Superman A Hero’s Humiliation Chapter 1
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Superman A Hero’s Humiliation

Author: Unknown

Chapter 1

It was all supposed to turn out so differently, Superman thought to himself, as he sat naked on the cold concrete floor of his cell. The cold chain around his neck, the shackles around his ankles, which he couldn’t even break. It was strange the way being naked always made him feel defeated, depressed, ashamed even during sex with Lois. He may have resembled the once proud man of steel, but the man in that cell was super in name only.

He had been captured, when he was the one who was supposed to be doing the capturing. His last best chance to capture his hated rival Luthor. Of course that wasn’t the way it played out, and laying there all he could do was touch his big fat cock, and play with his huge hairless balls.

The events of the previous few hours felt like an erotic awakening, to the once proud and virtuous man of steel. Of course that was no longer the case, as he sat naked in a cold cell, his hands free to fondle himself, while he was chained loosely by his neck to the wall of the cell, as well as leg shackles on his ankles.

He replayed those hours over in his mind, and grabbed his hard on stroking it, like a perverted teenager, his tongue poking out of his mouth his head bent over in an attempt to kiss his cocks mushroom head. Of course he was completely unaware that as were the events of the previous hours he was now being filmed, enjoying himself way to much.

This was all part of Luthor’s sick, devious and disgusted plan to get the world to turn against there once proud hero. If he was some kind of kinky pervert how could they ever look up to him again. How could he ever expect to be trusted to save the day, if he secretly wished to be able to suck himself off. He had never thought about it until that moment, but with the scent of his pre-cum filling his nostrils the idea made him grow at least an inch.

Of course this was the end, and we should start as all good stories do at a beginning.

He had been invited as Clark Kent to a party for Metropolis’s elite, that was being held at the Metropolis Millennium. It was a costume Ball and charity auction hosted by none other then his hated nemesis and rival Lex Luthor. Normally they would have passed on the invitation, but they got so few chances to hobnob with the metropolis elite that they decided to go. Plus Clark had been listening to hours of secret tapes he had been recording, from Luthor Corp, and was convinced that Luthor would be meeting an associate from the underworld to discuss, a deal. Of course he listened to the tapes before bed, right when he was most suggestible perhaps hearing things that he may not have even realized.

They arrived for the ball right as it started, at 6:00 pm. Clark was dressed in a tuxedo, posing as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne, who he knew would not be attending, while Lois was dressed in a scandalous cleavage baring number posing as the newest debutante socialite on Bruce’s arm. There costumes were greatly appreciated by the other attendee’s at the party.

The party started off normally enough, with some socializing, and mingling. All of Metropolis’s upper crust was there, all the political power players, and other movers, shakers and social climbers.

After the hobnobbing began to wind down, the items for the silent auction began to be displayed. Lois and Clark wondered around the tables, looking at the items. One of the items in particular caught his eye. It was one of Superman’s battle worn super suits, in a crystal encased suitcase a gift his alter ego, had bestowed upon the Cancer Foundation, since he wouldn’t be able to attend the party himself. Clark took one of the handful of hundred dollar tickets, wrote his name on it and placed it in the jar in front of the costume. This of course earned a quizzical look from his wife Lois Lane, and he could practically hear what she was thinking. He just smiled, and dropped the rest of his tickets into an expensive looking glass bowl in front of a small gift basket, with fruit crystal champagne, and an all expense whirlwind trip to the French Riviera for an entire month.

After twenty five minutes, of people wondering around placing there pricy raffle tickets into the bowls, Luthor made his first appearance of the evening.

“Ladies and gentleman so good of you to attend. If you wouldn’t mind returning to your tables, the dinner service is set to begin. Afterwards the cash bar will open, and there will be some more time for mingling, and to use your remaining tickets on the silent auction prizes. Thank you all again for coming, and please don’t forget to save some of that cash for the auction that will be taking place. We have half a dozen men and women to bid on this evening, all of whom would make a wonderful dinner companion.”

