Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 9-10
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Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.

Part 9

 “ You really thought you could spoil my party here ?”

Beach Boy, having reached the flag post where these thugs had hoisted Euroboy up into the air, almost bumped into Nerdboy who was just in time to block his way.

“ Don’t try to stop me, you little man !!”, Beach Boy had no idea who Nerdboy was. “ I don’t want to hurt you ….. “

“ Who says I will allow you to hurt me ??”

“ This circus here pulled us away from an important footy match …”, Beach Boy warned. “ We’re here to set things straight ….. I intent to watch the second part of the match back home again … so don’t get into my path, you skinny little .. uuuunnnggghhh !!”

Beach Boy, only a little taller then Nerdboy, but obviously so much more powerful, comparing their differently shaped bodies, was hit by a quick reflex from Nerdboy. The impact of Nerdboy’s fist into his groin immediately had the success Nerdboy had hoped for. Beach Boy squatted down, both his hands pressed between his legs, caressing his groin. Never before had anyone dared to attack him on that spot. In Australia is was always considered extremely evil, disgusting even to hit a man in his groin. Australian fought often, but always fair.

“ nnnnhhhhhh !!!!!!”, Beach Boy still grunted, when Nerdboy grabbed a handful of his hair and forcefully pushed back his head.

Looking into his stunned eyes, Nerdboy smiled.

“ Bet you thought you could push me aside easily !!”


Nerdboy head butted Beach Boy, causing the hero, who was wearing his wetsuit and a small tie-on mask, to slump back to the ground. The freaky scientist smiled, bent over and grabbed both of Beach Boy’s pecks through the thin material, squeezing them with all the power that was in him.


“ Dude ….. you are gonna get the beating of your life !!”, Nerdboy promised. “ You just couldn’t now I am actually wearing my exo-skeleton again…. makes me as powerful as any supervillain here … and certainly more powerful then anyone of you heroes!!”

Nerdboy already had a huge hardon in his pants. Around him, the crowd started cheering him, stimulating him to increase his attacks on this strange guy.

“ Kick him …. stomp him …… beat him up !!”, they started yelling. “ Make him pay …… for trying to help Starlad here ……. “

“ Man  … you hear what they say ?”, Nerdboy got really excited. “ ….. let’s just see how we can go all the way here !!”

“ You want to … f-fight dirty?”, Beach Boy had regrouped himself. “ “I’ll show y-you ….. how we fight …. In Australia !!”

With these words, Beach Boy threw himself onto Nerdboy. His power threw Nerdboyoff his feet, even when he had full use of his exo-skeleton.

“ uuunnhhhh !!!!!”, Nerdboy was not used to getting beaten himself. “ Y-you … w-will … p-pay …..’

Jumping up to his feet, he received another stomp from Beach Boy. The creepy crook grunted. This was not part of the plan. This Beach Boy proved stronger then expected, but fortunately for Nerdboy, he had studied most heroes around the world, including this young brad’s superpowers.

“ Alw-ways … a manner to .. to defeat … a-any …… uuunhhh !!!”

“ Words … words …. words !!”, Beach Boy knew this crook would cause no difficulty anymore. “ …. No time for you anymore …. Must save my friend, Euroboy !!”

“ You better … save … yourself !!!”, Nerdboy had already grabbed a small device from his pockets and before Beach Boy could stop him, he already had pressed the red button on top of it. “ See if you can save yourself … from this !!”

“ From what ?”, Beach Boy had no idea what Nerdboy meant. “ As if I would fall for something that stupid !!”

Unnoticed by Beach Boy, from the opposite roof, a giant heat radiating source was immediately put into operation. The heat ray was soon directed and concentrated on Beach Boy’s body.


To the bystanders’ surprise, this Beach Boy suddenly was in great pains. His body convulsing, bending over in true pain.

“ As if I didn’t know ….. “, Nerdboy reacted. “ As if I didn’t know … .they call you the Australian Aquaman !!”

