Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer Parts 7-8
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Starlad vs the Hero-Destroyer

Author: Hero Destroyer

Posted for the first time at : now defunction.

I am not sure who was the author of this story but I think Hero Destroyer was most likely the writer or at least he is the owner of this universe so I will put him as the author.



Part 7

The four muscular men, all member of the Starlad Hate Club couldn’t believe their ears when the Destroyer picked them out of the crowd to crush mighty Starlad. The Destroyer had seen the hardons in these man’s tight jeans, making it clear to him that they would not only be able to deliver more punishment to the lad, but they would most certainly enjoy it. As impressive as Starlad’s body was, realistically he was still only 180 pounds and six foot. Only his superpowers made him incredibly strong.

One of the men immediately tore off his shirt, showing his own bulking muscles. He sprang behind the hero and stomped Starlad’s bruised back.


The crowd immediately roared out again. They now realised that even ordinary men like themselves could hurt Starlad. They felt jealousy for not being chosen themselves to crush this hero.

Starlad was still suffering tremendously from the impact into Town Hall. He knew that his superpowers were again diminished, making that one blow into his back already cause an extra wave of pain through his body. He just in time managed to roll his body over, just in time to avoid another powerful attack into his back.


That first thug only found debris where only a split second before Starlad’s gut lay. A few big stones were totally shattered due to this powerful impact. The other three men were not very far away. With Starlad still on the ground, one of the thugs landed his right fist frontally into the hero’s face.


The man reached back for another blow. Starlad this time raised his arm to try and ward it off. In no time however, another kick flew in from right side. At the same time one of the thugs dropped his elbow into Starlad’s abs.

“ ….uuunnghhh..  nnghhh ….. hhhnnnnnnn….”, Starlad grunted with every blow.

He realised, he had to get up to his feet first to even just be able to defend himself. Starlad knew that if he could prolong this fight, the sunlight would soon restore his superpowers again. These four simple thugs would then be no problem for him anymore.

“…… and .. then … the h-hero … destroyer …”, he reassured himself. “ …. nnnnnnnhhhhhhhh…”

Finally Starlad was back on his feet again. He was still surrounded by all four muscular men and they were all ready to charge. One of them attacked with a spin kick, but Starlad lifted his arm in time to block it.

“ uunnnhhh !!”, Starlad felt the pain in his arm.

Immediately the second thug threw in a punch, targeting Starlad’s head. The hero however ducked it gracefully, then stretching his leg out and actually kicked the attacker backwards.

“ aaaww !!”, Starlad grunted softly.

It was as if he had kicked into a brick wall. Starlad didn’t understand. These were just normal guys. Why did it hurt so much to fight them? The third fighter leapt forward, but Starlad just in time managed to catch the man’s fist. He had overlooked the speed with which the man lifted his knee straight up between Starlad’s legs.

“ GGGGNNYYYAAAWWWWW !!!!!!”, Starlad instantly grabbed his groin with both hands for comfort, groaning uncontrollably, dropping down to his knees, clutching his manhood in utter pain. “ …. ooohh …. n-no … g-gaspp … “

Before the hero could recover, two of the men each grab an arm of the tormented hero, smashed his armpits, then pressed their knees on his wrists, pinning the hunk into a crucifix position. To Starlad’s own surprise, he felt how these men easily kept him down. Why wasn’t he regenerating? He should have easily thrown them far from him, even after an earlier beating.

Only Nerdboy knew the truth. Months ago already, he had constructed a new ‘gadget’ that was able to increase a man’s powers many times. For this, Nerdboy had set up a devious scheme long ago already, actually during the last annual meeting of the Hate Club. With over twelve hundred visitors, Nerdboy had arranged to add specially engineered artificial hormones into the food. Using a specific electromagnetic frequency, Nerdboy was now able to increase the strength of anyone who had eaten one of the dishes during that Convention. Starlad WAS slowly regenerating again, but his attackers in an even higher pace were gaining their own super strength now Nerdboy had switched on the transmitter.

While Starlad was struggled between the two men, the other two picked up large bits of marble rubble and started smashing both his mighty biceps for at least ten minutes. The crowd was cheering like mad when they saw how Starlad just lay there, groaning with an occasional scream.

“ aaaaaiieee …… aaaaaaa….iiieee….”

