Starlad in Prison Chapters 1-2
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Starlad in Prison

Author: Studbuster and Hero Destroyer


This story is a work of ADULT FAN FICTION and it contains references to Robin,  Superboy,  Superman, Batman, etc.

These characters are the property of D.C. or Marvel Comics. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy.

This story is written in a co-operation between Studbuster and the Hero-destroyer and has been published before on the Gay Superheroes Fantasy – messageboard.


Part 1 : The Fall of a Superboy

Superboy, the high and mighty, I’m so strong Superboy, lay on the barn floor covered in his own cum, whimpering to be raped again.

Batman crossed to where Superboy lay on the ground. Naked, vulnerable, and weak, the Boy of Steel could not stop the heavy booted foot from stepping on his balls.    

 ” AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Even as the scream escaped his lips, Superboy’s cock hardened again. “You like this, don’t you BOY!”

It wasn’t a question, but Superboy responded with a tiny “yes”.

” What was that BOY?”

” YES!!!!!!! I LIKE IT!” cried out Superboy.” Thank you”, croaked the young hero. Batman stood in front of the tied Boy Wonder, a smirk on his face. Batman spat into Robin’s face. Tim looked away, tears forming in his eyes. Batman grabbed Robin’s hair and yanked his head up. ” Look at me you fucking pussyboy!”

Batman pulled down his tights. Robin’s eyes widened at seeing Batman’s bloated cock.

” You’re…you’re….not Batman!” gasped the shocked Boy Wonder.

Before Robin could close it, the cock was in his mouth. Robin was forced to drink the hot liquid in order to breath. After a bit, the fake Batman pulled his cock from Robin’s mouth. He fingered the loosened hole of the Boy Wonder. Robin sputtered “Just wait til Batman gets a hold of you!”

” HA! Batman can’t do anything to me. I am the Hero-Destroyer!”

The Hero-Destroyer got behind Robin.

” I don’t have too much to destroy here!” the villian chuckled. With one powerful thrust, he impaled the helpless sidekick. When Hero Destroyer had his cock fully in him,Robin clamped down on it with his ass muscles.

Superbrad shoved his hard cock into the mouth of the astonished Robin. Robin gagged on this

sudden and unexpected betrayal. Superbrad fucked Robin’s mouth hard.

” You never accepted me! …  you thought my powers were a joke! ….. who’s laughing now Boy Cocksucker?”

Hero Destroyer enjoyed Superbrad’s outburst and the way he was mercilessly fucking Robin.

” That was impressive Boy! You’re fuckin’ good!”

“Yeah I was, wasn’t I?” Superbrad could not believe he was saying that, but it felt right. He never felt more powerful. Looking down at Robin, hanging there limp and helpless, Superbrad felt his cock get hard yet again.

” That was the best fuckin’ fuck I ever had! It was incredible!” Superbrad slapped his cock against Robin’s face.Hero Destroyer looked hard at the hero.

” How’d you like to humiliate more heroes, boy?”

” Yeah. Yeah! let me at them!”

” Not right now. We’ve been here long enough. Come with me and I’ll teach you every dirty     fuckin’ trick in the book and then some more.”

” OK !!!”

” What’s your name, boy?”

” Superbrad !!! “

” That’s a pussy name! Let’s see, how about ‘Boy Fucker’?”

” Boy Fucker …. I like it!”, proclaimed the former hero.

“Let’s go then, Boy Fucker!”

“OK, but one thing first.”

Superbrad went to the pile of costumes and pulled out three objects. Boy Fucker put on Robin’s cape.

“My first trophy! Just think Boy Blubber …… I’ll be wearing your cape every time I humilate a hero!”

Next Boy Fucker took his old jock strap and shoved it into Robin’s mouth.

” A trophy for you too, old friend!”

 Finally, Boy Fucker put on Superboy’s pants, adjusted his dick and then left the scene with the Hero-destroyer, who had found a young former superhero here, eager to be moulded into a new smaller hero-destroyer. Not much later Robin and Superboy were left alone in the barn. They were of no need to anyone anymore. Robin was still tied to the fence while Superboy at least had stopped whimpering. There was a long silence between the two. Superboy was still in no state to help Robin to get out of his bonds. The Boy Wonder realised their plan to fake helplessness had taken a wrong turn ….. and now Superbrad was under Hero-destroyer’s wings, about to be turned into Boy Fucker.

” Superboy …. !!!!”, Robin got out.

Superboy didn’t respond. He only moaned again, still not recovered from the rape. Robin again tried to break himself free, but they had done the tying job too fuckin’ good. There was no way, he could set himself free. Only Superboy could help him out here.