“ The h-h-heat …. “, Beach Boy grunted. “ ….. my .. my powers …… e-eva-porating ….”

“ Hyhahahheheheeee !!!!”, Nerdboy laughed out loud. “ Soon ….. you have no powers …. at all …….. my hunky surfing dude !!!! “

“ N-n-noooo …… “, Beach Boy realised he was in real danger. “ …n-nobody ….. s-should … know ……”

***** WWHHAAACCKKK ******

Nerdboy showed his vicious ways by just hurting Beach Boy with a devious kick between his legs.


“ MMMWWAAAHH –HHAAHH !!!!”, Nerdboy jumped around from pleasure.

Beach Boy sank down but soon received a vicious knee into his face.


“ GUYS !!!”, Nerdboy turned to the people standing closest. “ You all have the same powers as these four men HD picked  ……. I give you Beach Boy … to do with as you like !!!”

Immediately two potent guys each grabbed an arm of the Australian Beach Boy and pulled them behind his back while he was still on his knees. Others started pounding into his upper body, slamming into his pecks, his gut and his abdomen.

“ HEY …..aaaaarrrkkkk ….”,  Beach Boy groaned. “….. y-you …. nnnghhhh….. don’t fight ….. ARRGGG …… fair …….. g-as-p ………’

Nerdboy, seeing how well his Hate Club members were doing on Beach Boy, left the group, ready to take on any one of the other heroes.

“ See how the others are doing ?”, he enjoyed every bit of fun. “ These foreign heroes …. they only make things even more exciting !!”

“ You must be ….  You that Captain Australia !!”, Studbuster scanned the body of the leader of ASS. “ You nice body …. Studbuster destroy it !!”

“ I hear you speak with an Australian tongue !!!”, Captain Australia calmly answered. “ Where are you from ?”

“ Studbuster not like chatting … with hero !!”, the tremendous villain reacted. “ Studbuster wants to destroy hero …… talk with fists, not words …. “

Captain Australia realised, this giant villain might have the intelligence of a boy only.  It shouldn’t be too difficult to put this musclebound guy on the reserve’s bench.

“ I have been opposed to more devious villains !!”

“ I warn you …. my fellow Australian ….”, Captain Australia hoped to convince this villain to step aside voluntarily. “ I’ve come here to only stop the brutal treatment … of my friend ….. Starlad !!”

“ Studbuster not understand !! Studbuster mad !!!”, the villain reacted. “ Hero talks too much !!”

Captain Australia knew he couldn’t spend too much time, talking to this somewhat retarded villain. Every second counted. Starlad and Euroboy had to be rescued from more permanent damage. To add to his words, Captain Australia places both his hands on the giant and politely pushed him backwards. At least, that’s what he tried to do, but Studbuster just stood there, not moving a tenth of an inch. Australia increased the power with which he tried to push this villain out of the way.

“ Damn you !! Must I use all my powers !!”, Australia now warned. “ I ask you one last time … step aside … or I have to force you !!!”

Captain Australia still waited for Studbuster to step back voluntarily. In his green tights, a tight shirt on top showing Australia’s national colours, green and yellow, this hero looked great, his muscles bulging under his tight outfit. Black boots and a small black tie-on mask completed his ravishing outfit.

Studbuster now grab both of Australia’s wrists and easily removed them from his chest. The Captain was stunned; the power of this man, incredible. Even though he resisted this humiliation, Studbuster forced the hero’s arms down against his body. Captain Australia for a short moment didn’t now how to answer. It gave Studbuster just enough time to head butt the somewhat smaller hero.

“ UUUNNNHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!”, Captain Australia’s head napped backwards, but Studbuster didn’t let go of the hero’s arms. 

Pulling him back into him, the villain delivered a second head butt.


