Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 6 A-B
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.


Chapter 6a – Carter Kneels

Carter looked down into Tom’s eyes. He could feel Tom’s finger lazily caressing his broad chest and hard abs. Carter knew that the man in his hands was serious. He would destroy him if he did not kneel. But Carter could not do it. He was frozen.

Tom seized the opportunity. He took off his belt and placed it around Carter’s strong neck. He fed the loop through the buckle and pulled it tight. Carter was still frozen, thinking desperately for a solution. Tom pulled hard on the belt-leash, dragging Carter down.

The belt could not hurt Carter, nor could Tom pull him if he resisted. But, Carter was too involved in his thoughts to resist. Tom pulled down on the belt-leash and Carter followed. Carter went down to his knees. Tom smiled – the Stunning Sunburst at his feet. Anyone seeing this bizarre scene would have been shocked. The incredible Mr. Redfield, at the feet of Tom Fergus. Tom stood 5’7” and weighed 130 pounds. His face was still covered in acne and he had very little muscle. His brown hair was greasy and unstyled.

“Carter, it’s time to thank me for not destroying you right away. I could have just sent the tapes, but instead, I am letting you stay free. Now, thank me.”

The kneeling Carter was confused. He bowed his head, ashamed to make eye contact and whispered, “Thank you.”

“No, no, no. Not with words, but with actions. I want you to do for me, what I did for you … on the tape.”

Carter looked back up at this little man who was now his master. He then looked down at Tom’s groin. Carter paused too long. Tom roughly yanked the belt-leash. The shock of the sudden move snapped Carter out of his daze. He bowed his head in shame again, unable to comply.

“What’s the matter? Never given head before?”

A barely audible, “no.”

“Never even received a b—j– before?”

Again, an ashamed Carter whispered, “no.”

Tom was incredulous, “What is Rachel doing for you?”

“We are waiting …”

“What about in High School?”

“I never went to High School.”

It was then that Tom remembered the details of Carter’s life. Tom was shocked as he realized what it all meant. He looked at the hunk on his knees. A virgin. The most beautiful virgin in the world and he was a slave to Tom Fergus. Tom could not believe his luck. He was truly blessed.

He grabbed Carter’s silky, blond hair and roughly jerked his head back. “Now listen to me … you are going to have to learn how to satisfy me. Now I know why you were jerkin’ your gherkin all day – you must be one frustrated son of a bitch. For now, I’ll settle for you to kiss my cock and my feet.”

Carter Redfield sighed. He reached forward and slowly lowered his master’s zipper. Tom was going commando, so it was easy to reach in a pull out his member. Tom’s cock was rock hard, standing out at 6”. “Kiss it … on the tip. Give it a nice long wet one. That’s it, boy.”

Carter had to obey. He opened his mouth and leaned forward. He puckered his perfect lips and started to french kiss Tom’s organ. Tom used the belt-leash to hold Carter there, while he enjoyed this moment. Carter moved his lips back and forth, trying to pretend that it was Rachel.

When Tom took the pressure off the belt-leash, Carter then bent down and moved to Tom’s feet. He had no choice. Carter quickly gave each foot a peck, but Tom ordered him to give him a full tongue bath.

Tom was in ecstasy. He was watching Carter’s rippled back and mighty shoulders hunched over, servicing his feet. Carter ran his tongue along Tom’s foot, soaking it in his saliva. While Carter was bent over, Tom could not resist pleasuring himself. He reached down and started to masturbate.

Within moments, he came all over Carter’s bare, muscular back. Carter felt it hit and came up in shock. He was hit in the face with more of Tom’s cum. “Should have stayed down, boy. This is how I mark my territory.” Carter, kneeling before this toad, with the man’s cock running down his face and back, felt as though he had hit rock bottom.

Carter was now kneeling and staring right at Tom’s flaccid member, still dripping with Tom’s man-fluid – it was the symbol of everything. Carter winced as he felt Tom’s thick juice slowly run down his back, into his shorts, between his ass cheeks. He shivered in revulsion.

Tom grabbed his organ and squeezed the last bit of cock from it, which he used to run a trail across Carter’s upper lip. Carter wanted to recoil, but couldn’t –he was too afraid of prison and had gone this far. When Tom was finished with Carter’s ‘milk mustache’, Tom made Carter stand back up, using the belt-leash.

He then led Carter to the bed. The best was yet to come.



Chapter 6b – Carter Squeals

Tom led Carter to the bed.

Tom reached into his bag and pulled out a dirty Sunburst costume. Tom had spent two weeks getting it ready. It had yellowish c– stains at the crotch and was crusty. “Put it on. We know I own Carter, now I want us both to know I have Sunburst, too.”