” KON-EL !!!!”.

At that moment someone entered the barn. It was a lean, well built young man. He was naked, at least, he almost was. He wore a pink bikini, covering up a well defined bulge.

Robin knew him. It was Starlad.

The Boy Wonder felt deeply ashamed to be found like this, especially by Starlad. They had done some jobs together, just after Robin had left Batman. He even had tried to start an affair with him, but Jiri had definitely turned him down. Starlad was straight.

” I guess you two must have had lots of fun here !!! “,  Starlad smirked, walking over to Robin.

” How did you know we were here ?”, Robin asked, suprised to see Starlad, releaved to know he would be set free soon again.

” I found out the three of you were sent on a mission into the south … I already had my doubts about your Mr. Cannon ….. didn’t trust it …… “

Starlad started to untie Robin from the fence. Robin had trouble getting back on his feet ….. Superboy, naked too, got up to his feet again too. Starlad looked at the alien superhero. He realised, they had much in common.

” Well, they fucked you good this time …… hey, Superboy !!! “

Superboy was not pleased with this remark from Starlad. He had always seen him a bit as competition. As far as he could remember, no one ever had to save him before. It was his first time ever, somebody actually had beaten him without using Kryptonite. He had turned into a  victim instead of a hero …… and now it was exactly this Starlad who had to be the one to save him.

Robin was more cooperative.

” We still have to find Cannon first !!!! “

” No need anymore …….. I already brought him to justice before I came here. I’m sure he and his friends are gonna stay in jail for a long, long time !!!! “

” Well, it’s time to go home then !!!”,  Superboy decided.

” You two can, but you will have to make a statement with the police first …. that’s the law !! “

” Hey …. Superbrad took my costume …… !!!! “, Superboy protested.

” He only took my cape ……… “

Soon Robin was back in his costume. Superboy had to find something else …….. a filthy overall was the only thing around to cover up Superboy’s smooth body. It was too big for him and he really looked shabby in it.

After an hour’s ride they reached the police-station in the county’s capital. Both Robin and Superboy had to put down a statement in the presence of the press. Especially Superboy, the high and mighty, ever so strong Superboy had to admit he was raped. They were practically forced to answer to dozains of questions from the press. Even CNN was present with a live contribution.

” How did it feel to be raped ? “

” You must have liked it, because you still had your superpowers !!! “

” Are you gay ? “

Being a true superhero Superboy could not lie. He tried to evade the questions, but in the end he had to admit he liked boys over girls. It was the most humiliating experience in his still young life ….. admitting to be gay in front of the whole world. Superboy was close to crying on live television ….. he barely managed to avoid it. 

Next day, all papers in the world opened with the same headline ……… 


Tim had decided to take a small break and visit his old friend, Bruce Wayne. Nobody knew where Superboy or Kon-el had gone too. Not even Starlad knew where the hero was. He would show up soon enough again.

A few days after the press-conference and after Superboy’s forced coming out, Jiri arrived back home from a hard day in class. He threw his bag on the couch, removed his fake glasses and got into his bedroom. Jiri always spent time under his star-lamp first. He needed to juice up his powers, as he would have no big source of power until the next day. The sun, as the closest star, gave Starlad his tremendous powers. The night stars helped against everyday villains, but were too far away to give the kind of energy he would need against supervillains. He undressed quickly and started his tanning session.

After an hour under the lamp, Starlad was supercharged. He pulled on his purple speedos and

His eyemask. Power coursed through his smooth, muscled torso. Jiri flexed his muscles in front of the mirror and checked out his bodybuilder’s physique. He continued to represent perfection, every muscle in balance. If he would have paid more attention to this, it would have saved him a lot of trouble. He would soon find out his mistake.


Part 2 : A Change of Attitude

Jiri always made sure, he was fully supercharged before he would go out into town to contribute his share in crime-preventing. The last few days Jiri has had a great time. Everyone loved him for the captivation of Cannon. This man had turned out to be even more dangerous then Jiri himself had expected. The man was already close to completing a small chemical plant for the production of toxic chemicals, which he wanted to sell to dubious countries.

Starlad also had saved two superheroes from a certain death. Robin and Superboy had to be thankfull Starlad had interfered with Cannon’s activities. Superboy however had not been seen anymore after the press-conference and his forced coming out.

Kon-el blamed it all on Starlad. He started hating Jiri even more when the popularity of Starlad for the first time outran Superboy’s popularity. Kon-el always had been a bit sensitive about these things. This time however things got out of hand. Kon-el decided that Jiri had to be taught a lesson he would never forget.

