Starlad in Prison Chapters 9-10
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Starlad in Prison

Author: Studbuster and Hero Destroyer


This story is a work of ADULT FAN FICTION and it contains references to Robin,  Superboy,  Superman, Batman, etc.

These characters are the property of D.C. or Marvel Comics. To the best of my knowledge all other figures are pure fantasy.

This story is written in a co-operation between Studbuster and the Hero-destroyer and has been published before on the Gay Superheroes Fantasy – messageboard.

Part 9 : Showtime

Jiri was starting to sweat a bit already: Dom still looked perfectly in his briefs. He started taunting Jiri and he made a good job of it. Then Jiri made a mistake he could never correct anymore. The croud was roaring it’s encouragement for the dominator. They wanted to see blood. Then Jiri made a mistake he could never be able to correct anymore. He was momentarilly destracted by some remarks from the public. Dom managed to slam an elbow into Starlad’s gut …… WWOOOOMMMPPPHHH !!!!!!!

The air was driven out of Jiri’s lungs. Starlad doubled over. Then Dom double-slammed the hero in his lower back.

” uuuhhhhhh…”

Starlad was on all fours. Dom stood over the hero and flexed his muscles. The prisoners, gathered around the fight, cheered wildly. Dom realised by now, that Mysticlad had managed to save some of his invulnerability to Starlad. He knew now, he could deal out a lot of punishment, whitout killing the hero, at least it would not be a quick death.

While Starlad still was on all fours, Dom stood spread out over Jiri’s back, one foot at each side of the hero’s body. Dom then jumped and let his full weight fall back on Starlad’s back. The hero was directly flattened out and grab to his back, which was close to breaking.

Reaching down, Dom dug his fingers into the hero’s muscular neck, perfectly finding the exposed nerves.


Starlad’s arms started to spasm uncontrollably, while the King of Prison drag Starlad to his feet, holding him by his neck, his fingers still digging deeper into the muscles. Then Dom reached between Starlad’s legs, gebbed his crotch and picked him up, overhead. Starlad’s body was spasming all over now from the nerve hold. The prisoners kept on cheering, screaming : bash him !!! bash him !!!…………… SLAAAMMMM ……….

” aaaarrrrggggghhhkkkkk……. “

Dom had dropped Starlad’s back over his knee hard. Starlad felt as if his back was broken. Dom helt him over his knee, forcing his body into an unbelievable angle, one hand pushing his body down using Starlad’s balls as leverage, the other hand pushing down on his throat, cutting of the air supply.

” aaaarrrggghhhhhh….”,  Starlad cried out.

” hehehe …. not so tough without you powers … are you punk …. !!!”

Starlad’s arms waved helplessly into thin air.

Dom looked at the muscular but helpless body of the young hero over his knee. He got an instand hardon. This body he saw was nearly perfect and it was his to do with as he pleased. Then the six-pack abs caught his eye. He released the hold to the balls and dug his fingers into the hunk’s muscular stomach, digging deeper and deeper ….. pushing his fingers between the muscles …

” yyyyyyaaaaaaaarrrrrgghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! “.

The young hunk’s body convulsed as he felt he was being torn apart.

” Hmmmmmm ….. those abs look like they mat need a little more attention too ??? “

Starlad gasped, still having trouble breathing, because of Dom’s choke hold. After a short while, Dom released his fingers from Starlad’s abs. The hero’s body relaxed from the momentary rest. His arms fell to his side. Dom, still with Starlad’s body draped over his knee and still applying the choke hold, clasped his massive hand on to Starlad’s right pec, covering it completely … squeezing … rolling the tortured muscle around in his hand.


The prisoners cheered as Starlad’s body arched. Then Dom released Starlad’s pec and elbowed

him hard in the balls

” HAHAHAHAHHA  !!!!! “


At last Dom let the young hunk slip down to the ground. Starlad rolled up into a ball, protecting himself. Dom stood over the fallen hero and flexed  ….. DOM….. DOM…… DOM ….. DOM …..!!!!!!

