Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 3 A-C
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.

Chapter 3a – Strike One

Carter had the worst week of his superhero career the second last week of April. Everything that could go wrong did. Now, as he was studying for his last exam, which was 4 days away, he could think of nothing else.

The first incident happened just a week and a half ago when Carter was studying hard for his Physics final. All of a sudden his watch alarm went off again. Since Kirk had moved out to go home, he had taken it off vibrate (too weird a feeling). Another JLA emergency – Brainiac5 was leading Doomsday on a rampage in downtown Metropolis. It would take the entire JLA to defeat the evil genius and his mindless slave.

Carter responded to the call immediately. He reached into his trunk to pull out his costume, only to find it wasn’t there. In its place was a pink version of his costume. “What the hell?” He wondered. The last time he washed it, it had looked fine … but maybe the red sun ran. Anyway, with no other choice, he donned his newly pink costume and took off.

At the scene, the media were out in full force, covering the battle. Just moments before, Channel 7 had gotten an anonymous tip that Sunburst was on his way and that he would be coming out of the closet. After the Green Lantern debacle, this would be big news! The media waited and focused a camera on Sunburst directly. When they saw Sunburst race across the sky towards the battle, they knew it was true – he was gay. Every other full-time and part-time JLA member was there.

Sunburst landed and joined the fight. Eventually, the JLA won and drove the villains away. When the battle was done, Batman came up to Sunburst. He asked, “What is this? Are you coming out HERE? On national television at the scene of a crisis?”

Sunburst looked down, embarrassed at the thought he was hanging out of his costume. But no, his costume was fine. “Coming out of what?” he asked the Caped Crusader.

“Don’t get cute with me. Coming out of the closet. Two pink triangles for a costume? Look, we’ve no problem with you being gay, but …”

“GAY?? I’m not gay! My costume’s pink because I think the red from the sun must have run in the wash. I only have one suit, so it was either this or naked!” Even as he said it, Sunburst blushed at the thought of fighting a villain naked. Now that would be embarrassing.

Batman looked at hero and was unmoved. “Fix it for next time. After Green Lantern, we don’t need any more surprises. There is a right time to announce things like this. We’ll make something up now. You’re sure you aren’t gay?”

“I’m sure. If I was, I’d tell you.” Sunburst was worked up now. He felt like he was on trial.

“Okay. We don’t mind the truth, but these are delicate times for us. Remember no surprises!”

The media didn’t really believe the story about the dye running, but they ran it anyway. They would have to watch Sunburst closely.


Chapter 3b – Strike Two

Carter thought about the second incident, which happened just two days later. He now had two crisp, clean costumes – in pure white with a colorfast sun – made for him. When his alarm went off two days later, he felt ready. This time, a fire was sweeping through Metropolis. Other heroes were on other missions, so he and Wonder Woman were left to rescue people.

He donned his white costume and took off. When he arrived, an orphanage had just caught fire. Carter remembered how he carried the kids to safety. There were large crowds and lots of media attention. They were cheering both Wonder Woman and him as they rescued everyone. Then it happened.

Maybe he got excited, or maybe it was because Wonder Woman was so attractive, or maybe it was the heat, but all of a sudden, the fabric of his costume gave way in the front. His flaccid c— and balls fell out, for everyone to see. The crowd gasped. That damn Channel 7 had a camera trained exclusively on him for some reason. They caught it all. Here was a hero, carrying kids from a burning building, exposing himself in public. He landed as quickly as he could and dashed into a nearby alley. He turned his costume around – so the hole was in the back and then found a rag and some newspaper, which covered his ass. It was obvious what he had done – the red sun was now on his back.

This time, the media didn’t buy any explanations. He was labeled an embarrassment in the media. Lex Luthor’s news network was particularly brutal to him – calling him a pervert.

He was ashamed and devastated. This time, Wonder Woman was the one to read him the riot act. One more mistake and he was gone.


Chapter 3c – Strike Three

That one more mistake came just a couple of days later. He checked his second costume for fabric flaws, but it looked perfect. He went on his final JLA mission to a military base, which Bane and his gang was attacking. Batman and Green Arrow were on site, fighting the gang members. When Sunburst arrived, it was clear the gang was no longer a match for the heroes and the tide quickly turned. Sunburst charged two men and with two punches knocked them both out. Across the field, he saw Bane escaping with a briefcase – the poisons! Batman and Green Arrow were still tied up with gang members. Sunburst gave chase.

