Starlad in Prison Chapters 7-8
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Starlad in Prison

Author: Studbuster and Hero Destroyer



This story is a work of ADULT FAN FICTION and it contains references to Robin,  Superboy,  Superman, Batman, etc.

These characters are the property of D.C. or Marvel Comics. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy.

This story is written in a co-operation between Studbuster and the Hero-destroyer and has been published before on the Gay Superheroes Fantasy – messageboard.


Part 7 : Rough Justice

Sullivan stepped back from the hero who lay on the floor before him and he rubbed his own crotch, while Starlad’s body convulsed.

” Oh yes !!!!! …….. This is going to be fun !!!!!!!! ” 

Starlad lay on the ground at the warden’s feet, clutching his balls and throat. He softly moaned from the helse pains shooting through his body. Sullivan looked down at the defeated hero, rubbing his own crotch, not caring that the two guards were watching him. He knew these guards would obey him in eveything he ordered them to do. They wouldn’t dare say or do anything which was against Sullivan’s own will.

” You are mine noe, Starlad !!!”

” Never !!!!”, the defiant hero got out.

” We will see !!!”,  Sullivan smiled. “Pick him up boys …. chain him to the wall !!! “

The guards promptly did as they were told. Soon the tortured hunk was spread eagled on the wall, arms and legs stretched out to the max in every direction. A rope was secured around Starlad’s neck and pulled it so tight against the wall, it almost cut his air supply.

” My handsome young hero !!!” 

The chief warden ran his hand down the hero’s smooth round pecs, then slowly down his abs.

Starlad jerked his body trying to get away from his touch.

” Hey …… don’t you like this …starjerk !!!!!!! “

” Leave me alone !!! …….. You have no right to treat a prisoner like that !!! …… we have our rights too …….. “

The two guards had to laugh when they heard Starlad protest. They knew there was only one law in jail: Sullivan’s law.

” I’ll tell my lawyer what’s going on here !!!! “

“HAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! …… don’t think you will make it that long punk !!! “

Sullivan slowly ran his hand down Starlad’s body until it reached and touched the hero’s ample speedo clad pouch ….. he started to rub.

” STOP IT !!! …. YOU FREAK !!!!!! “

” Don’t call me a freak !!!!! ” Chief Sullivan grab Starlad’s crotch with one hand and slammed his fist into it. …… BAM ……

” …yyaaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh ….”

Starlad’s body jerked wildly and his breath now came in long shallow gasps ……. uuuuhhhhhh ……..

While Starlad was in deep shit, Mysticlad had long left the prison already, thinking he had done the best for Starlad. He was in thoughts flying over town and didn’t notice it was Superboy who followed him through the air.

” I heard you busted Starlad !!! “

Mysticlad turned around.

” Huh ?!? …….. hello Superboy ! “

” Well, did you give him what he deserved ? “

” What do ya mean ? “,  Mysticlad asked a bit annoyed.

” He’s in jail, isn’t he ? “

” …. yeah, he is …… “

” …… and you didn’t forget to neutralize his powers first ….. you know, he might try to escape ….!!!! “

” DAMN IT SUPERBOY …. If I didn’t know better, I would think you’re glad Starlad is in prison !!!! “

” I AM glad !!!  …. and you should be too …. he’s evil ……… a horror to this town !!! “

” I think somebody framed him ……”, Mysticlad said. ” Someone who hates him enough to do this to him ………. someone who sees him as the competition …”

Mysticlad knew Superboy had something to do with it, but he couldn’t prove a thing. Maybe Superboy would get overconfident and tell him something. Mysticlad was angling, but Superboy was clever enough and didn’t give any clue.

” See you later !!!!! “. Mysticlad said and left Superboy alone.

Superboy smiled. ” You will never find out the truth, brainless musclehead … you’re just too stupid … hahahahahha !!!! “

” I don’t think you know your full situation yet, punk !!!! “, Sullivan said when Starlad threatened with his lawyer. ” YOU ARE MINE AND I WILL DO WHATEVER I WANT TO DO !!!!!! “

Then, he turned to the guards.

