Starlad in Prison Chapters 11-12
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Starlad in Prison

Author: Studbuster and Hero Destroyer


This story is a work of ADULT FAN FICTION and it contains references to Robin,  Superboy,  Superman, Batman, etc.

These characters are the property of D.C. or Marvel Comics. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy.

This story is written in a co-operation between Studbuster and the Hero-destroyer and has been published before on the Gay Superheroes Fantasy – messageboard.


Part 11 : Surprise, Surprise ……

Starlad was in a world of trouble. He was still stretched between the four ring posts and was totally helpless. 

Dom had put a rope around Starlad’s neck. He was sitting on the ground with his feet on the hunk’s shoulders pulling the rope around the hero’s neck.

” ….. uuuurrccccckkkk!!!! “

” Red looks good on you hero dude …… your face that is !!!!!

“Starlad’s eyes were bulging, his body spasming from pain and lack of oxygen.

The crowd was cheering wildly for more punishment They went beserk as Lard, the fattest man in prison walked into the ring. It was well known that Lard had a definitely cruel mind. He always came up with unusual punishments for heroes. Lard resented all good looking superheroes and Starlad was one of his favorites.

” OHH …… hunky little man … “, he yelled. ” … tonight you die!!!!!!  


The cheers were huge, the prisoners were very very pleased with this notion.

” Please … “, croked the hero.

” HA! “, Lard smiled, looking at Starlad’s perfect body. He dropped his knee into the hero’s biceps … with all of his 400 pounds behind it.


” HAHAHAHA ” ……. BAM …….. the other bicep being crushed into the canvas

” UUUUURRRRKKKK .. “, was all the hero could get out because Dom was still choking him with the rope around his neck.


” uuuuuurrrhhhh !!!! “. The fat man’s knee was driven into Starlad’s thigh .

” uuuurrrccckkkkk !!! “. Starlad’s body trembled with pain

” Dom please …..  let go of the choke hold …. I want to hear him scream …. “

Dom granted the wish. He stood back and let the Lard do his stuff. Lard stood directly over the hero’s head.

” noooo …. pleeaasse …. no more  …….. caaann’t  takkke much mmooore …. !!”

Lard looked at the handsome young face with a look of mock concern.

” Good to hear hunk …. you’re going down….. “

With that the giant fat man leaped into the air and landed with his bum on the muscled chest of Starlad, all 400 pounds of him ……. SPLAT ,

” AARRGGGOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF… ” The sound of the hero’s ribs cracking could have been heard around the ring if it wasn’t for all the cheering and the hero’s own screams.

” AHHH …. music to my ears… “,  Lard laughed out loud as he started to pound the hero’s balls into the mat 

” yyyaaaarrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhhh ……. “

The prisoners were going wild as lard relentlessly pounded the hero’s crotch, laughing somewhat madly. Then Dom signaled one of his men to bring in a table which they set up near the beserk fatman and devastated hero.

” Common, Fatman ….. time to finish this “,  Dom stimulated Lard. Then he helped Lard onto the table. Dom smiled at the stretched out hunk body shuddering.

” Hey Lard ….. do you think he will burst ?? “

” YEAH MAN ….. AM GOING TO LAND ON HIS NIPPLES …. think he’ll pop …”

Starlad looked up, knowing this was his last moment, the fatman, hovering four foot above him, would undoubtedly destroy him. The prisoners chanting ……. bust him …….. bust him …….. didnt give Starlad any hope. As the fat man lept into the air Starlad closed his eyes ….. he didn’t want to see this …. waiting for the inevitable ….. he heard a crashing noise ….. prisoners went silent ….. nothing happened. After a couple of seconds of booing, he

nervously opened his eyes and standing over him was a very handsome blond man in a very smart costume. Lard and Dom were sitting on there arses about fifteen feet away

” WHO …. WHO ARE YOU ??? “

 ” You can call me SUNBURST and I am here to rescue you !!!! “

Starlad passed out as SUNBURST lifted him effortlessly in his arms.  Starlad knew he was safe now.


Part 12 : Still Second Best 

SUNBURST got Starlad out on a rock, in direct sunlight. He waved a crystal over the brused body of the young hero. Mysticlad had given SUNBURST the crystal so he would be able to break the spell that had stolen Starlad’s powers in the first place. It would take some time however before the effect would wear off completely.

