Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 3
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Superman A Hero’s Humiliation

Author: Unknown

Chapter 3

In his cold cell Superman looked at the massive load of cum that had pooled in his cell, from his most recent orgasm. The cum puddle was big enough for a man to drowned in he thought impressed with himself. He started scanning his chiselled torso, his sexy nipples had been splashed by his baby batter and it was starting to congeal in his chest hair. His hairy legs were matted by the cum mixed with his sweat forming a cool sheen, on the lower half of his sexy chiselled naked maleness, of course right then he felt as far from manly as possible. The thing that should have worried the son of Jor-el most was that he didn’t care.

He had been replaying his second orgasm in his head, and his cock was still hard as any mans cock, but no longer its immense size. The second orgasm of the evening was the best of his life, better then sex with Lois, better then any he had self inflicted previously. He actually passed out in a pleasure coma, something he had heard tale of but never thought possible.

The next thing he remembered after collapsing on the cold cum soaked floor, was coming to dressed in a tuxedo similar to his own, but that felt strange and stiff with newness.

I can’t believe what a pervert I am he thought, his eyes gazing into the pool of hot sticky man sauce in a puddle before him. His man sauce. What Clark did next, was high on the list of depraved acts, but he felt hypnotized by his own cum, unable to resists its pull. He leaned forward as far as the chain attached to the steel collar on his neck would allow, and reached into the pool of cum with both handsome hands, scooping as much cum as he could. He looked at in his cupped hands, seeing his sticky cum covered fingers glistening with his seed. He raised his hands over his head, and then opened them letting the cum rain down on him, in a hot sticky splash. The semen stuck mostly in his black hair, a few gobs trickling down his temples. He wanted more, and the camera’s unblinking eye captured every depraved second. It was a command performance, and when the world saw it, they would demand vengeance. How could the man they would witness slathering himself in his own cum, be the man who once stood for everything good.

Of course, things would only get worse for the once proud and dignified man of steel, but there is still more tales to tell of his debauched perversions from the party, to get to before all that.

Three quarters of an hour had passed since Clark arrived in the bathroom, and put on his debauched display, for the camera and the bathroom attendant, half that time since he passed out in his pleasure coma.

Back in the great room with the rest of the guest’s Lois, was growing angrier by the second, wanting to know the cause of Clark’s odd behaviour. If she didn’t know of his strict moral code, that he even on occasion brought into the bedroom she would have been sure he was on drugs. They would never have admitted it but even Perry, and Jimmy were starting to wonder. Of course Jimmy, put Clark’s alter ego on a pedestal, but he secretly despised Clark himself. This may have had something to do with the fact that he was in love with Lois, and remained that way no matter how many times she spurned his advances. When Clark Kent showed up and took over covering stories with Lois, Jimmy called in sick for work an entire week he was so depressed. He had to be talked down off of Metropolis Towers by Superman after the pair announced there engagement.

Lois was certain that she had told him exactly when the bachelor, and bachelorette auctions were supposed to take place, Clark may have been a lot of things but tardy generally wasn’t one of them.

“Well looks like I wore this little number for nothing. It’s a good thing the auction hasn`t started yet.”

She said to herself under her breath, Clark’s loss she thought and decided to drown her sorrows with a drink, and headed over to the bar to get herself just that.

Back in the bathroom, Gustavo the bathroom attendant was dropping the video camera that had captured the depraved debut of Clark Kent into the world of porn into a plastic ziploc bag, then placing it into the tank behind the toilet to retrieve after he had sent Clark back out to the party.

He had already cleaned up the huge cum puddle and had tossed the remains of an entire roll of bounty needed to do it into an orange industrial garbage bag. After replacing the toilet tank lid he placed Clark’s cum soiled Armani tuxedo into the same bag as the dirty cum soaked bounty roll and walked out the door to grab some downy soft clothes and sponges, to give the sissy still naked on the floor a sponge bath.

