Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 5-6
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Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.


Part 5

Starlad realised that in this stage of the fight, the Hero-destroyer had gained the upper hand. He knew that with every blow, his powers would ebb away more and more.


By now the Hero-destroyer had driven him into the ground up until his armpits. Only Starlad’s arms were still free, still grabbing around helplessly. The Stud Squad hero’s head was already bruised at several places. In the soft sand underneath the tarmac, Starlad could still move his legs a little. If only he could find support so he could push himself out again.

“ …. HHHMMPPHH ………. NNNGHHH ……. “

The Destroyer however kept driving Starlad’s body deeper into the ground. The crowd roared constantly. Finally Starlad found his luck. After that last blow, he felt a solid layer.

“…… m-my … only …. NNNGHHH …. uunhh …. c-chance …..”, Starlad realised. “ I screw it …. and …. I .. b-be ….NGHHH … f-fucked ….”

In the next minute, Starlad was even driven in further. The hero was almost numbed after all these blows, but he still had the wits to prepare for his ultimate escape. Bending his knees, squatting even a little, Starlad wanted momentum for his break out. 

“ ….o-only …. a … f-few … s-seconds ….NNNHHKKK ……………”

The Hero-destroyer suddenly however used the Heat Vision, acquired through Superboy and started heating up the ground around where Starlad was caught. It practically immediately solidified into an unbreakable layer of a glasslike mineral. Starlad tried to stretch out his legs to break free, but he was too late already.

“ NNNGGHHHHH !!!!! …. nnnnnnhhhh ….”, he grunted and groaned as he desperately tried to use his remaining powers for getting free from this confinement. He didn’t even move a tenth of an inch.   

Starlad had been slammed down into the solid ground until his chin was actually pressed onto the tarmac. His arms were also still visible, but the remaining hole was so small, that his arms were actually pushed upwards alongside his ears, hardly able to move them anymore.

“ NNGGHH … NNNHHHH …”, Starlad grunted as he continued to try to break free. “…. n-nnooo ….. I … uunngghh …. w-will ……. f-fight .. on ….”

It was clear to all, maybe only Starlad excluded, that this fight was over already. The audience seemed disappointed, although they had watched a great show, an awesome pounding of their most hated superhero.

“ We want more !!!! WE WANT MORE !!! WE WANT MORE …… “, thousands of people started scanting, yelling even demanding. “ MOOOORE…… MOOORE …”

In this ecstatic situation, both Nerdboy and Studbuster had completely forgotten about Euroboy by now. Unnoticed by others, Euroboy took his chance to sneak safe from the giant Studbuster. He knew, he had to do something to help Starlad.

“ If only I could direct the sunlight onto his body !!”, Euroboy knew. “ If only I could concentrate that light to shine on Starlad’s head .. and arms !!”

“ hhhmmmppppffff !!!”

Euroboy saw how Nerdboy kicked Starlad straight into his face.

“ They’ll kill him …..”, he thought to himself. “ I’m sure they will … especially that creep ….. calling himself Nerdboy ……. he’s a freaking lunatic ….”

Euroboy saw his chance and left the centre of the market place. Nobody really noticed him. All were occupied with the final destruction of this Squad leader.

“ …. uumpppfff …. nnnhhhkk …… aaaaaggghh …”

Euroboy jumped onto one of the high scaffoldings, supporting some of the strongest spotlights around. He quickly changed the frequency of the light making it resemble as much as possible to pure sunlight and before anyone realised he pointed it at Starlad’s head, concentrating it as much as possible.

“ AAAAAGGGHHHHHH !!!!”, Starlad immediately felt how his body slowly started absorbing a part of the energy from the lights. “ YYEEAAAAHH !!!!”

“ WHO’S DOING THIS ?”, the Hero-destroyer looked up towards where the light came from. “ GET HIM DOWN !!!”

Starlad already had managed to force a small crack in the surface of the tarmac. He needed more power, much more power before he could fully free himself again, but it was a stimulating start already. Euroboy quickly jumped to a second spotlight and changed it into the right frequency also, then he pointed it onto Starlad’s head. 

“ Yeah !!”, Euroboy already saw how things started to work their way.  “ Soon Starlad can free himself !! ….. need to get the last spotlight working too ……. “

Euroboy jumped up again, but then he saw how his path was blocked.

