The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 5A
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The Murder of Clark Kent 

by Sockrob


Chapter 5 Confessions

Chapter 5A … Confessions


Detective Carlilse and DA Cartwright entered the anteroom of Interrogation K. They were shocked to see Lex Luthor with his dick embedded in Officer Glavine’s ass. The fucked technical officer had a look of sheer humiliation mixed with terror on his sweaty tear soaked face. “It was bad enough that the crime boss had had his way with  him, but now there were witnesses to his embarrassing rape.” Officer Glavine thought.

“Mr. Luthor1 What’s going on here?” DA Cartwright mustered the nerve to ask. “I thought we were here to break Superman, not the police force.” The DA kind of just blurted it out before he realized who he was speaking to.

 Luthor pulled his dripping cock out of the defeated officer’s ass and answered, “Yeah well that fucking super freak in there is enough to turn a staright man to do things he never thought he would. I just needed a little release, and it’s much to soon for me to join you guys in there with him! So studly little Officer Glavine here just became collateral damage. He’ll be alright. He’s just learned a little about himself is all. He has other uses, besides his brain! Huh, kid? ”

Luthor pushed the raped cop to the floor where Officer Glavine quickly tried his best to redress himself. Luthor kicked at him with his wingtip shoe and told the officer, “Don’t bother pullling them pants up, kid. I may need the use of that new cunt I just made you again. Just go ahead and pull ’em all the way off.” Luthor grinned at the astonished cop who was now weeping openly. As Officer Glavine started to untie his boots so that he could comply with the boss’ orders Luthor took a seat in the chair that he had just bent the cop over. He crossed his legs and told the two interrogators to sit as well. “Let’s talk about the rest of this interrogation, gentlemen. Shall we?” Luthor didn’t skip a beat. 

Carlilse and Cartwright sat as Officer Glavine shucked his boots and pants. Then the abused officer scampered back to his computer to edit the footage that had just been collected by the cameras in Interrogation K. He sat uneasily on his raped bottom in the hard chair. He sat there working in his black dress socks with garters holding them up, and uniform shirt, Lex Luthor’s cum dribbling from his deflowered asshole. 

Lex Luthor spoke to his conspirators. “That was a great start, gentlemen. Supes is already starting to break. But, that’s not nearly enough. I want that do-gooder Kryptonian to hurt both physically and mentally. I want that confession, so the good officer back there can edit it nice and proper for the whole world to see and hear when the super murderer goes on trial. Of course what they see and hear will be nothing like what really goes on in our special little interrogation chamber. They’ll see a contrite, apologetic super hero explaining how he cracked from all of the pressure he’s under. Superman will be revealed to the world as what I have always known him to be, a pathetic trespassing illegal alien, who thinks that he can get away with anything.” Luthor informed his lackeys of his intentions. 

Cartwright asked, “What are we going to do if someone believes his cock-n-bull story about his being Clark Kent, Mr. Luthor? You know come to think of it the two of them do resemble each other. I wander why I never noticed that before!” he queried as he held up a picture of the deceased and compared it to the bound super hero on the other side of the glass window.

Luthor had not informed his conspirators that he knew that Superman and Kent were one and the same. He had found out months ago when he put a private investigator onto the pesky reporter and his girl friend Lois Lane. The PI had lots of incriminating photos of the  star reporter changing out of his conservative suit down to that prissy nylon/spandex uniform that Superman pranced around in. Luthor was ecstatic at his newfound bargaining chip, but; he wanted to use it properly, with longlasting effects. He was tired of that goody two shoes Superman, always coming out on top. This time the alien’s downfall would be complete and irreversible.

To start things off Lex murdered the PI and had his body buried in the concrete foundation of a new building he was constructing in downtown Metropolis. He didn’t need anyone knowing of his and Superman’s secret. He immediately set about cooking up a scheme to use this information to his best advantage. He gathered a team of conspirators, that he knew despised the meddling super freak. 

Cartwright, the DA, an old friend who Luthor had financed into office, was overjoyed  to join in the plot. He had ran a campaign against crime only to have Superman steal all of the headlines. The glorious adullation that the masses gushed over Superman, should have been his. He would take great pleasure in putting Superman out of commission, even if it did mean someone had to die in the process. One death was worth the accolades he would surely receive for showing the world what a criminal their hero was. He had no sympathy for Clark Kent and his lovely fiance’ Lois Lane. They had continuosly lampooned him in that damned Daily Planet. Hell it would be like killing two birds with one stone to him. He wasn’t really into all of this sadistic shit that Luthor,  Carlilse and especially Walters were into, but the ends would surely justify the means.

Detective Carlilse hated Superman as well. He saw the supposed hero as an illegal interloper from outer space. There was crime before Superman, and; there would be crime after him. The police force did not need his help. They were quite capable of fighting crime without his pansy ass prancing around like some arrogant vigilante ballerina in his pretty blue tights, and that flowing red cape. Hell the sissy homo might as well wear a tutu and leotard. Those prissy red lycra boots of his , the detective noted, were so form fitting the flying princess might as well be wearing dance boots. They were nothing more than glorified sox as they were. Detective Carlilse was definately in. He did feel kind of sorry that Mr Kent and his girl were going to have to be involved, but it served them right for always taking the pussy fairy’s side. They and that paper they worked for gave Superbitch way too much publicity, the detective reasoned. 

