The Murder of Clark Kent Chapter 3
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The Murder of Clark Kent 

by Sockrob


Chapter 3. The Booking

When Detective Carlilse joined his partner in the police issued sedan, he stole a glance of the super prisoner stuffed in the back seat. He was right. Even the small amount of kryptonite that had been secreted into the metal handcuffs with which the suspect of steel had been restrained was having an effect. Superman was noticably sweating. Only kryptonite could force that fluid from the super brow. The lead detective grinned at Superman and asked, “Comfy, Supes?”

Superman was beginning to feel sick to his stomache. He tried to shake some of the sweat from his forehead, as with his hands cuffed behind him, he couldn’t very well wipe his brow. He was becoming more and more confused. His mind began to wander. He had to focus. He thought to himself, ” What is going on here? There is no kryptonite around. couldn’t be. My super senses would have picked it up surely. But that infernal ore was the only thing that could possibly make him feel like this. Or was it?” 

Superman had never been put into circumstances like this. Could the situation that had presented itself to him be affecting him so direly. He found himself getting confused and angry again. He spoke, but found his words slurring. ” Hey guys somethings wrong with me. I don’t feel so good.” The world began to spin. Superman became dizzy. His stomache really began to hurt. “Please guys pull over I think I’m gonna be sick.” This really worried the super alien as he had never been sick to his stomache ever in his life.

The detectives in the front seat practically ignored his pleas. He had to get their attention. He decided that the handcuffs had to go again. He jerked his wrists apart only to find that they held. “What the fuck?” Superman actually cursed out loud. This got the men’s attention and they both gawked at Superman. Detective Carlilse actually turned in his seat to look at Superman. Detective Emerson stared at him through the rear view mirror. 

“I think he’s gonna hurl, Geoff!” Detective Louis Carlilse noted to his partner. “Better pull over for a sec.” He kinda smirked as he watched the world’s most powerful being sweating bullets in the back seat of the sedan. Superman was still vainly struggling against the handcuffs and the look on his face was priceless. The conspiring lead detective caught the eye of his prisoner. He winked. Superman lost it. He upchucked violantly all over the back seat of the squad car.

DetectiveEmerson said, “Ohhhhhhhh, man, That’s nasty. Alien puke is not gonna be pretty. Couldn’t you have held it until I stopped Supes?” He was pulling over on to the shoulder of the road as he spoke. He used the electronic window controls and let all four of the police sedans windows down. 

Detective Carlilse turned completely in the seat and surveyed the pitiful circumstances that Superman now found himself in. A string of spittle hung from the heroes gaping mouth. The contents of Superman’s stomache covered his already filthy blood stained tights. The familiar yellow and red “S” shield on his chest was now dripping vomit. It really stunk. Superman had not remembered what or when he had eaten last, but; now it was all over him. He looked pitifully up at the gawking lead detective. He said nothing but his eyes, just hours ago so stunningly blue and clear, begged for mercy. Detective Carlilse answered those eyes, but spoke to the other detective, ” Well partner there’s no reason to stop now. The deeds done. Supes you’re gonna have to clean that up later. damned if I’m gonna clean up after your murdering alien ass.” Superman slumped back into the puke wet seat, his humiliation deepening.                                       


Just a few more smelly windswept minutes and they were pulling into the police headquarters parking basement. The detectives got out of the vehicle. Detective Emerson went to open the back door so that the weakening superhero could get out. His partner stopped him. detective Carlilse had that light bulb gone off in his head look. “Wait a few minutes. We probably should clean superpuke up before we take him inside. I’ve got an idea.” They had pulled into a space that was close to a hose bib with it’s water hose wrapped around it. Detective Carlilse walked over and unwound a few turns of the hose. Then he turned on the tap. The hose had a sprayer attachment screwed on it and the sadistic detective told his partner to open the back door of the car. Then he opened up on the fallen super prisoner with the full  force of the hose. He walked over and grabbed Superman by the signature curl of his ebony hair and sprayed most of the puke off of the hero’s tights and shield. He was careful not to wash the blood from Superman’s hands. superman just hung limply in the detectives grasp moaning as he was sprayed. When satisfied, the detective said, “Good enough to let you into my house, now Supes. But we’ll get you more cleaned up when we get inside. There’s still enough evidence on you for processing, I think.”