” You will be better soon .. Starlad … and I hope we will be friends … “

Mysticlad hovered not far from the two young hero’s waiting for Superboy to appear.

WWOOOOSSSHH … Superboy floated in front of Mysticlad. He was smiling.

” What was it like bashing up Starlad? “, he wanted to know.

Mysticlad tried to hide his disgust at his former friend’s obvious excitement at the thought of Starlad’s demise.

” Oh man ….. it was so cool .. “. Mysticlad went into detail about the fight between him and Starlad and he even added things that didn’t happen. Superboy was obviously aroused and Mysticlad continued .

” I don’t know about you Superboy ….. but I always hated that guy …. he was always so up himself …. “

Superboy nodded his head eagerly.

” I would have done it even if he hadn’t been guilty … I’m glad he’s been put away !!! “

Before he could stop himself Superboy blurted out ” I FRAMED HIM ME !!!!!! HAHAHAHA ……. STARJERK I hated him getting all the attention …. HAHAHAHA!!!”

Mysticlad shook his head in sorrow. He had known Superboy was guilty but it hurt him to hear this confession. There was only one thing left to do. Waving his hand , Mysticlad encased Superboy in steel bands

” I’m sorry .. old friend …. I have recorded your confession and I have to take you in. “

Superboy went wild and strugged to get free


Mysticlad only shook his head and as he reached out to grab him, Superboy flexed his muscles, busting the magic bands.

” UH …. OH!!!! “


Superboy slammed Mysticlad into his gut with all his power, sending him flying into the


” aaaaarrrgghghhh… “

Superboy then flew at him at superspeed …… WHAAAAMMMMM ……. Superboy was hit from the side by a blond and white flash and was sent flying into a wall … which collapsed on him.

SUNBURST floated in the air …. hands on his hips ….. smiling at Mysticlad ……

” Not bad for a beginner … ah? “

Mysticlad smiled looking at the handsome hero ……..

“WATCH OUT !!!!!!!”

Superboy had gotten free and hurled a truck at Sunburst, hitting him in the back and hurtling him into the prison wall ……… WHAAAMMM ……..



Superboy used his heat ray to smelt the truck into molten metal, trapping the young hero in it ….. Sunburst disappeared into the metal inferno

” yyyyaaaaaaaaa ……… “

Dom was watching the fight and smiled.

” That will teach him to fuck up my fights !!! “

Superboy kept on using his heat vision on Sunburst, laughing at the screams from the wreckage


Superboy was driven into the ground. Starlad had recovered and hit Superboy from above at superspeed. Dragging Superboy out of the hole the impact had caused …. wham! ….. wham …. wham ….. wham ….. wham …. slamming Superboy in the face. Superboy’s head jerked from side to side as the barrage of left and rights kept coming. Starlad let the Boy of Steel fall to the ground and kept kicking him in the head over and over. Superboy had never been attacked with such force and the blows kept coming long after he had lost consciousness.

” STOP !!!!!” .

Mysticlad pulled Starlad away ..”You’re killing him ….. he’s out …. !!!!!!”

Starlad stopped instantly and sorried Mysticlad for his total loss of selfcontroll.

” You help Sunburst …. I’ll take Superboy to the prison !!! “

” Thank you, Mike …..”,  Starlad said. “I’m sorry Ii just lost it …. “

” I’m not suprised …. you had every reason …… now go help our new friend .. !!! “

Mysticlad had organized a special cell for Superboy that he could not escape from and quickly had the Boy of Steel locked away. They already had a psychiatric doctor there to help calm Superboy when he came around ….. Mysticlad gave the doctor a small piece of kryptonite on a chain

” Put it around your neck, and he won’t be able to hurt you …… but be carefull with it  …… you could kill him if he is exposed to it for any period !!! “

The doctor nodded and assured the young hero, he would take good care of his friend. As Mysticlad disappeared around the corner, the doctor started to strip off, revealing the powerful body of DOM  THE DOMINATOR!!!!

As Superboy woke he saw a huge muscleman standing in front of him, naked, apart from a chain with a green crystal. Dom smiled at the Boy of Steel stroking his huge erect dick

” I didn’t get a chance to finish with Starlad, but you will do … !!!! “


” NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “

Superboy’s weak wind snapped ……. He was STILL only second best …… !!!!!!!!!!


The end.

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