The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 4
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The Murder of Clark Kent 

by Sockrob


Chapter 4. Interrogation K


As soon as they got a few feet away from the room that had been the crime fighting hero’s torture chamber for  longer than he’d even care to guess, Superman started feeling a little bit better. He was still weak as a kitten, but things weren’t as confusing as they had been inside that room. The past few hours were all a blur to the man of steel. Of course, Superman had no way of knowing that the room he had just been held in had recently been repainted. The paint had come from Lexcorps along with the articles of torture that had been used on the hero. It was mixed with trace amounts of Superman’s homeland, Kryptonite. But Superman didn’t know that, and chalked his feeling better up to the cold shower. The freezing shower had helped to clear some of the cobwebs, but then that sadistic sergeant had switched the hero’s digression up a knotch by first forcing him to clean up all that cum from his own penis, and then raping his virgin mouth making him swallow a load of human ejaculate as well. He couldn’t get those memories out of his confused brain.

Superman’s humiliation was etched all over his face. “How did he let himself get in this situation? If nothing else, at least he was out of the clutches of that sadistic booking sergeant.” He did his best to put that episode out of his mind. things had to start going better for him. “He really should report the bastard, but who’d believe him in his current predicament.” Superman knew that he was not looking very trustworthy right now. “No”, he vowed, “Noone could ever know anything of the goings on, that went on, in that room. It never would have happened , he reasoned if hadn’t lost his powers. He would have beaten that pscho to a pulp.” 

As the two burly policemen escorted the crestfallen super hero, and now murder suspect, to the hightly touted Interrogation Room K, everyone they passed in the busy halls gasped, stared or made derogatory comments about Superman’s obscene apparel. As much as Superman willed his cock to subside, it just remained as hard as the steel that he was often compared to. He didn’t feel much like the “man of steel” in his current state. But his cock sure did. “Why the heck was the damn thing acting this way?” Superman queried in his own mind. His nipples ached on his bare chest. Looking down at them he noticed that they were red and swollen. His butt cheeks hurt from the spankings, not to mention how his insides felt. He was sure that his wrists were rubbing raw from being held behind his back in the cuffs for so long. Even his face cheeks hurt. His lips were chapped and his mouth felt like the Mojave Desert. His once perfectly quoffed appearance was now disheveled and distressed. 

All kinds of questions were racing through Superman’s head. He really needed to get out of this chaos, regroup and rejuvenate so that he could solve this ever worsening mystery. But around every corner, it seemed that the hero was just getting in deeper and deeper, over his head. “Where had he come into contact with strength sapping kryptonite?” For he had to have done so,somewhere, tonight, as it was the only substance that could answer for his physical, emotional and psychological state. He couldn’t think straight in this hazy, but at least leveling, fog that embraced him.And to make matters worse, his nakedness was only covered by his thin opaque blue tights. Thank God that the spandex and nylon fabric was at least dense enough that light didn’t penetrate it. But even opaque as they were, the tights left little to the imagination as every bump, curve and ripple of his manhood could be clearly seen by anyone who took notice. His penis’ refusal to answer to his wishes only helped to display his shame. The overly small shirt he was given only made him look more vulgar. Superman still perched atop his long stocking toes, scared that if he didn’t he’d be rebuked again. 

It just so happened that this was the most busy corridor through the station. Another coincidence, Superman wondered? The trip to the interrogation room was agonizing. His embarrassment was overlooked by his escorts who just kept hold of his giant biceps and led him onward. They also ignored the passersby. Superman couldn’t. They passed other officers, detectives and civilian staff members of the police force. The public even used this hallway to traverse the precinct. Most of the people they passed just gave Superman a disparing look as they gasped at his appearance. But, some voiced their disgrace. He heard, “Murderer, Pervert and Faggot!” One cop said, “Oh how the mighty have fallen!” and clicked his tongue in disregard to the hero. One civilian woman even walked up and slapped Superman across the face. A little boy walking with his mother, who was doing her best to divert the youngster’s eyes, Said, “Look ,mommy, I can see Superman’s pee pee!” 

Superman wanted to melt into the wall. He wished he could just fly away and hide out for awhile. But he knew that that wasn’t to be. Someone had him over a barrell. “How had all of of these people heard of what was going on? And, better still, what had they heard?” Superman wondered aloud without realizing it. Only then, did one of the cops that was leading him, speak, ” Superman you have been all over the television all night! The world know’s what you’ve done. I don’t think the earth is going to sit still for your antics this time, big man!” Superman felt tears well up in his eyes. His humiliation was complete, or so he thought. The people that he had sworn his allegiance to defend and protect, now only saw him as a villain and a thug. And the one’s seeing him now added pervert to the list. He slumped his once confident shoulders and sighed a deep sigh. He hung his head.He remembered his violent outburst towards the DA earlier and his heat sank. The cameras had picked up the whole thing and broadcast it to the world. Even if he did get out of this, how could he ever face the world again?. He sank deeper into dispair.