Superboy stole a small, still experimental device, that could change someone’s attitude. He waited for Jiri to be at Uni before he broke into his apartement and built the device into Starlad’s star-lamp. Everytime Jiri would charge himself again, he would be bombarded with subnucleair particles, much alike neutrino’s  …….. which would change the way his neurotransmitters worked. He would start behaving exactly opposite the way he normally would behave. Starlad would become the criminal, he always tried to bring before justice. One drawback however : the effects would wear off after an hour ….. but Superboy was sure this was long enough to do the trick on Starlad. He already enjoyed the face of Starlad, when he would try to talk himself out of his criminal behavior.

After an hour under his lamp, Starlad was supercharged. He pulled on his purple speedos and his eyemask. Power coursed through his smooth, muscled torso.For a moment, he felt a bit light-headed, but fortunately it soon vanished again. Jiri soon had forgotten about the small incident. He left his apartement and flew into town. It started to get dark already. Starlad still had some time left before criminals would appear in the night.

When he flew over the National Bank of Savings he felt that tingle in his head again. Starlad got down to the street. At the Bank a small van was being loaded with old banknotes.

” Hello Starlad !!! “, the policeman in charge of the operation welcomed the superhero. ” We all love you for what you did for the nation !!!! “

Starlad didn’t answer the man. This was odd because Starlad was known for his world famous kindness. This time however he passed the man and walked up to the van. No one, not having been a witness of it would have believed what happened then, if not a video camera would have taped it all. Starlad grab hold of two of the men loading the van and threw them away, far away against a wall. The two hit it hard and lost consciousness at impact. The officer in charge, without thinking, ran towards the oddly behaving superhero as if he wanted to stop him. Starlad hit the man on his chin. He got down and didn’t move anymore. Not much later the other two workers were easily put aside. Starlad then grab six of the money bags and disappeared into the night. Only then someone managed to activate the alarm, but Starlad was gone already.

Starlad flew back to his own apartement. Only when he entered his own house, the effects of Superboy’s little trap wore off. When he saw, what he had carried inside, he couldn’t remember anymore, where he had gotten the sacks from. Jiri felt a bit strange.

” Maybe the flu !!!”, he even thought.

He decided to stack the bags with money into his spareroom and wait with searching for the answers until the next day. Because he felt a bit weak, Starlad decided to take another power shot from his lamp. He had no idea the danger the use of his lamp would get him into.

Three hours later the police-commissioner was forced to get a special bulletin out for all police-teams on the street ….. and for all superheroes, being in town at this moment. Never before in his career he was forced to do this, but he had no other choice. Starlad had to be arrested on sight. He was charged with robbery, theft, demolition, attacking an officer and attempted man-slaughter. It seemed as if the superhero had gone mad over night.

Starlad flew over town. The sun had just gone up again. Occasionally he shook his head. His smooth round young muscles seemed to glow with his powers heightened again, being so close to the sun. His body was still perfectly covered only by his skimpy purple speedos. His mind screwed by the mind controll that had caused him to commit these crimes. He didn’t understand what had happened. Had it been a dream or had he actually committed these crimes? What the hell was happening? He had devoted his life to defending law and order. Now he could turn out to be a criminal himself.

Mysticlad saw the figure of Starlad hovering in the air. The blue-clad hero was also informed about the actions of Starlad. He could not believe what he had heard, but the videotapes proved Starlad to be guilty. Mysticlad only hoped Starlad could give a reason for his strange behavior. Earlier that night, before Mysticlad had found Starlad, he had been talking with Superboy.

” I know he really turned bad !!! “, Superboy spoke out.

” I still can’t believe it. He’s always been a good friend ! “

” Did YOU see the tapes ? I did !!”

” Yeah …”,  Mysticlad sighed. He knew they proved Starlad turned evil.

” Maybe he has a perfectly logical explanation for it !!! “

” Three men badly hurt!!! ….. intensive care …… damn it !!!”,  Superboy played his role. ” We have to use all of our powers …… can’t hold back to stop Starlad.”

” I still have my doubts ….. “,  Mysticlad said, always trying to see the good in everyone.

” Don’t make the mistake of holding back, dude …… he will regenerate ….. you will have to beat him into a pulp ….”

While Superboy was giving Mysticlad all the advice on how to beat Starlad into a mush, Mysticlad wondered why Superboy had that faint smile on his face ……… and why that semi hardon in his briefs.

” Oh, well …. here it goes “

To be continued…

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