Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 11-12
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Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.

Part 11

Around 1.000.000 volts of electricity now scorched Starlad’s helpless body.


The crowd saw how the hero’s legs, still free from the cables spasmed wildly. Soon smoke even came from within the coiled up cables, both up alongside his neck and near his legs.

“  YYYOOHOOOO …. BEAT HIM ….. SMASH HIM …….. !!!!”

Starlad was screaming in agony. Sweat was pouring from his head.  It felt as if his head was about to explode, veins close to bursting because of a constricted blood flow; his blood near boiling point. 

The crowd went berserk again, when they saw how Starlad slowly stopped moving. It was clear that his body became overheated, limp, stopped functioning as his body was squeezed out like a melon. His eyes popped out, his tongue squeezed out of his mouth, drooling and a shocked look on his face.

Only seconds before Starlad’s body would collapse completely, the Destroyer forcefully pulled the cable, hurling him up into the air. .

“ NOW YOU DIE HUNK ……. “, he promised as the crowd cheered and yelled.

HD started using the cable as a sling, starting to swing Starlad around by the cable. The Destroyer walked over towards the buildings while Starlad was swung around faster and faster.


The Destroyer now sent Starlad flying into a building. A huge explosion followed, an enormous dust cloud filled the square. It was uncertain what had happened to Starlad’s body.

“ DEAD …. DEAD …….. DESTROY HIM !!!”

The Hero-destroyer finally pulled the cable to which Starlad had been attached. The hero’s body was dragged through the rubble, humping and bumping over every boulder blocking his path. When Starlad finally lay at the Destroyer’s feet, he was dragged back to his feet by his hair.


“ .. … pl.ease …….. c.cant …… ….. “, Starlad moaned softly. “ …… ….. m.m.must ………”

“ I only must deliver more pain to you !!”, HD reacted and like he did the first time, he lashed the cable, flipping Starlad’s still powerful body high up into the air again. Another pull to the cable sent Starlad flying into the ground at about forty feet from HD. The impact of Starlad’s body into the ground caused a huge crater. Another cloud of dust rose up. Starlad soon crawled out of the crater, although with difficulty. The Destroyer who was still connected to Starlad with the cable pulled it again. Starlad was knocked off his feet with a tug. Another flipping of the cable launched Starlad up in the air again, soon to create a next crater.

“ OOOEEEMMPFFFFFFFFF !!!!!!!!!”, a huge cry was heard where Starlad was suppose to be.


Starlad managed to crawl out of the pit. He looked affected. The Hero-destroyer didn’t give Starlad much time to recover. He pulled in the cable, dragging Starlad close again. The hurt hero gurgled and groaned in front of the Destroyer. HD finally let go of the cable. He stood over the pulverized mighty hero, whose bruised and battered body was spasming and jerking.

“ Now you thought you had me .. didn’t you ?”, HD started taunting the hardly moving Starlad. “ Well …. Now I have you …… close before the ending of your last fight ever !!”

“ …nnhhhh ……uu..n..hh…. “, Starlad sank into a semi-consciousness.

When Starlad finally opened his eyes again the first thing he saw was the Destroyer, standing over him, hovering a five ton steel girder above him. It was at least fifty feet long. 


“ … nn.nooo …… N.N.NOOOO …… !!!!!!!!!”, Starlad immediately realised the extreme danger but he was too weak to move out of the way in time. The Hero-destroyer jumped up high, before he drove the girder into Starlad’s throat. The impact drove Starlad deep into the solid ground. When HD finally stepped back and let go of the girder, it just stood straight up into the ground. Starlad’s body was partly driven underground, only his arms and legs were still visible. The crowd saw how Starlad’s limps were twitching and spasming like mad. His arms instinctively reached for the sky.


The Destroyer didn’t wait very long. He kicked the girder down, reached down into the pit. Soon he pulled Starlad’s body out. The crowd screamed, yelled and roared as they saw how the hero was pulled out only by his speedo. The humiliation was complete. The villain slowly looked around until he showed a smile. His eyes lit up.

“ See that truck ….. hero ?”

Starlad only softly moaned.

“ You know it’s loaded with highly flammable petrol !!!” , HD got out. “ … wonder what’s tougher ….. smashed hero’s muscles or the metal from that truck !!!”

“……. n.nooo …… .t.the …. p.people ……… t.he ….. ….r .…”, Starlad softly got out.

“ Just give them my regards when you get there !!”

With these sarcastic words, the Hero-destroyer threw Starlad’s body through the air at superspeed directly towards the huge truck, filled with petrol.

** CCCRRAASSHH ********

Starlad’s body split open the outer shell of the tank. Soon his body completely disappeared into the tank. Immediately the petrol started gushing out from the tanker. Soon the direct surroundings of the tanker were drained with the inflammable liquid. At that moment, Starlad appeared through the opening in the side of the tank. He was still on all four, completely soaked with the petrol.  

