The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 5C
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The Murder Of Clark Kent

by Sockrob


Chapter 5 Confessions

Chapter 5C….. even more Confessions


The district attorney entered the viewing room just in time to see Sgt. Walters come to climax. The booking sergeant had decided to really notch up Officer Glavine’s humiliation. The sergeant had pulled out before shooting his load. Sgt. Walters’ spooge shot all over the twice raped young cop’s back. It shot as far up his body that some drenched the back of his pretty blonde hair. Sergeant Walters, never shy about having accomplished a good stud busting, straightened up and ordered the younger police officer to turn around, get down on his knees and clean off the sergeant’s cumcovered, ass slimey cock. Officer Glavine was totally mind fucked by now. He just did as he was told.

As Officer Glavine knelt sucking Sgt. Walters’ cock clean, DA Cartwright asked how things were going. He asked, “Sergeant, how are things progressing here, as if I couldn’t see? ” He added, “But, I really meant, the progression of our super murder suspect, not the help!” Cartwright was really not interested, in the least, about the rape of Officer Glavine. He couldn’t care less about the young technical officer. He was far more concerned about the scene playing out on the other side of the one way glass. The DA sat down in one of the viewing chairs and watched as Detective Carlilse continued the whipping of Superman.

On the other side of the glass, Superman hung in his bondage. He was sweating profusely now, as was the detective. Superman’s balls were swelling up inside the blue tights where they were trapped by the wide leather ball stretcher. His nipples were angrilly red and swollen. His throbbing bulbous cockhead had angry welts rising around it as it continued it’s leaking. 

Cartwright commented, ” Well looks like the good detective is enjoying himself in there. I dare say almost as much as you seem to be enjoying yourself in here, sergeant.” The DA sounded a little uppity towards the working class sergeant.

“Well this was only extra-curricular activities, counselor. I still have quite a full agenda of enjoyment scheduled for our super criminal in Interrogation K.” Sergeant Walters answered unswayed by the swelled head politician. “You just stand by and learn from the pro, mister DA. I’ll let you know when I need your help. Superfag there is all mine for the next little while, and I aim to break him quite proficiently. You and the detective, oh and of course Officer Tech here, will assist me, while I garner Superman’s confession.” Sgt. Walters bluntly stated to the DA’s astonishment. “Take all the credit you want. I need no accolades. Seeing Superfag crawl at my feet will be reward enough for me!” the sadistic booking sergeant spat. He pushed Officer Glavine back over to his computer desk, where the technical expert sat slowly down and went back to work, with the full knowledge of his place in the scheme of things.

Sgt. Walters went over and sat next to Cartwright. “Detective Carlilse is doing a pretty good job for a start. But Superfag needs to break a whole lot more than this. By the time I am through with him, we’ll have a confession and a willing super slave. Superfag will be so mind fucked and physically drained that he will do whatever we want him to do. You just mark my words, Cartwright!” Sgt. Walters actually liked the DA’s audacity. Noone else had had the gumption to use the power of the DA’s office before him, to bring that super alien to justice. The sergeant just wondered if the politician had what it took to truly stomach what was in store for the hero, over the next few days. “I hope you can handle the ride, Cartwright. It’s going to be rough. There will probably be times when you want to question my methods. Don’t!” Sgt. Walters warned his seeming superior. ” Make no mistake, I won’t waste a second thought on fucking anyone who gets in my way. Ask the good technical officer over there!” He pointed towards Glavine. 

Cartwright thought for a second, that he should put the sergeant in his place. But after looking over at Glavine sitting there gingerly trying to find a good way to sit on his brutalized ass, the DA decided to let the sergeant take control of the interrogation. He’d still come out smelling like a rose in the end. He’d make sure of that!

Sgt. Walters abrubtly stood and started towards the door. “Let’s get this show on the road!” he said. Then over his shoulder, to Officer Glavine, he warned, “Be a good, boy, kid. Stay right there and do your job!”

Then to Cartwright he asked, “Coming, big guy?”

When Sgt. Walters and the DA entered Interrogation K., Detective Carlilse was busy administering a new torment to the shackled super hero. The detective was enjoying slapping the tit clamps off of Superman’s tits, with the quirt, only to resnap the alligator clamps back on, and slap them off again. He was on his eighth go around of this new endeavor, when the other two conspirators entered. The room was dank with the odor of raw man scent. 

