Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 7-8
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.


Chapter 7 – Meet the Man

Tom led Carter out of the residence. He had wanted his slave all summer – after all, he had really conquered him without any help. He contemplated taking off, reneging on his side of the deal – after all, he had never needed help in the first place. But one didn’t refuse someone like the man in black. Tom figured he was lucky that the man in black hadn’t just taken Sunburst from him and then killed them both. This was the result when ordinary people messed with supervillains. Tom cursed himself for going online to find ways to counteract Sunburst’s powers and bragging about how he had the goods on him. But Tom was a computer genius – he never thought he could be tracked. Now his confidence was going to cost him.

Tom sighed. He had the world’s hottest virgin in his control and now he was about to lose him. He was glad he had popped Sunburst’s cherry before handing him over. He just hoped the man in black would follow through on his promise and that there would be enough of Sunburst left for him to complete his plan.

When they entered the University Community Center Square, Tom looked around. There were lots of people hanging around, basking in the sun, enjoying the break between finals and summer school. The University was quieter than usual, but there were always people around. When they reached the center, Tom ordered Sunburst to stand still in his soiled costume. Sunburst was embarrassed. He hid behind a bush, where no one would see him.

Just then, media trucks pulled up, looking for something. “We heard there was a madman destroying the UCC fighting Sunburst … where is he?”

People just looked at the camera crew like they were crazy. There was no madman, nor was there a Sunburst. The Channel 7 crew were pissed. Never had their anonymous informant failed them. Then they heard it. The doors in the front of the UCC were smashed open, flying across the courtyard. The man in black came walking out of them. He was wearing a solid black spandex bodysuit, probably
three sizes too small. It hugged every curve of his massive body. The crowd of people gasped, but did not do anything else. He had on a black mask that was glued on, covering his forehead, bridge of his nose and cheeks. His bald head glistened in the sun and goatee covered his chin.

He walked into the square, where he picked up two stunned students in his massive grip. He raised each of them up in the air to his sides. The pose he struck was awesome – his power now evident. His 32″ biceps didn’t even strain holding the students out at this angle. He flexed his steel pecs. He stuck out his left leg and flexed his massive quad. Then he looked up and said, “Prepare to die, people of Metropolis University. Unless there is a hero who can stop me.”

Tom recognized the signal and nudged Sunburst. “Go get him, big guy!”

“What?” Sunburst was stunned, but Tom had moved away and was screaming out.

“HEY! We’ve got a hero here! SUNBURST is here!”

By the time everyone turned, Sunburst had quickly emerged from behind the bush, revealing himself. People commented on his crusty costume, making him blush. He glared at Tom and then moved to the man in black. He was a hero after all. This muscle man would learn the power of Sunburst.

“Maybe,” Sunburst thought, “I can even redeem myself by crushing this guy. With the news crew here, the JLA will have to see this at headquarters.”

The students and camera crew were at first relieved. Then, the newswoman from Channel 7 noticed the condition of Sunburst’s costume. She ordered close-ups of his crotch and, after he passed them, of his ass. This sure looked like the real Sunburst, but what a mess! This guy just got sicker and sicker – obviously masturbating on campus behind a bush!

“People, please move back. I’ll handle this.” Sunburst confidently stood in front of the man, about ten feet away. The villain was obviously strong, but then Sunburst had deceptive strength. He could count the men stronger than him … Superman, Captain Marvel, Solarman … maybe a couple of others might be a toss up.

Sunburst raised his hand and pointed at the man in black, “Sir, please let them go. No one has to be hurt here.”

The man in black laughed. His deep rich powerful voice sent shockwaves through the hero. “Of course someone has to be hurt. YOU!” With that, he dropped the students and charged Sunburst. The man moved as fast as the Flash! Sunburst could not react! The man in black seized Sunburst by the neck and lifted him up. Sunburst struggled to break his grip, but he had no chance. It was like Bane all over again, only this time, Sunburst could not break the grip no matter how hard he tried! He couldn’t believe it!

The man in black laughed at Sunburst trying to fight his grip. The hero didn’t get it. He wasn’t just some body-builder. He was the real deal.

Sunburst had been training to increase his powers. In addition to his original powers, he had learned one thing. He aimed his hands at the man in black’s face.

KABOOM! From his hands came two beams of solid light photons! The man in black was surprised. He loosened his grip enough for Sunburst to power out of it. Sunburst fell to the ground. He then took the initiative. He flew up and delivered a massive karate kick to the man in black’s head. WHAM! The man’s head didn’t even move. But Sunburst thought his foot might be broken! This wasn’t possible!

Sunburst continued his onslaught – punches, kicks, blasts – with no effect. The man in black took it all. Sunburst considered fleeing, but then who could stop this guy? He decided to fight until the JLA arrived. They would be along soon, he knew, and they would help him.

Unfortunately for Sunburst, they would not. A brilliant computer hacker managed to break in to shut down their system. Their television feed was the only thing up and running, but all they saw was a loop of old news. They would not see the live reports … their much-vaunted system was defeated as easily as Sunburst! The man in black knew that he had a half-hour easily before the morons in the JLA
figured it out. By then, he would be long gone, with his prize.



Chapter 8 – Playtime

WHAM! BLAM! BAM! Sunburst launched a flurry of fists into the man in black’s midsection! Still no effect. The man in black reached out and lightly flicked Sunburst’s cock. The move was too quick for Sunburst to react.