Not much later Studbuster threw all his power into the third attack into the Captain’s head. The hero was dazed, but not defeated yet. As he fell back for a third time, he lifted his legs up and forced them between his own body and Studbuster’s. Creating a wedge between then with his legs, Australia finally managed to break free from Studbuster’s iron grip … or did the villain just let go of him? Captain Australia decided to believe it was his own credit to have freed himself.

“ You … are a dirty fighter !!”, Australia stepped backwards, safe from Studbuster for a moment while he grabbed his head with his hands. It was one of his powers; absorbing all pains in his body though the palms of his hands. It had so many times already allowed him to fight on even under the most gruelling circumstances.

“ Means I can use all of my powers against you then !!!”

Part 10


The Destroyer had picked up Starlad from the ground with only one hand grabbing his neck. Lifting the limp body up, he turned him towards the sun again.

“ Time you get your powers back …”, the Destroyer got out. “ … absorb whatever you can ….. I need another ‘sparring’ partner  ….. hehhahahheehhhh !!!”

It didn’t take long before Starlad’s body started moving again. He slowly managed to open his eyes.

“ .w-wwhaaa …. nnnghh ……. m-must …… “, he got out, uncoordinated.

The Hero-destroyer, who until this moment had Starlad only fixated in his neck now grabbed the back of the hero’s tight purple speedo and pulled it high up into a wedgie.

“ …. nnnnnnhhhhhhh ….”, Starlad only softly moaned.

The crowd went berserk again, seeing how Starlad’s groin was so clearly outlined now in his speedo. One person out of the crowd couldn’t control himself anymore, jumped in towards both men and before anyone could stop him, he grabbed Starlad’s pronounced groin and squeezed it with all his might. This man also proved to be donned with extreme powers also by Nerdboy’s invention. Even now his own powers returned to him, Starlad yelled out in pain, fully stretching his legs, his head thrown back into his neck. 


A second man now also dared to jump in.

“ What you can do … I can do better !!”, he reacted and quickly fisted Starlad viciously into his groin area.


The Hero-destroyer who still had Starlad fixated by his neck and the wedgie only smiled when he saw how a third man stepped in and released his frustrations against this super hunk by grabbing both his nipples, digging in his nails, then pulling both nipples almost free from the hero’s body, rotating them as far as possible. Again Starlad screamed out in pain.

“ Did you know …. Starry boy …”, HD spoke. “ ….. other heroes actually trying to save you ……. despite your stupid arrogance …… your unworthy believe that you are so much better then others ….. at least they try !!”

With these words, the Destroyer turned Starlad to were Euroboy was still unconscious, hanging upside down in that flag pole.

“ Look at him ….. he’s so much like you !!”, HD got out. “….. but he is a hero I might even respect ….. honest and willing to risk his own life …… for others !!”

Starlad wrestled in the Destroyer’s grip. He already started getting his powers back from the sun.

“ NO !! You must .. s-set .. .h-him free ……”, Starlad was shocked to see Euroboy hanging there. “ He … o-only ….. j-just …. arrived … h-here …”

“ And what about him ?”, the Destroyer now made sure Starlad saw how Beach Boy was successfully being attacked by numerous Hate Club members.

“ And look over there !!!”

Kangaroo Lad and Wallaby Kid were attacked by the combined force of Barbarian and Visious, the two extremely sadistic ex-pro-wrestlers who had been banned from ever performing in any one of the Wrestling Leagues because of repeatedly administering irreparable injuries to their victims.

Visious looped his own arms under Kangaroo Lad’s arms and locked him into a full nelson. The young hero felt how his pecs and his abs were stretched outwards when the villain expanded his arms.

“ UUNGHH … uunghhh …”

The Lad’s abs were even further ripped apart. The crowd standing close cheered the popular Visious and demanded a full destruction of this hero. In his one piece brown bodysuit, wearing his big yellow belt with many pouches, Kangaroo Lad suffered tremendously, but he refused to give his attacker the pleasure of hearing him scream. Joey was just too stubborn for that.

