The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 5B
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The Murder of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 5 Confessions

Chapter 5B…… more Confessions


Officer Ted Glavine adjusted his naked, sore bottom on the hard seat of the chair where he sat at his computer. “What the hell have I gotten into here?” he worried. Lex Luthor was a crazy person. The technical officer was having second thoughts about his getting mixed up with such a mad man. But, at the same time, he realized that he was already in too deep. Luthor had him just where he wanted him. He had two choices, do what Luthor ordered, or let Sgt. Walters report his illegal activities to the chief. Neither choice was very appealing currently. However, wisely, Officer Glavine decided to just stay in his current position, for the time being. “Hopefully, this situation won’t get any worse, and crazy Luthor will leave my ass out of the equation!” Glavine hoped. “I’ll just make sure to do a very good job of editing this Superman footage for the madman. Maybe that will keep him appeased!” the technician reasoned with himself. He went back to his work on the computer and video equipment before him on the desk. He tried not to eavsdrop on the detective’s phone call. 

Detective Carlilse was on the phone with the booking sergeant, Sgt Walters. “Sergeant  our associate”, that’s what they called Luthor while speaking of him around the police station,”He wants you to come up here and help out after your shift ends.” The detective informed Walters of Luthor’s request. “Yes, I know when you get off, Sgt. We will see you up in Interrogation K then Ok?” Detective Carlilse looked over at Officer Glavine, sitting gingerly on the chair half naked and busily editing. “We need your help with another matter, too, Sgt. Walters. But, I’ll fill you in on that when you get here.Yes…… Yes……. No……. Ok see you soon.” The detective smiled as he replaced the receiver in the cradle. He had not trusted the young technical officer from the start. It had been Walters idea to bring the kid in on the scheme, so it was fitting that the sergeant would be the one to handle him now. “Great!” thought Carlilse, “Things are progressing right on schedule.”

He stepped over to the one way glass and leaned against it. Superman was still struggling against the shackles that held him on his blue stocking toes against the far wall of Interrogation K. The hero was shaking his cock gag stuffed face back and forth as if he thought that the motion could dislodge the rubber phallus. Superman looked uncomfortable in that thick, glowing collar. It rubbed against the hero’s thick simewy neck as he struggled. Detective Carlilse smiled, again. 

Superman was doing his best to keep his 285 lb frame balanced on his stocking toes. The super prisoner’s massive arm muscles were straining and glistening with sweat in the metal shackles, spread above Superman’s head. His treetrunk like thigh muscles bulged in his sweaty, once again dirty, blue tights. The hero’s calf muscles did the same.  He shifted from one foot’s toes to the other, from the difficulty caused by the stretching of the shackles that he was hanging in. Superman’s stocking tiptoes barely touched the concrete lead painted floor. The hero’s rock hard erection still stood up towards twelve against his abs, leaking super semen into the waistband of his tights. His testicles stood straight out in front of his tights, trapped in the blue nylon by the wide, green glowing ball stretcher. The hero’s shifting back and forth caused his entrapped nuts to bounce up and down. Every few seconds he would jut his crotch forward from the movement of the dildo against his prostate, in his ass, caused by his own struggling. This would cause another burp of juice to leak into his tights from his aching cock.

The detective was getting quite a show. He said out loud, to no one in particular, “DA Cartwright and Mr. Luthor should have stayed around to watch the show. Supes is putting on quite a performance. Looks like he’s doing the dance of the sugar plum fairies, in there. Ha Ha Ha!” he laughed.

 “They’ll be able to see it all on video, Sir!” Officer Glavine spoke up, in answer. “I’m getting it all on the computer here. We’ll have hours and hours of enjoyment.” The technical officer tried to sound enthused. This wasn’t exactly what he had signed on for. He wanted to be able to be a part of the team and show his worth, But; things just weren’t going like he expected them too. He sighed.

“Well, kid, Did you get enough footage of the super freak sitting at the table, before we strung him up. You know we’ve got to have a tape that shows Superman sitting at the table calmly giving us a great confession. ” Detective Carlilse asked.