As they trudged on Superman’s mind reeled. He had to find a way out of this mess. They came to a bank of elevators and one of the escorting officers pushed the up button. Whilst they waited for the elevator, the officer to Superman’s right, looked down and noticed that the hero had fallen down off of his tip toes. He  leaned up close to Superman’s ear and whispered, “I don’t think that Sergeant Walters would like it if I told him that you disobeyed his orders, Superman!” He nodded towards Supermans stocking feet. Superman shook his head with a start and actually thanked the cop as he shot back up onto his toes.When the doors opened the cops pulled Superman into the car, on his toes once again. 

They traveled the floors in silence, the cops never letting go of the hero’s arms. However, Superman felt both of the cops’ inside hands begin to wander across his blue tights covered bottom. He inhaled a short burst of air at the misconduct. Their firm grips on his biceps with their free paws kept him still. As the floors dinged by, the escorts felt up and carressed Superman’s ass. Then when the car stopped at the requested floor, they stopped their pawing just as suddenly as they had started and led Superman out into a much dimmer hallway. The floors were black painted concrete. The walls were black as well. The space was downright ominous looking. Superman had been to Police HQ many times, but he had never visited this floor. He now wished he would have thought to look and see which floor’s button  the officer had pushed. He didn’t like the eerie feeling he got as they made their way down the long corridor. They came upon a wide black steel door. The cop on Superman’s right reached up and pushed a button on an intercom like devise beside the dark entry.

Detective Carlilse’s voice boomed, and echoed into the darkened hallway. “Is he finally here?” the detective sounded perturbed. Superman flinched at the discord in the detectives booming voice. “Yes we have Superman, out here.” the officer stated matter of factly. 

“Well get his ass in here! He’s kept us all waiting long enough!” Detective Carlilse shouted into the intercom. Superman heard a loud buzzing noise and the door swung slowly opened on it’s mechanized track.

The escorting cops led Superman through the door into Interrogation K.

Superman immediately felt the confusion, that had recently been subsiding,  escalate, as the officers led him through into the forboding interrogation chamber.He didn’t know that his biology was being bombarded again by debilitating kryptonite, the space having been painted with kryptonite tinted paint just as the booking room.The 10’x10′ room was sparsely furnished with a table a few chairs and a wall locker, like had been in the booking room. In sharp ccontrast to the booking room, though, Interrogation K, was dark and drab whereas the booking room had been bright and clinical looking. The walls here were black, not white. Even the locker was black. The only light came from a dark metal shade that hung down from the ceiling over the sturdy looking wooden, 3’x5′ table. There was another black painted door on the other side of the small space that led, unseen by Superman, to a small bathroom.  The wall behind the table had a long black tinted glass window in it. The window covered almost the entire wall. 

Superman wished that he had not lost his powers so that he could have used his x-ray vision to see who was on the other side of the dark glass. Unbeknowst to the hero, it would have mattered not. The entire room was constructed from lead. The one thing that his vision could not penetrate. Even the tinted glass in the one way window had specks of lead in the tinting. Superman somehow knew that DA Cartwight was there gawking at his current appearance and probably grinning with arrogant disdain. What he couldn’t know was that Lex Luthor, his arch nemesis, and reason for his current predicament, was standing right next to the DA grinning with haughty resolve.

Detective Carlilse ushered Superman into the interrogation chamber. “Supes you look like you are having a bad day, my boy!” the detective began. “Well, that is, all of you except for little supes there!” he grinned as he pointed down to Superman’s still rigid and constantly seeping boner. “Have a seat, young man.” the detective motioned toward the metal chair across the table from where he sat. 

Superman, noticed the ridiculing tone of the detective’s speech. He knew that he must look like hell. But, as he took a seat, thankful to be off of his already aching toes, that he’d been balancing on, he had a bitter feeling of dread that he had just begun his descent to that fiery place. His mind was beginning to wander again. Again, he just wanted this mess all cleared up. He had to get the detective to listen and understand that he was Superman, purveyor of peace, justice and honor. He couldn’t allow this misjustice to go on much longer. But at the same time he knew that his story was a bit difficult to swallow. He couldn’t help that he had been brought up as  the human Clark Kent. He was thankful to the Kent’s for raising him. But, He had made a bed, long ago, by keeping the whole Clark Kent alter ego thing. Now he found himself laying smack dab in the middle of that bed. Maybe he should have just owned up to who he truly was, back then. Now it was coming back to bite him in the rear end.

