Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 9-10
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.

Chapter 9 – “Like an accident on the side of the road”

Sunburst was awake, coughing and sputtering. He still had Tom’s cum on his face from earlier, so the saliva was not as disgusting to him as it might have been. The man in black reached down and picked up the hero by his biceps. The mighty hands of the man in black tightened and pressed down on Sunburst’s upper arms. Sunburst tried to flex his powerful biceps to break free of the grip, but while he felt his muscles straining, the grip didn’t loosen. Sunburst struggled but felt his muscle collapse, giving in under the pressure. His arms surrendered, just as he knew he would if the man in black asked him to.

The villain began to shake the hero from side to side. The move was so fast that Sunburst was no more than a blur to the crowd. When he stopped, Sunburst was still conscious, but was babbling like an idiot. The man in black repeated this, waving his hands from side to side. Sunburst was more than dazed, but remarkably conscious.

The man in black then moved his grip – placing his huge hands around Sunburst’s  narrow waist. It looked as though he would bearhug the hero, but instead of locking him in his arms, the man in black used only his hands!

The man in black’s massive arms throbbed and flexed from the effort. They seemed to have a life of their own as blood raced through them. Each muscle was so clearly defined that the villain looked like an anatomy diagram. His hands were so unbelievably strong that Sunburst felt his back, sides and kidneys giving in from this punishment! It was impossible for a man to crush his rock solid body using only his hands – but it was happening! He doubted even Captain Marvel was this strong!

Sunburst writhed in pain. He tried to wriggle out of the grip, he tried to fight out of it and he tried to beg his way out of it, but nothing worked. His muscled torso just kept going back and forth as his legs kicked out at air. His face showed every moment of agony. He was covered in sweat, his hair hung limply and his bruised face was contorted with pain.

Sunburst cried out again and again. People continued to snap pictures and the cameras continued to broadcast this destruction live. Sunburst suffered  beautifully. Several of the men in the crowd had full hard-ons, watching this formerly perfect man be manhandled so easily.

Even Tom, who feared he had lost Sunburst, was lost in the moment. The man in black let go of his hold. It was as though he knew exactly how much Sunburst could take and always delivered slightly less than that! Tom knew the man did know, somehow. He had wanted a slow and deliberate destruction of this hero and the villain was delivering.

When the villain released Sunburst, he dropped to his feet. The design of his costume left his sides exposed. The crowd could see bruises in the shape of hands developing on his sides above his hips.

Meanwhile, Sunburst stood, but was out on his feet. The villain reached out and grabbed at Sunburst’s battered chest. He took hold of each of Sunburst’s tender nipples and lifted the young hero 6 inches off the ground. OOWWW! Sunburst felt as though his nipples would tear off. He kicked out at the villain, but the grip did not release. The man in black actually managed to hold up the 180 lb man with his thumb and index finger on each nipple. His fingers were so strong that nothing Sunburst did could free him.

The man in black again proved his knowledge of the hero’s limits by holding him up for a full five minutes, before releasing him. Sunburst’s nipples were moments from tearing off when he was released. He collapsed into the fetal position on the broken concrete.

Sunburst felt his ankles being grabbed and himself being moved onto his back. He continued to keep his hands covering his chest defensively, but the man in black had moved on. He looked over on the hero.

The crusty costume was stretched to the max holding in the hero’s incredible endowment. The man in black raised his foot and lightly stepped down onto Sunburst’s balls. NOOO!

“Yes.” The man in black said. Every man in the crowd cringed in sympathy with the hero and they clutched there own balls … this was too much! The man in black increased the pressure. Sunburst cried out louder and louder. He begged for the man to stop. He submitted, telling the man in black he had won!

The man in black knew he had won. He knew he had won once he saw Sunburst in  front him in the courtyard. He wasn’t in this for the submission – Sunburst was merely an opening salvo in his battle against heroes. This boy’s destruction needed to be memorable and merciless. The man in black wanted every hero to look over his shoulder, thinking “Am I next?”

The man released Sunburst’s legs and fell forward, head butting the hero’s battered testicles. He kneeled and watched as Sunburst cried aloud, shivering and moving his hands to shelter the source of his manhood. The villain then grabbed hold of Sunburst’s legs again and stood. Sunburst was still on his back, with his legs raised in a V that he knew meant more torture.