“Oh, yeah! I have plenty. I’ll just run what I’ve got on a loop and dub the confession over it when you get it out of him later.” Glavine explained. “It’ll be flawless and undetectible when I’m through.” The technical officer sounded very sure of his abilities.

“Great, kid. You just make sure that it is the best work you’ve ever done.” Detective Carlilse startled Officer Glavine, as he answered from right behind the sitting cop. Glavine had been so entransed in the computer screen that he ahdn’t heard the older man step closer. “I’m gonna get back in there and keep our prisoner company until Walters and Cartwright get here.” the detective told the seated officer.”But before I do, I have something for you, my boy.” 

Officer Glavine looked over his shoulder at the detective standing behind him. Detective Carlilse was holding a pair of leg shackles in his hand. “What are those for?” Officer Glavine asked, as if he didn’t know.

The detective shoved them toward the seated cop and ordered, “Put these on your feet and around the rung of that chair, kid! After what Luthor did to you, I can’t have you running off after I turn my back on you.”

 “Oh come on, detective. Those are not necessary!. I am quite alright. That bastard is crazy, but I am not stupid enough to cross him. I will stay right here and finish my work. You don’t have to worry about me . Honestly!” Officer Glavine tried to explain.

“Nope. Not good enough, kid. I’m sorry but you just put ’em on and nobody will have to worry. Now will we.” Detective Carlilse smiled and handed the cuffs to the technician. “Come on, You don’t want me to do it for you, boy!” he sternly reprimanded.

 Officer Glavine took the leg cuffs and placed them on his ankles over his black dress sox. He then passed them around the front bar between the chair legs, when the detective said, “Pass that cuff around the leg of that desk before you pass it around that chair, kid. I don’t think you’ll be dragging the chair and desk with you anywhere.” The officer did as he was told as anger boiled to his face. The notion that the detective didn’t trust or believe him was like a slap in the face. He realized that he would be forced to aid these diabolical bastards whether he wanted to or not. He closed the second cuff, and sat back on his still sore ass.

Detective Carlilse spun around and headed for the door. “Good boy!”, he stated, “I’ll be right on the other side of that glass if you need anything. Just holler. And if I need anything, well I guess you couldn’t come running huh?” He laughed and left the room.

Seconds later Glavine watched on the computer as Carlilse entered the darkened, green glowing, interrogation chamber. The detective strode confidently over to the super prisoner on the wall. He grasped Superman’s stretched out nutdsack and yanked it. “Miss me?” he snidely asked. “I know you probably did, Supes. But, I’m back now for some more fun. You up for it, big boy? You’re putting on quite a show up there on that wall, boy! I was enjoying it so much, I just had to join in.” The detective laughed at the man of steel’s struggling. He squeezed the large blue nylon package of genitalia in his right fist. Superman arched his back against the wall and groaned into the rubber cock filling his mouth.

Detective Louis Carlilse loved the sight of the big bad super hero sqirming under his grasp. The power rush was inconceivably satisfying. A lightbulb went off over the detective’s head. He let Superman’s nuts go and stepped over to the walllocker.He rummaged around for a few seconds in the compartment filled with all sorts of sadistic torturous devices. He found something that caused a grin to spread across his face. Detective Carlilse walked back over in front of the shackled super hero and held up the device that he had retrieved. He actually had a handful of items , but there was one in particular that he wanted the struggling hero to see.

Superman winced and pushed backwards against the unforgiving wall. Detective Carlilse held up a shiny medical device of some sort. It consisted of a long slender curved handle and a wheel with sharpened teeth on an axle at one end. Superman only saw bad things coming from the use of that tool. “What’s wrong, big boy?” the detective, taunted. “It’s only a little pinwheel. Watch it doesn’t hurt” He touched the metal wheel’s teeth to Superman’s chest and rolled it across from his right nipple to his left, making sure that the teeth ran right over the reddened nubbins. Superman flinched in his bondage from the cold touch of the tool and then from the feel of the teeth as it rolled along his chest. Carlilse enjoyed running the wheel all over Superman’s chest for a few minutes, taunting the hero verbally as he did. Then with an evil gleam in his eye, the detective moved the tool down Superman’s torso towards his hard spewing dick head.

