Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 1-2
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Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer

Author: Hero Destroyer


Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put  him as the author.

Part 1

“ I’ve heard that the Hero-destroyer escaped from police headquarters !!”, Omega/HD told Starlad after he had ordered his deputy into his room.

“ NO ….. damn ….. after all the work we have done ?”

“ Maybe it was best after all … we had killed him !!”

“ Yeah, maybe …”, Starlad hesitated to agree. “ …. but we just can’t …. can we?”

“ No .. of course not ……. “, Omega/HD answered. “ But read this !!”

Starlad read :

“ Poor Omega … I escaped ……… but I will grand you one more chance to capture me …….. tomorrow at noon …… will fight your deputy ……. SheerStudd ……. make him come to centre of city …….. if he can defeat me in a fair fight … I will end my career in crime ……… you must organise a direct broadcast of the fight ….. nationwide ……. SheerStudd may bring one aid ….. not allowed to help him ….. “

“ This is stupid !!”, Starlad’s first reaction. “ SheerStudd’s no longer deputy here …. I AM !!”

“ Yes”, I’ve been thinking about that !!”, Omega/HD answered. “ So it won’t be SheerStudd who will defend the honour and credibility of the Stud Squad …. but you !!”

“ GREAT !!”, Starlad immediately saw this as a chance to prove the others that he had  deserved to become deputy leader. “ I wouldn’t have accepted otherwise !”

Omega/HD watched the anxiety of Starlad with a devious pleasure.

“ You won’t feel so lucky tomorrow, brat !!”, he thought to himself. “ I will break every bone in your body ….. before I totally destroy you !!”

“ … IF he can defeat me in a fair fight ….”, Starlad re-read that one line. ” He will regret the day he escaped from prison …”

“ I still remember when you showed up to fight on exactly that same spot !!”, Omega said. “ That wasn’t ….’

“ That was then …. when I was a rookie …..”, Starlad quickly reacted. “ … I know how they beat me up good …. the Barbarians …. but I’m still here …. deputy of the Stud Squad ….”

“ Have all confidence in you !!”, Omega/HD tapped Starlad on his shoulder. “ Bring him in for me !!”

“ Euroboy !! …. you have a moment?”

After Starlad had discussed every detail of The Hero-destroyer’s message with Omega/HD, he immediately looked around to find Euroboy. At first he couldn’t find the new hero on the block. He finally found him in the gym, working out on his own.

“ Hey !!”

“ Hey, Starlad !!”

“ On your own here?”

“ Yeah ….. I love to train my muscles every day !!”, Euroboy got up from the bench.

“ How much are you doing?”

“ 1500 pounds !!”

“ 1500 !!! YOU ??”

“Thought you didn’t have any real superpowers !!”

“ My powers are still developing …. a few months ago I could hardly bench press 500 pounds !”

“ May I give it a try?”, Starlad already sat down on the bench.

“ How much ?”, Euroboy already stood near the computer to enter Starlad’s instructions.

“ Make it 3000 pounds !!”

“ WOW !!”,  Euroboy did as he was asked.

Starlad easily did 15 reps. “ 4000 pounds !!” Again 15 reps. “ 5000 pounds !!”

“ You know … “, Starlad started talking. “ Tomorrow I have an assignment downtown … and I could need some help …. interested ?”

“ That would be my first mission !!”, Euroboy instantly showed interest. “ He had come to the US to become a true hero ….. and now Starlad, the deputy of the Stud Squad asked HIM to assist him on a mission.”

“ What are we supposed to do ?”

“ You will see tomorrow ….. you just have to watch my back ….. very important !!”, Starlad explained. “ We are going to bust the Hero-destroyer !!”

“ Huh ?? … Thought he was already captured?”, Euroboy sank down on the bench press machine. “ 2000 pounds !!”

“ ……. six ….. seven ………….. eight ………….…….. nine …………………”

“ COME ON ………….. TEN !!!!”

“ Love ….. to work … ggaassspp …..  with you …..”