Lex Luthor met the sadistic Sergeant Walters at a local S&M club. The place catered to straight, gay and bi-gendered fetishists. Walters wasn’t gay or onehundred percent straight either. He didn’t classify himself as bisexual either. He just called himself a sadistic mother fucker. He especially enjoyed working over young hot self assured men, the hotter and more muscular the better. He loved showing cocky, smug, men that he was better than them.That type of man always seemed oblivious to his desires, until he got them stripped and tied down. So sure of themselves, they were, that they hadn’t even the comprehesion to suspect the things that he would teach them about themselves. Most had never even heard of the things he did to them, or the implements of torment that he used to do them. He always befriended them at first, only to turn into their worst nightmare after a few weeks time. He didn’t care what their sexual preference was. It really wasn’t about sex for him, although the process of breaking a young man’s spirit, sure gave him an insatiable boner. And he got immense pleasure from raping virgin stud ass. He was always satisfied with the new attitudes that they displayed after a few sessions under his tutelage. It wasn’t a stretch for Luthor to get hin to throw his help into the plot.

Officer Glavine joined the conspiracy when Sergeant Walters bribed him with information that he had on the young cop. Luthor had asked the men if they knew someone with the technical knowledge necessary on the inside of the police department. Walters said he knew just the man. Luthor asked if he could be trusted and Walters informed the crime boss of the detrimental information he posessed against the young officer. “He’ll do whatever we want him to do, boss. I’ve got the goods on him. The little pervert has been secreting small cameras in the woman’s restrooms and locker rooms here in the station. A bitch can’t do her business in the can, or disrobe for a shower in the lockerrooms without him seeing it. I’ve known for months. Thought about taking him down to the Rectum and stringing him up in a sling with the info, but I kinda admire the kid’s perversity, and audacity. He’s really good at his job, and wants to keep it I am sure. Plus he wouldn’t last a day on the other side of the bars. He’s a handsome young buck. They’d eat him for breakfast. ” Sergeant Walters explained. “He’ll be in without a problem , I’m sure.” Glavine joined the team, actually thrilled that the older men valued his cognitive skills. 

Luthor had Walters send one of the muscular young men that he met and abused, to him. He kidnapped the young muscle stud and had some of the best plastic surgeons in the world turn the guy into the Clark Kent imposter. When he saw the expert job they had achieved, he had the doctors whisked away to one of his labs at Lexcorps. He kept them there by force, to work for him the rest of their lives. He couldn’t risk their letting anyone know of their deeds regarding the Kent imposter. He didn’t even let the other conspirators in on those details. The less they knew the better.

Luthor even got the unwitting help of the police chief. He found out from reports in the Daily Planet and from his inside sources that the station HQ and jail building was going to be undergoing some remodeling. He also found out that the chief was going to reward the contract to a local construction firm after checking out the company with the FBI. After the firm was hired and the work started, Luthor conducted a hostile takeover. He actually kidnapped the owner of the company and replaced him with a man of his own. He had the old owner’s credentials forged over to his man and Interrogation K came to be. Under the chief’s own nose Luthor had the whole floor of the building converted into his own kryptonite interrogation and torture chamber. The floor was supposed to be interrogation rooms according to the plans, and it was. It’s just that Luthor had a few modifications done to this particular interrogation room. The chief had no idea about the special paint that had been used or the special kryptonite infected implements of torture that Luthor had installed in Interrogation K, or the booking room, for that matter. Luthor’s plot to finally defeat Superman was diabollically simple.

Now Luthor sat in the viewing room of Interrogation K and conversed with Superman’s interrogators. “Trust me by the time we are through destroying the reputation of that nelly super sissy, no one is going to believe anything that comes out of his cum dump of a mouth.” Luthor answered Cartwright’s question. “Who’s gonna care of the similarities of a dead reporter and that murderous alien. The world will be too shocked and overwhelmed by the irrefutable evidence of the faggot’s guilt. When we leak the news that Kent was raped in the ass by Superfag, and that the pantyhosed hero’s DNA, in the form of super cum, was extracted from Clark Kent’s rectum, the world will turn against the goody two shoes. His reputation as the bastion of truth, honor and decency will be shattered.” Luthor explained. “And I know just the reporter to leak it too. I think that Nancy Grace will get an anonymous call soon.That bitch will lambaste Superfuck.Ha Ha Ha!” Luthor laughed at his new reputation breaker. The other two men joined him laughing. They sat there looking at Superman still struggling against his bondage and discomfort in the other room.