Superman was a miserable sight compared to the hulking, confident mass of masculinity that the world was used to seeing. His dark, usually perfectly groomed hair was sticky with perspiration and semen. His signature curl, standing up from the man juice, instead of taking it’s recognizable place on his forehead. Sweat poured down his still handsome, but confused facial features. His massive frame still filled the vision of anyone looking on, but, now it carried an air of defeat and fallibility, held up by his raw,chafed and aching wrists, in titanium shackles, widely spread above his head. His thick sinewy neck was collared by that kryptonite bejeweled collar. His torso, framed by the shreds of the orange prison uniform shirt, was wet and shimmering with a covering of dewy sweat. His tits now stood out perky and angrily protruding from his whip scarred chest, calmps biting deep against their fleshy nubbins.His massive sex organ stood obscenely up in his blue uniform tights, leaking super jism, the red swollen head peaking out from above the cum soaked waistband.  Superman’s balls stood straight out from his crotch forced there by the wide leather strap of a ball stretcher, and the leash that pulled them away from his body. They were swollen and throbbing with pain, still trapped behind the blue nylon of the hero’s tights. His massive treetrunk size thighs, and muscular calves, spasmed and twitched from the balancing act that he was forced to dance on his blue stocking tights covered toes.

Sgt. Walters strode right up to the shackled hero being whipped by the detective. He grabbed the quirt from Detective Carlilse’s hand. The sadistic sergeant took up the task of whipping Superman. He made a few practice lashes with the whip to Superman’s chest. The sheer look of terror that lit up Superman’s eyes gave the sergeant a burst of energy. He could tell that the supposed super hero was genuinely afraid of little ole human him. Then when he had the feel for the instrument, the sergeant carried out a ten minute tirade of whip weilding, that caused Superman to sqirm, struggle and buck more than he had previously, when the quirt was being handled by Detective Carlilse. 

Superman wept and wailed into the thick gag filling his mouth.

Sgt. Walters whipped Superman, chest, tits, abdomen, cock, balls, thighs and even swung the prisoner around on his stocking toes, and whipped his plugged ass a while. DA Cartwright and Detective Carlilse stood by watching the expert torturer wield the small whip with a mastery that they envied. “That’s how you whip a criminally minded super hero!” Sgt. Walters said as he threw the quirt to the floor. Then he stepped up close to Superman, so close that his uniformed barrell stomach, touched the hero’s soaking wet tights covered crotch. 

Sgt. Walters reached up and took the confused, dejected, taller alien’s face in his hands. He stared straight into Superman’s fear filled, teary eyes and told the prisoner, “Hey, stud! Remember me? I told you we’d meet again. It seems they need someone of my calibre to help interrogate you, Superfag. I’ve heard all about your non-cooperative outburst against the DA, there. Tch, Tch, Tch. I told you that you needed to cooperate. You should have heeded my warning Superfag.” The booking sergeant, spoke to Superman with an air of disgust. “You must really be quite a homo for this kind of treatment, boy! Look at that cock! Still standing at attention, and still filling your pantyhose with your super slime. Boy, I haven’t seen a fucker take to men, like you are, in some time. Superfag, all of this special attention these guys are paying you, has you all horned up, doesn’t it?” Sgt. Walters grabbed Superman’s distended scrotum by the leather stretcher that pulled them away from the hero’s body. He slapped Superman’s balls with his free hand. ” The sooner you admit what a faggot you are, Supes, the better things will start to go for you. I know that’s why you snapped and murdered Kent, wasn’t it? Keeping all of these homosexual, perverted desires of yours all bottled up inside, you were destined to have a break down sooner or later.” The sergeant twisted Superman’s leather trapped scrotum and slapped his blue balls. ” Hell, those elders of Krypton should have given you to someone like me to raise. You’ve been wasting precious talents by keeping them hidden, Superfag. Shit, look at that uniforn you picked for yourself, fairy. If that don’t scream homo , I don’t know what does. No self respecting, macho hetero man would be caught dead running around in that fairy suit. Pantyhose tights, pretty blue leotard top, red panties and that sissy cape. Boy, even the boots aren’t man’s boots, made of lycra and form fitting like stockings.” Sgt. Walters mocked the hero’s uniform. “Of course we’ve had to take that princess outfit from you now, left you only those tight fitting hose. It’s time we let you know what your true calling here on earth is. You had it partly correct, Superfag. You were sent here to serve man, but not in the way you’ve been doing. I’m just the man to show you the right way to serve man. By the time I’m through with you, you’ll be so addicted to cocks, that you’ll dream about them in your sleep.” The sergeant smiled.

Sgt. Walters stepped back from Superman. He let go of the kryptonite confused hero’s balls and gave orders to his partners. “Get the faggot down off that wall so we can get him all comfy, cozy for the next step of his interrogation.”

 Carlilse and Cartwright stepped up to the task of unshackling Superman from the wall. As they did, Superman’s mind reeled. “What was Sgt. Walters talking about? Superman was not homosexual. There had to be another reason why his penis was acting so whorish. He couldn’t control it, no matter what he did. The kryptonite had his brain so adled. Had the elders not told him all he needed to know? Were there things about him that the sergeant knew but he didn’t?” Superman sank deeper into dispair.