It didn’t take long before Starlad’s biceps were literally tenderized due to the prolonged beating. He could hardly move his arms anymore. Every bit of strength was beaten out of his arms. Huge bruises now covered his arms. His biceps only piles of mush now.   

One of the men got up to his feet and looked around in the crowd. He soon returned with the fattest man ever seen in this town. Starlad, turning his head looked at the man.

“ oo-h-h .. g-god … n-noo ….”, he almost freaked out. “ ….. h-he must .. be ….. 600 pounds …… nnghh … a-at … l-l-least ……”

“ You still remember my friend !!”, the man bent over the devastated super hunk. “ Lard boy is his name …… nice guy actually !!”

Starlad lay close to the building. The muscular bouncer helped this enormous man up the stairs and onto a ledge at least ten feet above the hero.

“ …..”, Starlad realised the horror.

His chest, the prime source of fascination for the Hate Club members; a great set of pecks needed a big chest to look good. Starlad’s chest was just horribly awesome. His broad, muscular chest, dotted with two firm, standing nipples quickly narrowed into a waist, as perfect as any other part of Starlad’s body. His tanned skin was drawn tight over the hero’s mighty pecks and ribcage. When moving, the skin seemed to just slide over his muscles and ribs. All the Starlad Hate Club members wanted to see was the crushing of this hero’s ribs and Lard boy was the one to do it.

“ You ready hagain ero ??!!”, Starlad was still kept in his place by the two men, pulling his arms to the sides. “ You know what? …. Lard boy thinks he can fly !!”

Starlad gulped. That Lard boy, he still remembered last time, a few years ago when Nerdboy had already arranged for this Lard boy to use his extreme body against him.

“… n.noo …. n.noo …..”

“ …. THREE ….. TWO …… ONE ……. !!!!”, the crowd counted down before Lard boy threw his weight of the platform.

“ N..NOOO …..”, Starlad squeezed his eyes shut as he saw how Lard boy’s body quickly plummeted towards him.

 **** S-S-S-Q-Q-Q-U-U-U-A-A-A-S-S-S-H-H-H-H-H-H ******

The crowd screamed out over and over as they witnessed how Lard boy’s blubber almost completely covered Starlad’s hard, muscular body. Rolls and rolls of bodiy fat spread itself all over the hero, who’s grunts and groans were completely smothered with his face completely buried in between two greasy labs of fat. Only one arm of Starlad was still visible, showing a balled fist first, but soon only helplessly grabbing for anything to hold on to.  

“ AAAYYYEEAAAYYY !!!!”, Nerdboy danced and sang around the huge mountain of fat. “ love it … love it …… big dude …. splashed … all over …”

Lard boy needed some time before he finally and slowly rolled off Starlad’s body. Only now the grunts and groans from the hero could be heard. His chest was definitely flattened after Lard boy’s impact. Breathing was only shallow. He wanted to get his hands on his stomach, but he lacked the strength after his biceps were already turned into mush.

“ Are you feeling fine now?”, Nerdboy kept dancing around Starlad, who only tried to absorb the  excrutiating pain with every breath he tried to take. “ Here …. “

Nerdboy kicked Starlad hard into his side.

“ YYYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY !!!!!”, Starlad cried our in pain.

Starlad by now was sure, that Lard boy with his jump, had broken at least two or three of his ribs. Nerdboy’s kick into his side forced one of the ribs into the flesh.

“ .. g..gasp ……. g.ghhaa……. “

Nerdboy stepped back about ten feet, raised his arms just before he rn in and kicked Starlad between his legs with all the power he had in him. Starlad’s body was driven back a few inches.

“ GGGGGAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW !!!!!!!!”, Starlad almost went mad with the inflicted pains. “….. GGGHHAAA ……… nnnnnnnnhhhhhhhnnnn ….”


The crowd went berserk when they saw how the 600+ pound Lard boy was helped up the ridge again. Starlad could hardly move, without experiencing extreme pains, but seeing this mountain of lard above him again, brought instant panic.

“ N-NOO …… UUNNGHHH …. N-N-NOOOO …….. “

Even speaking, reacting brought pain to his body.

“ …. THREE ….. TWO …… ONE ……. !!!!”, the crowd made the countdown.

 “ N..NOOO …..”, Starlad squeaked as he saw Lard boy jump off the ridge again.