“ .. m.muscle … g.gasp …. s.stronger ……uuhh…..  !!”, he got out as he overlooked the devastation around him. “ …. m.may .. be ….. b.etter to ……”

Starlad realised, that this new situation could end up in disaster. He was in doubt; retreat ….. or fight the Destroyer up to the end.

“…… m.must …… ….”

Then, from a corner of his eye, Starlad saw a weedy, little guy, smoking a cigarette.

“… … … s.should ……. t.take .. care ….I …’, Starlad tried to warn the man.  Instead of the man extinguishing the cigarette to prevent an explosion, Starlad saw how the man slowly started laughing as if he had come up with a perfect idea. Starlad looked up, still on his hands and knees in the opening of the tanker.

“  NNOOOOOOOO !!!!”, he yelled out as the skinny guy lit up another match and dropped it into the petrol which ignited immediately.

Starlad saw how the fire rapidly approached the tanker, he was still in. He knew he had to act quickly. In his present state, Starlad had no idea if he could survive an explosion this massive. Probably not !!!


In one giant explosion, the petrol truck was set into a blaze. As if it was only a toy, it was launched high up into the air, then falling back to the ground again. A second explosion followed, breaking the truck into several parts that where blown to all directions. A few parts even crashed into the crowd but no one took any notice of some of the hurt fans. They all stood as hypnotized, trying to look through the smoke and flames to see what had happened to Starlad. 

Soon however, a loud cheering rose up from that same crowd. They knew history was made here. Starlad, once a mighty hero, was blown out of this world. The huge fire still blazing, said it all. No one could have survived this and Starlad was right in the middle. 

Just after huge explosion Beach Boy managed to free himself from the stunned crowd that attacked him. They were more interested in the explosion now then they were in this weak hero. Beach Boy immediately started running towards the explosion, using his water powers to quickly put out the flames.

“ MUST SAVE HIM … MUST SAVE STARLAD !!!”, he thought to himself. “ …. even IF he could have survived this hell ….. .”

Both Wallaby Kid and Kangaroo Lad had great difficulty to just stand firm and upright against the combined power of Visious and Barbarian. The two young heroes were fighting back to back. At one moment Barbarian raced into Kangaroo Lad while Visious did the same with Wallaby Kid. Without having been able to discuss a strategy, both heroes jumped aside only a split second before impact. The result was a full hit between Visious and Barbarian so powerful that both thugs slumped to the ground. This gave the roo boys a chance to finally pay back.

While all the devastation had been going on, Boomerang had been fighting his way towards Euroboy. The super powered fans had been tuff but seeing his friend hanging unconscious gave Boomerang enough strength to battle on. Throwing a boomerang he cut the rope holding the unconscious hunk up in the air. Euroboy fell towards the ground. Boomerang stood right under Euroboy holding out his arms, ready to catch him. At that same moment he heard the explosion. He turned in distraction. Euroboy hit the ground har. Boomerang turned around. Alexi was still unconscious.

“ Ohhhh ….. I hope no one saw that !!!”, he threw the stunning hunk over his shoulder and ran for safety. “ At least Euroboy can’t witness against me !!”

Beach Boy was the first to inspect the remains of the truck. Before he could find anything positive, he was grabbed from behind. As he managed to look backwards, he saw the face of the Destroyer.


“ NNGGHHH !!!!”, Beach Boy immediately slumped to the ground. A second attack, right in the middle of his neck, rendered him unconscious.

Studbuster held Captain Australia by the front of his costume, his body limp, just hanging in semi-conscious. Studbuster was fully enjoying himself, addicted to bashing into any hunks face.

“ Studbuster hurt pretty man … Studbuster kill pretty man …….”

The villain threw Captain Australia to the ground and knelt besides him. He’s just about to deliver the beat up hero a death blow, when Australia radiated an extremely bright light, blinding Studbuster with it. At that same moment, he grab Nerdboy’s ankles who still danced around him, taunting him. While Captain Australia rolled aside, he dragged  the creepy scientist to where he lay just before. Studbuster’s death blow didn’t stop because of the blinding light and hit Nerdboy full on his body.


Captain Australia managed to get up to his feet again. At that moment he heard the huge explosion.

“ NNNOOOOO ……. STARLAD !!!!!”, he knew, despite his own fight where all the other heroes were at the moment. He had to, because he was leader of the group and was chosen to protect the others.  

Part 12, the end.

Starlad staggered from the flaming wreck.

“  I ….I …. .. S.HALL ….. W.WILL….PREVALE …….”

Hearing these words immediately got the whole square silent. It was Starlad. He had survived … but how.

Definitely very weak, Starlad rose from the remains of the truck. His body was covered with bruises, partly blackened, but to everybody’s utter surprise, he was on his feet again.

