Starlad in Prison Chapters 5-6
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Starlad in Prison

Author: Studbuster and Hero Destroyer


This story is a work of ADULT FAN FICTION and it contains references to Robin,  Superboy,  Superman, Batman, etc.

These characters are the property of D.C. or Marvel Comics. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy.

This story is written in a co-operation between Studbuster and the Hero-destroyer and has been published before on the Gay Superheroes Fantasy – messageboard.


Part 5 : A New Place to Live ?

Mysticlad didn’t feel very happy when he watched Starlad’s body at at his feet, wounded and defeated. He felt himself a traitor by having beaten this gorgious well-muscled guy. He felt how his dick was growing when he watched the brused and helpless body of Jiri. His halflong black hairs sticked to his head, partly covering his face, which still showed the picture of a scared boy in pains. Mysticlad cursed himself to have been the one to stop Starlad. If not for those video’s, he would never have believed that Starlad had gone bad.

Carefully Mysticlad lifted Starlad’s limp body from the ground .

” I’m sorry, Star ….. but I have no other choice ………. “

Mysticlad flew to the police headquarters and entered the building with Starlad still in his arms. The boy looked awfull ……… his body covered with bruses and dirty all over …… his head covered with patches of dried up blood. Nobody inside needed much imagination to know how Mysticlad had beaten up this superhero.

” I come here to deliver this superhero ….”,  Mysticlad started. 

It was the commissioner who approached Mysticlad. He let his eyes flow over the battered body of Starlad. He had seen this young hero in his office many times. He always had helped them catch criminals in town. The commissioner however always wondered how it would feel to see this gorgious young man beaten one day. And now that day had come ……… even though he was straight, this brused muscular body of the young god turned him on …… he started to feel hot ………. his dick growing in his black pants ……

” Commissioner !?!?! “,  Mysticlad repeated.

” Huh ?? …. Oh, yes … hmmm ….. “

” Do I have to carry him around forever ? “

” Oh … no, no, please ….. put him down in that chair ……. he won’t run away for this moment … hahahaha !!! “

Mysticlad frowned when the commissioner tried to make a joke.

” This isn’t funny, commissioner …… it’s a serious matter … !!!! “

” Of course not ….. hmmmmm …”

Mysticlad walked over to the unconscious Starlad. His hand caressed the hero’s cute face softly ……..

” I’m sorry, Starlad ….. but I promise you ……. I will find out who made you do these crimes ……… I will get you out of jail soon …. !!!!!! “

Then Mysticlad casted a spell and slowly all bruses and wounds on Starlad’s smooth body started healing slowly. The boy looked as if he never was beaten up good.

” This is all I can do for you at this time ….. take care !!!!!! “

Mysticlad turned back to the commissioner.

” I wanna ask you one favor, please !!!! “

” Tell me !!! “

” Starlad has put many criminals behind bars ………. as soon as they see Starlad is in jail, they will try to take revenge on him. Can you please make sure nobody knows, that it is Starlad who is brought in ? “

” Hmmmmm …… how do you think that will be possible ….??? “

Mysticlad knew it was not an easy decision, but he saw no other way then to remove Starlad’s mask from his face.

” Give him his jail-clothes here already … before he walks in there !!!! “

” If you think that will help ……. “

The commissioner made a phone-call and within five minutes a set of the dull grey clothes were brought to him …….. Mysticlad started to put it on the still unconscious body of Starlad ……

” I did you a favor … you need to do one for me also !!!! “

” What do you mean ???”, Mysticlad turned towards the commissioner.

” You will have to make sure Starlad can’t use the power of the sun as long as he is in jail … “

Mysticlad was thinking about it for a moment. This was hard, very hard to do….. without his powers Starlad would be too vulnerable once inside jail  … if only one would find out he was Starlad …. it would mean his death …………

“… if he gets mad again … and he still has his powers …… !?!! “, the commissioner progressed.

Mysticlad knew he was right. Starlad was not his usual self ……… the commissioner was right.

” Okay … I will do it ……… !!!!! “

Mysticlad casted another spell over Starlad. His body was now covered by an invisible layer of electromagnetic radiation, reflecting all wavelengths in the sunrays that Starlad could use to regenerate his powers. It was the second thing he regretted to do, but again there was no other choice. The last thing Mysticlad could do for Starlad was giving him just enough power to keep some of his invulnerability …… to help him survive in a prison filled with criminals that he had put in there in better times.

Mysticlad decided to leave after he was reassured by the commissioner that he would take care of Starlad …… he would keep an eye on him, while Starlad was in prison. Nothing would ever happen to him.

As soon as Mysticlad had left the police-headquarters, the commissioner pushed a button on his desk. Only a few minutes later two huge guards entered his office. They carried stunguns to be used against difficult prisoners.

” Take him out of my sight !!!!!!  “

” YES SIR !!!!!!!! “

One of the guards put his stungun on “recovery” and pricked it into Starlad’s side. The body of the hero convulsed automatically, but it soon managed to make Starlad regain his conscious.

” Huh ??? wha …. ???? “

Starlad was still to dizzy to understand where he was. Then he saw the commissioner with whom he had talked so often already after having delivered another criminal. Even before he could get a word out, he noticed he was dressed in a jail outfit. He wanted to jump up from the chair, but one of the guards stunned him again.