The man in black placed his foot on top of Sunburst’s hands which were covering his crotch. Instead of protecting his crotch, Sunburst’s own hands, guided by the villain’s foot were now causing his pain. But the pressure was too great for Sunburst to move his fingers, they were wedged between his groin and the giant’s foot. The man in black rolled his foot back and forth, grinding Sunburst’s hands into every area of his helpless crotch. When he lifted his foot, Sunburst took his hands away. Sunburst’s balls immediately bruised and swelled up, actually tearing the thin fabric of his costume. PLOP! The villain saw them hanging there, exposed and flicked at them with his toes. Sunburst flopped like a fish, trying to stop him. The slightest touch was sheer torture, but his legs were still held firm by the villain.

The man in black smiled. Every male hero cherished his manhood … every one of them were proud of their endowment and loved to show it off in tight spandex. This lesson would be the best one of all. Any villain who would attack a hero’ groin was dangerous and to be feared. The message had been sent. Now it was time to finish off the boy at his feet.

The titan in black spandex let go of Sunburst’s legs, which immediately curled around his destroyed privates. The man in black positioned Sunburst on to his hands and knees. SLAP! He slapped Sunburst on the butt! “Git along little doggie!”

This man was the cruelest man alive, the onlookers thought. Regular people live in an isolated world, never seeing this kind of abuse first hand. The villain had so convincingly beaten and emasculated the hero and now he was continuing to play with him. People watching called out for him to finish the hero – not because they hated Sunburst, but because they couldn’t stand the humiliation any longer. It was like an accident on the road – they were repulsed, but couldn’t turn away. Everyone feared what might come next.

The man in black smiled. The crowd wanted an end to the destruction, so an end they would have.


Chapter 10 – Hero No More

When the man in black slapped his butt, it woke Sunburst up. He tried to crawl to away, but the man in black would not allow it. He reached down and grabbed a handful of Sunburst’s blond hair. He slowly dragged the whimpering hero back to him. Sunburst could not resist. His body hung limply from the man in black’s grip. The man in black seized the hero by the neck again and brought him face to face. Sunburst looked at the man. The fear was gone, Sunburst knew his time had come. At least he would not be Tom’s slave anymore.

The man in black recognized Sunburst’s submission in his eyes – the fire that had once burned bright in them was gone. He had defeated so many foes, that he knew when a man was ready to die. He smiled at Sunburst. CRACK!

The man in black landed a massive head butt, smashing Sunburst’s nose. Blood came rushing out and it began to swell immediately. The man in black whispered to him. “I’m not going to kill you. What would be the point? But I HAVE left you something to remember me by.”

The villain was breathing heavily into Sunburst’s ear. He continued, “Now whenever you look in the mirror, you won’t see your perfect eyes, perfect mouth, -perfect teeth, perfect chin or your perfect cheeks. No, you won’t see any of that. Now, you’ll only see your misshapen, broken nose and you’ll always remember how it happened – how easily I crushed you, how quickly you begged and how you crawled to escape me.”

The man in black lifted the battered and bloody hero over his head. He held him aloft and looked at the clock over the library across campus. His time was up. He then turned into the Channel 7 camera. “Enough. People of Earth, see what happens to anyone who defies me!”

The man in black then lowered Sunburst and placed him on the ground. Sunburst was bent over on hands and knees, like a sentenced man waiting for the executioner’s axe to fall. When the axe came, Sunburst took it like a man.

The man in black launched an incredible punch at the back of Sunburst’s head. POW! Sunburst’s head was driven into the pavement. His shoulders followed. He looked like a human ostrich, with his head and shoulders imbedded in the concrete and his body hanging out, not moving at all.

The villain pulled him out by his ankles. Sunburst hung there for a moment like a newborn. The big man dropped him like a sack of wet cement. He waited. With no movement from the hero, the man in black picked him up by the scruff of his neck. He looked at the camera and said, “One punch and any hero will be defeated – but it won’t ever be that easy. He is the first of many. He is no longer a hero, therefore he does not deserve to wear this!” The man in black easily ripped the costume off the unconscious Sunburst, revealing his bruised, naked body to the world. His huge cock was one of the only areas of his body not ruined. It looked beautiful and the cameraman zoomed in for his own satisfaction. The rest of Sunburst’s body had once been a thing of beauty, but now, it was covered in bruises and swollen. All his muscles sagging, including his perfect, muscled pecs, which hung down like an 80-year old woman’s breasts.