 “Let the fucker hang there for awhile, and then get in there and really heat up his interrogation, boys. If I know Superman, and I think I know him better than most, he won’t crack so easily. He believes he has to tell the truth, and I don’t mean the one that we want to hear. Let him keep to his story. Just show him that there will be concenquences until he tells you the truth as you know it. I want him fucked literally, body, mind and soul. Even krypton boy there has a breaking point. Find it and surpass it.” Luthor instructed his lackeys. “If you have to, get Walters up here to help. As a matter of fact that’s probably a great idea. Call him up here after his shift ends. I am sure he’ll be more than willing to assist. I’ve seen him in action. He’s good. And he really knows how to enjoy his work.” Lex went on.

After Lex Luthor was content that the interrogators had things well in hand, he stood up from his chair to take exit. “I’d love to stay and watch guys, but; I’ve got things to attend to myself. I think I’ll go and see if i can be of any support to poor Lois Lane. I’ve given her refuge in my penthouse apartment. The poor thing has gone stark raving mad. She unfortunately won’t be in any shape to back up Superfreak’s story, I’m afraid. But I have vowed to take real good care of her, and that’s exactly what I aim to do.” Lex smiled a viscious grin as he thought of the things that he planned for Ms. Lane. He made his way towards the door. 

Before Lex luthor took exit, he glared over his broad shoulder towards officer Glavine. He winked, “Take care of yourself, my boy. I’ll be back soon for another viewing of Superfuck in there. And I’ll want to see everything captured for posterity. Do a good job for me. Will ya? I’m sure I will need to release a little pent up energy after watching his further interrogation. You’ll be sure to be prepared, right. No need to cover up that pretty ass of yours. Just air it out until I return.” He smiled that shit eating grin at the dejected technician. “And I like them pretty garters you’re wearing to hold up your stockings. Nice touch. You stay pretty for me till I get back.” Then to Carlilse and Cartwright he said, ” You two keep the kid ready for me will ya. I’ve kinda taken a liking to the boy. And now that I have I certainly hope he don’t get any ideas about backing out of our little deal. Make sure he don’t, ok, boys?” Luthor opened the door, exited and made his way down to the elevators, leaving the two interrogators with their mouths dropped open, and; poor Officer Glavine soflty whimpering, tears falling down his cheeks, the cops brutalized ass still on fire from Luthor’s assault.

As Lex waited for the elevator. Carlilse came out to speak with him. “Mr. Luthor did you have to fuck the kid like that? I’m not sure what’s going on in his head now. But he could become a problem.” the detective said.

“Look I don’t have to answer for my actions to you!” Luthor rebuked. “But the kid will be just fine. I didn’t fully trust him from the start. I mean he’s only in this because, Walters has got some shit on him. Now I want him totally in our ballfield. Make sure he stays with us. Treat him just like I did. Let him know that he’s only here to do as we say. He’s not a full partner as it were. He’s the help. I want him to understand that. I hadn’t really planned on busting his cherry. Honestly thought the kid was a homo, truth be told. He’s probably closeted, or he was. That will change now I’m sure! I’m not a faggot, mind you, but he sure was one hot piece of ass. I will use it again. I think maybe some of Walters sadism is coming over me! ” Luthor smiled. “Tell Walters what I did to the kid. He’ll make sure Officer Glavine stays true to us. Don’t let the kid leave for any reason. Tell Sgt. Walters to take him home with him when he leaves. It’ll be alright, man. Just keep stressing that he’d better not think of betraying our plans to anyone. I’m not worried about the kid at all. He knows which side his bread is buttered on. ” The elevator arrived and Lex left them to their work.

Carlilse went back into the viewing room. Cartwright was over consoling the still weeping younger officer. Cartwright was saying, “No you’d better not get dressed just yet Glavine. You heard Mr. Luthor. You’d better just stay the way you are now until he says you can get dressed. Look it’ll be alright. This will all be over soon. We need you to concentrate on the job at hand right now. Just be smart. don’t piss Luthor off !” The DA was talking softly and rubbing the officers shoulders.

Carlilse gruffly said, “Come on man, buck up. Lex luthor will not take any insolence. Get back to work and stop that silly crying. Be a man. You heard the man, he’s probably gonna fuck you some more. Get used to it. You should be thankful that he chose you. Just be pleased that he hasn’t snuffed your ass yet. Remember that he can have you taken out any time he wants. Now we’ve got work to do, and if you know what’s good for you you’ll just do it and shut the fuck up.”

Officer Glavine sniffled a few times, wiped his eyes and went back to work on his computer. Carlilse spoke to Cartwright. “We’ll let Superman stew for awhile, so if you’ve got anything you need to do go ahead and do it. Just be back here in a couple of hours so we can continue. I’m gonna call Walters and tell him to be here after his shift.  He gets off at midnight so it’s going to be a long night, for all of us. But the worst will be had by Supes there.” The detective looked back at the struggling hero shackled to the wall in Interrogation K. “I kind of feel for the big dumb alien.Luthor sure hates his ass. Hell I can’t really stand the fucker’s arrogant ass myself, but Mr. Luthor really really hates the fucker.” He looked back at the working officer and said,”And I woulndn’t want to piss off Lex Luthor for all the world.” He patted Officer Glavine on the shoulder. Then he walked over to the phone on the wall to call Sgt. Walters.

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