Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 3-4
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Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.


Part 3

“ No !!”, the Hero-destroyer got out. “ I don’t want Starlad to be blocked from sunlight ……. “

It was clear to Starlad, that the Hero-destroyer had set up this trap together with Nerdboy, only to be able to destroy him. Safe, high up in the air, he overlooked the situation. The Destroyer only stood there, waiting for him to attack.

“ So !! You need that creep Nerdboy to fight ME?”, Starlad reacted. “ Thought you had more guts then that !!”

The young hero quickly increased his speed, flew down and knocked his fist hard into the Destroyer’s head.

“ aaarrggh !!!”, Starlad felt as if he had slammed into a titanium wall. He quickly flew clear of the Hero-destroyer again and nursed his painful fist.

“ I want to destroy this foolish hero in his pure prime ….. “, the Destroyer got out. “ He will experience …. that his own powers are useless ….. when opposing the Hero-destroyer !!”

The mayor quickly signalled his workers to take down the sunscreens again. Immediately Starlad felt how his body was fully regenerated again. He knew that this time it would be the Destroyer experiencing the pain. Starlad flew down again, determined to attack the villain once again. On impact, the Destroyer actually had to do one step back to stay on his feet. Starlad flew up and attacked for a third time.

When only inches away from the Hero-destroyer, the villain, in a split second changed his body into a solid wall of the hardest mineral diamond. Starlad had no time anymore to avoid collision. With wide opened eyes and at full speed Starlad crashed hard into the diamond wall.

“ NNNGGGGWWWWWW !!!!!!”, Starlad felt more humiliation then pain after he bounced back from it, landing into the dirt. Before Starlad knew, the Destroyer already had grabbed his arm and hurled him high up into the air. The hero however gracefully performed a somersault before he landed close to the Hero-destroyer again.

While Starlad stood there, hands on his hips, still looking gorgeous and sharp, Nerdboy openly started rubbing himself. His fan club knew what that meant. If Nerdboy started rubbing himself, things would soon get ugly.

” Starlad ….. welcome to your one way ticket to hell !!”, the Destroyer smirked. “ It won’t be long before …..”

“ … before I will make YOU eat dirt !!”, Starlad actually interrupted the giant villain. “ God !! … how stupid you must be to think you can beat me, defeat me !!”

Starlad slowly flew up into the air again, making sure to not take his eyes away from the Destroyer even for one second. Confident as always, Starlad soon speeded up and flew over the Destroyer, delivering a painful blow.

“ aaaarrkkk !!!”, Starlad’s hand was cramped for a short moment.

Flying up again, Starlad heard the crowd roar again, seeing how Starlad’s best shot had no effect at all on the villain. The young hero dropped down from the sky again, throwing his whole body into the Destroyer’s chest.

“ YOU WILL GO DOWN !!”, Starlad focussed all his weight and power in this collision.


Having hit the Destroyer’s body with his shoulder first, Starlad felt or heard something crack. Immediately his left arm numbed. Afraid that he might have broken something, Starlad quickly flew up into the air again, safe from the Destroyer.  

“ YYYIIIHHHAAAYYYY !!!!!”, the crowd loved what they saw.

It was clear to all that Starlad proved to be no match for this villain. Everybody in the crowd knew, only Starlad refused to accept this certainty. Starlad’s nature was to never give up. How hard, how difficult or how impossible things might look like, he would always fight until the bitter end.

As soon as the feeling in his arm had returned, Starlad prepared for another attack. Even the biggest tree will fall after the right amount of choppings. Plummeting down again, he braced himself for another impact. Then, completely by surprise, the Hero-destroyer grabbed Starlad’s body and stopped it dead-on. With both of the hero’s pecks caught in the villain’s iron grip, the Destroyer started squeezing them.

“ I just think you underestimate my powers !!”, Starlad almost smiled towards the Destroyer as he grab both wrists of the villain, trying to break the villainous grip on his world famous pecks. “ I told you …. you just haven’t got the power to really hurt them !!”

The Hero-destroyer smiled and slowly increased the power with which he squeezed Starlad’s iron pecks. The young hero tensed his muscles in defence and even gave the Destroyer his famous white smile. The villain slowly but surely increased the squeezing of Starlad’s pecks while he looked the hero deep into his eyes. Starlad had decided to make this a fight between the minds. Starlad would prove to the Destroyer, that he didn’t have the power to hurt him. It would surely affect the confidence of this villain.

