Kid Leopard vs Spider-man
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(Punishment, pain and humiliation)



Kid Leopard practically drooled when asked if he wanted the spandex muscleman for a match! 

“Just get him here and I’ll do the rest”! Leopard said.

The Amazing Spider-man approached the building with caution, but still overwhelmingly confidant. He received a tip that leads him to this location. His Spider sense was going crazy as he swung to the back door! He couldn’t see any visible danger so he entered the unlocked room, a mist was hovering in the doorway as he past through, “HMMMM?” A pause, “NOTHING” he went into the darkened room and noticed what looked like a stage, he stepped up onto it. Suddenly the lights flickered on. Spider-man realized he was standing in the middle of a wrestling ring and he wasn’t alone, sitting on a couch in front of him was a man with dark hair wearing a leopard Speedo.  “SHIT!!! THIS WON’T TAKE LONG” said Kid Leopard looking over the muscular superhero. 

Kid Leopard entered the ring. Spider-man stood with his arms crossed looking mighty. “SO YOU’RE THE ONE I’M SUPPOSED TO TAKE CARE OF”? “NICE ASS”, said Leopard inspecting his opponent. The hero simply held his ground, waiting for an explanation that he would never receive. Kid Leopard stood behind the hero and pressed his cock against Spider-man’s ass. The Web Slinger turned and tried to fire his web, but something was wrong. “NICE TRY ASSHOLE”, THAT MIST YOU BREATHED IN REMOVED YOUR SUPER POWERS”! “NO WEBBING, NO SUPER STRENGTH, NOTHING!” “NOW YOUR JUST SOME MUSCLE MAN IN TIGHTS!” For the first time in years, Spider-man felt real fear!!! Spider-man wasn’t prepared for what would happen next. Kid Leopard delivered a punch to the abdomen, which made the muscular hero double over in pain! Before Spider-man could think, Leopard struck his jaw with an uppercut, sending Spider-man into the turnbuckle! Kid Leopard was on him in seconds pinning his arms back and grinding his knee into Spider-man’s bulge and dry humping him! Through the mask, groans of pain could be heard. The superhero was terrified, what was happening?! He was getting beat by this gay wrestler! The worst part was the swelling in his tights! Spider-man was getting harder each time this man rubbed against him! Spiderman tried to fight back, but without his super strength he didn’t have a prayer. He had become a muscle man punching bag!!! Kid Leopard was brutal! Pummeling Spider-man without mercy! 

Badly hurt from the beatings, Spider-man couldn’t stand anymore, as he collapsed to his hands and knees! “NOT YET PAL!!!” Leopard stood up the moaning hero and delivered a roundhouse directly to the head!!!  Spider-man’s body collapsed to the ground, lifeless! It was over!!! Kid Leopard then placed his black boot on Spider-man’s chest and raised his arms in victory!!! Then he kneeled down over his fallen foe, noticing the superheroes hard-on. “I QUESS WE’RE NOT DONE YET?” Leopards hand cupped over Spider-man’s erection, his thumb fondling the pulsing head through his blue tights, which made it throb. “Apparently, judging from the bulge in your tights, you seem to be enjoying your humiliation too much” The victor got behind his foe dragging him up against him. Kid Leopard straddled his defeated prey between his legs, deciding to torture Spider-man some more; he started ferociously pounding away at the hero’s muscular chest! “GIVE UP MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Spider-man screamed “PLEASE STOP!!!  YOU WIN, LET ME GO…PLEASE!!!” Leopard then stood Spider-man up again facing him, “NO MORE…NO MORE!” as he worked one hand under Spider-man’s mask, while pressing his hard dick into Spiderman’s. Badly beaten and weak Spider-man whispered, “PLEASE…. DON’T DO THIS…PLEASE”. Kid Leopard replied, “YOU BELONG TO ME NOW, SO TOUGH SHIT!!!” Spider-man’s hands shaking as he pleaded not to be unmasked! “OK” said KL, as he wrapped one arm around Spider-man’s neck! “ON YOUR KNEES LOSER!!!” With the Amazing Spider-man at his mercy, KL pressed his hard leopard briefs against the red mask!!! “C’MON OPEN UP! LETS GO!!!”