Superman’s thoughts were becoming garbled again. His stomach started to churn. The only thing he’d had for nourishment, for some time now,  was Sergeant Walters’ semen. He normally could go long periods of time without eating, but in his weakened state, the human part of his anatomy needed sustanance.  That’s why, when out of bleery eyes, Superman noticed the plate of half eaten food lying on the table, that his stomach acids, mixed with the vile cum, lurched. He felt the vomit in his throat but willed it back down. He refused to humiliate himself again like that in front of this detective. 

Detective Carlilse seemed oblivious to the hero’s situation. He picked up the sandwich and with a mouth full of food apologetically said, ” Superman, I truly am sorry that booking was so rough on you. We really aren’t set up here for your kind. Even though some of us did anticipate the eventuality that, one day, you’d screw up, and; we’d have to deal with you, we’ve never had to deal with a super hero before. I do hope you will forgive our overlooking the fact that your super physique might not fit into our uniforms. I’m sorry all we have for you to wear are your blue pantyhose. Especially, since it appears that little supes, there, is getting off on all this attention. ” The detective stressed the word ‘pantyhose’ “.But then you did put yourself into this situation, didn’t you?” The detective gave  the hero a sly grin.

Then Detective Carlilse swallowed the sandwich in his mouth and shook his head suddenly. “Where are my manners?” he chided. “Here I am stuffing my face without thinking that you might be hungry, too. Well, maybe if things go well here, we can order some grub for you too, Supes.” the detective took another bite of the sandwich, and washed it down with a swig of diet soda. “I can offer you some water though.” Carlilse offered motioning toward a pitcher that Superman had not noticed on the table. 

Superman said, “Yes that would be nice, thank you.” He was really starting to feel the effects of the renewed proximity to more kryptonite. He chalked it up to the sinking reality of his predicament. Water may help, he thought.

Detective Carlilse then said, as if he’d just noticed, “Oh but your hands are still cuffed behind you aren’t they?” The detective raised a brow and stated, ” I really appreciate the fact that you haven’t broken out of them by now, Supes. I know it’s been a rough few hours. Thanks for your cooperation so far. That’s a good lad. Keep playing along like this and I’m sure we will resolve this quickly and be on our way, huh?” the detective reasoned. 

Superman was beginning to get a little perturbed. There was that word, ‘Cooperation’ , again. He had been cooperating. Hadn’t he let himself be cuffed in the first place. Hadn’t he come along willingly, only to somehow loose his super powers in the exchange. Hadn’t he allowed himself to be obscenely booked and used by that sadistic booking sergeant. He was getting a bit agitated at all of this “Cooperation”. When was some of it going to start benefitting him.

Superman was brought back to reality, by the detective. Detective Carlilse had opened a drawer in his side of the table and removed something. He sat in on the table in front of Superman. Looking down, Supeman saw a sort of dog collar looking strap. It had a black metal buckle on one end, with a hasp for a lock. Superman noticed a small titanium padlock next to the collar on the table. A few holes were drilled in the other end of the strap. The collar was two inches wide and long enough to fit around the neck of the world’s strongest man. The shiny black leather caught the dim light from the ceiling and reflected it back with a glare. Then Superman noticed it. In the center, of the front of the collar, was a green glow. The glow came from a recognizable shield with an ‘S’ in the center. Only this ‘S’ was green not red. “Kryptonite!”, Superman recoiled.

“Yes Supes. Again, I must apologize, but although I am thankful for your cooperation in not breaking your cuffs, we must think ahead, my boy.” feigning belief that the hero could have done so, and knowing full well that with all the Kryptonite that Supes hadbeen exposed to there was no way he could have gooten free of those cuffs. Detective Carlilse explained. “This collar has just enough kryptonite to keep your powers under control. It won’t hurt you, permanently. But it will make all of us breath a little easier knowing that you are more on our own level. And look, Supes we even had Lexcorps put a symbol of your old authority on it so that it would be a bit easier to swallow. Wasn’t that thoughtful of us, Supes?” the detective sneered, showing Superman the green ‘S’ on the collar. 

On the other side of the glass, Luthor looked angrily at the DA and asked, “Does the shithead know that I am behind this? What’s with the Lexcorps remark?”