“ OH SHIT !!!”, was all Euroboy got out.

“ You again !!”, Studbuster reacted. “ We made clear …. you not allowed … to help …. you will punished …….. for not listening to Studbuster !!”

Euroboy slowly stepped backwards. How was he ever going to fight this giant?




Someone in the crowd had clearly drawn a gun and with one well aimed shot, the first spotlight was destroyed.

Studbuster outmatched Euroboy by at least two feet. Euroboy however knew that he had to fight, defend the last spotlight. It would be Starlad’s only chance to survive.

Studbuster jumped forward and grabbed for Euroboy. The young hero however managed to dive under this villain’s arm and jumped behind the villain. He turned around and slammed his fist deep into Studbuster’s lower back. Nothing.




The second and last spotlight was now also destroyed. Euroboy was distracted for maybe only a split second, but Studbuster, even though a giant, was quick as water himself. He literally grab Euroboy’s wrist and jumped down from the twenty feet high scaffolding, dragging Euroboy down with him. Unable to fly, the young hero was smacked into the dirt, surrounding the scaffoldings.


Studbuster, who had easily landed on his feet, hoisted Euroboy up by only one arm. The young hero was still in pain as he hung down from Studbuster’s iron grip, his feet not able to touch ground.

“ Nice body !!”, Studbuster ‘admired’ Euroboy’s lean, youthful physique. “ You Starlad’s family ?”

Studbuster was right about the resemblance between Starlad and Euroboy. Not only their bodies were much alike, both wearing speedos, but even in their faces, Studbuster saw how much they looked alike. Or was it only because they both wore eye protection.

“ NNNNNNNNGHHHHHHHH !!!”, Euroboy pulled up his legs after Studbuster had pounded his lower abs viciously.

“ Hehehe … even scream like Starlad !!”, he laughed. “ Studbuster likes that !!”

***** THUDDD *****

“ …. uuuunhhhhhhh …..”, Euroboy let out another painful grunt.


Starlad realised his last chance to escape had evaporated now Studbuster had stopped Euroboy in his plans. He knew he was now at the mercy of the Hero-destroyer.

“ DO YOU WANT HIM FINISHED ?”, the Hero-destroyer pointed to the little of Starlad that was still visible. “ OR DO YOU WANT TO SEE MORE SUFFERING?”

The crowd started roaring again.


“ You are ‘lucky’, Star boy …’, the Hero-destroyer smiled towards the destroyed hero. “ They grant you another chance …… “

The villain grab one of Starlad’s arms and slowly pulled him out of the ground. Starlad was in extreme pains now. With most op his superpowers gone already, Starlad felt as if his body was being torn into pieces.  

“ aaaaaaaaaaaaaggghhhhh ….”, he finally couldn’t hold a scream inside.

Hearing Starlad’s scream, forced another wave of roars from the tribunes. The Hero-destroyer now grabbed Starlad at the back of his head, with his other arm reaching between his legs, now easily lifting the weak, limp body of Starlad high up in the air. The hero’s arms and legs still hung limply, his back was nearly broken. HD then presented Starlad’s chest towards the heat of the sun. While the Destroyer pulled back Starlad’s head and balls, his body already started regenerating in the sunlight. Every bruise on his body disappeared, every wound was quickly healed. The severe injuries to his spine disappeared. Starlad’s arms and legs started spasming a little now they received fresh energy again. His face, first in utter agony, gradually turned more confident again.



Part 6


“ This was not one of your best decisions, Destroyer!!”, Starlad braced himself, standing in his defiant pose again, hands on his hips, legs spread apart and pecks out. “ You’ll regret not having killed me when you had the chance …. ”

It was the Hero-destroyer who just smiled. For him, it all had been a play until now. The Destroyer knew, that with the combined powers of Superboy, Captain Marvel, Marvel Jr and Solarman absorbed in his own body, Starlad by no means could even stay upright, if it was not for him to allow it.

“ You’re nothing but a mouse for me …”, HD thought to himself. “ …. and me, the cat, playing with its food first …. before devouring it completely !!”

“ With all my powers back …”, Starlad balled his fists. “ …… I came here to stop your villainous career …. definitely!!”