When the shackles were removed from around his wrists, Superman sank to his knees. Walters walked up to him from the locker where he had been removing more articles of torment. He grasped Superman’s head between his palms again. Holding Superman’s head still, Walters said, “See Superfag. I told you you were hot for man service. You immediatly went down on your knees just like a good cocksucker.” The sergeant rubbed Superman’s face into his uniformed, growing crotch.

 To the detective and the DA, Sgt. Walters said, “You boys, get that sling hung up from the ceiling, like I showed you, before. While I get an arm binder on the super fairy.” He pointed to the floor by the wall locker where he had piled some stuff. Walters asked Carlilse to pass him a leather looking sack of sorts. Then while the other two men began setting up the leather sling, Sgt. Walters stepped around behind Superman with the arm binding sack.

Superman was having a hard time getting the bloodflow back into his aching muscular arms. His wrists were chafed and bleeding a bit from the shackles and the cuffs before. He rubbed his hands up and down his forearms and around his sore wrists. The sergeant grabbed him by the biceps and pulled his arms behind his back.  He pushed Superman’s arms together and slapped the hero across the back of the head. 

“Don’t even think about pulling those arms away from me, bitch. Gotta get this binder on so that you don’t use your arms to fight us. We’ve seen how contrary you can be when you don’t get things your way.” Sgt. Walters opened one end of the leather binder. He centered the opening at Superman’s hands and pulled the bag up over Superman’s arms. 

He pulled on a strap at the top of the leather bag until Superman’s arms almost touched one another.  Then the sergeant closed straps around the middle of the bag at Superman’s elbows, and at the bottom over the hero’s wrists. When he was through adjusting all three straps, Superman’s arms were painfully held together behind his back, in the leather sack. Then the sergeant strapped one more leather strap from the hand area of the sack, just above the hero’s ass, around to the hero’s waist. He buckled it around in front of Superman, having to adjust the prisoner’s leaking erection, to do so. ” There Superfag those pesky arms are all out of the way now, huh?” Sgt. Walters asked, as he once again grabbed Superman’s head and rubbed it around the sergeant’s hardon in his uniform pants.

Sergeant Walters looked over his shoulder to see what kind of progress his partners were making with the sling. He saw that they had one end hanging from the ceiling and were working on the other. He decided to step up Superman’s breaking, a notch. He reached down and unfastened his belt and unzipped his trousers. The horny sergeant slipped his huge hand into his unzipped crotch. He wrestled his cock out through the fly of his tightey whiteys and taunted Superman with the growing erection. The sergeant slapped Superman’s gagged cheeks back and forth with his dick. “This what you want, stud?” the sergeant teased Superman. His cock hardened more with each contact that it made with the hero’s face. It started to leak pre-cum. Sgt. Walters played with Superman like this for a few minutes. Then he reached around behind the fallen hero’s head and unbuckled the gag straps. Superman tried to push the gag out of his mouth as soon as the straps were undone. It would not come out. It was lodged down his sucking throat as if it were determined to stay there. This confused the man of steel further. He pushed with his tongue muscle and the rubber cock finally dislodged from his throat. Walters watched as Superman tried to dislodge the fake cock and said, tauntingly, ” Looks like you’ve become fond of that cock, Superfag. Come on, get it out so I can give you the real thing. Don’t start thinking that that thing is all you’re gonna get. It’s just to give you practice for the real mccoy, boy.” He laughed as the gag fell to the floor.

Then Sgt. Walters fed Superman his real cock. He instructed the hero on how to best suck. “Just take the head at first Superfag. You’ve got to learn how to make a cock happy, before it gives you what you want. Use your tongue, and no teeth, bitch!” He let Superman tongue his cock head for awhile, feeling the pre-cum coat the man of steel’s mouth muscle. Then he started fucking in and out of Superman’s warm sucking mouth. He stopped occassionally to order the hero, “Ok, Superfag, lick up and down my rod with that hot faggot tongue of yours! We”ll have you sucking better than a two dollar hooker before ya know it.”  Sgt. Walters cock leaked a lot of pre-ejaculate semen down superman’s throat. Superman’s tongue licked a lot more. But, the climax came when Sgt. Walters began to deep fuck Superman’s tight suctioning throat with the full length of his throbbing dick. He finally buried the blood filled love muscle all the way down Superman’s gullet, and; shot a full load of human seed directly down into Superman’s alien gut. He held Superman’s mouth on his cock for a few more agonizing, that is for the super cock sucker, anyway, moments. Then the sergeant pulled out and wiped his messy member all over the man of steel’s facade. He told Superman to lick his cock clean. “Come on Superfag, clean me up, like a good cocksucking whore, so we can get you up into your bed for some more fun. You made the mess , you can clean it up ! ” Sgt. Walters gleamed at Superman and laughed a deep gutteral guffaw.