While he was gone going to get the sponges, his girlfriend Rosie and bathroom attendant for the women’s bathroom walked across the hall to keep an eye on the perverted sissy. Gustavo tossed the bag into an incinerator, so that they could not later be discovered.

Luthor who was clearly pulling the strings did not want any incriminating evidence that could be used against him. Clark had of course done nothing by this point he didn`t want to. If everything worked the way Luthor wanted he knew that this fact would not change. He wanted Clark/Superman to give up all of his inhibitions, and become a subservient sex slave, doing whatever his cock commanded him to. The thing that made Luthor hard at night was that they had so far accomplished this feet without using kryptonite. Again if all went according to plan, he would be a willing participant in his new life of sexual depravity.

After cleaning up all of the cum from the floor, with an entire roll of Bounty, he tossed them in the garbage bag grabbed a downy soft sponge from a maintenance closet across the hall. While he was gone going to get the sponges, his girlfriend Rosie and bathroom attendant for the women’s bathroom, which doubled as a unisex bathroom while Clark was being debased in the men’s room, came across the hall to keep an eye on the perverted sissy. Of course she couldn’t resist the urge to take advantage further of the weakened sissy, pulling a camera out of her apron and flashed a few naked pictures of the passed out sissy.

She even straddled his naked waist, and took a couple of pictures of his face drops of his own cum crusted in his hair from the blow back from his leaky fire hose earlier. His nipples had a couple of splashes of cum as well hardening and staining his sexy hairy muscled chest. She could feel his cock stiffen, and his body start to stir, but she was certain he was in no position to protest, not if he didn’t want these pictures made public, if he had the strength to come out of his pleasure coma.

Rosie was a planner, and she saw this as her and Gustavo’s meal ticket to the high life, blackmailing a high profile news reporter with pictures of him passed out naked his body a patchwork of hardening cum stains. Of course little did Rosie know, after the show Clark/Superman gave before the end of the night her pictures wouldn’t be worth the paper they would be developed on.

She had taken a couple of dozen photos by the time Gustavo returned, and of course when he saw he playing paparazzi he was not impressed. He knew her heart was in the right place, but the one thousand dollars he was getting for playing cameraman for Clarks pornographic debut was enough to cover there rent for a couple of months.

“Goddamn it woman, can’t leave you alone for a minute. Get out of here.”

“Come on Gustavo be realistic. We could go back home with the type of money we could get from these pictures.”

He knew she was right, of course she was, Gustavo couldn’t make things work in his head. They were doing something terrible to another human being, and the way Rosie saw it, what was a little more.

Thankfully for the passed out sissy, Gustavo still called the shots. He picked her up by the arm, and grabbed the camera from her in one swift motion. Before she could grab it back he tossed it in the closest sink and ran the water.

She screamed Spanish curses at him and he screamed a handful back at her. She was something’s at him furious enough to kill him. He watched her shake her ass, while walking away and then took to the task of cleaning up the dishevelled sissy who lay on the floor.

He enjoyed the feeling of cleaning Clark’s naked body, trying not to admire it to much especially with all of the cum that had hardened to it. The hardest part of Clark’s body to clean was clearly his cock and balls, but he was thankful to not have to employ the S.O.S. pads. That may have been one of his bosses bents but it certainly wasn’t something Gustavo would use. Especially on such a lovely cock and balls as the set that he was lovingly cleansing.

He finished cleaning the cum crusted balls and then it was on to the muscled legs, which with all the sweat and cum matted hair required a slightly greater effort, considering the forest of hair over them. But he was no less gentle. The whole thing ended up taking ten minutes. Once it was finished, he took to the task of redressing him. He needed almost as much time to redress Clark. The new tuxedo which the scheming Luthor had purchased just to be safe was definitely not an Armani like the original, but it was a close enough facsimile to fool the untrained eye. His boss was certain Lois would be the only one to spot the fake, and if he was able to play her right who would believe her.

