Don’t Let The Sun Go Down Parts 1-2
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Don’t Let The Sun Go Down

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.


Part 1 – Background

He crossed the campus lawn at a fast clip. Everyone stared at this man-god. He looked gorgeous in a plain white t-shirt and baggy ripped jeans. His blond hair bounced and his face had just a hint of stubble. He carried a backpack on one shoulder. He didn’t notice any of the stares. He never did, but this time, it was because he was rushing to his chemistry class. He was running late and this was the last class before exams started – Professor Knowles was reviewing the entire semester. He had already missed so many classes this term that he knew he needed the review more than most.

When he reached the class, he flew into the room. Everyone turned and stared. He blushed – causing several women and men to fall instantly in love with his cuteness – and quietly took a seat at the back of the auditorium. “Sorry, Sir.”

“Don’t be sorry, Mr. Redfield. Be on time.” The class chuckled politely at the Professor’s joke. Thanks to him, the class had heard it several times over the semester. Everyone turned back to the front of the room.

Professor Knowles sighed. “Where was I?” The Professor knew very few of his students’ names in first year Chemistry, there were over 300 in the class. But he knew Carter Redfield. This young man had been late on several assignments and  always needed extensions. Despite this, the Professor liked Mr. Redfield. He was hard not to like. He was extremely good-looking, well spoken and athletic. He was surprisingly polite and modest, for a young man with his obvious advantages. But what Professor Knowles admired about him was that his work was top-notch. If not for late penalties, he would be the top student in class. As it was, he was still pulling in an A-minus. Remarkable. His mind for Chemistry was unparalleled.

The professor might have been sympathetic, if he had known Carter’s history. His parents had passed away a year ago at the end of high school in a tragic accident – a fire that destroyed their mansion in Beverly Hills. Carter himself was almost killed, but managed to survive somehow – completely unscathed, physically, at least.

Carter had been taught by tutors his entire life and accepted as a special case to many schools, but chose Metropolis University because it was far away from his troubles and anyone who knew him. He did not share the details of his past. The only time he returned to California was to attend to matters regarding his parent’s estate. Since that was resolved, he had not been back.

Of course, Carter also had one other reason for missing so many classes. But he could never tell anyone. In the fire that had killed his parents, Carter had hid under his desk, unable to escape the house. He had prayed that the firemen would arrive before the heat and smoke killed him. The Carter Redfield that had lived before the fire was not the same young man as Carter Redfield now.

Carter had had a hard life … he grew up with a rare skin condition that made it impossible for him to be exposed to bright light – especially sunlight. To do so was fatal.

He had no friends – he never attended school. His parents tried to integrate him, but most kids were in bed by the time Carter could go out and play. A few of the neighborhood kids came over, but that was more because their parents  forced them. In California, it was much cooler to be out at the beach than hanging around in some windowless basement with some loser kid.

With only himself as a friend, Carter studied, watched television and worked out. He saw the men on television – he loved sports – especially wrestling. His father and he would play fight all the time. Carter wanted a body like his heroes, so he exercised and lifted weights endlessly.

He was a brilliant boy. His parents were rich and bought him anything to make his life easier. He was supposed to be dead by age five – the skin condition meant any exposure would result in cancer.  Miraculously, he had already survived to age 17, by the time of the fire.

Carter’s favorite thing in the world was his chemistry set. He worked to develop a skin cream that would protect his fragile skin. He was already very close when the fire started. The fire caused the chemicals to explode. Carter was covered by shattered glass and his experimental creams.

When the firemen arrived, they pulled an unconscious Carter out of the house. He was unharmed – not a scratch! It was labeled a miracle. To his doctor’s surprise, Carter was no longer harmed by light. In fact, he seemed to need it. He felt weak when kept from light for an extended period.

No one in California, except his family doctor really knew Carter, so no one missed him. No one in Metropolis knew his past – and he liked it that way. He was no longer ‘the freak’. He now had his first girlfriend, Rachel, and a life. He still had no real friends of his own, but that would come.