“Oh no, Mr Luthor! We had to explain where, some of the devices that Sergeant Walters  had used to extract Superman’s sperm sample with earlier, had come from. So we thought that it would be ironically humorous to let the big dolt know that we had illicited the help of your corporation to make them. After all who else has the knowledge or ingenuity to do so?” DA Cartwight explained to Lex.  We have the whole booking on tape, Mr. Luthor. Wait till you see the expression on his face when he learned where the speculum and probe were manufactured. It was one of my favorite parts!” Cartwright giggled. 

Lex rubbed his gloved hands together and said, “Oh good.I’ll have to view that video soon. I am sure it will make me very happy. I handpicked Sergeant Walters for his part in this conspiracy. His attitude was most acceptible, when I met him one night at the  “Satan’s Rectum” leather bar. He was working over some young buff stud in a sling hanging from the ceiling. A huge crowd was watching and cheering him on. He was so caught up in his work, and when I found out he was a cop, I just knew he would be the perfect one to book the ‘idiot of steel’!                

Back in Interrogation K, Carlilse had gotten up from his seat and walked around behind Superman. As he strapped the shiny leather collar around Superman’s thick brawny neck, he informed, ” Now, Supes, this will only have to stay on as long as you decide. When we get started, in a few minutes, on our little interview, cooperate and tell us ecxactly what happened to Clark Kent, and; you won’t have to wear it very long at all.” Superman heard the small titanium lock close with a click.

Then Detective Carlilse grasped Superman’s aching wrists and removed the cuffs. Superman immediately pulled his hands around in front of him and rubbed them to relieve the pain, as well as, to help the circulation that rushed back into his extremities. “Thank you.” he said to the detective. Reaching up to feel the new article of submission that he now wore around his neck. 

Detective Carlilse slapped the hero’s hands away from the collar. “No, no, Supes. You leave that alone. Let that kryptonite start to work. Then you won’t be able to remove it. I’m sorry but it’s necessary, for the time being.”

The detective poured a glass of the doctored water into a plastic cup and gave it to the prisoner. Superman drank the whole glass, and, asked if he could have another, oblivious to the fact that he was drinking his cock to further hardness.  The hero’s erect penis, spurted another drop of pre-cum as he drank the second glassful. 

Behind the glass Lex Luthor smiled, rubbing his gloved hands with accomplishment. Cartwright asked, “Mr. Luthor what did your scientists put in that concoction to keep Superfag’s cock so hard and make it leak so much?” 

“It’s a very potent mixture of the three leading erectile disfunction meds. It is mixed with another drug in mass quantity, called extenze. Wait till the super freak realizes that in addition to his steely hard on, and continual dripping faucet, that his dick is also growing. Hopefully he’ll start questioning his sexual preferences soon.” Lex described. “After all we’re just helping the big homo come out of the closet.” he confirmed. “In a regular human, those drugs would be fatal. But in the super physiology of our boy there, it works better than I ever anticipated. Don’t you think?” Lex was full of himself. 

Detective Carlilse had taken back his seat at the table. He was ready to begin. He looked over his shoulder to the tinted window and said,”Officer you can begin the tape.” Then to Superman he explained, ” Supes, Interrogation K is miked and fitted with cameras. We are going to record this interview from here on. I hope that’s ok. You’ve got nothing to hide, do you son?”

In the outer room, behind the glass, Officer Ted Glavine, sat at a desk behind Luthor and Cartwright. The desk was filled with all kinds of digital equipment. There was a computer screen and the inhabitants of Interrogation K were visible on the screen. Officer Glavine typed some commands into the computer which had already been capturing every sound and sight in the other room. Then the officer spoke into the computers microphone. ” Ok detective, ready on this end.” the sound and video technician informed on cue. 

“This  is Detective Louis Carlilse of the Metropolis Police Department’s Homicide division. Today is November 23rd. This is an interview regarding the murder of Mr. Clark Kent of the Daily Planet Newspaper in his apartment on this date. The interviewee is Superman AKA Kal El of Krypton, who was confronted at the scene by the first officers on the scene. Superman has been read his miranda rights and understands them. Is that not correct Superman?” the interrogation began.