“ W.WHERE …. I .. IS …. . H.HE …..”, Starlad got out as if he was still capable of fighting and defeating the Hero-destroyer. He even had to find some extra support as he walked away from the devastation.

“ … nnnhh..nnhhh….”, he had to stop for a moment to regroup himself. “….. d.dizzy …. m.must …… uunhh …”

“ … look at .. him ……. “, some in the crowd were the first to notice. “ …. look at his speedo … or what is left of it !!!”

Others started pointing too. Some started laughing, but most men knew that what they saw was too impressive to laugh about. Probably not even one guy around the square would be able to compare his own dick and come out on top.

“ That’s a great looking cock !!!”, one man even reacted. “ It’s … it’s …… “

For all it was clear now where that more then average bulge from Starlad came from. Being a member of the Hate Club , it was hard to admit it. The man stopped talking before he had actually said something positive about this hero. Due to the explosion and the fire, Starlad’s famous purple speedo was partly scorched, even burnt away, smoke and burn marks on the remaining parts of it. The whole front of it had disappeared, causing his dick to hang out freely. Starlad himself hadn’t noticed it yet.

From a distance the Hero-destroyer had watched how the certain to be death hero rose up from the ashes. He immediately stared at the impressive cock from Starlad and knew what he wanted to destroy before the final death blow.

“ This hero doesn’t even realise his cock is an insult to all others !!”, the Destroyer thought to himself. “ For that alone he must die !!”

The fans saw where the Destroyer was looking at and cheered. Starlad now also looked at where they all were staring at. To his horror he realised what the Hero-destroyer was thinking.

Although Visious and Barbarian might have been tricked by Wallaby Kid and Kangaroo Lad, they were not defeated yet, not by long. Visious concentrated on Kangaroo and easily knocked him back against a wall.

“ Will crush you to mush !!”, he promised as he already reached out for the final blow.

Kangaroo Lad just in time managed to do a super jump just as he was about to be smashed into the wall. Visious only hit a brick wall. He did it with so much power, the already weak wall collapsed on top of Visious. More and more stones, debris fell on top of the villain. Kangaroo Lad jumped over to where Beach Boy lay helpless. He grabbed his friend, before the Hero-destroyer realised what was happening. The Destroyer had no intention of interfering with this hopping hero. It was Starlad that he needed destroyed and eliminated. He understood that Starlad would pose no difficulty anymore. This arrogant, annoying hero might have survived this explosion, but the state his body was in said enough.

As HD finally stood in front of the hero, Starlad’s arm moved up and hit the Destroyer into his gut. Nothing happened. HD didn’t even move. Starlad desperately stomped HD again, and again.

The crowd, seeing the weak Starlad stomping their own villainous hero without any result, screamed out again.


As Starlad grew weaker and weaker, he used all his remaining powers for his futile  attacks. He started sweating profoundly. His heroic but futile attack on the Destroyer slowly became weaker, more and more lacking the power. Only lifting his arms became hard labour already.

The Hero-destroyer finally took over by reaching down, grabbing the base Starlad’s free hanging manhood., squeezing his manhood upwards, pulling it away from the hero’s still awesome looking body so hard, that Starlad’s cock and balls were visible on top of HD’s fist.

“ GGGNNYYYAAAAAWWWWWW !!!!!”, Starlad was forced to tiptoe as HD pulled the cock and balls up even more. The Hero-destroyer now smiled into Starlad’s stunned, contorted face. He had both his hands pressed against HD’s chest and desperately tried to press himself free. It was of no use. He was at the full mercy of the Destroyer now.

Studbuster was completely in shock when he finally realised what had happened with Nerdboy.

“ Please .. you say something …… to Studbuster !!!”, he got out as he lifted his master from the ground. “ … not my fault ….  please … not …. stupid hero’s fault …. he moved …….”

While Captain Australia tried to reach the devastated truck, his path was blocked by more and more people from the crowd. Studbuster just didn’t know anymore what to do. He only stood there, with Nerdboy still hanging limp in his arms.

“ Please …. Master ….. what m.must … I ….. !?!!”

Finally Nerdboy slightly opened his eyes. He soon realised, he had no choice but to leave this place. He was too much hurt. Pressing a small button on his belt, he teleported  both him and Studbuster away from the town square, back into safety. Nerdboy realised, he needed time to heal, although he was desperately disappointed no to see and experience the final destruction of Starlad.

“ ….. …. g.asp ……you m.must … f.fight fair…. !!”, Starlad grunted as his manhood was abused by the Hero-destroyer.

The crowd started chanting themselves.

“ …FUCK FAIR ……. FUCK HIM ……. SPLIT HIM ……. KILL HIM !!!”, the screamed and chanted. “ SMASH HIS NADS … CRUSH HIS BALLS ….. PULVERIZE HIS COCK !!!!”