Wallaby Kid had to oppose the Barbarian. He looked somewhat different then the others. He wasn’t wearing spandex like the others. Wallaby Kid wore a dark coloured loincloth and like Beach boy, he was barefooted. Under that loincloth he only wore an extremely tiny piece of clothing to keep his balls and cock to himself. Over his chest two broad straps crossed just in between his two pecks. Unlike his cuddly toy name might suggest, Wallaby Kid showed off most powerful. A deep cleavage between his pecs was the proof to Wallaby Kid’s constant workouts in the gym. His tan was pure natural. To hide his privacy, Wallaby Kid wore a mask, which covered three quarter of his face, much like the Batman mask, only without the pointy ears.

Like his friends, Wallaby Kid soon experienced that villains in the US were definitely stronger and more dangerous then the few villains from Australia. Barbarian soon showed the crowd what they liked to see.

“ UUUNNNNNNNGGHHHH !!!”, Wallaby Kid grunted as Barbarian assaulted his solid abs with a simultaneous double punch. The Australian hero doubled over and after a brutal double blow into his neck, Wallaby Kid already slumped to the ground, coiling up, hugging his abs.

“ And just watch how Captain Australia is doing at the moment !!”, the Hero-destroyer forced Starlad to watch how Australia had to fight Studbuster himself.

“ … .g-gasp …….m-my friends …… stop …. “, Starlad saw what happened around him. “ ..its … me ….. you want …… uhhhh !!”

“ You … are a dirty fighter !!”, Australia stepped backwards, safe from Studbuster for the moment while he grabbed his head with his hands. It was one of his powers; absorbing all pains in his body though the palms of his hands. It had so many times already allowed him to fight on even under the most gruelling circumstances.

“ Means I can use all of my powers against you then !!!”, Australia actually thought he could stand his ground against Studbuster. It only proved that Australian heroes had no idea about the numerous villains around the world.

Before Australia could even score a point against this giant villain, Studbuster already pulled the hero close and slammed into Australia several times.

” UUMMPPFFF !!!”, Australia finally staggered backwards.

Studbuster’s tremendous knocks into Captain Australia’s face didn’t miss its effect on the spandex-clad superhero from Australia. For a short time, he actually didn’t know what was happening. As the crowd kept him on his feet and under control by forcing his arms between his back, Captain Australia was back just in time to see how Studbuster’s boot with a quick flick aimed between his legs. With speed and surprise on his side, Studbuster’s shin struck the hero’s groin in a vicious sickening way. 

“ GGGNNNNYYYYAAAAAAWWWWWW !!!!!!!”, Captain Australia was disabled immediately. The devastating blow caused intense pains spreading though his body, his eyes watered, nausea even took over as his legs buckled. With his hands tight in his crotch, Australia was vulnerable now.

Studbuster already prepared for a final blow when Nerdboy suddenly appeared behind the hero and without any warning, the creep scientist sprayed Australia’s body with liquid nitrogen.

“ W-WHY .. YOU .. DO THAT ??”, Studbuster didn’t like what Nerdboy had done.

Captain Australia immediately felt the effects of the intense cold on his body. He tried to scream, but no sound came out. His body temperature quickly went down while Nerdboy sprayed a second dose of nitrogen all over his body.

“ He can’t stand the cold !!”, Nerdboy got out. “ This will stop him more permanently ….”

Seeing the villainous way Captain Australia was attacked and defeated, gave Starlad even more willpower to set things straight. It all started when he wanted to defeat the Hero-destroyer. He realise, he had fucked up so far.

“ I WON’T ALLOW ANY MORE !!!!!!”, Starlad yelled out as he suddenly used his foot to kick back into the Destroyer, who still kept him up in that most humiliating way.