“Yes, I have been read my rights and understand them.” Superman replied. He was glad to finally get this thing started so he could explain and get on to finding the real killer, and, exactly who, had been murdered. Besides the kryptonite in the collar, or so he thought, was causing his mind to wander again. He was sweating like a race horse and his mouth was drying out again. He, the most mighty being on earth, had a throbbing head ache. Come to think of it both of his heads throbbed and ached. He looked down at his spitting erction in his tights and thought, “I don’t know why it’s betraying me like this,but could it be possible that my penis is actually bigger than I have ever seen it.”Superman sighed audibly in disgust. “I’ve always been well endowed” thought the sweating hero,”but the thing must have grown a half inch longer than I remember it’s being. Naw! Must be the collar causing a distorted view of things.” he thought.

“Superman! Superman, I asked you a question! Could you stop staring at your penis and focus?” Detective Carlilse raised his voice, shocking the hero out of his reverie. 

“Sorry. Sorry, I didn’t hear the question.” Superman stuttered. “Could you repeat it, please.?” he asked ashamed that  the detective had actually caught him checking himself out.

“Could you tell us what you were doing in Clark Kent’s bedroom, standing over his bludgeoned body, please?” the detective repeated. 

“I told you that I was just returning from a mission at the landfill, when I came upon the body. I was checking for signs of life when the officers arrived.” Superman answered. “I was taken aback, when I turned the body over. It appeared to be Clark Kent. However, I knew that that could not be.” Superman opted for the truth.

“And why is that Superman?” Detective Carlilse questioned. 

“I told you already.  I am Clark Kent. Or Clark Kent is me. That is to say that Clark Kent and Superman are, one and the same. Clark Kent is the alter ego of Superman. Me. Kal El of Krypton.” Superman tried to explain the deception that he had perpetrated his whole life. “When I was sent to this planet as a baby, by the fore fathers of Krypton, in order to save my life and their race, before their imminent destruction, my crashed craft was found by the Kents. They raised me as their own, and; I vowed not to tell their secret. I have kept it all these years , until now. It was a usefull way to keep Superman among the common people. But now, evidently someone has discovered that secret and is trying to frame me for this imposters murder. I know it sounds quite unbelievable, but these are the facts.” Superman looked directly into the detectives eyes as he finished.

“I understand that this is the story that you would have us believe, Superman. But you must be out of your mind if you think that it will hold water.” Detective Carlilse informed. “The coroners office has positively identified the victim as Clark Kent. His fingerprints were all over the apartment. Hair samples from the bathroom matched the victim. Urine in the toilet matched as well.  Lois Lane herself viewed the corpse and ID’ed it as her fiance’. I bet after we are done with our inspection of the Daily Planet’s offices we will find Kent’s fingerprints and DNA all over that place too.” the detective kept his cool, but was visibly becoming agitated. “Now tell me what really happened in that apartment, Superman! Stop this cockamamie story telling and give us the truth.” 

“I have told you the truth,” Superman said. “I know it’s hard to believe me, after I have deceived the world so long with my secret. But Hoestly detective, I am not lying. This is the truth!” The hero couldn’t keep his eyes out of his lap, as his cock spurted another gob of pre juice into his tights. “He reached over and poured himself another cup full of water. Drinking it down in one swig, he looked at the smirking detective.

Detective Carlilse had once again decided that he’d had enough. He forcefully pounded both fists into the table and glared at the man of steel. “Superman, I have heard enough of that lame story. I want the truth and I will get it one way or the other. ” The detective’s face was red with anger. “My bosses want a confession. I aim to get them one. You are in no position to keep yanking my chain, young man. Now, let’s start over! This time the truth!” 

Superman started his story over again. He told the truth as he knew it. 

Detective Carlilse cut him off in mid sentence, “Oh, shut the fuck up. You sound like a broken record, ya pantyhosed wearing super freak! I’ll tell ya what I think! Ok?” The detective, then told Superman what he thought had happened. “I believe that you were jealous of the victim. He had Lois Lane, a real life, friends, a nice apartment and job. What did you have Superman? A life of constant misery. Fighting criminals all day and night, having to constantly live up to the whole world’s adulation and their expectations. You knew you could never have a life like Kent’s. An,d most importantly, he had Your woman.” Detective Carlilse spat. “That pissed you off, didn’t it Superman?”

“N….no.” Superman stuttered. “I’ve already told you. I am Clark Kent. I had all the things that he had, already. I didn’t need to kill him to get them.” 

“Oh god. Here we go again.” replied the agitated detective. “Ok, Supes. Let’s say that you were Clark Kent. Did Lois know that? She was due to marry Kent in two months time. Surely she would have known of this alter ego shit. Why then did she not say anything, when she was identifying the body? Huh?” Detective Carlilse went on, derision in his tone.