Detective Carlilse pulled Superman from the back seat of the car by his hair. Then he pushed the weak hero towards the booking entry. Superman stumbled and fell face first into the concrete parking garage floor. “Be careful, hero.” Detective Carlilse snided. “That first step is a doozy, huh?” He mocked the kitten weak Superman.

Upon entering the booking section of the station, every head turned. Cops and prisoners alike gasped at the sight of the Man of Steel in his current state. Superman’s 6’5 hulking muscular frame was unmistakeable, but his current appearance betrayed him. He dripped water from his tight nylon and spandex uniform. That usually pristine body suit  was covered with a mixture of dirt, blood, specks of his own vomit and water. The cape that normally flowed freely around his frame now hung limply and dripped water. Superman’s signature black hair curl now stood up, like that kid in the little rascals, where the detective had mussed it. His eyes were cloudy and unfocused. His gate was no longer steadfast and cocksure. Instead, Superman stumbled and limped. His wrists remained cuffed behind him under his wet dirty cape. 

Detective Carlilse ignored the gawkers and pushed Superman up to the booking desk. He propped the man of steel against the counter.He looked down at the desk sergeant and said, “Book him, Sergeant.” He turned and smiled at the crowd, “God I’ve always wanted to say that!” he laughed.

While Superman leaned against the booking counter and tried to get his bearings, Detective Carlilse spoke softly to the booking Sergeant. Through the kryptonite fog that Superman found himself swimming in he tried to listen to what the two were saying. He just caught a few words here and there. Fingerprints, Blood, Uniform, Boots, Tights,Orange Jumpsuit, something about stripping and searching, Handcuffs, and then he thought he heard the strangest word Enema. Both men laughed boisterously at that last bit.

Detective Carlilse stood back up from his leaning over the counter and said in his regular voice, “When he’s all booked and prepared have him brought to Interrogation Room K, Sergeant. Then give me a call. I’ll be in my office.” The lead detective strode off towards the elevators with his partner on his heals. 

Two burly uniformed officers took hold of Superman’s shoulders. They led him back behind the desk and into a small room behind it. The door shut behind them. The booking Sergeant entered and said, professionally, “Boys, I’ll handle this one myself.Superman’s a special case. Gotta make sure he’s processed strictly by the book. I’ll call you boys when he’s ready to go to Interrogation K.”  The two officers turned and left. Sergeant Walters locked the door behind them.

Superman’s fog was beginning to subside abit and he made a quick inspection of his surroundings. This room was bright white. Fluorescent lights illuminated the space. There was a table to one side with a computer on it. Next to the computer was a fingerprinting press. There was a stall with a shower and sink in the back corner of the room. A simple self flushing toilet sat beside the sink. There were  lockers like in a gymnasium  along one side of the room across from the desk/table.There was only one cahir in the room. 

Superman was brought back by the sound of the Sergeant’s voice. “Hey Superman, you don’t look so good buddy. Sorry to have to meet ‘cha under these circumstances big boy. But that’s the way it has to be, so why don’t we just get started, hmm.” the sergeant smiled. “Here drink this big boy.” he said holding a plastic glass of liquid up to Superman’s mouth.

Superman gulped the watery liquid as he looked the sergeant over. Sergeant Barry Walters was a big man. Although 52 years old, he stood  6’2 in his stocking feet. At least 250 lbs. Not quite as muscular or big as Superman, but he did work out and keep himself in peak shape. He had brown hair cut in a marine corps high and tight. His dark eyes displayed his tough no nonsense attitude. His uniform showed off his muscular frame very well, leaving nothing to the imagination. Superman couldn’t help noticing that the sergeant’s uniform pants were bulging at the crotch as if the contents were trying to escape. The man’s penis and balls were clearly outlined as they pressed against the thin uniform trousers. “Was the sergeant getting aroused? No, couldn’t be.” Superman chalked it up to the mind games that were going on inside him. 