The sergeant let Superman slather his tongue all over the sergeants still hard cock for a few long seconds. Then he pulled out, laughing at the hero, as Superman spit and sputtered to adjust to the taste of the sergeant’s semen. He punched the hero squarely in his entrapped nuts and angrily said, “Don’t you ever spit out a man’s juices, Superfag. You swallow it all, and; if any happens to still be in your faggot mouth, you use your tongue to wash it all down. Got that. Superfag!” He punched Superman’s leaking throbbing cockhead. “I am telling you, fucker! You really should have tracked me down much earlier if life. You have quite a lot to learn!” Then he pulled Superman to his feet by his wet hair.

 When Superman was standing, the sadistic sergeant slapped him on the tights covered, butt plugged ass, and; looking at Superman’s stocking feet, which were flat on the floor, said, “You really are a slow learner, aren’t you big boy! How many times do I have to tell you that it aint safe for you to walk around the jail here on your stocking feet like that. Hoist your dumb, muscular ass, back up onto those, ballerina, pantyhosed, toes of yours, sissyboy.” The sergeant spanked Superman again on the tights covered ass, directly over the wide flared butt plug that was buried up his chute. The sergeant grasped the flared end of the plug through Superman’s tights and twisted it a few turns, causing Superman to flinch and twist himself on his stocking toes. “You want to dress like a fairy, you can walk like one, bitch!” The sergeant added.

Then Sgt. Walters picked up the end of the leash that was dangling from Superman’s ball stretcher. He informed the disheveled hero, “Let’s give you some practice walking around the proper way, Shall we, Bitch?” The sergeant pulled Superman around the room. He led the man of steel around the table, and the sling that the other two men had finally finished hanging. Superman followed behind the sergeant bouncing along on his blue stocking toes, doing his best to keep up with the tormentor, with his arms bound behind him like they were.

 The gag now out of Superman’s mouth, the hero begged and pleaded for the sergeant to stop this torture. The sergeant ignored Superman, and tugged harder on the hero’s leashed nuts. Superman rose above the fog for a second. He had had enough humiliation for one day. Superman dug deep and found a twinge of bravery. He demanded, “Look sergeant, this has gone on long enough. I know my rights. Stop this behavior at once and release me. We have a murderer to track down. I am not a homosexual. I am Superman for Krypton’s sake!” He mustered the voice to sound authoritative, but his eyes betrayed him when the sergeant glared at him and Superman lowered his gaze. Because the hero had looked down he didn’t see the sergeant’s booted foot until it made contact with his crotch. Superman fell to the floor in pain, from the violent kick.His leashed testicles were ripped away from his body further from the fall. The sergeant did not let go of the leash as Superman tried to curl into a fetal position on the floor, wailing in pain and crying new tears.

Sergeant Walters loosened his hold on the leash. But, still keeping possession of it, stepped over to the prostrate hero. The sergeant placed the toe of his leather boot against Superman’s face and ground the handsome hero’s, cum covered features into the floor. Superman moaned. Sgt. Walters said, “That little outburst will surely cost you, Superfag. Look down at that leaking pole between your legs and tell me again that you’re no fag. Hah! I say you are. And as for finding the murderer, I think we’ve got our man! And that little thing about rights. Well Superfag, yes, you were read a set of miranda rights earlier, I know, but, seriously, those rights are for earthlings. You aren’t one of those now are you.” The tested sergeant, twisted his boot harder around Superman’s jaw. Superman thought that the gag had been painful, but Sgt. Walters huge size 14 boot smashing his jaw into the floor hurt much more. “Now, bitch. I suggest you keep that mouth shut. You are quite a boring conversationalist, Superfag. There are much better things for you to do with that mouth. Lick my boot, Supes!” The segeant lifted his boot off of Superman’s jaw and offered it to the man of steel for cleaning.

Superman looked up into his captor’s demanding eyes with his own pleading eyes. “Do it, Superfag. Or I swear I will kick your pearly white cumstained teeth down your cocksucking throat!” Superman stuck out his tongue and swiped it across the sole of Sgt. Walters’ dirty boot. The sergeant watched with pure dominance over the fallen hero as Superman tongue bathed his whole boot sole. Then he offered the other one to the hero for washing. When he was satisfied of Superman’s total degradation, Sgt. Walters pulled the hero from the floor by his hair, and that damned ball leash. He said to the hero, “That’s another good use for that filthy, faggot mouth hole of yours, Superfag. Later on I’ll show you a few more. I so love a good socked foot massage from stud fucks like you.But that’ll have to wait. we’ve got other things to do now.” The sergeant pushed Superman towards the ominous looking sling now hanging in the center of Interrogation K.

