Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 4-5
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.

Part 4 – The Man in Black

Before getting Sunburst kicked out of the JLA, Tom had spent his time researching Carter Redfield and Sunburst. He went to every chat room and web-site where he thought he could find help. He told people about his discovery (not in detail, but in principle) and they had been more than willing to help. A lot of people hated prettyboy heroes, Tom discovered, not just him. A few men wanted in on the action, but Tom wasn’t sharing. Tom also knew that no one could ever find him – he could be in Timbuktu for all they knew. His security was airtight.

He had learned all about Carter Redfield and his tragic past – but he was beyond sympathy for the hero. “Hmph”, he thought, “everyone’s life has static.”

He had developed his plan and knew that in one week – on May 1st, Carter Redfield would be his slave and that he, Tom Fergus, would be super-powered. No one was looking for Sunburst and Carter was planning on spending the summer driving around the US alone in his Jeep.

Tom’s power transfer machine was well on the way to completion. It wasn’t working perfectly, but he now had help. Between editing the videos and the machine, he had to enlist the help of Sean’s older brother, Carey, but that was okay. Tom trusted Carey, like he never trusted Sean. Carey was a genius in genetics, but didn’t know that the machine was for Carter or Sunburst. He only had the DNA samples that Tom had gathered from Carter’s room and an idea of what Tom needed. Tom just wanted him to run the machine, since he couldn’t do it during the transfer.


Two days later, Tom heard loud, persistent knocking at the door and started towards the door. “Hold your horses, I’m coming.”

When he opened it, he fell back, staggered at the man in front of him. In his doorway was a mountain of a man. He was 6’4” and just over 300 lbs of pumped muscle.

The man was white, but tanned. He was incredible looking, with a handsome, but scary face. He wore an extremely tight fitting black t-shirt, tucked into tight, black jeans. His shirt fabric just stretched over his bulging pecs, his nipples pressed out as if seeking freedom from their cotton prison. The jeans were stretched in front, barely able to hold the man in. The seams on the sides of them looked like they might burst at the slightest movement. He had the widest shoulders Tom had ever seen. The man looked as though he had been shaped with a chisel. The huge chest narrowed into a solid, but trim waist. His stomach muscles were visible under the fabric. The sleeves came down to the top of his incredible biceps, emphasizing their size and definition. His arms were pumped, easily the largest Tom had ever seen. His hands were large, big enough to crush Tom’s head like an egg.

He was bald on top, obviously shaved, as Tom could see stubble where hair did grow. His jaw was square. Small dark sunglasses covered the man’s eyes. He had a black goatee that was neatly trimmed and surrounded his scarred mouth, which showed signs that this man had been in a rough fight, or as Tom suspected, many rough fights.

The man almost had to turn sideways to fit between the doorjambs. He followed Tom in and smiled a sinister smile. “I understand you are looking for information on how to destroy heroes.” The man in black’s voice was power itself. Tom almost pissed himself.

Tom thought he was dead. This man would kill him … Tom was more afraid than he had ever been in his life. “Um … yes, Sir. But … but … just one hero … um … Sunburst. He’s new … you may not have heard of him.”

The man in black turned back to the door and closed it. “I have heard of every hero. I know Sunburst, I know his origin, I know his strengths and I know his limitations. What I haven’t learned is his identity.”

“Wow … but … how did you find me?”

“The Internet isn’t as secure as you think. When you were in the chat rooms, asking your questions, I knew you needed my help.”

“What? I mean … thank you … but I am okay. I have a foolproof plan.”

The man in black smiled an emotionless smile at Tom. “This isn’t an offer. You can work with me and gain some satisfaction, or you can die. Now, show me what you have on Sunburst and then you can decide between life and death. Either way, you will tell me what you know.”

Tom was feeling terrible – he knew the man in black would kill him if he argued, but he had no assurances that he wouldn’t kill him anyway. He asked, “Who are you?”

“My name is unimportant. You have a goal – to have Sunburst at your feet. I have a goal – to end the careers of a variety of heroes. If you tell me what you know willingly, we both win.”

With no other option, Tom led the man in black to his basement work area.


Chapter 5 – Lies and Videotape

On the 1st of May, Carter Redfield was moving out. He was the last one to leave the residence, having his Physics final moved to that morning because of the JLA business. It was a bright sunny day in Metropolis, which delighted Carter. He felt stronger than ever. He walked in and out of the dorm, wearing only sunglasses, shorts and sandals. He had packed everything into his Jeep. He was taking the summer to sightsee around America and gather his thoughts. He couldn’t wait to be on the open road, with the roof off, sun beating down on his bare skin. He didn’t plan on wearing a shirt all summer. Rachel had already left for France, where she would be attending school for the summer, so he wouldn’t see her until September.

When he entered the room for the last time, Carter was startled by a man on his bed. The young man said, “Hello, Carter.”

“What?” Carter recovered, then his photographic memory kicked in. “Tom Fergus, right? You’re friends with Sean Ross? We did meet once. Good to see you again. Hey, buddy, got big plans this summer? What can I do for you?”

“Those are interesting questions, Carter. Do I have a big summer planned? What can Carter Redfield – so rich, so good looking, so perfect – do for little old me?”

“Are you okay, Tom? You sound strange.”

“Do I? Sorry. But I do have a big summer planned and it involves you. Here’s what you can do for me. You can bow down and kiss my feet.”