As the Destroyer increased his powers on Starlad’s pecks more and more, Starlad finally felt the first pang in his left peck. A minor jerk of his body betrayed the first effects on his pecks. The Destroyer now squeezed even harder. Starlad’s handsome face mildly changed. Within the next few seconds Starlad made a soft groan, although he tried to suppress it as much as possible. Starlad slightly started squirming his body from the left to the right, absorbing the ever increasing pain. The crowd could follow it all on the giant screens, showing the close-ups of Starlad’s handsome face, tensed up with both jaws tightened.

“ Is this hurting you already?”

Starlad had to force out a smile to deny it. He practically opened his mouth however, but managed to keep himself from yelling out in pain. The Hero-destroyer even now increased his squeezing of Starlad’s chest muscles. He marvelled as the once rockhard pecks seemed to bulge around his fingers.

“ GGGGYYYAAAAAAWWWW !!!!”, Starlad finally threw his head backwards and screamed in agony. The look of shock was clearly visible on the hero’s contorted face.

At that moment, the Hero-destroyer suddenly released his grip. He had already got what he wanted; Starlad’s first scream. Starlad himself uncontrollably collapsed on his knees, clutching his pecks with both his arms.

“ Hope you don’t give up yet !!”, the Hero-destroyer almost whispered, making sure only Starlad could hear. “ These people paid so much to be here … would be a shame when it ended this soon already, don’t you think ?”

“ … f-fuck .. y-you ….”, Starlad got out, still absorbing the intense torture done to his pecks. “ …. it ain’t … o-over …… “

In the back Nerdboy shot out his first load. Euroboy, who had watched the beginning of this fight in horror, stepped out into the open.

“ THIS CAN’T GO ON …. NOT LIKE THIS !!!”, he yelled out. “ I WILL ….”

Starlad, who was still on his knees in front of the Hero-destroyer saw how Euroboy stood close by.

“ BACK ….. BACK …”, he yelled towards Euroboy. “ I don’t need your help …. with this …. B-grade villain …… “

The Hero-destroyer burst out laughing as he allowed Starlad to struggle back to his feet. The hero still could not understand, believe how the Destroyer could torture his superbly hard, world famous pecks so easily. Starlad started regulating his breathing while he stood in the classic Starlad pose again, hands on his hips, crotch vulnerable.

Starlad’s body immediately started regenerating in the heat of the sun. As Starlad raised his arms towards the sun, his body started glowing. Soon Starlad’s body was as perfect as ever. Nothing reminded to the earlier torture of his peck muscles.

“ A bit disappointing, isn’t it?”, Starlad now taunted the Destroyer. “ Done so much effort … to pulverize me …. and the results? …. none at all !!!”

The crowd had witnessed Starlad’s regeneration. The realised it was only because the Hero-destroyer had demanded the sunscreens to be removed again. This hero could only retrieve his powers from that same sun.


Starlad smiled again, hearing the crowd turn against the Hero-destroyer.

“ you hear it?”, he gloated. “ They don’t love you anymore ….. soon they will admire me ….. I WILL give them a show they  …… “

Even before Starlad could finish his sentence, the Hero-destroyer went berserk and threw in a devastating fist to the young hero’s jaw.

*** BA-WHAAAAM ********

“ GAAA !!!!”, Starlad’s arms swirled around before the hero’s body went into a full spin before it landed rough into a corner of the squared circle. The ring post actually broke into pieces, even when it was made of solid steel.



Part 4

The crowd was more then pleased again. Screams, shouting; they completely filled the surroundings of the market place. Starlad lay somewhat dizzy in the corner of the wrecked wrestling ring. The Destroyer soon grabbed Starlad at his throat and forced him up to his feet again. He even lifted the hero about one foot off the floor.

“ ggggrrrrrrkkkkk…”, Starlad squirmed helplessly with his stretched out pecks and 8-pack abs fully exposed.
” Time for destruction !!”, the Destroyer got out.

     *** WHAM *** WHAM *** WHAM ***, the Destroyer threw three solid punches deep into Starlad’s midsection. The young hero jerked his body but refused to scream in pain. Another rain of punches was planted into Starlad’s gut.

“ OOOOEEEFFFFHHHH !!!”, Starlad finally reacted to the now awesome and torturous punches.

The crowd of Starlad Haters cheered the Destroyer to inflict even more pain to this hero with that too perfect body. They all had been forced to accept Starlad around too long already, making life a hell for all members, forced to hear and see every one of Starlad’s successes. Him becoming the deputy leader of the Stud Squad was the last straw. Finally it was payback time.   