“I…..I….. I don’t know why.” Superman stammered. It was getting harder to concentrate again. Lois surely would have know that the body was not him. She was probably as confused as he was. He wished he could go to her and comfort her.

“Where is Lois?” he asked. “I need to see her, as soon a s possible. She’s probably devaststed.” Superman requested. “I need to let her know that I am ok.” he added.

“Miss Lane has, I am sure, just like the rest of the world, seen enough of your face plastered all over the television for the past few hours, Superman. I am sure she knows that we are taking good care of you. I am sure she is devastated. She’s just lost her fiance’. But the last thing she needs right now is to be confronted with his killer!” The detective angrily admonished Superman’s audacity. 

Just then the room was entered by the DA. Cartwright entered and whispered something to Detective Carlilse. “Oh great!” the detective sarcasticly smirked. , ” DA Lyle Cartwright has entered Interrogation K.” the detective spoke for the record. “He has new and incriminating information from the coroner’s office. Would you care to share this information with the suspect, please, counselor?”

“Well yes I would,” Cartwright answered, looking over at Superman with disgust. “Superman, it appears that the victim, Mr. Kent was sexually assaulted by the perp.” Cartwright let this bomb of information settle in to Superman’s adled brain for a second. Then he went on, “The rapist left his DNA in the form of semen, in the victim’s anal canal.”Care to guess who’s DNA was found in the deceased’s ass, Superman. I think we’ve arrested the right man. The rapist and murderer of Clark Kent, is none other than you! ” Cartwright informed Superman of these knew charges. 

Superman was astonished. “What the……. ,” he gasped. “You are crazy if you think that I did that. I am not homosexual, and not a murderer.” he jumped up and lunged for the DA again. “God I hate this smug bastard,” Superman thought. Noone, except Lex Luthor, himself, can get my temper going like this guy. He was normally able to control his anger, all of his emotions for that matter, but now after hours of exposure to kryptonite he had no control over them at all. Before he even knew it he had grabbed the DA by the neck. If he had still had his super powers, he would have snapped the offensive man’s neck like a twig. But now, in his weakened state, he just choked the DA, barely even cutting off the lawyer’s airflow. DA Cartwright played it to the hilt though. He acted as if he was being killed. He flailed and screamed.

Detective Carlilse acted with lightning speed. Superman was too slow for the detective, and; Detective Carlilse was able to hit him squarely, in the center of his, left, blue tights, covered butt cheek, with the shot from the taiser gun that he had retrieved from the table’s drawer. The taiser’s needlelike prongs sent hundreds of volts of electricity through the weakened man of steel’s body. Superman released his grasp on the DA’s neck and fell to the floor in spasms. He screamed, from the pain, on the way down. 

Detective Carlilse let the hero spasm for a couple of minutes before he walked over, knelt down and pulled the taiser wires out of the fallen hero’s asscheek. He used the toe of his dress shoe to turn Superman over on to his back. The detective noticed that the voltage had caused the man of steel to shoot another load. The front of the hero’s tights were covered in jism. His cock remained at attention. Superman lay in a puddle of his own spunk.

The detective let Superman lay on the floor for a few minutes before he ordered, “Get up Supes! We’ve got a confession to get out of you. You’ve wasted way too much of our time. And we’ve got to do something about these violent outbusts of yours.” 

Superman slowly got up to his knees, at which time DA Cartwright, who had gotten control of himself, strolled over and kicked the hero as hard as he could right in the bulging package of his tights covered ballsac.  Superman fell back into the cum puddle on the floor with a splat. The cum smearing all over his chest and abs.

“Good shot!”, Detective Carlilse laughed to the DA. “I guess that’ll teach Supes to mess with you again huh?” 

Cartwright literally spat on the hero, who was once again slowly trying to raise himself from the cum splattered floor. He evilly said, ” Oh I am just getting started. By the time I am through with this asshole he’s gonna be licking from my hands!”

“Now!Now!, Good buddy. Let me handle my interrogation, will ya? I’ll let you know when you can help.” Detective Carlilse confidently strode over to Superman who was now on his knees again. He grasped a double handfuls of the recovering hero’s black locks and twisted and turned Superman around on his pantyhosed knees in the pool of ejaculate on the floor. “Gotta clean up after yourself, Supes.We like to run a tight ship around here. Make a mess. Clean it up. That’s the rule.” When the semen was saoked into Superman’s tights the detective pulled Superman’s face into his crotch. He smeared Superman’s handsome features around on his growing pants covered erection and winked at Cartwright. “Help me get the stud up against the wall!” he told the DA. 