“What?” Carter was stunned and suddenly uncomfortable. “Tom, I think it would be a good idea if you left. I’m not comfortable with the way this is going, and I have to hit the road.” Carter went to grab his last item – the television and leave. He noticed a VCR attached to the television. “What’s this?”

“Oh, I brought my own VCR. I wanted you to watch something with me.”

With that, Tom pulled out a remote control and pressed play. The tape showed Carter, in his room three weeks prior. Carter was shocked. He was even more shocked when he pulled out his costume and changed into Sunburst. Tom knew. Tom knew everything.

Tom watched with glee as the great Carter Redfield paled at the sight. He pressed stop. “Now Carter, bow to me or I send this to the press.”

“What? You must be crazy. I will never bow to you. Even if I lose my secret identity. Other heroes have managed it. Besides, I can just change identities – I have no ties to anyone.”

“Hmmm. Maybe you should watch what’s next …” Tom pressed play again. The VCR showed Carter’s room again, this time, he returned and changed out of his Sunburst costume. Carter hrew the costume down in rage. It was after one of his accidents. He stood before the camera completely naked and obviously enraged. He then proceeded to the closet. When he opened the door, the tape showed Tom, tied up in the closet.

“What the hell?”

“Just wait … it gets better.”

Carter (on the tape) walked over to the closet and grabbed a towel, slammed the door and sealed in Tom. Later, the tape showed Carter leading Tom out of the closet and sitting on the bed with Tom kneeling between his legs. Tom was still tied up, but his mouth was on Carter’s cock. He was giving Carter a blowjob -.Carter was obviously enjoying it. He was rubbing his nipples and moaning with joy. Tom moved off and Carter slapped his head. He was moving with the blowjob before finally cumming in Tom’s mouth. Tom coughed and gagged, obviously disgusted. Carter then ordered Tom on the bed. Carter then laid on the bed, naked, with his arm and leg over Tom’s tied up body. The tied up Tom was crying.

“How did you do this?” A stunned Carter asked.

“It was easy. Footage of you after Kirk went home. Lucky for me, Kirk didn’t  stay here during exams. You flew in, stripped and then masturbated on the side of the bed. I filmed myself in here and superimposed the two. It’s just a little thing I can do. It’s lucky for me you like it a little rough. Those slaps you gave your cock look pretty convincing as slaps to my head. Then, you took a nap. No one who sees this will believe you aren’t gay and a rapist.”

“You’re wrong. I’ll be able to prove it’s fake!”

“How? It’s seamless and I have others. I’ve been taping you for the past few  weeks. It was easy to film you torturing me in other ways. You’ve been angry, throwing stuff and, best of all, beating your meat at least three times a day, big guy. You’ve tried a lot of positions, and I have now been your unwilling partner in all of them. When this tape goes public, you will be hunted down, arrested, tried and convicted. I will sue and win millions in damages. You are rich, but are you that rich? After years in prison, where you will be beaten,
raped and sodomized every day of your miserable life, you will come out of prison weak and broke. No one will be interested in being anywhere near you. Face it, big boy – being my slave isn’t as bad as that. Now kneel before me or else.”

It all came clear to Carter. “YOU SON OF A BITCH! YOU SET ME UP! YOU DID ALL OF THIS! I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!” Carter grabbed Tom and slammed him into the wall hard. His rage seemed unstoppable. His face turned red and the veins on his neck stood out.

Tom was calm in response, despite being crushed by this super-powered he-man. “Go ahead … copies of these tapes will be found … then you’ll be convicted of murder too. My parents will bankrupt you in court, instead of me.”

Carter’s grip loosened a bit as the reality sank in. He remembered what was happening to Starlad when he rescued him from prison … at the least, Carter knew he would be in prison while he tried to prove the tapes are doctored. If they took away his powers, he would be beaten and raped … just like Tom said.

Tom saw the wheels turning. He knew his victory was near. “Now, Carter, kneel before me or else.”

Carter had calmed. “Give me time to think about this … please.”

Tom ran his finger up Carter’s bare torso, slowly tracing a line up his treasure trail, between his stacked abs, between his now throbbing pecs and over his Adam’s Apple to his perfect chin. “Beg me.” A cocky Tom ordered.

Carter swallowed hard, hating himself for what he was about to do. “Please Tom, it’s all too fast. I beg you, please give me just 24 hours. Then we can work something out for both of us. You’re a good guy. Please, don’t do this. Please, just 24 hours. I beg you, please have some mercy.”

Tom paused, as if to think about the request, before finally saying, “No.”

A shocked Carter said, “What?”

Tom was cocky. He laughed at Carter’s innocence. “No. You heroes always get time then you use it to come up with a plan. Well, no plans for you. You will kneel at my feet. Then, we will go to the Community Center where you will meet a friend of mine, while I drive that pretty little Jeep of yours to my place and figure out where we go from here. I always wanted a Jeep – no roof, cruising around. You know, Carter, I, for one, am looking forward to a great summer!”

To be continued…

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 4-5
5 (2)

    1. hey Rick hope to post something you like more these days, as i mentioned this story is a little confuse for me the problem of the group of Hero Destroyer is that have many stories and they reuse and continue plots from others stories and I think it has its own multiverse of stories with characters in common. Just programm the postying of Super Violation in 2 parts, hope you are doing well, regards

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