When he arrived, everyone wanted to be his friend. He was rich, gorgeous and from California. But even for someone like Carter, it was hard to make friends when you always cancelled on people – eventually they stopped asking. He had made first-string Varsity football – amazing for a freshman, but had to quit. He could never make practice. He promised himself that it would all change, once he learned how to use his powers.

You see there’s one more thing about Carter Redfield. Unknown to the doctor, other changes had occurred. Carter found he was getting stronger – stronger than humanly possible. His blond hair and fair features meant he should be burned in the sun. Instead, his skin was tanned – for the first time in his life. Carter could fly and was invulnerable to most things.

Carter’s parents taught him to always help others and television (superheroes and wrestlers) taught him good guys wear spandex – so he does, as the costumed crime-fighter, Sunburst. Just recently, Sunburst joined the Justice League of America. That meant meetings, training and missions. His time was no longer his own. But he loved helping others and he would never quit the JLA.

Unfortunately for Carter, not everyone loves rich,  talented, blond hunks. One young man thinks they are spoiled and deserve to be punished for their good genes and good fortune. Right now, this young man and his sycophants are meeting across campus, debating exactly how to humiliate another student – one Carter Redfield.


Chapter 2 – SLAM

Tom Fergus, the Master of SLAM (Sinister League Against Muscleheads), stood in front of three of his four slaves. Tom was a Masters student at Metropolis University in computer science. When he was in first year, he had been brought into the small (5 members) and secret SLAM society. For many years, it had been a place for bitter social outcasts get revenge on behalf of all the disenfranchised. They hated all jocks and frat guys. Every year, the members would join together to humiliate and ruin as many obnoxious jerks as possible.  So far in 1999/2000, SLAM (Sinister League Against Muscleheads) had humiliated 12 jocks over the year, forcing them to withdraw in shame. They had tricked the Dean into expelling another 7.

The other current members were of various ages – there was always a student from each of the four years, who served the Master – who was always a Masters student. Each slave would one day become the Master, but he needed to learn how to handle his tasks.

The slaves this year were (from oldest): Matt, Chris, Steve and Sean. Sean was the brother of one of Tom’s Masters, Carey. All of them were small, under 5’7” and weighed less than 150 lbs. This was not a requirement, just a coincidence. They were all studying science – two in Physics and two in Bio – again, just a coincidence. Steve was the only straight member of SLAM. Matt and Chris were gay, while Sean and Tom were confused at the moment.

Now, at the end of Tom’s run in SLAM, he had accomplished everything he wanted, save one thing. At the beginning of the year, they chose Carter Redfield as their first victim. They planned his humbling with skill, but somehow, he had escaped them. They had tried several more times, but they failed every time. Tom was furious that the freshman had beaten them – he could not leave MU in a few weeks without succeeding.

Over Frosh Week, Sean had gotten to like Carter. As the year went on, he liked him even more. Carter was in the same classes, as they both studied first year science. He was never stuck up or rude. He seemed to genuinely like Sean. Sean knew Tom’s hatred was based on Carter’s looks and money, not on the man himself. So Sean had quietly convinced the other slaves that Carter was okay. Secretly, they had thwarted each plan, so Carter would not be hurt. They knew if Tom found out, he would crush them, but they really liked Carter. In fact, Carter had unknowingly destroyed SLAM. The four remaining members had already decided they were tired of it.

Tom knew something was wrong. It came to a head one day when Sean had introduced all of them to Carter. Tom knew then that Sean wanted him to like Carter – but that would never happen. Today, Tom planned to bring everyone back to his side by exposing the real Carter Redfield.

The four men sat around a monitor in Tom’s basement. They were watching Carter’s dorm room, where Tom had planted a camera. Sean was going to visit Carter, then Tom was going to prove that, after Sean left, Carter’s nice guy façade would fade away.

Carter was studying, while his roommate Kirk, another jock, was talking on the phone. It was unseasonably warm in Metropolis and the all-male dorms had no air conditioning. As such, Carter was wearing only a pair of thin grey athletic shorts. It was obvious there was nothing underneath.