He flew forward and landed in front of the evil giant, raising his hand. “Stop!” Sunburst had seen the Batman movie and knew Bane was an over-muscled moron. He felt this direct approach might work, but knew an ordinary man could never hurt him, anyway.

In fact, Bane was a brilliant strategist. He had studied every major military leader. He also planned ahead. At 6’8” and 425 lbs of pure power, Bane was used to being underestimated intellectually.

Bane kept charging, looking as though he would dive on top of the much smaller Sunburst. As Sunburst prepared for an attack from above, Bane dropped the briefcase and tackled Sunburst down low. Sunburst was surprised, since Bane fought Batman, he expected someone weaker. He felt himself buckle over Bane’s massive shoulder.

The two men rolled to the ground, with Bane landing on top of Sunburst. Bane began to pump venom into his already massive muscles. He became even stronger. They grew and grew, until he was unbelievably big. Sunburst was tiny compared to this monster.

Bane launched a series of devastating punches to Sunburst’s handsome face. His fists were like blocks of concrete. WHOOMP! WHOOMP! WHOOMP! Sunburst’s head bounced from side to side, as the blows landed. Sunburst was a little groggy from the attack, but his invulnerability held. As Bane came down to land another punch, Sunburst raised his hand and grabbed Bane’s wrist. He managed to stop Bane’s punch and throw him off.

Now each man stood and crouched. Sunburst had greatly underestimated Bane. His arrogance had not cost him much, but he cursed himself. Bane flexed his pecs and arms, taunting the puny hero. In response, Sunburst smirked.

Bane saw the smirk and became enraged! He charged again, kicking the hero in the stomach. POW! Sunburst’s abs crumpled and he was winded. Bane then grabbed him around the neck and lifted him up. He tried the squeeze the life out of Sunburst. Sunburst clawed at the massive hands around his throat, knwoing he could break the grip. Before he could though, Bane dove down, driving Sunburst into the ground with Bane on top of him.

Sunburst’s back took the entire blow. Sunburst couldn’t believe he was being manhandled by Bane, a man with a fraction of his power. Bane launched an assault on Sunburst’s abs – blow after blow. This sent waves of pain through the fallen hero.

When Bane thought Sunburst was softened up, he brought his knee up into Sunburst’s crotch, sending another wave of agony through the arrogant hero.

Bane stood up and Sunburst curled into a ball, moving his hands to his crotch. Bane turned and grabbed the briefcase, planning his escape again. When he turned back, Sunburst was floating in front of him, already fully recovered from the beating. Bane was shocked – this kid was tough! He charged again.

This time, Sunburst was ready – he swung with a mighty punch and floored the gargantuan titan! Bane was stunned on the ground.

Just then, the clasp that secured Sunburst’s costume broke and his costume snapped up into his face. He was momentarily distracted. Then, it hit him that he was exposed again! This time front and back. He quickly tried to reattach his costume, but the clasp was broken. He ended up tying a knot under his crotch. It made the costume very tight and was uncomfortable, but at least he was covered.

He turned to find Bane, but he was long gone and so was the briefcase with the poisons in it. Channel 7 caught it all again from their helicopter and ground cameras.


Sunburst was put on indefinite probation and had to turn over his JLA watch/communicator. The word ‘probation’ made it sound temporary, but he had the distinct impression this was it. He was told he wasn’t ‘responsible’ enough yet and his mistakes brought shame to the JLA. It was suggested he try the Teen Titans, but Nightwing hadn’t returned his calls, so it looked like he was an outcast.

Carter couldn’t believe his bad luck. But he had fought tough odds his whole life and would continue to try to help people as Sunburst. He buckled down and studied for his last final.


Watching Carter sulk in his room, Tom Fergus enjoyed many laughs. Replacing Sunburst’s costume with the pink one had been stupid and childish, but in the end, it had worked out. Luckily, Carter was so busy that he could believe he had missed it. Tom was much happier with his second and third plans. Tampering with the fabric at the crotch, so that the fabric would give out during exertion was hilarious to Tom. And his idea to damage the clip was sheer brilliance!

Calling Channel 7 and tipping them off was the key though. Generally, second stringers like Sunburst get ignored. But thanks to Tom, they had Sunburst-specific cameras, ready to expose the foolish hero – figuratively and literally.

Now for the ‘piece de resistance’! The JLA wouldn’t come looking for Sunburst when he went missing and no one would be looking for Carter Redfield until September. More than enough time for Tom to enjoy himself. The videos were almost ready and then it would be show time!

To be continued…

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