The sergeant stepped closer to Superman and grasped his cuffed wrists through his cape with his huge left paw. And then with his right he did something that took Superman’s breath away. The sergeant grasped Superman’s crotch through his red briefs and tights with his right hand. Superman tried to pull away in disgust and the sergeant smacked him across the face with that same fondling hand. The open hand slap stunned Superman and he could feel the blood rushing to his cheek where it had landed. His faced had actually been rocked by the slap. Then the sergeant followed through, slapping Superman’s face the other way, stinging his other cheek as well. “Cooperate, and this will be over before ya know it big boy.” the sergeant growled into Superman’s right ear. Then the sergeant actually nibbled on that same ear. Superman struggled again and the sergeant took hold of the super crotch again tugging Superman’s balls away from his body through the fabric. Superman couldn’t get away from sergeant walters grasp. He held the hero by his cuffed wrists, his balls and started licking Superman’s ear inside and out. The sergeant kept up his sexual assault on Superman for few minutes. He caressed and tugged at Superman’s gonads as he tomngue bathed his ear.

Superman gave up his futile attempt at escape but voiced his displeasure, ” Please, stop. I am not homosexual. Superman weakly muttered.” God what if someone walked in and saw this. Hadn’t he been humiliated enough tonight. 

“Shhhhhh.” the sergeant whispered in Superman’s ear, while continuing his assault. “I won’t tell anyone, if you don’t.” He smiled an evil grin.”Listen,bitch. I wouldn’t scream out to loudly if I were you. This is my house. Trust me if anybody finds out what’s gonna go on in this room, you will be the one embarrassed by it. Not me. I am not the one prancing around in a pretty pair of blue pantyhose. You are Super fag. Showing off all that body. Making everybody swoon.”Then just as suddenly as he had grabbed him, he let Superman go. “You are one hunk of a man, Superman, enough to make a straight man creme, but I guess I’ve got a job to do. Maybe we can continue this fun later, hmmm?.” the sergeant smilled again. Superman could tell that the man had recently eaten onions, he was so close. His stomache churned again and he fought the urge to puke again.

The sergeant became all professional then. He pushed Superman over to the table and readied the fingerprinting devise. Then he sat at the computer and typed in a few things, ignoring Superman who stood unsteadily waiting. When he was done he stood up behind Superman, pushing that bulging crotch of his back against Superman’s cape covered, cuffed hands. Superman couldn’t help but touch the sergeant’s cock and balls. Hell he could make out the man’s religion. The bulbous head of the sergeant’s penis gave a lurch and a spurt of pre-cum wet superman’s bloody hand through his cape and the sergeant’s pants. Superman tried to move his hands away and only managed to make the cock spurt another burst of pre-cum. 

“Like that, huh faggot. I always knew that any muscle stud like you that ran around in pantyhose tights had to play for the other team. Well fucker I am not gay, but You sure are turning my crank.” the sergeant huskily moaned into Superman’s ear. “But like I said later. Now I gotta get you fingerprinted.

Sergeant Walters stepped back off of Superman and took hold of his red cape fastens. He undid the cape and tossed it across the room. Looking down at Superman’s cuffed hands he cursed. “Shit, I forgot that damn blood all over your murderous hands, Superfag.” He pushed Superman back against the table and stepped back across the room to one of the lockers. 

Superman’s mind was realing. The fog was lifting but his humiliation was growing, along with his privates, that the sergeant had been fondling. His balls tingled from the assault upon them, but try as he might Superman copuldn’t will his erection to subside. He just wanted this to all be over and quickly. He wanted to scream out for help, but remembered the sergeants warning. He believed the man would humiliate him further if anyone else were to find out what was going on. Besides he didn’t want anyone else to see his betraying erection. What was in that water that the sergeant had given him?

Then the sergeant was back behind him and he was scraping something along Superman’s cuffed hands. “Gotta get as much of this collected as I can Supes.” he explained. “Damn you sure got a lot of Kent’s blood on ya didn’t you stud?” He finished with his evidence collection and then roughly turned Superman around so that his hands were over the table. 