At a quarter past nine, he dragged Clark over to the edge of the row of sinks. He turned on the tap and let it run for a long moment till the water was as cold as ice, and then lifted him up by the waist, then dipping the sexy sissies head under the water.

Gustavo looked down at the face of the sissy who he had just cleaned from head to toe. Clark looked surprised, as his heavy lids rolled open and the perverted pleasured smile filling his handsome hero’s face. If Gus, wasn’t hetero he would definitely not have passed up the opportunity to kiss him. Clark looked devilishly handsome, even to the straight Gus. There was a weakness, to him, a look in his eyes that seemed to be begging too be dominated. Of course the thought of dominating another man, had never appealed to the bathroom attendant Gustavo.

“You passed out buddy, are you okay?”

The voice felt comforting and familiar, but Clark’s pleasured mind couldn’t place it just then. Clark remembered he had gone to the bathroom, but the rest was a bit of a blur. He felt weak, and groggy as if he had been sleeping.

He picked his head up off the cherry wood bathroom counter, realizing his surroundings, still his mind to foggy to recall the events. He of course felt a pang of fear wash over him. Sweat started pooling on his body. Waking up in a bathroom with no idea how you ended up in such dire straits was frightening for any man, even the earth’s greatest hero.

“How long have I been out?”

“Just a little while. Ten minutes maybe, nothing more. You took quite a spill.”

He was lying of course about the spill and the amount of time that had elapsed. Clark wanted desperately to believe this version. In the bathroom attendant’s version he wasn’t some sort of depraved chronic masturbator. He was a man who let his raging libido accidentally get the better of him, what man couldn`t that describe.

But for some reason the events of his previous, debauched bathroom behaviour kept filling his head. The bone rattling orgasm he had from jerking off, calling himself a sissy, and admitting to himself his greatest fear aloud, all while he was sure no one was around. Cleaning up his own cum off the floor, knowing he had done these things filling him with a sense of perverted fear that at any second he would give into the temptation.

His mind was filled with lustful ideas again. The first that he would pull his pants down there in front of Gustavo, and go to work on his hard on, fucking himself, and loving every second of it. Gustavo might even ask to touch it, my cock was massive and sexy he thought to himself.

He could feel his mind going off on a tangent, and knew the time to hesitate was through. In an act of face saving desperation Clark folded his hands behind his back and pinched himself. It was the only thing he could think of to keep from whipping out his man meat, and thankfully for Clark it worked.

“What is your name?”

Gustavo smiled at Clark, and pulled a comb out of his pocket and ran it under the still running tap water.

“My name is Gustavo, but if it is to hard for you, just call me Gus.”

He started to comb Clark’s hair so that it didn’t look mussed. He knew that if he sent Clark back out, with even a slight hair out of place it could cost his boss the opportunity for surprise. People may notice, and that would be a bad thing. Lex was nowhere near ready to unleash the secret of the sissy Clark Kent.

“I am Clark Kent. How are they treating you here.”

“Fine Mr. Kent.”

He had been ordered by Luthor to begin with the plans second degree to destroy the psyche of Clark Kent, if Clark should feel the need to introduce himself. Before he married Lois he had better manners, and now generally he refused to acknowledge people he felt below his station when acting as Clark Kent. Of course Gus had given Clark a kindness, and introducing himself to Gus seemed only appropriate.

Of course standing there he didn’t know he would regret it.

Clark reached out his hand so Gustavo could shake it. He took it firmly and shook it before pulling Clark close to him, his lips in Clark’s ear. In his booming most authoritative voice, he spoke.

“I know your secret. You disgusting little sissy boy.”

The word secret was the second trigger word, and upon hearing it Clark did as he had been programmed to by the audio tapes. His eyes glazed over and he began to take on the appearance of a zombie.

“What can this dirty sissy do to make you happy?”