From the other room Officer Glavine sat watching Superman’s torment on the computer screen. Every once in a while he would turn around and watch through the one way glass. As the sadistic detective ran that evil wheel all over Superman’s tits cockhead and trapped blue balls, Glavine felt a little sorry for the big oaf. But he was one who always thought that Superman was too good to be true. Someone should have brought the big arrogant fucker down long ago. Besides as long as these sadistic bastards were in there working on Superman, then they weren’t in here messing with him. He was afraid of what the fute held for him much more than he cared about what was in store for Superfreak.

 Back in Interrogation K, Carlilse had stopped playing with the wheel and had tucked it embarrassingly away into the waistband of Superman’s own tights alongside the hero’s leaking boner. Then Detective Carlilse picked up another item of torment from his pile of equipment from the locker. He dangled a chain in front of the hero’s gasping gagged face. Two angry looking alligator clips attached to either end of the short small linked chain. The detective unceremoniously sank the teeth of each clamp into the fleshy nubbins on Superman’s chest. He said, smiling at the wincing hero, “Hope ya like your new titty jewelry Supes. Just helping a faggot out, bitch. I noticed how you responded when Sgt. Walters worked your tits earlier!” The detective dropped the chain and laughed when Superman sucked in deeply on the cock in his mouth. As Detective Carlilse hung a couple of small fishing weights to the tit chain he said, “Yes, supes. We have your whole booking on tape. It’s gonna provide hours and hours of entertainment to guys like us for years to come.” He laughed at the shackled hero again and went on. “Oh don’t worry your pretty little do gooder’s head though. We’ll keep it just between guys like us for now. Wouldn’t want it getting out, to prematurely, what a big pussy our great Superman is, would we?” He dropped the now weighted chain, again, to more air intake from the man of steel. “But then again the world will soon hear how you raped that poor Mr. Kent before beating him to death. I think they’ll all get the picture then. Don’t you?” He laughed and stood back to admire his work.

Then the detective grabbed up the leather leash that he had shown the hero earlier. He fastened it, once again to the glowing clasp on the top of the ball stretcher clamped over the man of steels large nuts. Carlilse stepped away from Superman with the leash in hand. He walked as far away as the leash would allow and tugged on Superman’s leashed blue nylon covered balls. The detective grabbed the chair that Superman had been seated in earlier, and; setting it where the leash ended, tied the strap off to the back of the chair. Then he went back over to Superman. He picked up another item that he had gotten from the locker. Showing it to Superman he said, “Supes, this is called a quirt. It’s nothing more than a small version of a whip. It’s very handy for whipping places that a larger whip would be useless against.” He taught. “Like these!” he yelled, grabbing Superman’s distended, trapped and leashed blue balls. Then he laid into Superman’s genitals with the quirt. Slowly at first and then with gusto, and then alternating fast and slow. Every so often he would lash at Superman’s calmped tits.. He kept up the ball and tit lashing for some time as Superman sqirmed and wailed around the phallus gagging him.

Superman’s cock dripped juice, and now drool spilled out of his mouth around the base of the gag. Tears streamed down his cheeks. Superman was in agony. He had never felt such humiliating pain and embarrassment. “Why is my penis so hard and ejaculating so much semen?” Superman’s mind reeled. “How can it remain engorged as this sadistic man whips me so ? Is it something in my alien anatomy that I have never come to know? ” Superman wept from the sting of the quirt, the pain in his tits and balls, the thudding torment in his ass, the excruciating pain in his jaw from the gag, and the soreness in his stocking toes from all of the weight they were trying to balance on to take some of the stress off of his tired aching arms. But, most of all, he cried from the embarrassing humiliation of the entire ordeal. These mere mortals had so easily tricked him some how, into this degrading situation. He knew that he had done nothing wrong, but these guys had him over a barrell.They were using the one thing that he had always kept so secret against him, the knowledge of his alter-ego. He was being charged with a crime that went against everything that he had stood for, to these earthlings, for so long now. What did this detective want from him? Why were they treating him like some kind of animal.He couldn’t think straight with this kryptonite muddling his senses. Come to think of it he wasn’t exactly acting so STRAIGHT at the moment either. What was going on? He had to get it together, if only his penis would soften and stop betraying him.