The two interrogators each grabbed an arm of the hero’s and dragged his limp form over to the wall opposite the table, facing the one way window. Superman could hardly stand but tried. Detective Carlilse, taunted, ” Having a hard time standing, stud muffin? Let me help ya with that.” He shackled each of Superman’s wrists to metal shackles  that were built into the wall on either side of the hero’s head. when he was done Superman was forced onto his stocking tiptoes, with his wrists held against the wall about four feet apart above his head. The weakened hero slumped in his bondage.

Superman began to scream with protest. “Noway, guys! Not this homosexual stuff again! I won’t be able to take it again. Come on, just let me down and I will be good. I promise!” Superman screamed. 

In answer Cartwright produced a gag that looked vaguely familiar to the begging hero. He handed it to Carlilse who crammed the cock into Superman’s protesting mouth and buckled and locked the strap around Superman’s head. He said,” Shut up!, Superjerk. You haven’t got anything I want to hear right now. Later I’ll take out your cockgag and let you tell me what I want to hear, but for now just suck on that thing and practice controlling your gag reflex. Where your gonna end up, you’re gonna need all the practice you can get.” He and Cartwright high fived each other  and laughed at the pun. 

“Now, Supes. Let’s see what we can do to try and correct this violent nature of yours shall we?” The detective donned  a pair of surgical gloves stating, “You’ve made such a mess, big boy, I’ll have to wear these gloves so I don’t get it all over myself. Ewwwwwwww, gross.” He patted the cum soaked front of the imprisoned hero’s tights.

He adjusted the man of steel’s pole of steel, in the tights, so that it was standing up against the hero’s abdomen. Then he fumbled around with Superman’s balls until he got them fisted in his right palm through the tights. He slapped Superman’s blue tights covered, fist entrapped, nuts with his left hand a few times and asked DA Cartwright, “Hey man, look in that wall locker and get me Superfag’s new ball stretcher. That will surely help to calm him down and tame that disobedient spirit of his.”

Cartwright walked over to the locker, opened it and grabbed the requested item from the shelf within. He handed it to Carlilse who still grasped and slapped the groaning hero’s distended scrotum. Carlilse pulled down harder with his right hand and told Cartwright, “Here strap that thing around big boy’s ballsac. Get it nice and tight. then fasten it and lock it on the faggot.” 

After the stretcher was on and Superman’s balls were collared as effectively as his neck, Superman looked down his rippling, cum soaked torso at his new accouterment. Once again Superman felt humiliated, defeated and disgraced. The ball stretcher was a four inch wide leather strap. The strap trapped Superman’s gonads in his tights. All that was visible were two egg shaped blue nylon covered balls. The stretcher did what it’s name implied, It stretched the hero’s balls away from his crotch. They, now, stood straight out in front of the hero’s body. The belt snapped on under it’s wearer’s nuts, over his tights. A small titanium lock sealed the thing on Superman. He noticed a row of green glowing spikes around the edge closest to his eggs. “More kryptonite,” he reasoned, through his haze.

Carlilse and Cartwright stood back to admire their handiwork. Carlilse reached out and grabbed the strapped hero’s new stretched balls. He slapped the blue nylon covered eggs and said,”Looks like somebody’s got blue balls now, Supes!” He and Cartwright laughed at Superman’s plight. 

Carlilse stepped over to the locker and returned with a long leather dog leash. He said to Cartwright, “Watch this. We now have a better way to lead the freak of steel around the jail.” He pulled back the hasp on the leash’s clasp and fastened it to the center glowing spike. He gave a tug and superman arched his crotch to keep up with the pulling.  “Looks like we’ve got ya by the balls now, Supes. With your new leash on , where we lead you will follow.”” Again the two men laughed.

“One more addition and we’ll be through for now, Supes.” Detective 

Carlilse stated matter of factly, as if he hadn’t just shackled, ball gagged and ball spread the world’s savior. The detective stepped back to the wall locker and came back with something that made Superman flinch in his bondage. He held it up in front of the hero’s face so that Superman could get a better look at it, while he described it. “This, my boy, is an ass opening butt plug. It’s 8 inches long and 4 inches wide at the base, where it flares out so that you can’t push it out, stud. It is a practice tool, kind of like your gag. We really do have your best interests in mind here, Supes. It would be so cruel of us not to open that hole of yours for you, before you go up to the big house. A handsome stud muffin like you. Those murderous gangs in the clink are gonna use you as their best whore. We’ll just get ya started on opening up for them. That way it’ll go easier on you.”