“ GREAT !!”, Starlad headed for the door. “ Will give you a call tomorrow …..”

After Starlad had left, Euroboy soon hit the showers. Without removing his blue yellow-starred speed, he enjoyed the warm water stimulating and refreshing his body. It didn’t take long before he had his member out of his speedo and started jacking off.

“ Working with Starlad ….”, Euroboy thought to himself. “ oooohhh …. .. really … gonna … uunghh …. love it … Starlad …. Nnghh …. He’s .. great !!”

With Starlad on his mind, Euroboy finally squirted his cum against the wall of the shower.

Part 2

It was almost twelve hours later, 11.50.

Downtown, on the square market, public works had built up a huge tribune where at least a few thousand people could follow the scheduled fight between the supervillain the Hero-destroyer and the deputy leader of the Stud Squad, the young hero Starlad.

A few hours earlier already, the tribune was already practically completely filled. Who wanted to miss this fight that was announced as THE fight of the year ?

It was exactly 12.00 when the hero was spotted high up in the air.

“ LOOK … there he is !!”, people in the crowd started pointing. “ He actually came !!”

Starlad slowly lost height and flew around the market a few times before he slowly landed in the centre of the erected squared circle.

“ Welcome Starlad !!”, the mayor of the city himself greeted the young hero. “ We all appreciate you being here !!”

No one in the audience reacted to these words, no cheering, no applauds. It should have warned Starlad.

“ Thank you mayor !!”, Starlad answered. “ Being the deputy leader of the Stud Squad, I feel honoured to force the Hero-destroyer to surrender, to spend the rest of his life behind bars !!”

“ You can’t imagine how glad I am that it is YOU ….’, the mayor answered. “… who will fight the Hero-destroyer …… couldn’t have thought of a better hero !!”

“ It was devil’s luck that you turned deputy leader of the Squad !!!’, the mayor thought to himself. “ You just have no idea yet that the tribunes are only filled with members of the Starlad Hate Club ….. the least I could do after I joined myself !!”

“ The crowd doesn’t have to worry anymore …”, Starlad answered proudly. “ I am here ….. if the Destroyer dares to appear …… will show you all why Omega made me the deputy leader of the Squad …… he couldn’t have chosen a better one !!”

Again there came no reaction from the crowd. Starlad unconsciously flexed his body even more. His pecks stood like melons, with nipples hard, his arm muscles like iron bars and his gut muscles, showing a perfectly shaped 8-pack. His tiny purple speedo could hardly contain his manhood. The bulge couldn’t be overlooked, splitting two treelike legs, all muscle, looking so incredibly powerful. Starlad’s body just proved to be too perfect. Over the years a Starlad Hate Club had formed, all with only one goal; the final destruction of this body. Many people had joined this Club, started by Nerdboy. It was the mayor who came with the idea to fill the tribunes with only Starlad Hate Club members. Nerdboy welcomed the idea with great enthusiasm. He immediately had contacted the Hero-destroyer. Today was going to be a great show, the apotheosis of the Hate Club.  Maybe after today, the Starlad Hate Club could actually be liquidated, discontinued.

“ I am sure this is going to be a great day ….”, Starlad reacted. “ … for the town …. for justice …. and for me !!”

“ I am sure it will ..”, the mayor responded. “ I’m sure it will, Starlad ….. but may I ask you something?”

“ Yes, mayor … of course !!”, Starlad enjoyed every moment being here. “ what can I do for you !!”

“ We’ve promised all these kind people here a great show  ….. “, the mayor explained. “ All the money they paid will be contributed to the ORS ….. the Organisation for the Retired Superheroes !!”

“ That’s great !!”, Starlad knew about the Organisation. “ What do you want from me?”

“ I would love to see you show your muscles …… give us a small show … flexing every part of your perfect  physique …. “, the mayor said. “ I bet you’re too modest to know …. but believe me …. people here do adore you …. you are their one and true hero !!”

“ Really?”, Starlad faked modesty. “ In reality, he knew he was the only hero with a flawless body ….. pure solidified perfection …”

“But of course !!”, Starlad smiled. “ I understand why they want to see me work my body !!”