This show was better than any of the prisoners had ever hoped for and it was far from over yet ….. !!!!

Dom called for four of his subjects. He then tied a rope to each of Starlad’s ankles, then throwing the other end of the ropes outside the ring, one at each side of the ring post. He mumbled something to the men while Starlad tried to clear his head by shaking it. When he saw what was going on, he realised the horrible situation and despeately tried to untie the ropes. Dom looked over at him and smiled.

” Oh yes  … hunky dude ….. yes!!!!! “

The four men started running from the ring as fast as they could, pulling the ropes. Starlad moved towards the post …..

” NNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! ” . Starlad screamed. He could see the post racing towards him. ” nnnnnnoooooonnnnoooo………..” ….. SPLAAAAMMM….. !!!!


The young hero’s balls crunched into the steel ring post……. aaaaahhhhhhrrrg …… at speed.

The prisoners went wild … this was hot .. .this was soo hot !!!!! The young hero rolled into a ball again, trying to cover up.

“….. can’t ….. t.a.k.e. ….much ….more …. !!! “,  he whispered.

” Oh yes  …. you can ….. dude!!! “, Dom smiled a vicious smile and he tied other ropes to his writst as well. Then he got his men to secure the ropes to each of the ring posts, streaching the hero as far as possible, arms and legs streched so far there was no way he could move a muscle, his body totally flat apart from his pecs and crotch higher than expected. Dom eyed the hero hungrily.

” STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!! “

It was Chief Warden Sullivan. Dom looked at the prison chief angrily. This wasn’t planned. The warden stepped in the ring with an electric weapon.

” STAND BACK !!!!!! “

The prisoners went silent.No, he couldn’t. He surely was not going to stop this fight.

Starlad looked at the warden, hope came into his eyes again ….

” Thank god  … you came to your sences … “

” Yes i did ….. starjerk …… why should Dom have all the fun… !!!”,  pointing the weapon point blank and fully charged at Dom. Then he swung it back to Starlad and blasted the young hero with thousands of volts.



The prisoners cheered their Warden loudly, relieved that the show was not over yet. Starlad’s body convulsed and jerked as far as his restraints would allow. Finally Sullivan stopped and looked down at the smoking body of the hero ….

” I’m impressed …… Mysticlad’s spell really worked ….. that should have killed you ……..

” uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! ” was all the hero could manage in reply.

” He’s all yours again, Dom !!!”,  the warden said, stomping the hero’s crotch as he left the ring

” aaaaarrhghhh!!!!!!! “

Dom smiled as he looked down at his handsome victim.

” Now it’s time to get serious …… !!!! “

The prisoners cheered loudly as Dom approached the helpless hero


Part 10 : Green Lantern’s Replacement

At last Mysticlad’s suspicions had been confirmed. From the first time he heard about Starlad’s criminal behavior, it became an obsession for him, searching for a reason for this kind of behavior. He had not slept or eaten for two days. Heroes like Starlad just didn’t go bad and soon he had a hunch Superboy had something to do with it.

The superhero-council had been training a new hero for some time already. With Superbrad turning bad and Starlad in jail, they were forced to speed up the process. The council had confiscated Starlad’s solar lamp to use it on this rookie superhero. This hero had powers similar to Starlad’s and Solarman’s. The council was in the process of checking out in what way the solar lamp had effect a possible negative effect on this rookie. They wanted to be sure before they would allow Sunburst to use this lamp to his advantage.

In another town, another cave, it was Batman who had discovered the presence of the tiny microchip on Starlad’s body. Batman had investigated the tapes that were shown on TV and he had noticed the very small wound in Starlad’s neck. Batman felt that this technology could only have come from Krypton. He knew Superman was in deep space and couldn’t be reached. There was no way he could have done it. Superboy on the other hand was bad news. Mysticlad had discussed his concerns about Superboy with Batman before and the caped crusader now contacted Mysticlad about his discovery. Mysticlad joined Batman in a flash, using his powers. With his sixth sense Mysticlad was able to feel Superboy’s responsibility by only touching the TV-screen, while showing the video again.