 **** S-S-S-Q-Q-Q-U-U-U-A-A-A-S-S-S-H-H-H-H-H-H ******


For a few seconds everything was practically silent. Starlad was completely out of sight, completely covered under the enormous greased body of Lard boy. No sound came from the pulverised hero. Was he still alive? Or …?

Lard boy for a moment got to all four. Underneath his body, barely visible lay Starlad’s prone body. He didn’t move. His chest was barely heaving anymore. A few seconds later Starlad’s body started spasming uncontrollably. Starlad had regained consciousness. Lard boy lowered his body again, fully draping his rolls of fat over the nicely tanned body of Starlad.


Part 8

It was around three ‘o clock. Back in the Stud Squad mansion all five Aussie heroes were relaxing. Unaware of what was going on downtown, they all were hanging around in relaxing couches, watching a special rugby match between Australia and New Zealand. Now with Omega not around, they had even dared to illegally use the super computer to see the live transmission of the match on the Internet.

“ Am sure we will destroy the All Black today !!”, Joey opened a can of beer and handed it over to Tom. “ The Kangaroos will rule …… YEAH !!!!”

“ Darren Lokyer is in top shape !!!”, Matthew sat at the edge of his couch. “ See those muscles …… those powerful legs …. he’ll jump over ten feet high !!”

“ YEAH !!! Aussie rules the world !!!”, Todd reacted. “ He’ll just run circles around them !!!”

Sandy returned from the kitchen, wearing one of those hats with a beer can on each side. Straws came down from these cans going to his mouth.

“ Have they started already?”

“ In a sec !!”, Joey now opened a can for himself. “ Come sit here ….. we’ll get some fresh beer later !!!”

Soon the match started. All eyes and ears were now concentrated on the game.





“ DAMN !!!!”, Joey cursed. “ NOT NOW !!!”

“ Someone’s in trouble !!”, Todd jumped up from the couch. “ Rugby match or not …. we are heroes …. and we’ve promised to always defend the innocent … even now that we are here … and not back home in Australia !!”

“ They do have their own heroes here !!!”, Sandy protested. “ We’re here to pay our respects to Solarman ….. not defend Americans against American thugs !!”

“ Can’t believe you say that !!”, Todd, leader of the Aussie team reacted. “ What happened to your oath ?”

“ Todd is right !!”, Joey got up himself. “ People need us ….. what does the message say ?”

Todd pushed a button on the computer. Instead of the rugby match, they saw a bulletin from World Wide News Network. In silence they all witnessed the devastation in downtown. When they realised that Starlad was in big trouble, their reaction wasn’t all too positive.

“ That Starlad is so fucking arrogant ….’, Sandy was really pissed off. “ Let mister muscles handle it himself ….. “

“ You just don’t mean that !!”, Todd reacted.

At that moment, the broadcast showed a close-up of the unconscious body of Euroboy, hanging upside down from the flag post.

“ But … that’s … that’s .. Alexi !!!”, Matthew gulped. “ Come on guys … no time to waste … let’s go …!!!!”


Starlad’s body started spasming uncontrollably but soon Lard boy lowered his body again, fully draping his many rolls of fat on top of the still nicely tanned body of Starlad. Even the littlest pressure on Starlad’s chest forced a scream from Starlad’s mouth. It was clear that several of his ribs had sustained serious injury and very likely a few were actually broken. Lard boy now rolled over, sat down on Starlad’s chest, crushing it even more with all his weight distributed purely on Starlad’s chest. All the air was forced out of Starlad’s lungs. Starlad started to go purple, veins bulging on his forehead. Lard boy however thought it was still not enough. He grabbed the hero’s throat with both hands, strangling him, looking deep into his eyes, marvelling at the agony he was causing to the super hunk. Starlad’s Adams apple was literally crushed. His hands scratching Lard boy’s arms, his body convulsing as spittle drooled out of his mouth.

Lard boy now rose to his feet and hoisted Starlad up, grabbing him by only one arm. The hero’s feet didn’t touch ground. Starlad’s own bodyweight now stretched out his damaged rib case. The pain forced grunt after grunt from Starlad’s mouth.

*** WWHHAACCKK *******

While Lard boy kept Starlad up in the air, one of the chosen men from the public karate kicked the hero straight into his ribs. 

“ GGGNNNAAAAWWWWW !!!!!!!!!!!!”