” Is the gymnasium ready yet ? ….. all the prisoners assembled ?   ….. “

” YES SIR !!!! “

” Okay !!! …. Go and see Dom …. and make sure he gets everything he needs for the fight …”. The guards quickly left the room.

” Maybe you never heard of Dom, Starlad ? …. He’s the King of the prisoners  .. a sadistic psychopath …. black belt in karate, kung-fu and judo …. he knows all the nerve holds, choke holds and pressure-points ….. and he will be fighting YOU !!!!!! “

” You won’t get away with this !!! “

” I already have !!! …… every prisoner in jail will be there to watch your destruction …. he already hates heroes, but I have heightened his hate by telling him you had boosted to take over his leading place ….. he went beserk … hehehehehe !!!! “

The warden dug his fingers deep into the muscular abs of the helpless hero.

” aaaarrrrhhhhhhhh ….”

” Man …. this is easy !!!!. Sullivan even dug deeper into Starlad’s abs. Jiri twisted and jerked his body, trying to get away. The prisoners outside could hear the sceaming of the boy and cheered …… BAM …. BAM …. BAM ……… Sullivan hit him in the hero’s 6-pack abs.

” aaarrrrrghoooooooofffffff …. “

Sullivan had the time of his life. This is what he lived for, here, down between those punks. He was hot. His dick hard, pushed itself up to the top of Sullivan’s pants. When the Chief warden was finished with Starlad’s abs, he grab the hero’s throat and started to choke him, looking at the handsome face, contorted in agony …….


Then he quickly kneed Starlad three times to his cotton covered balls.


Starlad’s eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out from lack of oxygen. His muscular body slumped, the prisoners still cheering wildly, listening to the hero’s last strangled cry.

A phone rang.

The gym was ready and Dom was set to go.

” Okay !! … give me five minutes and I will bring the punk over. “

Sullivan sat down behind his desk, staring at the muscular but limp body of the young hero and he started to jerk himself off, thinking of what he had just accomplished to this stunning muscle hunk ……… and about what was to happen to him soon ……..


Part 8: The Main Event 

Sullivan sat down behind his desk, staring at the muscular but limp body of the young hero and he started to jerk himself off, thinking of what he had just accomplished to this stunning muscle hunk ……… and about what was to happen to him soon …….. He soon shot his load of cum …….. he moaned. After the tension between his legs had decreased to a more acceptable level, Sullivan realised it was time to get Starlad to what was to become the main attraction of the evening. Because he wanted Starlad to walk into the fully packed gymnasium himself, Sullivan took a small bottle and sprayed some white powder into Starlad’s nose. The irritation of it brought Starlad back to his senses within seconds.

” Huh ?! … what …. !!!! “

” Welcome back hero !!! ………. We are going for a little walk now …… if you dare to resist, I will break your neck at the spot …….. I swear … “

Starlad was conscious again, but he was in no state to resist anyone yet . He still was too feeble to even stand on his legs, so as soon as Sullivan released him from his bonds, the hero fell down to his knees, trying to get up to his feet, trying to avoid this humiliating position he was in. Sullivan couldn’t resist to kick the hero in his side once.


Starlad rolled over and Sullivan’s dick started to speak up again.

” No ….. I can’t let Dom wait to long for his sparing partner tonight !!!!”,  Sullivan thought and he forced Starlad up to his feet by pulling his thick hair. Starlad groaned from the pain. He had to get up, contorting his face once more.

Without letting go of Starlad’s hair, he pushed the hero in front of him and out of his office. Starlad squirmed to all sides to ease the pains Sullivan was causing by almost tearing out his hairs.

” Please, let go !!!!”,  Starlad pleaded, but Sullivan pushed him in front of him. They walked past the cells, no prisoner was inside. They all had gathered in the gymnasium, sitting around the square circle …… nobody there yet.

It was only a few minutes long walk to the gymnasium. From a distance Starlad could hear the noise coming out of the gym. He was not sure what he could be expecting in there, but it surely wouldn’t be a celebration in his behalf. He never had heard of Dom the Dominator before. The name however predicted nothing good. Jiri realised he would be forced to fight someone strong …….. and he had lost his powers … due to the fact Mysticlad had trusted the director of this prison. If only he would know what was really going on here! If only he could return and stop this sadistic show!! If only ……. !!!!