Carter got up to get a Coke from the fridge. The four men of SLAM were amazed at his rippled back, wide shoulders and round, bubble butt. He looked amazing. When Carter lifted one side of his shorts up to scratch his ass, Matt thought the sight of his cheek might make him c– in his pants. Carter turned around. At 6’ and 180 lbs, Carter was perfectly defined. His years of hard work had definitely paid off. His square, firm pecs stood out from his chest proudly. As he walked back, they involuntarily flexed, causing Chris to drool. His stomach looked like eight building blocks stacked. His legs were muscular and extremely defined. Chris leaned to Matt and whispered, “I wish we had done this earlier …”

Matt just nodded as they heard Sean’s knock through the microphone. Sean knocked and entered. Carter was extremely nice and the two sat and talked. Carter stretched out on his bed and put his hands behind his head. His lats fanned out, forming a V to his narrow waist. His muscled arms twitched and pulsed. Sean had an obvious hard-on, which he tried to cover with his books. They made plans to study together and Sean left. Now, Tom was sure, when Kirk got off the phone, the trash talking would start.

Kirk hung up and Tom was right – and wrong. Kirk badmouthed the ‘nerd’ Sean, but Carter defended him and told Kirk to shut up. Tom was shocked. He had thought this would get everyone back on side. Instead, now watching the video of Carter sticking up for the ‘nerd’ for the third time, Tom was the only one who wanted to go after Carter. Sean, who had come back and seen the tape twice, was especially euphoric. In his defense, Carter had called him a friend. Kirk had told Carter about Sean’s hard on, which Carter had missed. Carter told Kirk he didn’t care. If Sean was gay, that was fine with him, he was still a friend. But Carter didn’t just defend Sean, he defended all ‘nerds’ and ordered Kirk never to use the word or badmouth anyone around him again.

As much as Sean was walking on air, Tom was in a rage. Eventually he threw them all out of his house. SLAM was officially over. Tom had warned them, when they left, “when Carter throws you away, don’t even think about coming back!”

Tom sat down, furious, watching Carter in his dorm room. He hated him with more passion than he thought possible. He was TOO perfect. Kirk had gone to his final Geology class – Rocks for Jocks – and left Carter alone. Tom just glared at the screen for an hour.


In his room, Carter felt his watch vibrate and got up. He locked the door – meaning even Kirk’s key would not work. He lifted his now-glowing watch to his face and spoke. “This is Sunburst. Go ahead.”

“Sunburst, this is Wonder Woman. Where are you?”

“I’m in Metropolis.” Carter had not given the JLA his secret identity yet and he knew none of theirs.

“Well, I’m sending you coordinates in Peru. There is a massive mudslide and we need to evacuate. Captain Marvel is already there and the rest of us are heading out.”

“Right. I’ll be there in a jiffy!”

Carter pulled out the trunk from under his bed and removed a false bottom. He pulled up a large diamond of a white, special light-absorbing fabric. It was like lycra, but thinner. He stripped out of his shorts, leaving himself naked. He put his head through the middle of the diamond. He grabbed the two long tips. He stretched them under his crotch, front and back and securely fastened them behind his large balls. He then adjusted the front to hold his sizable package and cover his nipples. He reached around the back and opened the fabric to cover his ass. He slid on two white boots and glued on his white eye mask (a larger Robin-style mask).

When he was done, he checked himself out – everything was covered, barely. The diamond, folded in half, formed two triangles – one front and one back that followed the shape of his body. The triangles went across his wide shoulders and down each side of his body to his crotch, both back and front. It was very tight and revealing, but it allowed him to be exposed to the sun and yet still be covered. The only  adornment on the suit was a red sun in the middle of his chest.

He opened the window, unlocked the door – so Kirk could get in – and flew out the window too fast for anyone to see. Anyone, that is, except Tom Fergus, who had watched the whole thing on camera. Tom smiled to himself. “Well, Carter Redfield, aren’t you perfect. Perfect body, perfect hair, perfect teeth, perfect personality and now, a perfect hero.”

The wheels in his devious mind turned …

To be continued…

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