” DAMN !!! We have to get Starlad out of that prison …..!!!!!

” I know, son ……. but your magic won’t hold up in court …. we need a confession. ” Batman answered.

” Can’t you use your connections ….. I have been recieving bad vibes about Starlad …… I feel

he’s in danger ….. “

” OK …… I will see what I can do …… we do need to have proof he was under someones influence …… that might be enough to get him out …….. “

Batman made several calls around the country, but all the more experienced heroes where too busy …..

” …. and we can’t ask the Green Lantern …… his membership to the Justice League has been revoked. Rayner is out of the superhero business ………. thanks to this Boy fucker … “

” Is there no one, who can help me ??? “

” Only one, I guess …… Sunburst !!!!! “

” Sunburst ?? …. Who’s that ???? “

” He’s our newest recrute ……. a new member to the Justice League … the replacement for the Green Lantern …. “

” Okay .. thanks …. “,  Mysticlad mumbled. ” that’s all I need …… someone with even less experience then I have …”

Mysticlad was in deep thoughts, coming up with a plan to trap Superboy. At that moment there was a knock on the door. Because Batman was in another room, Mysticlad thought it would be okay to let who ever it was in. He pressed a button at the panel. The door opened automatically…….

” OH MY GOD !!!!!!! “

Mysticlad’s throat felt as if it was squeezed hard. He couldn’t breath anymore. He felt how he got an enormous erection within seconds …… he shot out without even touching his cock. A small dark stain appeared on his costume at a somewhat humiliating place.

It was the new superhero, SUNBURST, who stood in the doorway. He looked like 18 or 19 

years old, six foot tall, 180 pounds. Slim waist, broad shoulders. He had blond hair, parted in the middle …. a face of a young god, every muscle standing out smooth and round on a hairless body. Mysticlad was stunned. He couldn’t take his eyes off of these large pecs, nipples sitting high and proud, pushing through the light fabric of his costume. The costume was awesome. Just a white triangle starting at his ample crotch, running outwards to the point of his broad shoulders, a large red sun on his powerful chest. The back was another triangle, barely covering his tight round butt. He wore knee-high white leather boots.

” Mysticlad? ……. I am SUNBURST …. “,  his voice smooth and mellow. Mysticlad’s face was bright red and only his magical powers made the stain in his costume disappear.

” AHHHH …… Hi!!!!! “,  he finally managed to say. He got up slowly, hoping his erection didn’t stand out too much.

” I’m a big fan of you and I am anxious to help you to do something for Starlad. I was a bit nervous about meeting you Mysticlad. My girlfriend has a crush on you, and I’ve been a huge fan for years ….. “

” DAMN ……”,  Mysticlad thought. ” What is it with these solar-powered guys ….. they ‘re all hot but straight ……  oh well …….. I can look any way …. no harm in that …… “

Batman came back into the room.

” SUNBURST …… good you are here now …… Starlad has been cleared but there is no answer from the prison …..  I fear your suspicions may be right … “

Mysticlad quickly walked towards the door.

” I have contacted Superboy telepathically and asked him to meet me two miles north of the prison ……….. told him I had some information for him regarding Starlad ……… he will meet me in 20 minutes.”

Mystriclad went on.

” SUNBURST ….  You fly straight to prison and rescue Starlad …… use any means possible and then you and Starlad hide nearby the place where I will meet Superboy …… I may need help after I get his confession ….. I want Superboy straight into jail ……

Mysticlad watched the stunning SUNBURST run from the room. 

” Ohhhh ….. are you alright Mysticlad? ……you look a little flushed !!! “

” No ….. I’m fine, but thanks Batman … to go now………….. BYES !!!!!!! “

Mysticlad hurried out of the room, hoping the older hero didn’t notice his huge erection. Batman however knew and saw everything.

” If SUNBURST is half as good as he looks, we will have no problems at all … !!!!! “

To be continued…

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