Sullivan pushed Starlad into the gym. A huge roar rose up from the about twohundred spectators present, all crimanals, all anxious to see at least one of the hated superheroes being demolished, destructed, erased by the King of prison : Dom the Dominator.

” You hear this ? “,  Sullivan sadistically whispered into Jiri’s ear. ” Each of these men is able now to destroy you !!! “

Jire didn’t say a thing. He only gulped. How was he ever to get out here alive? Would there be a way to get his powers back in time ?  Jiri didn’t know and was forced to walk up to the isle, up to the square circle. He hardly saw the criminals around him, shouting, cursing, threatening him. He only saw the centre of the gym…. a huge square circle ……… nothing else.

Sullivan pushed Jiri rough into the ring and followed Starlad, only dressed in his purple speedos and his small eyemask. Next to Sullivan Starlad looked small already. Who was Dom the Dominator ???? The Chief Warden grab Jiri’s hair again and showed the young hero to all four sides of the circle …. the public booo-ed and shouted threats to the silent boy. What could he do ?  Ask for them to let him go ? Tell them it was unlawfull to hurt another prisoner ?  They would laugh, ridicule him !!! He had no other choice then to face this Dom …… whatever the consequences. If no other possibility .. he was prepared to even die …… but only with dignity …. they would never get the pleasure of seeing him humiliated …….. 

A huge cry of enthousiasm roared among the public when another man walked into the gym, the same way Starlad was forced to walk before. This time however there were no curses, no humiliating remarks. All criminals cheered their “King”. They had to, to just stay alive in this prison. Even the wardens were always respectfull agains Dom the Dominator. This man is huge, tanned, a musclegod, only one of his kind. He’s in wrestling gear, a pair of dark green   

briefs, tightly stretched around his absolutely perfect symmetrical buns …… and high black wrestling boots. This man added about 60 pounds compared with Starlad ….. and not an ounce of fat on his body …….. a perfect body in short. Starlad watched his opponent enter the square circle, accompanied by the roars of his subjects.

Dom was perfectly calm and looked at Starlad. He smiled at the boy …. but it was not a friendly smile … it was the smile of someone who had his pray cornered and was about to deliver the death blow.

” You look small, boy …….. small for being a superhero ……… but I guess, you aren’t anymore …… “

” You may think I’m an easy prey for you !!! … You are wrong !!!! ….. “,  Jiri got out, trying to look confident.

” I hope you can give me some resistance, boy …….. I need a real fight ………. the last ones “trianing” with me, left this prison ………… in a coffin ………. hehehehehehehe !!!!!!!! “

The public started yelling, they demanded the fight would start. The dominator looked into the public and smiled .

” Yeah, guys ……. We will start soon !!!! …. I promised you a great evening …. you will get a great evening …….. except for one …… HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!! “

At this moment Starlad saw no other choice then to attack. He charged into the Dominator, but Dom stopped Starlad and pushed him back into the ringpost.

” uuunnggg… “

The hero got out of it and circled around Dom. Maybe he could use his speed. Again he charged in, but again Dom threw him back as if Starlad was like a feather. Starlad was stunned a bit. They kept on circling around each other. Then it was Dom who attacked, grab Starlad’s head, pulled it down while lifting his knee. Jiri was heavily hit in his face and slammed back to the canvas. Dom grabbed the young hero by his neck and throat and forced him back to his feet. Jiri was a skilled wrestler, even without his superpowers and he managed to twist Dom’s arm behind his back and pushed it high up. Dom groaned from the pain. The public started yelling. Jiri didn’t count with the moves of the Dominator, who elbowed backwards into Starlad’s face. Jiri went down again, grab his face in pain, but got up in time to avoid a second attack from Dom.

Jiri was starting to sweat a bit already: Dom still looked perfectly in his briefs. He started taunting Jiri and he made a good job of it. Then Jiri made a mistake he could never correct anymore.

To be continued…

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