“I want you to go to the mirror, and look directly at it. Then I want you to strip yourself naked. Then I want you to wait for me to come over there and punish you. Do you hear me you dirty little sissy?”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

This was the only response, he had been mind fucked by the tapes to give to direct orders. Of course if the person in control of him in the hypnotic state, wanted him to say anything else all they had to do was tell him what to say he had no choice but to comply.

Gustavo watched admiring the view as Clark walked over to. He started with sliding those sexy muscled arms of his out of the jacket sleeves. Clark’s reflected eyes were burning holes through his muscled sexy body. He undid the bow tie next tossing it down at his feet. He pulled down his suspenders, and then undid the top button.

“Stop.” Demanded Gustavo, as Clark reached for the next button.

Immediately a frenzied pout spread across Clarks sexy face. He started stomping his right foot like an insolent child who wasn’t able to get his away. Gustavo, cocked a fist and punched Clark hard into the ribs, sending Clark to his knees, completely taken off guard by the punch.

Gustavo walked around Clark helping him to his feet. He teasingly grabbed his hard dick over top Clark’s pants. Clark was smiling, and this made Gustavo want to bestow a kindness upon the dirty little sissy.

“I want you to tear off this shirt, so that it can never be worn again.”

Without another word Clark reached for the shirt collar and pulled at it, the muscles he shared with Superman allowing him to shred the shirt, in a style similar to Hulk Hogan. He dropped it at his feet, and then stepped forward.

Gustavo took a second to admire the muscled torso of the sissy, who would never again after that night be called Superman. Gustavo, had a tuxedo shirt in his bag of work clothes, that Clark could use after he finished his performance. He knew, he was a size smaller but underneath the heavy jacket with, the buttons all done up he knew it would be undetectable.

Clarks eyes were focused on his body, as he stood still awaiting further instruction.

“Why aren’t you naked yet you dirty little sissy?”

His mind wasn’t sure how to respond so he just started unzipping his pants and going from there. Hoping his stripping would be as good as words, and placate his tormentor.

“I expect a response from you when your spoken to?”

He grabbed a tuft of Clarks curls and pulled it back tight. Tears formed in Clark’s eyes, his body while stronger then his tormentor, felt weak and unworthy.

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

He relinquished the tuft of hair, and preceded to pull at the waistband of his boxers. Gustavo smiled, and walked away leaving Clark to stare at his sexy muscled reflection in the mirror. He felt incredibly aroused, and his body burned with lust. Of course, Gustavo returned to the mirror with the video camera, replacing the original copy with, a brand new disc. Once the disc was deposited and, the first video was safely in Gustavo’s pocket he turned the camera on, the camera lens focused on Clark.

“Who are you, really?”

He was thankfully able to recall names in his state, but that was it. He couldn’t tell you the color of the sky, what two plus two equalled. He was effectively a mental handicap, but a sexy one at that.
“My name is Clark Kent.”

He admitted right into the camera. Gustavo smiled, and walked up behind Clark, placing the camera down on the cherry wood of the counter nearest to the dividing wall with the urinals. Gustavo swept one arm under Clark’s knee, and his other arm cupped the back of Clark’s head. He picked him up and then crashed him down over his knee, causing Clark to scream out in pain.

“How did that feel Sissy Kent?”

He looked up through pain clenched jaw, as his cock got harder, a reaction which in the past couple of hours was as natural to Clark as breathing. He was clearly awaiting what to be told to say, his eyes looking up at the man, who had him at his mercy.

“I want you to say it hurt the sissy.”

“It hurt the sissy.”

“Very good. Now get up, its time for the performance.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, whatever you say is my command.”

Clark did as he was told mostly for fear of receiving another painful back breaker, and without another word was back on his feet. Gus handed Clark the camera.

“I want you to get on your knees.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

He was back on his knees still holding the camera. Gus was on his knees next to the once all powerful man from metropolis. He grabbed the hand that Clark wasn’t using to hold the camera and started to force Clark to use it on himself.

“Does this feel good?”

He pointed the camera at the perverted face of Clark, who even with his dead eyes you could tell loved being perverted. There was something about him, that just gave Gus that feeling. Like he wasn’t happy unless he was giving into his carnal lust.