“ Maybe you should think again !!”, the Destroyer calmly answered. “ Before you end up like your second !!”

Starlad looked to where he had last seen Euroboy.

“ YOU … YOU EVIL ….. “

From a distance Starlad saw how Euroboy’s body was actually hoisted up into a flag post. Tied up at both his ankles, he hung limp, upside down. He didn’t move.

“ If you decide to wrap a stupid flag around your hips …”, the Destroyer laughed. “ What other place then to hang you from a flag post !!”

“ You …. “, Starlad reacted fiercely. “ … it’s our fight ……. you promised …”

“ He made the mistake … to try and help you !!”, HD reacted. “ What would the world come to … if we even can’t trust a superhero anymore !!”

The public actually started applauding the Hero-destroyer’s words. They all wanted superheroes to stay honest. It would make it all so much easier to fight and defeat them.

“ Euroboy is proud being of European origin !!”, Starlad defended his partner. “ Actually so am I ……. “

“ As if I didn’t know …”, the Destroyer answered. “ …. with a name like Jiri …”

“ W-what t-the ….”, Starlad couldn’t believe that the Destroyer actually knew his true name. “ ….. born in Prague, Czechoslovakia as it was still called in the old days.”

“ Then you wouldn’t mind seeing that blue-yellow-starred flag in top then !!”, HD laughed. “ Pity for young Alexi … he is still inside them !!”

“ He knows BOTH our real names !!!”, Starlad was stunned. “ Impossible !!!”

At that moment, Starlad felt someone putting a hand on his shoulder. He flinched as he saw it was the little creep Nedrboy’s touch.

“ You dumb …musclebound fucker …… “, Nerboy reacted. “ You arrogant do gooder dickhead …… hahahheeehh ….. who cares about your super identity ….you are going to be smashed to mush ….. “

Starlad was stunned. He had no direct answer for this creepy villain.

“ All your powers … and still you’re a dumb ass ….. haven’t you already realised how powerful the Destroyer is? ….”, Nerdboy went on. “ He just beat the crap out of you …… he’s a hundred times more powerful then you have ever been. “

“ Beat it, you creep !!”, Starlad tried to push this annoying idiot out of his way.

“ Oh man ….. you looked hot … screaming in agony …..”

Starlad stared towards his arch enemy again.

“ Even he’s just a villain like any other ….. I shall prevail !!”, the hero spit back towards Nerdboy. “ I AM STARLAD !!!!”

At that moment Starlad got a tap on his shoulder. His blood ran cold the moment he turned around. He wished he hadn’t been distracted by Nerdboy because he now faced the Hero-destroyer, who showed a huge grin as his fists morphed into hammers and slammed both his temples at the same time.

**** KA-BLAAAAMM *****

Immediately after impact, Starlad’s body trembled and spasmed, just before it collapsed to the ground. The crowd started cheering like mad, laughing at the arrogant hunk. On the big screens it seemed as if the hero’s head actually became somewhat narrower on impact. The look of wide eyed terror on his face was shown over and over again. Starlad struggled back to his hands and feet …

“ H-how …?”

Nerdboy’s eyes immediately lightened the moment he saw Starlad on his hands and knees again, struggling to get up, but still too dizzy after the Destroyer’s vicious attack, losing his balance again. The creepy freak stood behind Starlad. From this position he had a clear view on the hero’s behind. Because Starlad’s legs were still slightly spread, Nerdboy had a clear view on the hero’s fully loaded pouch in his speedo which swung visibly between his legs. 

“ … n-n-nhhhhhhhhhh ……”, Starlad still was visibly affected.

Nerdboy showed and evil smile and soon got the full attention from the crowd as he bent forward a little, pointed towards Starlad’s crotch. The crowd laughed out loud when Nerdboy started to do a happy dance. It really made the Starlad Hate Club members roar with laughter.  Nerdboy now backed up at least twenty feet before he started running towards the struggling form of the super hunk. The crowd started yelling Nerdboy’s name.

“ ….. Nerdboy …. Nerdboy …… Nerdboy ….!!!!”

Starlad was still struggling to get up. He constantly eyed the Hero-destroyer, who stood right in front of him. The hero had no idea what that amused look on the Destroyer’s face meant as he was looking to the back, over his head. Starlad’s intuition told him to look back himself. He was just in time to see the insane laughter on Nerdboy’s face before he punted his balls as if he was trying to kick a penalty goal for Europe.