Carter mindlessly followed orders. His mind was racing with thoughts about how to get out of this, but he needed time – the one thing Tom refused to give him. He undid his cut-off shorts and dropped them to the floor, stepping out of them. Tom whistled his approval.

“I guess it isn’t true that the camera adds ten pounds – this baby looks even better live than on camera, hero.”

Carter ignored the comment and continued changing. He pulled the costume over his head and grabbed the long tips. He stretched the fabric over his body. It cracked as the old hardened cock broke apart. When Carter was attaching the two ends, he could feel the hard fabric bending as his large sack pressed out against it. The feeling was disgusting. Carter was having trouble with the clasp, so Tom bent down and attached it. He couldn’t resist adjusting Carter in the suit.

Tom, satisfied with his handiwork, made Sunburst lay on the bed on his back. Tom sat across Carter’s stomach and moved Carter’s arms above his head. He ordered Carter to keep them there.

Tom then backed up and spread Carter’s legs. He walked back and admired his slave. Truly beautiful. With his arms raised, his body was stretched and his costume taut. Every muscle was clearly defined.

Tom came up between Sunburst’s legs and began to rub Sunburst’s huge cock. He fondled Sunburst’s balls, then leaned forward to work on his erect nipples, which stood straight out, threatening to tear the fabric.

Sunburst wanted to resist, but Tom was touching him as he had never been touched before. He had played with his own nipples, but it was nothing like this. He involuntarily groaned with pleasure.

Tom heard the groan and was ecstatic. He laid his body on top of Sunburst’s, just to feel him breathing. Sunburst’s mighty chest raised and the lowered the little master with ease. Tom whispered in Sunburst’s ears as they lay together, “I want to hear you tell me how much you love me. I want to hear you squeal for more!”

Sunburst was disgusted, but followed orders. It wasn’t hard – he was rock hard. When Tom got off him, the fabric of his costume couldn’t restrain him. His solid organ stood up as though the fabric wasn’t there, tenting the tights. While Sunburst lay there, groaning and moaning for more, Tom looked at his watch. He needed Sunburst to be in the Community Center on campus shortly.

Tom went back to working Sunburst’s nipples. Sunburst was fidgeting and twisting under Tom. The feelings he had were driving him crazy. This was his first sexual experience with another. When added to the overpowering smell and feeling of Tom’s cock on his back and under his lip – it was more than confusing for him. He began to enjoy the feelings and squeal for real. He imagined it was Rachel
touching him, a defense mechanism against this rape.

Tom knew there was a chance that the man in black would not honor his bargain. That meant he had to go all the way with Sunburst now. He worked Sunburst up even more. He knew from the gasps and shortness of breath that he was getting close. He also knew from the tapes what stimulated the man. He slapped Sunburst’s erect cock. WHAP! He slapped his handsome face. SLAP! He slapped
Sunburst’s heaving chest as hard as he could. He could not hurt the hero, but Sunburst obviously loved the feeling. His superpowers made him desensitized to normal touching. It needed to be rough to get him going.

Tom moved himself right up between Sunburst’s legs. He reached under Sunburst and moved the fabric from his costume away from his hole. Tom pulled out his cock again and began to move back and forth, establishing a rhythm, which Sunburst followed without hesitation. Sunburst had no idea what was coming. He was deep in his fantasy about Rachel.

That was broken when Tom entered his ass. Sunburst felt pain. Fortunately, Tom was not huge and slid easily between his exquisite cheeks. The two men moved in rhythm for another few minutes. Tom reached around and again worked Sunburst’s cock hard. By squeezing with all his might and roughly twisting the head, he brought Sunburst to the brink of cumming.

Sunburst was crying out in pleasure – OOH! AAH! YES! YES! OH GOD! OOH! – thinking of Rachel touching him.

Moments later Sunburst erupted with the most powerful orgasm of his young life. When he came in his tights, Tom came in his ass. The massive loads of cum from Sunburst’s cock added fresh stains to the front of his costume. It made the white fabric almost transparent. Tom used his hand to reach in and spread it around, down through the whole crotch.

Sunburst collapsed, he no longer moved, just enjoyed the feelings that washed over him. Tom then removed his cock from Sunburst’s former virgin ass. Sunburst was in euphoria after his first two-person sexual experience. Even if it was Tom, he had waited a long time … and he had managed to imagine his way through it.

Tom used the fabric at Sunburst’s ass to clean the  cum off his cock. It stained the ass terribly.

Tom smiled, knowing that soon the world would see the new Sunburst, who he had so easily mentally and sexually conquered. The hero would – wearing a costume covered by cum stains – be physically destroyed by the man in black. What a day this was!



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