He whispered in his ear the response required.

“Sissy Kent loves this. It feels so good to be perverted. I wish I never had to stop.”

He kept forcing Clark’s hand to stroke his cock at a leisurely pace, while his other unsteady hand filmed his perverted antics. Of course Clark couldn’t care less at the moment if he was being perverted or not. It felt great.

“Are you a sissy bitch?”

Again Gus whispered the correct response to Clark.

“Yes I am a sissy bitch and I love it.”

“That’s good sissy. Keep going, keep fucking yourself sissy, you are doing fine now.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

Clark kept hand fucking his glorious fat mushroom headed cock, while Gus took the camera, and hung it on a camera hook by one of the wall dividing the bathroom at the urinals. He picked Clark up and sat him on the edge of the cherry wood sink counter.

He put Clarks free hand on his balls, and whispered in his ear to squeeze, on them.

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

Clark started squeezing his balls, which only made him more wild with lust, his back up against the mirror. Gustavo smiled, encouraging him to squeeze his balls harder, hoping to film him actually milk his balls free of a hot sticky puddle of man sauce.

Gustavo was feeling more turned on then he should have by the perverted display. Clark was beginning to weaken with his ball crushing, and he decided to give him some encouragement. To see just how big a sissy Clark would become for him.

“Clark do you want me to lick your nipples?”

“I am your sissy boy your wish is my command.”

“Get up on the counter on your hands and knees and beg me to lick your hairy nipples, sissy.”

In less then a second Clark was on his hands and knees his balls aching with relief, while his cock longed to be touched.

“Please lick my hairy nipples, oh please, it would make me feel so good. Sissy wants it.”

Gus smiled and helped Clark off the cheery wood counter around the porcelain sink, the camera looking down on them. He tilted Clark’s eyes so they stared blankly into the lens. He then took Clark’s hands and pushed them into his own pants.

“While I lick your nipples sissy I want you to give me a handi.”

“I am your dirty sissy boy, your wish is my command.”

Gustavo smiled as Clarks fingers instinctively found his slowly swelling cock. He was facing the naked Clark, admiring his sexy body, the hair covering his muscles. As far as men went Clark was pretty damn sexy.

He felt Clark’s hands massage his cock and it took him a second to get over how good it felt. He grabbed Clark’s shoulders to steady him before starting to kiss his nips as promised. After the shock of all the hair wore off, he found himself enjoying doing it for Clark, but couldn’t let on. He was a proud hetero man after all. Clark had him hard in no time, and this was making Clark stiffen his cock smacking into Gus’s Adam’s apple.

It was all to much, for Gus he needed release, and grabbed the back of Clarks willing head, and forced it down to his crotch. He undid the pants and let Clark stare for a second admiring it.

“I want you to suck my cock. Suck the cock of your first male conquerer.”

His familiar refrain echoed out of his cock hungry mouth. He started by giving the cock’s mushroom head a an adoring kiss, then his lips took it into his mouth gingerly at first. He started to cup the balls, and then for the first time for either man they had engaged in a homosexual sex act. The feel of Clark’s mouth surrounding his hot throbbing sex rod, was intense. Gus was having a hard time keeping his balance.

“Oh god that’s it sissy don’t stop.” Moaned Gustavo.

“Is this dirty sissy boy good at blow jobs?”

“Your fantastic, you sissy bitch.”

Clark growled enthusiastically increasing the force of his sucking pressure, wanting the reward of Gus’s hot salty seed. Gus’s could feel the tremor of pleasure in his knees first the orgasm seconds away. It came and knocked him on his ass his cock spitting its seed on the freshly cleaned floor. Gus rolled his eyes, after a few nervous seconds. He quickly jumped into action, grabbing the video camera, and pulling the disc out, running to the toilet and flushing it. This would be a performance no one would see and at least one of its participants wouldn’t remember.

To be continued…

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