” aaaarrrgggkkkk…. !!!!!!! “

Starlad fell back in his chair, caressing the sore spot in his side. Then he noticed they had taken his eyemask …….

” NOOOOOO …. why ????? “

” It was your good old pal ….”,  the commissioner started. ” Mysticlad thought it was better for you not to be recognized as Starlad when you will go to prison right now !!!! “. The commissioner smiled while he explained to the young stud. Jiri jumped up from his chair ……

” uuunnnnnnnnpppffffff………. “

The second guard hit him hard in his gut. Jiri was evenly hurt as surprised that this guard was able to hurt him ……… again he fell back in the chair, doubling over in pains.

” I convinced Mysticlad to take away your superpowers !!!! ….. some of your superheroes are so gullible sometimes !!! “

Jiri was still in pain when he tried to speak out …… the guard hit him once again before he could get a word out. Starlad screamed in pain. He spit up some stomach-juice. How could Mysticlad have done this to him ?

” Mysticlad was really concerned about your well-being in jail.”, the police-officer went on.

” He even asked me to get you these clothes, so no one would know you are Starlad ………. “

” ……… thanks for ….that ……..”, Jiri said in a soft tone. He could imagine the trouble it could cause him. At least one thing was done to his advantage.

” ……but Mysticlad is gone now …..”, he smiled . ” ….. and I think we all have a right to know who you are !!!! “

The commissioner winked at the two guards. They stripped the jail clothes from Jiri’s body again and replaced the eyemask he always wore.

” I think this looks much better on you in jail …..HAHAHAHAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!!!!! “

The two guards lifted Starlad from his chair and each of them grab the once mighty Starlad by an arm. There he was, standing in between the two giant guards, only wearing his purple speedos and eyemask. He looked even more weak, standing in between them. The boy’s powers were far too weak to break free, he tried but it was of no use.

” Get him downstairs to Sullivan …… He knows what to do with him !!!! “

Starlad was guided outside the commissioner’s office and lead down to where the prison blocks were. Starlad felt nervous. He was alone. He would be alone, without his powers,  with dozains of criminals, several even being brought to justice by himself.

He started to feel lonely ….. and afraid of what was waiting for him ………..


Part 6 : Initiation

The head warden of all prison blocks, Sullivan, watched how the two guards led Starlad down the corridor and down the stairs to the floor where most cells came out.

” Hmmmmm…….. a very impressive young man !!!” , he thought.

The two guards had to walk along the corridor with the individual cells before reaching the central security block. The young hero looked defiant as fellow prisoners hurled abuses at him when he walked by …………………

” We’re going to get you, pretty boy ……. “

” Hey , dead meat, you’re mine …… !!! “

” Don’t bend over in the showers, when I’m around girlie ……. “

…………………… the warden examined Starlad’s body while he passed the long corridor on his way to him. He started to get aroused already, knowing this hero was forced to come to him. With his dark head of hair, his smooth hairless body and clad only in his purple speedos, the young hero looked especially vulnerable. Starlad’s body was in perfect proportion, apart from his biceps, pecs and calves, all oversized. Sullivan found himself rubbing his own crotch. He had often dreamt of this moment.

A knock at the door.

” Come in !!! “

Starlad was pushed roughly through the door. The two guards were each standing on one side of Starlad. The three stood in front of the totally aroused chief warden Sullivan. Even though Starlad’s body was amazing, the two guards each added another extra 50 pounds and wore black belts and stunguns. The hunk was truly helpless.

” Welcome Starlad !!! “,  Sullivan even smiled a bit. ” … or should I say prisoner 13013 “, Sullivan spoke out while looking at some papers. Sullivan walked up to the restraint hero and ran his hand across Starlad’s bare chest. The hero pulled back but was easily helt by the two guards.

” Hahahahaha…… touchy .. are we … pretty boy !!!! …… I’m afraid I have to do a couple of experiments to make sure you have truely lost your powers.”

The two guards next to Starlad smiled. They knew the ways of chief warden Sullivan.

“……. what sort ?!?”,  Starlad asked nervously.

” This !!!!! …… WHAMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


A fist straight up under Starlad’s ribs made him gasp for air.

” Hehehe …. have always wondered what it would be like to do that ?  ….. It feels so good !!! “



The warden laughed out loud as he drove his fists deeper and deeper into the hunks muscular stomach.

” Let him go , boys !!!! “

Starlad fell to the ground. The warden stepped with a boot hard on Starlad’s hand and twisted it. ” AAAAARRRRKKKKK ……. !!!!!! “

Then he put the full weight of his body onto Starlad’s throat by stepping on it.

” ….uuuuuuurrrrrgggggggg !?!?!? “

When Starlad’s body arched backwards, Sullivan slammed his other foot into the tortured young muscle god’s crotch…….. SLAAAAMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!

” UUUURRRRRRRRGHGHGHGHHHHH ………… !!!!!!!!! “, Starlad screamed. His screams were heard in all cell blocks and everybody knew what Sullivan was doing. They cheered him and eagerly hoped they would get a chance themselves one day.

Sullivan stepped back from the hero who lay on the floor before him and he rubbed his own crotch, while Starlad’s body convulsed.

” Oh yes !!!!! …….. This is going to be fun !!!!!!!! ” 

To be continued…

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