Sergeant walters leared up into Superman’s dejected eyes and said, “Sorry Supes but I am under strict instruction not to remove these handcuffs, so just cooperate with me. I’m gonna roll your fingerprints. Then we’ll get on to the fun part of your booking.” The sergeant then proceeded one finger at a time to process the world’s finest’s prints. During the process, Sergeant Walters continuously pressed his leaking meat into Superman’s own swelling tights covered crotch. The sergeant stood on his toes and rested his chin on Superman’s shoulder so that he could see what he wa doing behind the hero’s back. When the printing was complete he stepped off and noticed hard cum stained crotch of the man of steel. “Oh you are such a little whore for it Superfag.” Look at the size of that cock, I bet that aint all my precum there stud, is it? Sergeant Walters mocked Superman. He stepped back over to the computer for afew minutes and then back over to Superman, who just leaned back against the table in a semi state of shock.

Sergeant Walters once again pressed his still erect cock up against Superman and reached around to clean the ink off of his fingers. he lingered a bit longer than the task took and ground his leaking crotch against Superman’s for that time. He raeched up and caressed Superman’s muscular pecs. He ground crotch with superman and caressed the hero’s body all over. Then as both cocks leaked copious amounts of pre cock snot, Sergeant Walters helped himself to Superman’s tits. Superman let out a little whining moan as the sergeant tweaked his nipples through the tight nylon and spandex fabric that was supposed to protect them. Superman wasn’t sure what was happening but he hung his head in shame as he felt his own penis head lurch and give up a dollop of super pre-cum. 

Sergeant Walters stepped back and laughed, “Oh Superfag, was that pre-cum or are you about to burst on me? I think somebody’s getting all hot and slutty for the big masculine desk sergeant aren’t they?” He reached down and fondled Superman’s nuts adjusting them in their tight entrapments. He pushed Superman’s 12 inch engorged leaking cock so that it was standing straight up against the hero’s crotch behind the briefs and tights. The huge bulbous head of the cock of steel spurted some more pre-cum, further soaking the front of the alien’s uniform.

The sneering sergeant slapped Superman’s engorged dick with an open handed slap that made his earlier ones to the hero’s face feel like gnat bites. Superman grunted and pushed away from the slap with his butt. This didn’t go unnoticed by his tormentor. Superman arched his back in doing so and his bubble butt, now uncovered by that damn red cape hung in the air for some seconds. “Nice ass, Supes! I am sure it’s gonna be a big hit where you are going.” Sergeant Walters giggled.          

Sergeant Walters again stepped over to the now open locker and retieved some items. He returned to his super prisoner and laid the items out on the table behind Superman. “I need a blood sample for Forensics, Superman”, the sergeant reverted right back into his professional mode. “I know that it’s not going to be easy to get a needle into that thick super skin of yours so we’re gonna get the blood another way. Sorry, Supes. This may be painful and definately will be a bit humiliating, but it’s got to be done. If we can’t make a hole in your hide then we’ll just have to use one you’ve already got.”                            

Superman was getting more worried by the second. He struggled, to no avail, against the cuffs that were beginning to chafe his wrists.What next, he wondered. Was this the justice that he fought so hard for. Is this how these guys treated everyone who came through here. He reasoned that it was probably not. Superman was beginning to understand that there was some sort of conspiracy going on. And he was the object of that conspiracy. Whoever was behind it was good, he thought, and must have figured out that Clark Kent was Superman’s achilles heal.What he heard next nearly sent him over the top.     

“Bend over the table, face down, Supes!” Sergeant Walters ordered. Supes noticed that the Sergeant had cleared the table except for the computer. The sergeant positioned Superman at the clear end and pushed until he was bent over the table face down. Then the man grabbed ahold of superman’s yellow belt and made to unbuckle it. Superman went wild. he bagan to struggle and yell. “No way, sergeant. You aren’t getting into my tights. Forget it. I won’t settle for this kind of treatment. I have rights. This is not right. I demand to be let go this instant.” He tried to wriggle out of the stronger cop’s grasp. 