The Hero-destroyer pulled his left arm back as far as possible and hit Starlad ferociously into his lower gut. At the same time he released the grip on Starlad’s neck. The young hero’s body was launched straight upwards as if he was a rocket.

“ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggggggggg !!!!!!!!!!!!”

Starlad screamed out as he plummeted through the air, trying to control his body again. Finally, after having reached a height of around a hundred feet, Starlad came tumbling down again. The Destroyer easily did one step to the right and allowed Starlad to fall freely into the ground.

*** TTHHUUDD ******

“ nnnghhh !!”, the hero grunted on impact.

The crowds roared, seeing Starlad helpless and hurt. The intensity of the roaring even increased as the Destroyer grabbed a handful of Starlad’s hair and painfully forced him back to his feet. Starlad’s face contorted in pain as he reached for HD’s hand to try and break the painful grip to his hairs.

“ OOOOEEFFF !!”, Starlad groaned out loud as the Destroyer started fisting the hero’s lower guts with his other arm. Again and again Starlad’s midsection was assaulted. He soon tasted a mixture of gastric juice and saliva inside his mouth. Some of it even drooled from the corner of his mouth.

From a distance Euroboy was getting more and more nervous. To him it was clear that Starlad was in trouble, deep trouble fighting this monster. The roars of the crowd behind him, didn’t do him any good. He knew that heroes should stick together, help out when needed. For a short time he hesitated.

“ No …. I must interfere …… “, he finally decided. “….. this could mean Starlad’s death ….”

Euroboy did a few steps towards the fight area. At that moment however he felt a definitely strong hand on his shoulder, effectively keeping him back. Turning around to see who did this to him, Euroboy faced a giant himself. He actually had to look up two feet to see the giant’s face.

“ ggguulllpppp !!!”, Euroboy recognized Studbuster, the mindless villain.

“ STAY HERE !!!’, Studbuster warned. “ I WARN YOU ….DO NOT …. TRY TO INTERFERE !!”

“ You … l-let me go …. y-you villain !!”, Euroboy responded. “ Or I will ……”


Even before Euroboy could end his threat, Studbuster only drove his thump deep between Euroboy’s 6-pack muscles. Immediately Euroboy gasped for air and bent over in pain. As he heard the roars of the crowd, Studbuster slammed his fist onto his wide open neck. Euroboy was splat on the ground immediately. With Studbuster’s giant foot pressed between the speedo-ed hero’s shoulder blades, he was effectively immobilized.

Nerdboy who had seen this short fight, immediately came a second time. “ Hmmmm …. looks like we have our next Hate Club here !!!”, Nerdboy smiled as he readjusted his manhood again.

Nerdboy now went over to where Euroboy was still immobilized under Studbuster’s foot. A quick kick into Euroboy’s face brought Nerdboy another erection already. He walked around, grabbed the back of Euroboy’s blue-yellow-starred spangled speedo and pulled it into a tight wedgie, unmasking the young European’s two perfectly formed bubble butts. Euroboy in pain, lifted his behind up from the ground. Nerdboy from the back immediately grabbed between his legs and grabbed the big pouch filled with an impressive piece of manhood. He pulled back this pouch from under Euroboy’s stomach. The hero soon fell back onto his belly again.

“ aaaaggghhhhhhhhh “

Nerdboy now forced Euroboy’s legs apart, wanting a perfect view on this new victim’s manhood.

“ Hmmm …. impressive ….really !!!!”

As if he was trying to put out a cigarette, Nerdboy grinded his boot into the balls of Euroboy. Both he and Studbuster smiled at each other while Euroboy squeaked out in horror. This wasn’t a fight anymore; this was pure and evil destruction.

While Euroboy for the first time in his life experienced the brutal force of Studbuster, the sadistic ways of Nerdboy, the Hero-destroyer went on pulverizing the deputy leader of the Stud Squad, young but always arrogant hero Starlad.

Enduring minutes of the Destroyer’s brutal impacts, Starlad’s body slowly lost his strength again. All his internal powers were used to just survive every blow the Destroyer delivered.

Then HD grabbed Starlad in his neck and made sure the hero stood upright, feet close together. His body was covered with bruises. His world famous pecks were like mush, no longer standing out. His arms hung limp next to his body. The only muscle not affected by the Hero-destroyer’s devious attacks, was still covered by his tiny purple speedo. His bulge, as ever, was still impressive. Many guys only wished for boners the size of Starlad’s only limp cock. This discrepancy between their own and Starlad’s had always been one of the main reasons for joining the Starlad Hate Club.  