Clark couldn’t be sure but he felt almost as if Luthor was staring right at him, as he mentioned the last sentence, this self assured grin on his face. Of course that was all in Clark’s head, he was sure, as he walked hand in hand with sexy Lois back to the table.


The meal was four courses, the first an appetizer, Clark had a bowl of French Onion soup while Lois gorged on Pandera bread, the second course, was a salad Clark chose the Caesar, while Lois had the Greek, finally came the main course both of them getting quail served in a white wine reduction, with roasted potatoes, and a side of steamed oysters. Finally came the desert, a crème Brule. The whole thing took the better part of an hour, and Clark needed a drink, to keep him from dying of boredom as he listened to the head anchor for Metropolis news Tonight Ted Bayliss go on and on, about his vacation. Walking over, to the bar he had no idea how strange the evening was about to get.

Clark waited patiently for his turn, behind a couple of socialites who appeared to be friendly with the comely girl working the bar. She was five feet eight inches, wearing a professional looking skirt, and a green vest, over a white blouse, the top two buttons undone, so the hint of her breasts was exposed. She had lovely brown hair, and dark green eyes.

“I will talk to you girls later.” She said after noticing Clark, pushing the drinks at the girls.

They looked at Clark, and rolled there eyes while he tried to smile cool at them, knowing to himself they wouldn‘t roll there eyes if they knew who I really was.

“What can I get you?”

“A scotch on the rocks.”

“Will that be all?”

“For now.”

She smiled at him, and grabbed a high ball glass, reaching down below the bar for bottle of Dewar’s.

“The good stuff, great.” He said trying to come off casual and cool.

She tried to look as pissed as possible her cold green eyes staring right at him, and as authoritatively as she could whispered just loud enough for the two of them to hear.

“I know who you are, sissy.”

Clark was taken a back. His face burned red with embarrassment, as he felt a slight tinge in his groin, as his body caught fire, his blood feeling cold while it surged through his body.

“Excuse me, what did you say?”

“I am sorry mister, I said you are no sissy. To be drinking scotch straight I mean.”

Her face looked sincere and apologetic, as she spoke and Superman breathed a believing sigh of relief, but still felt a little flustered. He took a sip of the scotch to steady himself. One of the wait staff a thick looking man, who could have well worked for

Luthor’s security team approached.

“Is everything all right, sissy.”

There that word was again, accompanied by the tinge in the crotch. The heat flushing his sexy face, causing him to burn crimson with embarrassment.

“I am sorry what did you just say to me.”

Other party guests were starting to notice, and Clark/Superman’s face burned with embarrassment.

“Is everything all right Mister?”

“Oh I am sorry, I must be hearing things. Yes everything is good, everything here is fine.”

“Very good sissy. This drink is on the house sissy.”

Clark heard the words, but was certain it was just his mind playing tricks as he took his scotch and headed back to the table. Lois was sitting there and barely noticed him sit down.

“How much longer do we have to stay?”

Clark felt odd, light headed. He took another sip of his drink, hoping to steady himself, while Lois looked at him.

“What’s the problem sissy?”

Clark stared at her puzzled, and she returned his quizzical gaze with one of her own. His cock was getting hard in his pants, and he slide around his seat, trying to conceal this fact.

“Never mind.”

“Are you sure sissy?”

“Why did you call me that?”

“Call you what sissy?”

Clark could not believe what he was hearing. He had been called terrible things before, but sissy was definitely one of the worst. He always felt pathetic, and weak hearing the word, completely emasculated.

Of course little did Clark know, this was all part of Luthor’s devious plan. He remembered how he used to be teased by the bullies back in Smallville before he started standing up to them. Back when they would make fun of him and call him a sissy, because he always missed his family on field trips, crying at night.

Luthor also knew about the bug, Clark had been using to listen to his conversations. He decided to encrypt a hidden message into it. He had just finished listening to the last of the tapes, the previous evening and didn’t notice it was a set of instructions. After dinner at the party that night, whenever someone would use the word sir, or Clark in his presence he would hear the word sissy. Also each time he heard the word, he would feel instantly aroused. Of course when he awoke the next morning he didn’t consciously remember any of those instructions, or the more sinister ones that filled the final tape.