Superman stumbled towards the sling on his stocking tiptoes, the leash still controlled by Sgt. Walters. “Help me get Superfag, up in his new bed, guys!” The evil sergeant ordered his compatriots. It took all three men to get Superman up on his back into the sling. They struggled with the large muscular frame of the defeated super hero, until they had him laying on his bound and sacked arms in the sling with his head in the attached head rest and his long muscular legs spread out in the attached leg restraints. Sgt. Walters strapped a wide belt like strap across Superman’s chest just below his still clamped nipples, while the DA and the detective each took one of the hero’s stockinged ankles and fastened it high up above the floor to an attached leather strap hanging off of the chains that held up the sling at the foot end. The attached foot straps were adjustible in that they could be moved higher or lower up the chain links. 

Sgt. Walters stepped away from the sling to the table. He was pouring some of the water in the pitcher onto something. The sergeant told the men, “Make sure you get his pantyhosed feet high enough up those chains, so that we can get to Superfag’s pussy ass, guys. It’s just about time to show this super freak just what that orifice is good for, too.” 

Superman perked up at that last suggestion. He screamed, “No! You can’t violate my anus. Please! Please. Dont!” The man of steel had never even thought about such things before tonight. What was this sadistic, sex crazed maniac going to do next? He simply had to get through to the man.

 Sgt. Walters was unsympathetic. He stepped to the head of the sling and grabbed Superman by the jaw with both of his large hands. The sergeant squeezed Superman’s jaws pulling down on the hero’s lower jaw, and said, “I am not going to tell you, again, Superfag! That hole in your face is not for chit chat. It’s for man service. Remember, I told you that there were plenty more things for that mouth of yours to learn to do. Here’s one!” The sergeant explained as he started to stuff a wad of wet, filthy nylon into Superman’s mouth. Superman tasted the most vile taste that he had ever tasted. He tried to spit the wad of black nylon out of his mouth. Sgt. Walters was determined. He clamped off the hero’s nose with his left hand, while stuffing Superman’s mouth with his right.

The sergeant let Superman in on the latest use of his mouth. “That’s a pair of my dirty worn uniform socks, Superfag. I wet them with some water for you, to release all of my foot jam.Since you can’t think of anything better than boring chit chat, to do with your mouth hole, why don’t you just make yourself useful and launder those nasty things for me. Sorry I don’t have any soap for you! ” He laughed. “I only wore them for a month. I’m afraid I don’t really do laundry that often. Just don’t have the time. You be a good bitch, and help a guy out! Will ya?” The sergeant grinned as he stuffed the rank tasting, month old nylon socks into Superman’s protesting mouth.  When the socks were completely inside Superman’s mouth, the sergeant said, “Now close your lips around those things so that no water spills out all over the place, while you wash em up for me , Superfag! Get all of that funk out of them sox and swallow, Ok? Make use of your inside plumbing, to dispose of the dirty wash water! Keep your mouth closed nice and tight, or I’ll have to spank that pretty pantyhosed ass of yours, big guy. We try to keep a clean place around here. Don’t go messing up the place with your chores,now.Remember the last spanking I had to give you,  Supes. I hope so, because if you let any of that laundry water spill from your mouth, there’s going to be a repeat!”

 Superman did as he was told, remembering how viscious the sergeant had spanked him earlier in booking. He shot a look of pure hatred towards the man who had just stuffed a filthy pair of well worn nylon boots socks in his mouth.

Sgt. Walters just laughed and turning towards, Detective Carlilse said, “Detective why don’t you come up here and keep a watch on our super wash girl. Make sure he don’t spill any dirty wash water onto our floor. If he does, let me know.” Walters instructed the detective to pull the table over closer so that he could get to the pitcher of water. ” Drag that table over next to you, detective. Every once in a while, I want you to pour some of that nice cool water into Superfag’s mouth. Keep those nasty-ass socks wet, so the things get nice and clean for me.” The sergeant also wanted to insure that a steady flow of the drugged water kept Superman horny and mind fucked.

Detective Carlilse pulled the heavy table over near Superman’s head, which rested on a wide strap of leather attached to the head of the sling. The headrest kept Superman’s head tilted so that he was forced to watch what was being done to him. A strap buckled across Superman’s forehead and allowed no movement of his head. The detective replaced Sgt. Walters at Superman’s head. The sergeant stepped to the foot of the sling. He checked the placement of Superman’s feet up in the sling. Satisfied, he reached over and pulled Superman’s waist until he had Superman where he wanted the hero on the wide bed of the sling. The sergeant adjusted Superman so that the hero’s plugged, tights covered ass, was low enough, down the wide leather bed, to allow full access. Then the sergeant looked up at one of the speakers in the corner of the room and said, “Get your ass in here, Officer Glavine. Put your computer on auto pilot for a little while. Make sure it’s all working right then get your ass in here. Bring your boots with you. I’ve got a chore for you, kid!”