Detective Carlilse stopped whipping Superman with the quirt long enough to hang a few of those damn fishing weights to his stretched out scrotum. With the hero’s balls still pulled straight out away from his crotch by the stretcher and the leash, the weights pulled down on them, only adding to the pain. As if reading Superman’s mind, the detective said, “Supes, I am sorry things have to be like this. But, I know how stubborn you alien super heroes can be. I told you that I want a confession. Maybe after we treat you like the alien animal you truly are you’ll be more cooperative. This is how we treat murderous animals here on earth, Superfreak.” The detective went on with his diatribe, “Supes, you may think that you have rights here. But, you are wrong. You aren’t a man. You’re an Alien! From outer space even. Not one from Mexico, one from a whole different planet. You can’t just come here murdering humans and expect to get away with it, like you’ve been getting away with running around in that obscene tight nylon get up, interferring with us law enforcement types for so long. Superalien, we didn’t ask for your help. We had crime under control before you came along sticking your holier- than-thou nose into our business.” The angry detective slashed at Superman’s leaking cockhead with the quirt. “The way that thing is acting right now, proves that you probably just want to be around all of us manly men. But Supes, we don’t need your prissy pantyhose wearing help. Thanks just the same.” Carlilse rebuked the super hero whipping at him as he did with that small whip. Carlilse, then, set the weights in motion. Kicking at them with the toe of his shoe. As the weights swung too and fro, pulling at the hero’s entrapped testicles, Superman’s dick responded by getting harder, was that possible, and; the stream of constant ejaculate quickened. The detective took back up his quirt whipping of Superman’s balls, tits and now even his leaking bulbous cockhead.

Meanwhile in the outer viewing room, Sgt. Walters had entered. He stopped to watch Carlilse working on the super prisoner in the other room for a few minutes, ignoring the half naked officer at the desk. He knew all about what had gone on regading Officer Glavine. Cartwright had paid him a visit down stairs, before exiting the building. He knew just how to handle the technical officer. He was in no hurry. He had noticed that the pantsless kid was shackled to the desk and chair. He reckoned that that was Carlilse’s way of dealing with the kid. The leg cuffs wouldn’t be necessary. In a few minutes he would have the kid eating out of his hands. Officer Glavine would not be a problem for the conspiracy. Oh no, that could not be allowed. They had already come this far, he surely wasn’t going to let some sniveling young buck, ruin it for them now. Besides he had a lot of tortures in mind for the stud of steel. His fun hadn’t even begun yet. After all he was the one who had stocked the wall locker in Interrogation K. He sported a boner, watching Superman struggle against the wall in his bonds. “God I do love working over studmuffins like him” Sgt. Walters said turning towards the unsuspecting Officer Glavine.

Sergeant Walters was 48 years old. He was in very good shape for his age. He worked out at the gym when he wasn’t working out at The Rectum with some bound stud or working. As a matter of fact the 6’2″, 230 lb booking sergeant, picked up quite a few studdly young playthings at his gym. The dumb jocks that he met there usually fit the bill for just the type he enjoyed breaking. Today was his lucky day. He had the most studly young thing on earth hanging in the other room waiting for his attention. And, on top of that jewel in his crown, he also had Officer Glavine, whom he had secretly been lusting after, for months, chained to a desk right beside him. Yes the day was going along peachilly.

Sgt. Walters walked over to the captive technical officer with a shit eating grin plastered across his face. Glavine didn’t like the look at all. He had heard of the sadistic older cop’s evil ways. Walters nestled up beside the seated officer. “Looks like you’ve got yourself in a little bit of a bind, kid” Sgt. Walters said pointing at the leg cuffs.

“Yeah, Mr Luthor…….”, Glavine began to speak, but Sgt Walters cut him off by clasping his huge right hand across the seated younger officer’s mouth. Glavine struggled to get away from the assaulting sergeant. The booking sergeant kept his hand on Glavine’s mouth and used his thumb and forefinger to cut off the younger man’s nose airway. Glavine could not breathe. He struggled around on the chair that he was cuffed to, trying to get away from Sgt. Walters.

