over and gave Clark’s longing lips a kiss, which made him soften in his pants, which she knew without seeing, the slightly flicker of fear in his steely eyes giving him away.

“Do you want to kiss him sissy?”

It should have sent Clark running for the hills, and on any other night before that, he would have done exactly that. The defilement of his name of course, was driving his pleasures centers wild, they were taking over the thought centers of his once powerful mind. They were working better then Luthor could have hoped, and this was not lost on his tormentor Caitlin. She didn’t even care what Oleg’s thoughts about this were, especially since he knew the score. Of course when Caitlin came back out to the great room to fetch him, he never thought his involvement would include kissing Clark.

“I do, yes.”

She smiled, and kissed Oleg, denying Clark’s wish. While her lips pressed against Oleg’s it was a distraction enough so that he didn’t see Clark reaching for his cock at all. When he felt the muscled hand grip his still hard cock, he tried to struggle away. Of course Caitlin, got up on her knees and straddled his chest, telling him to calm down.

“It will be between us. No one will know, just let him have some fun. Remember what you promised, anything. Play with my tits, and just imagine its me jerking you off.”

Oleg closed his eyes, and did his best not to think about the fact his cock was being manhandled by another man. He put his hands on her breasts, and felt those amazing orbs, the left slightly larger then the right, the pink nipples of each breast slightly off center. He could feel the jerking of Clark’s hands increase in rhythm, as Caitlin turned her back to her partner, letting him fondle her breast while, she dug into Clark’s pants with both hands and started fondling his hardening shaft.

“Does this feel good sissy?”

“It feels amazing. His cock is so big and sexy. I sure love touching it.”

“That’s a good boy, sissy. How about you give it a little kiss, with those hot sexy lips of yours. They look like good lips for sucking dick.”

Clark didn’t need to be told twice, his lips pursing before he pressed them to the hard on between Oleg’s legs. He bucked trying to avoid receiving such a humiliating experience for his hetero mind. He could fool his mind into believing that the hands that were going to work on his fat thick cock where Caitlin’s of course, his lips felt nothing like the soft pillows that belonged to the half naked Caitlin, even if she was letting him molest her tits in whatever manner he wanted.

Clark felt energized kissing the cock of Oleg, his hard cock stiffening in Caitlin’s hands, his mind filled with the idea it was Oleg’s hand’s manipulating his cock. He soon wrapped his lips around the cock as Oleg continued to squirm, Clark forcing his hips to stay still with his powerful hands, as his lips made like a hoover vacum sealing around his shaft, his mouth deep throating the member, a thick coat of saliva moistening the rod. Oleg could feel, this hot wet mouth slobbering on his rod, and his body quickly began to tense up. He continued to play with Caitlin’s tits, and she continued to molest Clark’s cock.

This time it was Oleg who lost it first, his cock shooting in the back of Clark’s willing mouth. The salty taste felt odd, and Clark pulled his mouth off, the cock but still caught plenty of the cum on his face. Caitlin laughed, the thick strands of cum distorting Clark`s handsome face, as she rolled off of Oleg, her tits getting squeezed roughly in the process which earned him a heel to the crotch.

Clark watched her strolling over towards him, still fucking himself lasciviously his hand hammering on his huge thick cock, that had swelled to its unbelievable fifteen inches.

“Stop that sissy. You don’t deserve to cum.”

She slapped his hands away from his cock, stinging his hands causing him to relinquish there hold on his huge dick. He felt ashamed and perverted. He cowered his head, afraid of what else she might do.

“Please let me cum. I need it.”

“Oh god, what kind of pervert are you?”

They were both smiling, at the pervert before him, clearly he was consumed by the need to cum. Luthor’s plan was clearly working. He was losing his inhibitions, the only thing that seemed to matter to the depraved pervert in front of them was the sweet release he could only get from cumming.

“I am a dirty pervert, please just let me cum.”

He was on his knees his hands clasped together begging the beautiful Caitlin to allow him release. He still felt incredibly horny, his whole body in a heated lust for the release that his orgasm’s always allowed.

“Yeah you are a dirty pervert, my boyfriends cum stuck to your face. You look almost gay sissy. Do you love sucking cock?”

He shamefully nodded, his dick slapping against his muscled abs at this shameful non verbal admission, his hand involuntarily reaching down to stroke the thick sweaty cock. He couldn’t help himself, he had become what Luthor had told them all he would become.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to masturbate, you disgusting pervert.”

“Please let me, masturbate. I am a disgusting pervert, but I need to cum.”

“Okay sissy. I will let you cum, just as long as you tell me what a pervert you are one more time.”

A perverted smile spread across his face, Oleg’s thick streams of cum hardening to his handsome face, making him looking even more depraved and perverted.

“I am a pervert, and I love it. It is such a turn on to masturbate, in public, oh god I love jerking off.”

He was trembling with lust, his whole body on the edge of orgasm, which with one long slow stroke erupted in a huge geyser of dick sauce, that splashed his body, and sprayed spots in his hair, what was left splashing on the old red theatre carpet.

“Oh my god, what came over me.”

“You should really see yourself you look ridiculous with that all over your face. Who knew the mild mannered sissy Kent liked sucking cock.”

Clark should have felt worried, but didn`t care as she reached into her skirt and pulled out a disposable camera and started snapping pictures, of his sexy cum soaked face. He just sat there in the pleasured afterglow, the cum hardening in streaks on his perverted face. It was not until the flash went off that his embarrassment sunk in. Oh my god what have I done, he thought to himself.

“What are you going to do with the pictures?”

“What do you think sissy? We have some nice blackmail pictures here.”

“Oh please, I will do whatever you want, just please don’t let those pictures reach the light of day.”

He was now on his knees his hands clasped, begging at the feet of the sexy Caitlin, as she placed the camera back into her blouse. She was wearing her most sympathetic look, and knelt down next to Clark/Superman.

“Well, anything. That is a pretty interesting offer, don’t you think.”

A smile spread across Oleg’s handsome face, while Caitlin picked up her bra and started sliding it over her lovely breasts. Oleg reached to the ground and started digging around in the pockets of the pants looking for something. He found it rather quickly and tossed the package at Clark’s naked feet. It was a tiny ziploc bag filled with a white powder, that even the once virtuous Clark Kent knew was cocaine.

“You are going to get dressed in your clothes, and then go back out to your table like everything is fine. When Lois comes back to the table you are going to get up, and she is going to follow you, and you must let her. She has to see you snorting the cocaine.”

Still with his hands up begging for the mercy of the two young lovers, his handsome face contorted into a panicked mess. He was clearly at there mercy and listening to Caitlin`s commands he was horrified.

“But it will destroy her.”

“Oh come on sissy, I think we all know something that would destroy her more.”

They both had finished dressing and she was allowing her body to be cradled lovingly. Clark felt the sting of every word, as he replayed the blow job he had just received, as well as the erotic toe curling orgasm he had. He knew, that getting caught snorting cocaine was the least of his troubling secrets.

The End?

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4 thoughts on “Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 5
5 (1)

  1. I enjoyed every chapter and looked forward to the next. Please don’t let it end here. Love to see Clark/Superman become even more degraded. Thanks for the great story.

    1. Thanks for your comment, sadly this is the last chapter I have I will look for a continuation in other hard disk but I can’t promise anything.

    1. hey Suplover Hope you like the next story I don’t know If your were member of World Of Hero Destrooyer group but it had many good stories but some are more physical and some people prefer the humiliation over physical damage

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