The people at there table, including Jimmy Olsen, and Perry White started to notice the little lovers spat.

“Sissy, and Lois is everything all right?”

Clark looked horrified at his boss, as his throbbing erection continued to grow, he could feel it pressing against the bottom of the table. The pressure in his loins, threatening to rob the rest of his body of blood.

“I am sorry boss I don’t know what’s gotten into sissy, maybe we should leave.”

“Would you just stop calling me sissy.” Clark implored in his own defence.

Of course it was loud enough for the table next to there’s to hear and Clark was again turning crimson, his cock fat and thick tenting his tuxedo pants, his balls beginning to swell. He felt hot, flustered, craving release.

One of the beefy security guards came over to the table. He quickly stood next to Clark and Lois, and looked at the two of them behind the lenses of his aviators, as Clark did his best not to admire the view.

“What seems to be the problem.”

“I am sorry about the commotion, my husband seems to be having a nervous breakdown.”

The guard chuckled to himself, of course knowing Luthor’s plan. He leaned into Clark’s ear, so that only he would be able to hear what he had to say.

“I know who you are sissy.”

Clark turned pale, now from fear worried that he wasn‘t imagining things that he was in fact being called a sissy by his friends, and wife, and even the security and wait staff for this function.

Of course this fear that filled him did little to diminish his raging hard on, that had tented his pants and now was leaking pre cum. He could feel it on his boxers, and the feel of it made him feel dirty, and perverted.

Why is this making me hard he thought, am I truly a pervert who loves being called a sissy. Even saying the word to himself in his mind, made the puddle of pre cum larger.

“If you will excuse me I have to use the bathroom.”

Clark stood up and headed for the bathroom, hoping that the puddle of pre cum had not yet appeared on his tuxedo pants. He practically was jogging by the time he reached the bathroom, and ducked into a stall releasing his huge fifteen inch long, four inch wide cock. He started stroking it, playing with his balls. He admired his cock, thinking how ripped even it was, his love pump sitting hard in his hands.

Oh god what is happening to me, I am enthralled with my own cock, maybe I am a sissy he thought to himself his legs turning to pleasured jell-o causing him to fall his knees on the stall floor. He looked down at his tremendous cock, a dirty perverts smile spreading across his lips. He pulled his pants down and off leaving him naked from the waste down. He admired his well muscled legs, the sparse covering of hair on his calves and thighs, his sexy treasure trail that strolled up to his belly button. To get more comfortable he kicked his legs out wide, and started feverishly masturbating stroking the long thick shaft in his hand. He couldn’t believe how perverted he was being, masturbating in a bathroom at a charity function, where anyone could walk in at any second. The thought of discovery of course only made his lustful stroking more intense, as he started calling himself a sissy, he thought under his breath, but loud enough for anyone else in the bathroom to hear. His mumblings grew louder as each stroke of his hard cock, became quicker. He started to spit on his cock, calling it a sissy cock, the spit lubricating it up so that it shined in the white light of the bathroom chandelier. My sissy’s cock is so sexy, he kept repeating under what he thought was his own breath, but was actually echoing throughout the bathroom. He was on the verge of a glorious cum geyser, and he knew it. Fucking Lois had never felt as intense as the orgasm that was building in him felt. To send himself over the edge he envisioned himself, captured and in chains naked for the all the world to see. His greatest fear, sent the cum spraying out of his cock like champagne from a freshly un-corked bottle. The cum sprayed the stall door, and the rest quickly pooled at his feet. After the waves of pleasure finished rocking him, and he could stand again he looked at the puddle of cum at his feet, threatening to stain his expensive shoes. He quickly pulled his pants back on, and started to try to clean up his special sauce with toilet paper. He was able to do a decent enough job, and he was thankful that none had gotten on his pants, since in his perverted craze he hadn’t hung them on the stall door like any sensible person would have done.

After he was satisfied that he had cleaned up all of his own man sauce off the stall floor he left it behind, hoping to return to the party and enjoy the rest of the evening. Of course Clark was safe for now, but it was only a matter of time.

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