“Stop squirming, kid. You’ll breathe when I say you can. ” Sgt. Walters sternly warned. The younger man stopped struggling, hoping that he could have air if he did. He was turning blue in the face. Sgt. Walters released his grasp of the officer’s nose passageway. Glavine deep breathed a large amount of air in through his opened nostrils. He was beginning to sweat profusely. Walters kept his hand clamped tightly around Officer Glavine’s mouth. “Now, kid, Mr. Luthor doesn’t have full faith in your loyalties. You are going to be totally loyal, aren’t you, Officer Glavine?” Sgt. Walters asked, grinning down at the trembling young cop. Sgt. Walters reached down into the frightened young cop’s lap and grabbed the officer’s limp dick with his left hand. He stroked Glavine’s cock a few times, feeling it reflex against the sudden incursion.Walters pinched the younger man’s foreskin between his fingers. He rolled it back exposing Glavine’s cock head. “You’re going to be a good boy! Aren’t you, Glavine?” Sgt. Walters asked again. “Answer me, boy!”

Officer Glavine didn’t know what his superior wanted. He tried to answer into the hand muffling him. Sgt. Walters pinched harder and then slapped Glavine in the nuts. “Don’t try and bite my hand, young man. Didn’t your mama, ever tell you not to talk with your mouth full, stupid?” Walters smiled. “Just nod your head like a good little boy! You are going to be a totally loyal and good doggy now aren’t you?” Glavine nodded his head up and down, in the affirmative.

“Good boy! Glavine I knew we could count on you.” Walters had returned his left hand to Glavine’s dick. He continued feeling up the trembling obedient officer. Walters kept his huge paw clamped over the technical officer’s mouth. “Now, let me tell you how things are going to be, boy. We are in this for the long haul. Superman is going to be spending a long time here with us. Even when we get his confession, there’s still a trial to think about. He’s got to be totally humiliated and broken for the world to see. Mr. Luthor has a lawyer all set up to represent the fag of steel. Of course with all the evidence we’ve got on the big galoot, he’ll go away for a long time, but the trial won’t happen for awhile. So we’ve got some time to make him more contrite before he goes before the jury. We need you to make sure it’s all caught on tape. Especially a nice civil confession. Got it, boy?” Sgt. Walters squeezed the uncovered dick head for effect.

Glavine nodded his head up and down violently, affirming his understanding. “It appears that Mr. Luthor has taken a liking to using you, he plans to use you in place of Superfag, since it is a bit early for him to show his face in this plot. You don’t have any objections to that do you, kid? After all your service is required, you’ll answer like a good little servant, Won’t you?” Sgt. Walters laid down the situation. Glavine was trembling like a leaf now. Walters was working the officer’s cock and balls like they were the sergeant’s, and Glavine wasn’t too sure that they wouldn’t be from now on. He didn’t want to answer that last question, but knew that a response was required, when Sgt. Walters twisted the technician’s growing erection violently causing a sharp pain throughout Officer Glavine’s groin. He Shook his head up and down quickly and mumbled yeses into the sergeant’s hand. This resulted in another slap to his balls.

 “I knew that you’d see things our way, after a little talk, kid. But, there are some new ground rules for you. First, you do whatever Mr. Luthor wants, when ever he wants it, without delay or question, capiche?” Walters stroked Glavines now leaking erection. Glavine thought about it a few seconds, then nodded yes. “Good boy!” Walters stroked on. “Second, you don’t leave that computer without mine or Mr. Luthor’s approval, Got it?” Walters went on with Glavine’s new rules. Yes. Yes Glavine nodded. “Third,  you do what you are told, wear what you are told to wear and only speak when spoken too from now on. You are the junior partner in this endeavor so you will call the rest of us Sir, when you adress our questions.Do you understand these rules, kid?” Walters grinned into Glavine’s teary eyes, as he pulled on the younger man’s uncut cock. Glavine’s world was rocked. Things couldn’t get much worse. He nodded his obedience after a few seconds to let the third rule sink in. “Fourth, ” the booking sergeant went on, “Until this thing is over, you live with me, unless Mr. Luthor takes you to his place.” Walters explained to renewed struggling from the technical officer in his grasp.” This is just the way it’s got to be kid. Someone’s got to keep an eye on you from now on. You’ve become a liability of sorts. I trust you, officer, But; the other men don’t, so they’ve asked me to look out for you. I’m gonna take ya under my wings so to speak.” Walters squeezed and yanked Officer Glavine’s naked leaking erection.