Then the sergeant instructed the the detective at Superman’s head. “Detective Carlilse, why don’t you make yourself useful while you’re watching him, and help Superfag out. Step up closer to him and play with the fucker’s titclamps.” The sergeant ordered the detective.  Carlilse stepped up to Superman and began twisting the clamps on the hero’s chest. Superman groaned into the socks stuffing his face. His dick lurched and spat another wad of super jizz.  The sergeant instructed,  “Work em nice and hard. I know Superfag likes it. His dick does anyway! I worked them pretty good for him earlier in booking. Hell that’s probably why his dick’s so hard. I’ve turned plenty of studs out in my day, and; if there’s one thing I’ve found it’s that these muscle studs like having their tits worked. Muscle freaks like Superfag here, have some sort of electric connection between their tits and their schlongs. Help the fucker out will ya detective?” 

Sgt. Walters reached up between Superman’s spread thighs and pulled the hero’s tights up over his curved buns. He patted the plug in Superman’s ass. Then he started rubbing Superman’s lily white ass globes. “Damn, Superfag, your ass has lost all the color I put in it earlier. I may have to spank you anyway!” He swatted the hero’s ass cheek and laughed.

Then the evil sergeant ordered DA Cartwright to join in. “Counselor, you can keep our boy happy too. Step over here next to Superfag and work his baby makers. Superfag, are those nuts of yours capable of making babies?” The sergeant teased Superman. 

“Hell, they look human enough, and your jizz looks like it’s potent enough. But, I’m betting that you’ve never even fucked a woman, Superfag. You sure fucked Clark Kent though didn’t you, faggot?” Detective Walters teased the sock sucking super hero. He laughed out loud and slapped Superman’s ass again.  Then to Cartwright he said, “Counselor, get that torture wheel and run it around on the asshole’s blue pantyhosed balls. Use that quirt, of the detective’s, to keep the fucker’s nuts busy. Hell, think up some new shit to do to them if you want. You’re an educated man! Just keep them hurting. I’ve got more in store for them as soon as Glavine gets his boots in here.”

Just then, as  Cartwright began his assault with the pinwheel on Superman’s genitals, Officer Glavine walked in with his boots in tow. The officer was still pantsless and his shirt was still opened. He padded over to Sgt. Walters on his black nylon stocking feet.

Sgt. Walters, said, ” Come on in and join the party, officer. Jump up there and straddle the super freak for me, will ya? ” The sergeant helped  Officer Glavine climb up onto the sling with Superman. He had the officer straddle the hero’s abdomen facing Superman’s cock and balls. “Slip your stocking feet up under the asshole’s lower back, kid.” Sgt Walters ordered. Then he reached between Superman’s legs and pulled the super hero’s cumsoaked,tights waistband down off of that drug addled super 12″ long erection. Superman’s cock immediately sprang straight up in the air. The hero’s entire crotch was caked with dried semen. Over the dried cum was another layer of fresh wet jizz. Superman’s cock had been leaking for hours now and the evidence was clearly visible now. ” Damn Supes, you sure have been cumming buckets. You must really like all this attention you’re getting!” The sergeant laughed and patted Superman’s cum covered pubic bush. Superman moaned and sighed.Then to Glavine, the sergeant said, “Now, kid, this might hurt a little, but I want you to sit your pretty little ass down on the rod of steel.” Glavine bucked and tried to get away. “No sergeant, It’s too big. There’s no way I can take that thing in my ass. Please! No!” Walters bitch slapped the protesting officer.

Sgt. Walters was in no mood to argue with the junior officer. He told Cartwright to help him and together the two men held Officer Glavine over Superman’s cock. They forced the technical officer’s ass down onto the hero’s rock hard leaking cock. Officer Glavine screamed and cursed the whole time. Walters grabbed the kid by the scruff of the neck and bent him over, downward, towards Superman’s stretched, trapped, blue tights covered balls. The sergeant rammed the young officer’s face into Superman’s balls, and; ordered Officer Glavine to take them in his mouth. Then when the officer’s mouth was full, he and DA Cartwright finished feeding the rod of steel into the kid’s ass canal. As soon as the bulbous head broke through the kid’s ass lips, Superman began bucking around in his bondage, at this new assault. That only resulted in his cock burying deeper into the young officer’s ass. After a few minutes of Superman and the young officer’s getting aquainted, Sgt. Walters ordered Officer Glavine to start a slow ride up and down the cock embedded in the kid’s ass. Officer Glavine did as he was told, using his stocking feet under Superman’s lower back for leverage. “My ass is ruined!” the officer painfully thought. “I’ll never shit properly again, and the pain is unbearable! What next?” Officer Glavine slowly rode Superman’s dick and sucked the man of steel’s balls. What else could he do? He wept and rode cock. 