Standing upright, practically unable to defend himself anymore, the Hero-destroyer suddenly smashed his fist right down on top of Starlad’s head.

“ UUUMMPPFFFFFFFFF !!!!!”, Starlad grunted as the Destroyer slammed him on top of his head again.

Each blow the Hero-destroyer delivered on top of Starlad’s head caused a shock wave through the hero’s body, up from his head to his toes. With each new blow, Starlad’s feet and legs were driven down more into the concrete floor. The crowd went berserk completely. This was more then they could have ever wished for. The shock waves not only drove Starlad down more and more *** UUUNNGHH **** but it also showed all how his cock and balls underneath that thin purple fabric of his speedo started bouncing from the left to the right, up and down inside that big pouch of his.

While being driven into the ground like a pile driver, all Starlad was able to do was swaying with his hands, hoping for some support.

“ GAAAW …WHAT … HOW …… UHHH ….. ARRRGGNNNN!!!!!”, Starlad yelled out in horror. “ …. SO…UHHHH ……. P-POWERFULL…..”

***** WWHHAACCKKK *******

By now Starlad was driven into the ground up until his knees. Every new devastating blow drove him in at least another inch.

“ ……. aaaargghhhh …. when did you …… g-gasp …… uhhh …… get ….. s-so …… strong ……..”, Starlad was in shock already. “ ……. m-must ….. fight back ….. uuhhnnnn …….. people in danger ..g-gasp …… m-must …..uhhh !!”

Starlad’s big speedo pouch kept on shaking and bouncing with every blow that drove him even further down, deeper and deeper into the ground. Rubble was flying all around both fighters. The crowd screamed out in ultimate ecstasy. Starlad’s arms were still flaying around, his head nearly driven down between his shoulders, his old fella humping around like jelly, definitely demanding the attention over all. Nerdboy, fascinated with the sight, came yet another time in his pants while the fans of his Hate Club were pointing and laughing at this world famous manhood dancing around. Most in the crowd we rubbing themselves by now.

Starlad’s body was forced down up to his waist now. Placing his arms on the ground, Starlad frantically and desperately tried to push himself up again. If the Destroyer would actually manage to smash him in completely, he wouldn’t be able to absorb any energy from the sun anymore.

**** TTHHUUDD ****

Starlad’s pouch was now resting on the ground. Nerdboy quickly came in and like he had done with Euroboy he started grinding his boot into balls and cock of the presently being pulverized subject of his Hate Club.

“ GGGYYYYAAAAWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!”, Starlad screamed out at the top of his lungs while at the same time his muscles spasmed involuntarily with the agony.

The pain of Nerdboy’s spiked boots into his jewels caused so much pain to the hero, that his eyes were rolling into the back of his head

“ ….. g-gasp …… uuuuuuhhhh …… pain …… unbearable !!!”

Nerdboy just went berserk now, laughing hysterically, shifting his full bodyweight into the toes of his spiked boots, destroying Starlad’s mighty family jewels. The pain was just horrendous. Starlad’s eyes filled themselves with salty water. One tear even rolled down his bruised cheek.

“ OOOOOOWWWWW … BIG HERO IS …. CRYING !!!”, Nerdboy frantically started laughing. Everyone was able to see this on the video-screens, that all showed that same close up of Starlad’s face. They kept repeating that one tear over and over again.

Nerdboy now felt a strong decisive hand on his shoulder.

“ Way to go berserk on him, buddy …”, the Hero-destroyer smiled at him. “…. But he is mine at the moment ….. you can have your fun later !!”

“ Ohh yeah … of course ….. “, Nerdboy looked at the absurdly powerful villain.

As he was about to step out of the way, he looked back at the drooling, quaking form of Starlad.

*** BBAAMM **** SSPPLLAATT ****, he quickly delivered two kicks into the defenceless hero’s famous manhood.

“ MMMYYAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!”, Starlad’s upper body arced backwards on impact, covering his balls and cock with his hands. “….. P-PAIN ……. UUUUNGGH …… m-must ……… nnghhh ……. f-fight …. I-it ……. “

The next impact of the Hero-destroyer’s pile-driver like attack, drove Starlad in up to his belly button.


Starlad’s manhood was roughly forced down into the ground, pressed between Starlad’s lower belly and the concrete upper layers of the marketplace. It felt as if his balls were crushed like nuts.  

To be continued…

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