The man in black then pulled Sunburst to him and walked towards the camera. He massaged Sunburst’s tender balls. This slight touch caused Sunburst to awake in agony, screaming. The man in black stopped and whispered something inaudible into Sunburst’s ear.

Sunburst’s eyes widened in horror and he begged, “no, no, no, please … I’ll do anything … please not that!”

The man in black just laughed. Everyone in the square and everyone watching on television heard his fear and desperation. They waited to see what had been threatened – after all, what more could be done to this pathetic young hero. Sunburst begged and pleaded, having long ago lost all his pride and confidence.

The man in black reached up and placed a finger on Sunburst’s face. He slid it slowly over his mask, then moved the tip of his finger under an edge of Sunburst’s mask. He slowly lifted the corner. Sunburst continued to beg, but did not resist at all. He was too beaten and broken to fight now.

Finally, after teasing long enough, the villain removed Sunburst’s mask, revealing his destroyed face. He was unrecognizable, but the villain wanted to expose him, so he said, “This is a warning to any hero who dares stand in my way. You will meet a similar fate as Carter Redfield – the former Sunburst! HAHAHAHA!”

With that, the man in black walked across the square to a waiting black Hummer. He threw Sunburst in the back and drove away. No one dared follow the psychopath – even though he was carrying a nude and broken Sunburst with him! The media swarm caught fire – they had just broadcast live the total destruction of a superhero, plus his unmasking! This was the best story in months!

On the ground, Tom Fergus cried out, “NO!” when the man in black had left with Sunburst. To the observers, he was just a friend of Sunburst’s who was upset at the result. But in reality he saw his plan disintegrate … he was going to steal Sunburst’s power for himself and then use and abuse Carter all summer, before turning him in to the police for rape. Now, he had nothing. He cursed the man in black for betraying him, but he was too afraid to think about revenge. The heroes of the planet would be crushed by this man, Tom knew this after spending a week with him. He was ruthless and somehow knew all their secrets.

Tom shuddered and in the confusion, picked up Sunburst’s costume and mask and went home – feeling lucky to be alive.


When Tom arrived home, he went into the kitchen for some milk to settle his stomach. He gasped in shock! Carter was lying naked on his back on Tom’s kitchen table. He was unconscious, looking worse for wear, although his nose had stopped bleeding. Tom got a bag of frozen peas and laid it across Carter’s face, hoping to reduce the swelling. He wanted to have the best looking man he had ever seen
as his slave, not some grotesque freak. Carter still had a great body – his invulnerability gave him superior healing too. His muscles were rebuilding and his genitalia, which had suffered so much were back to their previously spectacular form. Tom still wanted Carter to be handsome. Then again, with a body like Carter’s, Tom could always throw a flag over Carter’s face and do it for his country. The only sign of life from Carter was his smashed chest, heaving with each breath. Tom saw that a needle had been used to roughly pierce Carter’s right nipple. The needle held on it a note.

Tom took off the note, opened and read it. The note said: “Tom – Thank you for your help. Sunburst was just a test for me. I have no further use for him. He is yours under two conditions. One, he never be allowed to become a hero again and two, he be abused and humiliated frequently. If you violate either of these conditions, I will know and I will kill you both. It is a big responsibility, but I feel you are up to it.”

It was unsigned, but Tom all of a sudden loved the man in black. He would follow the instructions gladly. Tom removed the ice bag, grabbed Carter’s chin and turned his face to him. Tom looked at the smashed face in front of him and decided that once the blood was cleaned off, and the swelling and bruising went down, the damage might not be that bad. In fact, a broken nose gave Carter character. Of course, if it didn’t heal like the rest of his body already was or he didn’t like it, he could always force Carter to get plastic surgery to fix
it. After all, they were rich!

Even though Carter was still unconscious, Tom spoke to him. “Sunburst … Carter … Your body is well on the way to complete recovery. Once you heal, I promise that this will be the best summer of MY life and the worst summer of YOURS! HAHAHAHA!”

The end

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