Starlad felt how the villain’s grip immediately loosened. With only one move, Starlad had freed himself from his attacker. He felt as reborn. The sunlight had by now completely regenerated his solar powers. He immediately flew into the dark figure of the Destroyer and actually managed to throw an elbow into the villain’s head.

**** WWHHAACCKKK******

The crowd slowly stopped cheering when they saw how the Destroyer staggered backwards. Starlad quickly followed up with a fist into the villain’s gut.

“ HHHMMPPP !!!!”, HD grunted.

“ I came here to defeat you … villain  … ****** WWHHAAMM ***** …. and that is exactly what I intend to do …..”

Starlad made sure he stayed on top of the fight. The Destroyer was actually thrown off balance due to Starlad’s sudden reaction. While the crowd didn’t know how to react, Starlad realised this sudden change in the fight.


Again and again the young hero slammed into the villain. His confidence grew by the second.

“ First you …. .then the others !!”, Starlad was in his element. “ I am no longer the Starlad you used to know !!!!”

Finally the Hero-destroyer lay on the floor, unable to get up to his feet again. Starlad stood over the defeated villain, his hands on his hips, smiling towards the crowd.


“ BOEHOEEE .. BOEHOOEEE ……”, the crowd made perfectly clear what they thought of Starlad’s words.


“ FUCK YOU !!!!”, many people in the crowd started yelling. “ YOU GO DOWN ….. DOWN ….. DOWN …….. “

Starlad really enjoyed it when the Hate Club started yelling at him. Especially now he had destroyer their only hope. As long as he could get them mad, he loved it. Those stupiud nerds thought they could trap him here … and destroy him.

“ I AM THE HERO HERE !!!”, he stretched his arms up in the air. “ GET USED TO IT …… STARLAD RULES THIS TOWN !!”


“ HEHEHEEE …. LIKE IT OR NOT …….. BUT I AM SEXY, SMOOTH AND UNSTOPPABLE !!!!”, Starlad teased the crowd even more with this, making them almost go berserk.


Starlad didn’t really understand, but the crowd suddenly started cheering him. Maybe finally they realised, that he was just a too awesome hero to hate. Unseen by Starlad however, the Hero-destroyer slowly got up to his knees. The black Destroyer had fire in his eyes. He could not have remembered anyone having beaten him like this Starlad just now had done. A few of these punches actually did hurt the Destroyer. The result of Starlad’s outburst was now just a truly angry and destructive Hero-Destroyer. Then, still unnoticed by the gloating hero, HD suddenly shot cables from his hands and wrapped them multiple times around Starlad’s upper body. 

“ GGLLLLKKKK !!!”, Starlad was stunned, not immediately sure of what was going on. “ HEY …….. !!”

The Hero-destroyer quickly pulled Starlad closer to him, while he drew the cables tighter and tighter around the young hero’s body. His arms, also caught inside the cables were unable to move.

“ Y-Y-Y-I-I-I-I-I-A-A-A-W-W-W !!!”, the crowd roared again.

With Nerdboy’s liquid nitrogen in mind, the Hero-destroyer changed the temperature of the cables to sub zero levels. Starlad, for his powers dependable on the heat of the sun, was extremely vulnerable to cold.

“ GGGYYYAAAAWWWWW !!!”, he screamed out as his body was slowly frozen.

He could hardly move anymore and his powers left his body at great speed.

The Hero-destroyer now rose the temperature of the coils to over 1000 degrees, slowly char coiling Starlad’s body. The pain from that sudden increasing of temperature forced more and more cries out of the young hero. And even now the Destroyer tightened the cables around Starlad’s body. By now it had gotten so tight that his rock hard muscles somewhat resembled a roast lamb, bulging over the string rope. At that moment the Destroyer changed from heat to electricity. Around 1.000.000 volts of electricity now scorched Starlad’s helpless body.


Starlad screamed out at the top of his lungs. The crowd realised that the ultimate destruction of Starlad had now started.

To be continued…

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