“ YIIIIIAAAAARGNNNNN !!!!”, Starlad’s cock actually whacked into his abs, his testicles smashed to either side as the skinny little man’s foot hit home.

The stunned look of agony on Starlad’s face said it all. His arms crumbled with the agony of his smashed manhood. His face was driven into the dirt, his muscular arms laying at his sides. His legs however doubled under his own body, his butt resting on his heels. His balls were still hanging between the spread out legs, an inviting target for Nerdboy.

“ oooooooooooowwwwwwww !!!!”, Starlad still moaned.

Nerdboy restarted his happy dance, his arms raised up high into the air. The crowd was cheering him even more. They were almost laughing their heads off.

“ …..TAKE THAT PENALTY ….. TAKE A PENALTY …… GOAL !!!”, some in the crowd chanted.

The Hero-destroyer had his hands on his hips and laughed with all the others as his demented little friend danced around. Starlad however let out yet another long agonising groan. His body shivered. With the present position of his body, Starlad presented his butt and balls to anyone with a dirty mind. Nerdboy looked at the inviting target again. He soon took another run.



Starlad’s body was literally driven a foot forward. The hero’s balls felt like they were going to explode any moment. Nerdboy had used his super brain to hit the hunk perfectly to keep him facd flat to the ground with his knees still bent under his body.


Time after time Nerdboy smashed these so much hated cock and balls, driving the cocky hunk along the ground in front of him. Fans were now cheering or openly playing with themselves or laughing so hard, they were almost rolling around on the ground. The Hero-destroyer had his hands on his knees, laughing so hard he had tears running down his face.



One last kick from Nerdboy and Starlad was face down on the concrete, arms underneath his body, his drooling eyes rolled back in his head. Once the Hero-destroyer stopped laughing, he looked at the flattened out on his stomach hero. He reached between Starlad’s legs, got his hand into the young hero’s purple speedo and grabbed his cock. As the Destroyer picked him up, Starlad’s body flipped over. The villain now raised the hero above his head, having him only by his cock. Starlad showed a contorted face, a mixture of surprise, horror and agony. The crowd was definitely going wild now. The mighty hero’s arms and legs were just hanging limp in the air, his muscles jerking and spasming uncontrollably. Nerdboy even now saw an opening, got right up to the hanging hero’s face and slapped the absurdly good looking hunk hard. Spittle flew from the hero’s mouth. Nerboy smiled again.


“ g-gasp …. n-nooo ….”

“ Hey HD !!”, Nerdboy turned to the villain. “ … you think you can hit the Town Hall ?”

“ Sure NB …. anything for you after your own little show !!!!”, the Hero-destroyer smiled

“ N-NOOO ….. “, Starlad practically pleaded. “ AAARRGGGHHH !!!”

The Destroyer started swinging Starlad around. At first Starlad’s agonized face was still visible, but soon the Destroyer started rotating even faster and faster until it all just became a blur.

“ ARRRRRGGGGGGGyyyiiiiiiiiiii…”

Starlad was sure his cock would come off if the Destroyer would speed up even more. The crowd was even going wilder now and Nerdboy jumped up and down like a kid at Xmas.

Eventually, it seemed a lifetime to Starlad before the Destroyer let go of his cock, sending the mighty hero at least a thousand feet down the road, hitting the marble walls of the Town Hall. The impact was like an explosion. Bricks and mortar was flying everywhere. Soon a complete section of the building collapsed. All the Starlad Hate Club members ran towards the devastated building. As the dust slowly settled one of them spotted a muscular arm, sticking out of the rubble.

The Hero-destroyer leapt towards Town Hall himself and landed next to that muscular, but not moving arm of Starlad. Rolling off a few big chunks of bricks, the Destroyer looked down on Starlad’s limp body. If Starlad would have had all his powers, no brick or boulder would have been able to hurt him, but under the present circumstances, being already badly hurt, his agony was now beyond imagination.

Looking around the crowd, the Hero-destroyer picked out for muscular men, ordering them to step forward.

“ Crush him !!”, he ordered all four men. “ Crush him good !!”

To be continued…

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