Sgt Walters then went into a kind of stage direction. He instructed DA Cartwright to drag one of the chairs over and place it behind and to the side of Superman’s left thigh. Then he ordered the DA up onto the chair. Noticing that the DA’s Brook Bros. trousers were tented, Sgt. Walters ordered, “Shuck them pants, counselor. Don’t waste that juice of yours. Rub it off on Superfag’s tights.” Then as the DA obliged, rubbing his stiff, leaking boner along Superman’s blue tights covered thigh, Sgt Walters handed the DA a long thin bamboo cane that he got from the locker. ” Here take this and whip the freak’s stocking soles. Just the soles and the arches, though. Don’t hit his toes! ” Then as Cartwright began whacking Superman’s feet with the bamboo cane, the sergeant informed the group, especially the victim, ” This is called bastinado. It’s an ancient form of torture, that men of the orient used to use to keep their women in line. It kept them on their toes. Since that’s where we want Superfreak to stay, and he’s really just a bitch, it’s only fitting that we introduce it to him.” The sergeant laughed. Cartwright began to get into the bastinado, occassionally wiping his naked, leaking dick off on Superman’s thigh. The DA had to reach over to whack Superman’s right sole, but he did, alternating from left to right.

Then, still directing the play unfolding before him,his own cock still jutting straight out the fly of his own uniform trousers, Sgt. Walters walked around in front of Superman. He spread Supermans lips open and fed the hero some more of the drug tainted water. “Move those dirty sox around in there, Supes. Make’s a nice tasty soup, doesn’t it Supes!” He laughed at his own humor. The sergeant was having a very good time. Then he ordered Detective Carlilse to get rid of his uniform trousers and drawers, too. The detective’s cock was hard and leaking just like the DA’s. Walters made the detective straddle Superman’s face, so that he was bent over the hero’s head, with his leaking cock pointing towards Superman’s chest. This placed the detectives old hairy balls on Superman’s chin, and the detectives naked ass right over Superman’s sock stuffed mouth. The detective had to stand on his stocking toes to get in this position, but it was worth it. He could get better access to the hero’s tits, and could even get his teeth around them. The sergeant liked that idea and told the detective to keep it up. The sadistic sergeant adjusted the detectives waist around a bit so that Superman had no choice but to sniff ass. Sgt. Walters told the detective to wriggle around every once in a while so that Superman could get a better whiff, and so that the detective’s course, hairy balls could rub around the hero’s chin. The detective’s dick leaked copiously down onto Superman’s collared neck. 

Sergeant Walters then took the boots that Glavine had brought in with him. He stepped around to where Glavine’s mouth was busily sucking on the hero’s blue balls. The sergeant removed the long laces from the boots. He tied a bootstring to each of the boots at one of the topmost eyelets, on each boot. Then Sgt. Walters reached under Glavine’s chin and tied the other end of each boot lace to the kryptonite clasp on the front of Superman’s ball stretcher, where the leash was attached. He reached up toward the ceiling and pulled a pulley and chain device down from it’s hook above the sling, centered between Superman’s legs. The sergeant threaded the boot laces into this pulley device and then let it go. The pulley snapped back toward the ceiling taking the boots and Superman’s balls, with the officer’s mouth on them, with it. Superman screamed into the socks, Glavine screamed into the hero’s pantyhosed balls. Walters laughed. When it finally stopped  swaying and the boots settled down, hanging from one side of the pulley, Superman’s balls were stretched out again, this time by the weight of the boots. Glavine’s mouth still warmly sucking them.   

Sergeant Walters took up his position between the fallen hero’s upended legs.He grabbed the dildo still embedded in Superman’s ass and began playing it in and out of the hero’s hole. Superman began to moan and groan loudly around his sock stuffed mouth.  Carlilse, the older detective, was moaning with sexual pleasure as he used his teeth and tongue to torture the hero’s clamped nipples. Cartwright, the young DA, was giggling and laughing like a school girl as he whipped the super hero’s stocking feet, his cock leaking pre-cum all up and down Superman’s tights. Sgt. Walters told the DA that while he was up there, to keep those boots swinging. Cartwright did. Officer Glavine, the youngest of all, the blond blue eyed, kid, painfully rode Superman’s massive cock, while sucking a mouthful of tights entrapped balls.

Every so often Sgt. Walters would look around at his sex play. He was directing the best damn porno the world had ever seen. “That damn, Glavine better be getting this all on tape!” the sergeant angrily thought, as he worked the kryptonite ringed dildo back and forth against Superman’s prostate. Then he pulled the entire lenghth of the toy cock from it’s home. He looked at it in disgust. He showed it to Glavine, who from his bent over position atop the sling could do nothing but watch the sergeant. Glavine’s eyes were filled with pain, panic, terror, fear and tears. Sgt. Walters rubbed the dildo with Superman’s ass juices covering it around in Glavine’s blonde hair. He smiled at the disgusted officer and rammed the rubber cock back up Superman’s ass. Sgt Walters ‘ cock was dripping profusely. He used his own pre-cum to lube the dildo that he was playing with. The sergeant worked the toy around and around, back and forth, in and out of Superman’s ass. 