Defeated, Spider-man had no choice! KL pulled up Spider-man’s mask revealing his mouth. Kid Leopard pulled down his wrestling briefs and held out his erect dick to Spider-man’s exposed lips! “DO IT!! OR THE MASK COMES ALL THE THE WAY OFF!!!” The swollen head of Leopards cock slid across Spider-man’s lips smearing pre-cum over them. Leopard then thrust his dick into Spider-man’s mouth, making him momentarily gag. Leopard held the heroes head in place as he slowly slipped his cock in and out of Spiderman’s mouth! Spider-man’s lips were tight around his master’s cock as he was face fucked for quite some time. Kid Leopard was in ecstasy, “OHHH YEAH, HERE I CUM!!!” Spider-man’s head shook back and forth, “NO, YOU’RE SWALLOWING THIS ONE LOSER!!” Spider-man was trying to plead, suddenly, Leopards cock unloaded in Spiderman’s mouth!!!   The hero tried to break free, but instead, Leopard stroked his neck, forcibly sending his own cum down Spider-man’s throat!!!!! Kid Leopard stood rather motionless for a few minutes, savoring the feeling of his cock in Spiderman’s mouth. Pumping every last drop of sperm into the suffering superheroes mouth. Releasing Spider-man finally, the hero fell back on his stomach, whimpering, but saying, “NOW PLEASE! LET ME GO!” Leopard coldly replied, “YOU MUST BE FUCKING KIDDING!” Then Leopard climbed on top of Spider-man, turning him over! 

Kid Leopard held Spider-man between his legs, stroking the humiliated heroe’s ever-growing rod as the hero weakly moaned. Part pleasure, but mostly pain especially when Leopard grabbed the throbbing bulge of the spandex clad superhero and pulled him against his own mighty bulge! Immense pain shot through Spider-man as Leopard penetrated his untouched ass!! “That’s right wimp, I have you now and you’re not going anywhere”! “STOP SQIRMING, YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE MY LOAD IN YOUR ASS LOSER”!!! Spider-man’s very muscular legs were tensed as Kid Leopards were wrapped around them, holding them down…Spider-man’s cock was harder than ever…throbbing…his head shaking…moaning as this super-wrestler worked him over…Leopard began rubbing Spider-man’s nipples, which made him even harder… Spider-man realizing his greatest fear, he was gay, and this man had total control over him!!! It was too much…Spider-man couldn’t resist, he felt it about to happen…his own cock at the breaking point…flexed and helpless, suddenly, the top of his cock emitted the largest load he ever felt!!! As his own milky cum seeped through his tights, the nightmare happened!!! Kid Leopard exploded inside of him, then reached his hand around his neck and unmasked him!!! Revealing Brad Rochelle! Kid Leopard hadn’t just won. He had beaten, dominated, and fucked Spider-man, but now stripped him of his dignity!  

Kid Leopard lifted Brad to his feet, displaying him to the camera. Suddenly, Brad was thrown against the ropes, exhausted and spent; Kid Leopard immediately tied him up. Brad (Spider-man) struggled in the ropes, “SO MR. ROCHELLE, NOW WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH YOU”? Leopard grabbed Brad’s balls with one hand and began to crush them, his other hand around Brad’s neck, choking him unconscious!!!  His knees buckled, then Leopard untied the helpless hero, and with one hand on Spider-man’s chest, the other on the back of his neck, rammed his body onto the mat, finishing off the muscle man in tights!!! Spider-man was defeated, lifeless on his stomach as Leopard climbed onto him like a spider engulfing its prey, dry humping the beaten heroes ass!!! 

Sitting on top of his beaten prey, Kid Leopard jerked off inside Spider-man’s mask! An enormous load shot all over the inside, huge, milky white gobs of cum splashing all inside the red mask! Leopard used Brads mask to wipe off his cock, smearing more cum into it! Leopard sat up Rochelle, who was barely conscious, then Kid Leopard slowly put the cum soaked mask over Brads shaking head! “NOW I KNOW YOU CAN TASTE DEFEAT, EH ROCHELLE?” Brad was helplessly struggling in Kls grip! Cum now was smeared all over Brad Rochelle’s face, in his eyes and mouth!!! “Time to put you out, loser”  “SAY GOODNIGHT”! Leopard puts him in a death sleeper! Spider-man’s (Brad’s) vision got darker and darker, until…no more.

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