Sunburst blushed, but was even more shocked when he started to get hard! His tights were tenting again. His rape at the hands of Tom had opened a whole new world of sensation to him and he had yet to recover any semblance of control.

The man in black seemed in no hurry and neither was Sunburst. Sunburst considered his situation. On the negative side, his opponent was impervious to his attacks; he was losing badly on television; he was in a cum-stained costume; and he now had an obvious erection.

On the plus side … nothing came to mind.

The man in black continued to stand with his arms crossed. “Is this what the world calls a hero? If you aren’t going to doing anything, then I’ll just have to kill everyone here.”

“NO!” Sunburst charged, throwing a massive right hand at the man in black’s abs. He had intended to launch another series of blows, but his hand was aching.

The man in black decided to take the offensive. He flew behind Sunburst and grabbed his costume at the back. He gathered the v-shaped fabric at the small of the back and pulled up, giving Sunburst a terrible wedgie. AAHHH!

Despite themselves, some of the crowd laughed. Others in the crowd started taking pictures. Sunburst’s amazing ass was bouncing and hanging free and they wanted to remember it. The man in black let go, allowing Sunburst to fall to the ground. Sunburst reached behind to straighten out his costume. His modesty was poorly timed.

While he did that, the man in black seized his leg at the ankle. He then tossed Sunburst over his head and smashed him into the concrete, like a sledgehammer. Sunburst was smashed face and chest first into the hard pavement. He felt his round, firm pecs collapse under the pressure – the pecs he had spent years to develop, the pecs that could withstand bullets!

As he continued to be pummeled into the ground, Sunburst was using his arms to  soften the blows, but they were unable to withstand the pressure. He was crashed into the ground again – with his back this time. His muscular upper back took the brunt. Like his pecs, they could not withstand the assault for long. Now his body had lost all semblance of resistance. He flopped back and forth like a dead

The man in black’s incredible back was displayed for the cameras. It was extremely wide and powerful. Every muscle was clearly defined. As he tossed the hero around, using Sunburst to destroy the concrete around him, it looked effortless.

OOF! On the other side of the battle, Sunburst’s last shred of invulnerability buckled. This attacker had so much power, but seemed inclined to play with Sunburst.

The concrete on either side of the villain was reduced to rubble and Sunburst looked like no more than a rag doll in his powerful hand. The man in black grabbed Sunburst’s waist in one hand, raised the hero over his head. Sunburst hung limply in the one-handed grip. The man in black then threw down the hero flat on his chiseled stomach. The impact created a shallow imprint of the hero. The man in black then stood over the helpless hero and flexed his massive biceps. The crowd gasped as he did this! No hero on the planet was this
well-developed! The villainous man in black sat on Sunburst’s back. He reached under the dazed hero and placed Sunburst’s limp arms over the villain’s incomparable quads, which flexed and pulsed through the thin spandex that barely covered them. He reached under Sunburst’s chin and stretched the hero back, in a killer camel clutch.

“ARGH! Please UNH please stop UHHNH you’re killing me! Please UNH stop!” Sunburst cried out in agony, begging for mercy. He had now begged twice in one day to two different villains … but he was past caring!

Sunburst felt as though he would be snapped in two when the man moved his strong hands from Sunburst’s chin and placed them behind Sunburst’s hanging head. He then, with tremendous force, threw Sunburst’s head forward, smashing it into the ground. Sunburst was nearly unconscious. He could not move and would have stayed in the hole, except that the villain reached in and grabbed another handful of Sunburst’s costume at the back.

He dragged the hero out of hole and raised him in the air. Using his grip on the costume, he did a series of one armed standing lifts – pumping his arms, showing off his incredible build for the crowd. He lifted with his left arm and flexed with his right. He brought his right arm up and kissed his mighty muscle, in a show of arrogance reminiscent of pro wrestling! It seemed impossible that this man had just walked on campus, found a hero and destroyed him effortlessly.

During this posing, Sunburst’s body was limp and the hero offered no resistance. Sunburst’s beautiful body was starting to show signs of the terrible abuse he had taken. His costume was torn across his chest and, under it, his chest was bruised. His pecs had begun to sag and his arms had lost their pump. Sunburst’s feet hung down towards the ground and his head bounced around on his spaghetti-like neck, as the villain raised his arm again and again.

After a couple of minutes of this, the villain moved Sunburst over his shoulders and applied a massive backbreaker on the unsuspecting hero. He turned around slowly so the whole crowd could see his fantastic body and admire it. He bounced his large pecs, he flexed his huge quads and even flexed his magnificent round ass. With his arms raised to hold Sunburst on his shoulders, his lats had fanned out like wings – making his huge V-shaped body looked even more impressive. All the while, Sunburst, who was also considered a perfect physical specimen among men, hung limply over his shoulders, like a shawl. His head, legs and arms just flopped around, with no tension.

When the villain realized that he would receive no response – no cries of mercy – from the hero, the man in black moved Sunburst over his shoulder and then power slammed him into the concrete. Sunburst could not move at all. The Channel 7 crew zoomed in to show the hero. He looked dead.

Sunburst was a shadow of his former self, laying on the ground. No one would call this heap a perfect anything. The villain looked at his fallen foe and then yelled, “WAKE UP!”

No response from the hero. The villain then did the unthinkable. He spit right into the hero’s face. The wet feeling of this man’s saliva woke Sunburst up. He raised his head a fraction and squinted in the sun.

“Now, hero, time for the coup de grace!”

To be continued…

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