Superman grunted his displeasure into the gag. The hero pulled at his bonds, furiously. “That’s alright, boy. You can thank me later. Just concentrate on your gag reflex, now.” Carlilse petted Superman’s stiff leaking boner with the dildo. He continued his diatribe, “I know you are probably wondering how I aim to get this thing up your chute, huh, big guy?” He patted the dildo against Superman’s blue balls. As Superman winced and moaned, the detective continued, “Well, I’ll tell you how, Supes. You See this dildo plug is very realistic at the head end.Look at it!” He held it up so that Superman could view it. The head was realistic looking. Bulbous and fleshy looking, but easily as big as Superman’s itself. Around the dildo’s head Superman saw a green rubber ruing just below the crown. The rubber glowed. Superman struggled and moaned louder.

“The head is bulbous enough that it can hold this rubber cock ring around it’s corona. The cock ring is of course made of rubber mixed with your favorite ore, kryptonite. I am sure that that will open you right up Supes.” The detective pulled Superman’s tights away from his body and stuck the plug in coating the head of the butt plugging dildo with Superman’s own cum. We’ll use some of this mess you’re making for lube. Ok, Supes?” He rolled the dido around in the crotch of Superman’s tights for a little while.

Then detective Carlilse told Cartwright to haul Superman’s big tree trunk legs up and pull him away from the wall. Cartwright did so and even threw the hero’s ankles up over his shoulders. Superman shook and struggled as Carlilse pulled his tights down over his sore butt cheeks. Carlilse slowly and steadily worked the cum covered , kryptonite ringed, butt plug up Superman’s ass canal, while Superman struggled and twisted his legs around in Cartwright’s garsp. The hero was too weak, when, finally, the base sucked firmly against Superman’s puckering, sucking hole, the detective pulled the hero’s tights up over it and patted it to make sure that it was seated. He wiggled it around and slapped Superman’s ass to prove that it was not coming out. then he said, “Ok counselor. You can drop em now. That ass of his has such a firm grasp on that thing, it won’t be coming out till we pry it out. You should have seen how his ass sucked the thing right up. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes,I never would have believed it. I haven’t seen an ass that hungry in quite some time! ” He laughed, and stepped out of the way as Cartwright unceremoniously dropped the hero’s leg letting them crash against the wall. Superman returned to trying to keep balanced on his stocking toes as his ass adjusted around the invader. 

Superman guessed he had been in Interrogation K for about an hour now. How long was this latest torment to last. He got somewhat of an answer when Carlilse spun on his heels and said, ” We’re gonna leave you hanging there for awhile to think about your situation, Supes. Hopefully after a while on the wall, you’ll be ready to give me that confession I need.” Both tormentors headed for the door. Once the door was opened, Carlilse said, “Until then, enjoy yourself, stud. Get used to your new uniform and oh, remember practice your cocksucking. Maybe we’ll test you out when we return! Ha Ha Ha!” The interrogators exited Interrogation K, turning the light off as they shut the door, leaving Superman half naked, stripped to his cumsoaked tights, hanging against the wall of his new cell. Superman groaned as he adjusted to his new collar, ball stretcher, ass plug ,and, that infernal cockgag. He was left alone in the dark, the only light coming from the glow of the kryptonite on his collars. His cock refused to soften and now with his balls stretched, and prostate poked by that dildo, he was sure it would remain hard longer. The betraying rod spasmed as he thought about it and spit another spurt of ejaculate into the waistband of his blue tights.Tears began to run down his cheeks again. 

Behind the glass partition, Lex Luthor had watched the whole episode. It had become too much for him. In his ecstacy, over seeing his arch nemesis treated the way he had always thought alien trouble makers should be treated, Luthor had wrestled Officer Glavine over the back of one of the chairs aimed for viewing Interrogation K. He ordered the questioning videographer to shut up and stuffed a handkerchief into the officer’s mouth. “I’ve got a problem that needs attention while watching Superfag get his.” Luthor informed. He had never had homosexual tendancies before, but something about watching Superman brought down in this way, had triggered his libido. His own penis had swelled and was now leaking pre-cum ofit’s own.

When Cartwright and Carlilse entered the viewing room, Lex was busy sawing his throbbing cock in and out of the bent over Officer Glavine. Just as they entered Lex Luthor shot one hell of a load up the gagged, crying officer’s ass. Luthor grunted and said, “Good job, boys. Good job!”  Lex stared at Superman, through the glass. The man of steel struggled beautifully in his bondage, tears flowing down his face.



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