While Starlad’s cock and testicles were squeezed out of the Destroyer’s fist, they soon turned a dark purple. The villain now transformed both his fists into the toughest mineral around, diamond. With his balls and cock still clasped inside HD’s now diamond fist, Starlad was in utter pain already. Still on his toes, he had trouble staying upright, especially when HD pulled his cock up higher and higher.


The Hero-destroyer now slammed his one fist on top of the other. Unfortunately for the young hero, his cock and balls were caught in the middle.



The Destroyer smashed his fist again into Starlad’s family jewels. The hero threw his head back into his neck. His arms were swaying through the air, helplessly.



While Starlad yelled out  uncontrollably, the crowd screamed out from utter ecstasy. Captain Australia, Wallaby Kid and Boomerang all heard Starlad’s mind breaking cries, but they just were unable to reach where the Destroyer took care of business with Starlad.  

The Destroyer just kept on going pulverizing Starlad’s jewels between both his diamond fists until the hero only hung limp, only hanging up in the air by his balls, still inside the Destroyer’s grip. Starlad’s arms and legs still flew around wildly after every new smash.

“ ….. ninety-six ……. ninety-seven ……. ninety-eight ………… ninety-nine …… ONE HUNDRED !!!!!!”, the crowd counted ever new blow, all witnessing the extreme damage done to the suffering hero’s balls.


Starlad, hanging down from his balls, only barely tried to manage to look up over his own pecs.

“ ….. AAAAAHHH … p.please …….. NNGHHHAWWWW ….b.beg … ……. “, Starlad by now had lost every dignity. “ …… ….. p.p.please ….. w.will … ….AAAAAHHHHHHGH …. any.t.t.hing ………….”

Once Starlad was known as the hero who would never surrender, never give up a fight, how difficult and dangerous it looked. Today however, something had broken inside him. The suffering he had endured up until now was even too much for the great hero. The Hero-destroyer had lived up to his name again.

“ ……. p.please ……. c.cant …. t.take … it ……. “, Starlad tried again. “ …. GGGNNNAAWWW ……. w.will …… …….. N.N.NOOOOOOOOOO  …..”

Starlad was utterly horrified when he saw how the Destroyer’s fists were now combined together. As he fell to the ground with a thud, these fists slowly transformed into a giant drill. While the Destroyer placed his boot on Starlad’s weak chest, he manoeuvred his rotating drill just above the spot where once Starlad’s six-pack was visible.

“ NOW YOU DIE .. HERO !!!!”, the Destroyer smiled his most sadistic smile Starlad has ever seen. 

“ …g.g.asp …. n.nooo ….. n.n.n.noooooooo ……..”

The drill, three foot long and one foot wide spinned around at over 1000 revs per second. The whining noise sounded like a screech. Starlad managed to get his hand yup.

“ …… noooo … please …….. “

The crowd was going wild .

Starlad looked to his side. In the back he saw how his fellow heroes were still fighting, clearly trying to reach him. The crowd however managed to slow them down.

“ …..t.they … wont .. make it ….”, it crossed Starlad’s mind.

The Hero-destroyer’s face showed that he was ready for the final strike against this defeated hero. In a last attempt, Starlad reached out in a last but helpless gesture towards his friends who still were too far away, to be of any help.

“ n.n.nnoooo ………. NN..NN..NNNOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!”

Then, at that exact moment, when the Destroyer would strike his deadly blow, the crater both he and Starlad were in, suddenly was empty. The screaming fans suddenly stopped, the Aussie heroes ran to the rater to see what had happened. All they found was a puff of smoke but no Starlad, no Hero-destroyer anymore.

Captain Australia looked around his team now, all standing around the crater.

“ DAMN IT ….. we were too late “, he sadly had to conclude as he hung his head in sorrow for his lost comrade. “ WE … WE FAILED …….. !!”

“ Starlad .. h.he g.gave his life …… “, Captain Australia went on. “ .. only to make sure …. this Hero-destroyer … would never cause havoc …. on this world anymore !!”

“ We should be silent for a moment … to remember Starlad !!”, Boomerang suggested.

While Captain Australia, Boomerang and  Kid Wallaby bow their heads while standing silent around the crater, the crowd behind them slowly started screaming out again. It was clear to them now, that their most hatred hero, Starlad was dead .. .and gone. They didn’t care for the Hero-destroyer who had perished together with Starlad. Rocks and stones were thrown towards the silent standing Aussie heroes. A few even hit target, but none of them reacted to it.

From the back Kangaroo Lad, Beach Boy and Euroboy approached. By now they knew what had happened. Never before had they lost a partner in one of their fights. But today, this was the second mortality already in one week. After Solarman, now Starlad had given his life for the protection of this town, this country and this planet.

The end.

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