**** WHACKK **** WWWHHAAMMM *******

Again and again ‘poor’ Starlad’s torso was assaulted by the four men. The crowd went completely mad, knowing that this HAD to extremely hurt this hero. If one of those broken ribs would perforate Starlad’s lungs, he could actually die from it. All the crowd wanted to see was exactly this.

The Hero-destroyer however realised, that if that would be the case, the fun would soon be over. There were still hours and hours left for extreme punishment. As long as the sun was shining, this hero could be easily regenerated after which a new round of torture and humiliation could start.

“ TIME’S UP !!!”, the Destroyer finally stopped this one way torture.

The four men reluctantly stopped their beating on this most hated hero in town. As they stepped back, Starlad didn’t move anymore. He hung limp in Lard boy’s grip. The Destroyer gave Lard boy a signal. Instantly Fatman let go of Starlad. He slumped with a thud to the ground where he lay unconscious.

The Destroyer picked up Starlad from the ground with only one hand grabbing his neck. Lifting the limp body up, he turned him towards the sun again.


Unnoticed by the crowd, including the Destroyer, Studbuster and all the other friends of Nerdboy, the five Australian heroes arrived in their van at a safe distance from where the crowd had gathered around the spot where Starlad was being shredded.  

“ Now watch it guys !!”, Captain Australia instructed his men. “ That Studbuster …. he’s the real danger here ……. so .. always watch each other’s back !!”

“ No worries C.A. !!”, Beach Boy balled his fists. “ .. but first …… I will go save Euroboy … from that pole !!”

Captain Australia already moved towards the crowd. Wallaby Kid, Kangaroo Lad and Boomerang followed his steps. Beach Boy took another path to try and reach Euroboy without being seen.

“ HEEYY ….. !!”, Studbuster saw Captain Australia approaching. “ New heroes …. new fun ….!!!”

The leader of the Aussies soon stood in front of Studbuster.

“ You not going further !!”, Studbuster said. “ Studbuster says STOP to you !!”

While Captain Australia was ready to fight this dangerous villain, Wallaby Kid and the other two heroes tried to reach the spot where the Hero-destroyer had just picked up the bruised and battered Starlad from the ground. Even before they could reach the stage, their path was blocked by two giants. The first one, Visious was 6 foot 7 inches, 330 pounds of solid muscle. The other one, Barbarian was 6 foot 5 inches in 350 pounds of muscle. They both wore black trunks with heavy chains as belts and huge black boots. The crowd was cheering them madly; you just had to admire guys that big.

“ Get out of my way …..”, Joey just had no idea who blocked their way here. “ You two may be big …. but I’ll smash you two anyway !!”

Before Kangaroo Lad realised what happened, Barbarian had already grabbed his hand and pulled him close with extreme power. Joey tried to pull away but he couldn’t. The Barbarian smiled.

“ Something wrong hero dude?”, Barbarian started to increase the pressure while Kangaroo Lad first uselessly slammed into the giant wrestler’s chest but soon was forced to his knees.

Beach Boy and Wallaby Kid at first stood as nailed to the ground. When they finally decided to set Kangaroo Lad free, they were attacked by the other villain, Visious.

“ UUUUUGGHHH !!!”, Wallaby received a powerful fist into his lower gut while Beach Boy was already caught in a side head lock.

“ AAAARRRGGH”, Kangaroo Lad cried as he tried to pull free but Barbarian only increased his grip, crushing Kangaroo Lad’s hand. 

The crowd cheered wildly as the hero sank to his knees. Barbarian now got himself behind the young hunk and dug his fingers deep into Kangaroo Lad’s neck, expertly searching for some pressure points and raw nerves.

“ AAAARRRRGGGHHH”, Kangaroo Lad screamed out as Barbarian hit that specific nerve.

Barbarian now released his grip on the hero’s hand, then turned his attention to Kangaroo Lad’s nice looking pecs. The hero’s arms hung limply to his sides as his body was convulsing because of Barbarian’s continuing nerve hold.
The crowd, closest to where Barbarian and Visious showed early success against these unknown heroes, cheered and screamed out of utter joy. Not only did they get to see Starlad destroyer, but at the same time, five more do-gooders would also be smashed and destroyed.

“ D-DO S-SOME—THING !!!”, Beach Boy yelled to Wallaby Kid while he was still caught in Visious’ iron head lock. “ … c-c-cant ….. . b-b-breathe ….”

To be continued…

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