Then to everyone in the sex play’s astonishment, Sgt. Walters said to the speaker in the corner. “You ready, Sir! I think Superfag is.” He rammed the long butt plug back home in Superman’s ass and stepped aside as Lex Luthor entered Interrogation K. Superman tried to twist his head see who had entered. He could not. All the hero could see was Carlilse’s white, smelly ass. Sgt. Walters stepped up to Superman’s head further blocking his view. Luthor took up position between the hero’s legs. The arch enemy of the man of steel, pulled the rubber cock out of Superman’s ass. He took the kryptonite ring off of the toy cock and slipped it over his own leaking boner just below the crown. Then he slowly pushed the bulbous leaking head of his cock into his enemy’s ass. Luthor grunted with ecstasy as he began a slow methodical fuck of his nemesis. Superman groaned and moaned into the socks in his mouth.

Sgt. Walters straddled Superman’s face, himself. He pushed the detective up further over Superman’s chest. Detective Carlilse’s feet left the floor and he ended up straddling Superman’s chest. Sgt Walters said, “Just keep working his tits, detective. I’ve got to get to the freak’s mouth.” The sergeant pulled the socks from Superman’s mouth. He replaced them with his hard leaking boner. As Lex Luthor fucked Superman’s ass, claiming the hero’s cherry for himself, Sgt. Walters again fucked Superman’s throat, having already claimed that virginity. 

Luthor fucked ass. Walters fucked face. Carlilse mouthed tits. Cartwright whipped feet and rubbed his leaking dick on the hero’s thigh. And poor Glavine rode super cock and ate supernuts. Superman lay there in his bondage and took his rape. What else could he do. His mind reeled. They were turning him out. Every part of his body was sexually active. Every sense filled with man sex. He didn’t want to, but his cock was going to erupt at any second. The play went on for some time like this.

Lex Luthor visciously rammed Superman’s ass. He fucked like a madman. Sgt. Walters did the same at the other end. Glavine rode Superman faster. After some time, Lex pulled back so that just his cock head was buried in the new cunt of steel. He looked down at the glowing ring behind the head of his cock. He wiped his sweaty brow, grinned a huge shit eating grin and rammed his cock home, spewing an enormous load of criminal spunk into his enemy’s ass. He fell forward, onto Glavine’s sucking head, totally spent, while his balls emptied into Superman’s ass. 

The jarring movement of Luthor on to Glavine’s head, shocked Superman out of the reverie caused by Luthor’s ejaculaton. The hero’s balls tingled, and spasmed. The eruption began. Being strapped like it was, the super load did all it could to break free of it’s recepticles, Superman’s balls. Finally, just as Sgt. Walters deposited another load down Superman’s throat,  the enormous, sexually charged semen shot though the hero’s strapped,scrotum. Like cannon fire it made it’s way though the hero’s genitalia. His cock lurched and burst forth with a massive load of super, sex charged super cum. The ejaculation blasted the young officer’s asshole with such force that it shot Officer Glavine up and off of the monster cock, his mouth ripped away from the hero’s balls. The fucked officer, his own cock erupting with a volume of cop cum all over the hero’s crotch, was raised up into the air, and; then toppled off of the sling onto the floor. Superman’s cock, swollen, angry and red, stood straight up from his body and continued to erupt, like Mt. Vesuvius.

Cartwright had stopped whipping the hero’s feet. Instead he stared at the sight before him. His own cock couldn’t hold back any longer and shot forth all over the hero’s tights. Carlilse, similarly shocked, atop Superman’s chest, shot another load all over the hero’s tit clamped chest.

Lex Luthor collected himself, he removed the ring from his cock, replaced it on the dildo and shoved the rubber cock back up Superman’s ass, trapping the villain’s load there. Luthor made his way over to the young officer curled up on the floor. He nudged the fallen officer with his shoe. The officer was still alive. He pulled Officer Glavine’s aching, brutalized body up onto it’s knees. Then Lex Luthor offered the young officer his cock for cleaning. Officer Glavine was in shock. He could hardly open his mouth, but when the crime boss slapped his face with the still erect penis, Glavine sucked it clean.

Sgt. Walters was still feeding his cock to Superman. He gruffly ordered the hero to clean it off for him, all the while keeping Superman’s vision obstructed. 

Carlilse scampered down off of the sling. Cartwright stepped down off of the chair. Lex Luthor pulled his cock out of Glavine’s mouth. He pushed the brutalized officer to the floor and made his way to the door. Just as he opened it he said, “Nice ass, Supes! Remember who busted it! That’s all the confession I needed. You liked every second of your deflowering, Superfag. I always knew you were gay!” He left the room.

Superman screamed. “NO!!!!!!!” He knew exactly who’s voice he had heard. His sex and drug adled mind was just cognizant enough to know that. Lex Luthor had just busted his cherry. He slumped back into the sling bawling new tears of humiliation and grief. His betraying cock still jutted into the air erupting lava streams of hot super semen.

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