Starlad positioned himself in the middle of the squared circle. A little roar erupted from the crowd. Starlad had his feet approximately 2-3 inches apart. The hero’s 8-pack was breathing comfortably while his chest was standing tall. Starlad’s hands were clenched into a fist, his delts, biceps and triceps extremely tight. A slight bend in his elbows highlighted his whole symmetrical package. It was an awesome sight, seeing Starlad like this. He truly HAD a perfectly shaped body. Cranking out the quadriceps muscles, Starlad was in his element. This is what he loved most; showing all his fans how perfect his body was. He took a deep breath and expanded his chest, bringing up the lats on his back while his thumbs were tucked into a tight fist. Starlad stood there, showing his broad smile with confidence. Now turning his back to the crowd, Starlad flexed his freakiest calf and took a half step back with it. As he took both arms straight up, then slowly bringing the elbows down until they were about ear level, the noise of the crowd behind him grew and grew. Starlad realised they were appreciating his body physique. He flexed his biceps hard and flexed the posterior delts slightly towards the crowd. Keeping his chest broad during this pose, Starlad brought out even more  detail in his lower back.

“ OOOOOOHHHH …… YYYAAYY … YYAAYYYYYY …”, the crowd now roared.

Starlad actually even intensified his posing. The young hero was so much occupied with his performance, that he had no idea what actually happened behind him. From above, a black figure slowly descended towards the squared circle. Most people in the crowd saw how the Hero-destroyer, without making any sound, floated behind Starlad.

Still ignorant of the Hero-destroyer’s silent arrival, Starlad proudly showed every pose he knew; a front double bicep …… front lad spread …… side chest …… side triceps ….. front abdominal …….. rear double bicep and finally the rear lat spread. The young hero ended his show with hands-on-hips abdominals.

All this time the crowd was freaking out. Starlad gloated how they clearly admired his body. At the same time however the Hero-destroyer floated soundless behind the still ignorant hero.

“ Starlad !!! ….. STARLAD !!!!!!”

Finally Starlad heard someone calling out his name for some time already. It was Euroboy, who stood at some distance. Only then, from a corner in his eyes, he saw him.

“ LOOK OUT !!! BEHIND Y …….”

The Hero-destroyer, having the ability to morph his body, had changed his hands into wrecking balls, spiked wrecking balls. The villain had taken a swing, even before Starlad could react and hit the hero square on his proud and famous pecks.


The young hero’s body made a full twist in the air before he landed on his knees. While his pecks still seemed to move, the Hero-destroyer slapped the agonized hero across the face, sending his head flying from side to side.

“ As you can see ….”, the Destroyer spoke. “ I have arrived !!!”

Starlad was still on his knees, trying to recover from the first blows. He heard how the crowd was screaming out, cheering, scanting the Destroyer’s name over and over again. Something was wrong here. He knew it. When he looked upwards to the Hero-destroyer, he also saw another familiar figure in the back.

“ NERD-BOY !!?”


This next hit sent Starlad flying straight out of the squared circle. He landed far away into one of the tribunes, in the middle of the crowd, who all hated him to the bone.

“ nnnghhhhh….”, he grunted.

These first hits had taken away some of his solar energy. It gave people in the crowd the chance to hoist him to his feet and roughly push him back towards the centre.

“ uummppfff !!!”

The mayor signalled his workers. Soon giant sunscreens were pulled up around the square, making sure that as little sunlight as possible would reach Starlad. Blocking this ability for Starlad to regenerate, the mayor knew that Starlad’s destruction would become even more certain.

Starlad flew up into the air before he reached the squared circle. He had already absorbed enough sunlight to fully regenerate from this first attack.

“ You may have defeated me before ….”, Starlad warned. “ …. but I am a novice no longer !!”

“ …. this clearly proves to be a trap ….. !!!”, Starlad thought to himself. “ … must stay and fight ….. no matter in what danger I get myself into !!”

To be continued…

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