“The kid really does have a nice body,” thought Walters as he stroked Glavine’s uncut dick. He reached up and unbuttoned the trembling officer’s sweaty uniform shirt. Sgt. Walters twisted Officer Glavine’s nipples to erection inside his shirt. “Yeah we’ll have a grand old time, kid!” he said, staring straight into the frightened young officer’s eyes. “God, I do love the look and smell of fear on a hot young studmuffin” Sergeant Walters thought. Then he went on with his instructions for the new Officer Ted Glavine. 

“Ok, kid. I think we have an understanding. I sure hope so, because, I don’t think you’d like my methods of correction. I would, but you would not, I assure you, my boy.” 

Sgt. Walters took his hand away from Officer Glavine’s mouth. He pulled a handcuff key out of his pocket. He handed it to the technical officer and said, “Take off those leg irons kid. I don’t think they’ll be necessary for the time being.”

As he reached down and started to remove his leg shackles, Officer Glavine started trying to explain how loyal he would be.”I promise, I won’y rat you guys out.” he said. “I don’t know why those other guys don’t trust me. I haven’t given them any cause.” the repentant young officer disobediently said.

Sgt. Walters hauled off and bitch slapped Officer Glavine back and forth across the face. “You really are a slow learner aint you kid?” he rebuked. “I just told you how to adress your betters, didn’t I, dumbass?”

Officer Galvine started to apologize. “Sir, I………..” The sergeant cut him off with another flurry of slaps.

“And I keenly remember telling you not to speak unless spoken to. That means if you aren’t addressed, young man, shut the fuck up!” Sgt. Walters explained his onslaught. Officer Glavine looked up at him with pleading eyes and continued removing the leg cuffs. “Hurry up, kid! I want to see what all the hoopla over that ass of yours is!” Sgt. Walters stood over his new charge waiting.

When the cuffs were removed, Sgt. Walters grabbed the neck of Glavine’s shirt and dragged him over to the same chair that Lex Luthor had used to deflower the kid. The sergeant pushed the trembling, frightened young officer over the back of the chair so that his cumcrusted ass was once again on display. “Please, Sir, Please don’t fuck me again!” Officer Glavine pleaded.

“Shut the fuck up!” Sgt. Walters ordered, after taking his own hand out of his mouth. He used his own saliva for lube, as he started prying open the younger officer’s asshole with his spitsoaked right fingers. “Unless you want me to gag you with those pretty socks you’re wearing!” he added.

Glavine kept his mouth shut and let the sergeant paw his ass. Tears began to fall down his cheeks again as he realized that he was going to be fucked up the ass again. 

Sgt. Walters saw Superman squirming under the quite vanilla minstrations of Detective Carlilse. The detective was busy whipping Superman’s cumdrenched cockhead with the quirt. Superman was bucking in his bondage like a wild bronco. “I’ll show the detective how to really break that wild filly, Superfag, when I get done sampling this muscle boy’s new pussy!” the sergeant reasoned to himself. He pulled his fingers from the officer’s newly wet asshole and replaced it violently with his erect 9 and a half inch leaking rod. He pushed his whole cock home into Officer Glavine’s ass. Then he slowly pulled, inch after inch, out until just the bulbous head was still buried. Then swiftly, Sergeant Walters rammed his cock in again. Then he began a methodical fuck of his new conquest, watching Superman’s slow breaking in front of him as he did.

Sergeant Walters was still fucking in and out of the weeping technical officer’s ass twenty minutes later when DA Cartwright entered the viewing room.


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