Sergeant Walters pulled a strap up from under the table and used it to hold Superman’s torso down against the cold table. “I guess I’ll have to do this the hard way, Superman.” he held the struggling super hero down with one hand and fastened the wide leather strap around him with the other. “You are absolutely right, Supes. All human beings have the right to be treated better than this. But guess what, alien,You don’t qualify as a human being. So shut up and cooperate, shit head. I can do anything I want to you. I need samples and I will get them. The easy way or the hard way!” He finished relieving Superman of his yellow utility belt and his red briefs, lifting the hero’s legs himself when Superman refused. Then he reached down and started feeling up Superman’s blue tights covered ass.

“This truly is a nice ass Superman. Shame I can’t have it all to myself. But I am sure that it is going to get very very used before this is all over.” The sergeant stopped caressing Superman’s ass and pulled his blue tights down off of those perfectly shaped mounds. 

Superman anticipated nothing good to come of this and began fighting his bonds more aggresively. He also began screaming at the top of his lungs to be let go.

“Tch. Tch. Tch. Such aggression, Superman.” Sergeant Walters  chided. “You’d better calm down my boy. You’re gonna break something.” He was up by the prisoner’s head now and holding something that frightened Superman further. He showed it to Superman, and, then went to shove the phallic shaped rubber dong into Superman’s protesting mouth. Superman clamped his mouth shut and wriggled in his bondage more. He pleaded with his eyes. Sergeant Walters pinched off Superman’s nostril’s with one hand and when the hero gasped for breath shoved the four inch black rubber cock into Superman’s mouth. Superman gagged on the intrusion and tried to make it as comfortable as he could as the sergeant buckled the connecting straps behind Superman’s head roughly. Try as he might Superman was not going to be dislodging this newest torment any time soon.The pecker gag effectively squelched the hero’s screams for help. “I have a feeling you’ll be thanking me later for giving you this time to practice your gag reflexes, Superfag.” Sergeant Walters laughed patting the front of the gag which forced Superman’s plump lips to ache as they tried to close around the offending intrusion. 

“Sorry Supes, but I asked you nicely to cooperate. Now there’s no more Mr Niceguy for you, my boy.”  Sergeant Walters went back to feeling up the defender of justice. He reached through Superman’s legs and grasped the hero’s exposed and hanging balls. He fisted the entire scrotum with his right hand, while he used his left index finger to run up and down the kryptonian’s ass crack.He rolled the egg shaped orbs of Superman’s nuts in his fist, pulling downward as he did. Superman grunted into the thick rubber pecker filling his mouth and throat.

Then suddenly. the sergeant released Superman’s ball sac. He stopped running his finger through Superman’s muscular crack. Superman struggled to turn his head so that he could see what the man was up to. Just when he turned to look over his left shoulder the fallen super hero felt the belt. Sergeant Walters had removed his own Sam Browne Belt and began spanking Superman’s perfectly shaped creamy white buttocks. 

Sergeant Walters spanked Superman’s ass. He talked to the strapped down stud hero as he did. “Superfreak, this is just to teach you about cooperation. I am sure you have been told to cooperate with law enforcement quite a few times tonight. You are obviously a pretty slow learner. I like that. Because it gives me the chance to teach. And I so like teaching pretty young stud boys like you.”  And teach he did. He spanked Superman’s previously never strappped ass for more than thirty minutes. Sometimes he would wield flurries of belt lashes across the muscular buttocks. Then he would slow down and alternate swats of the belt with slaps from his open palms. When he was done Superman’s once milky white ass cheeks glowed a fierce bright pink. A few welts had risen across those once perfectly shaped globes.


Sergeant Walters stopped spanking Superman’s ass and returned his belt to the loops around his waist. Only then did he hear the faint whimperings from the prisoner’s well gagged throat. He stepped around to the head of his chastened victim. Superman turned his face toward the wall. “Superfag, are you crying, bitch?” the sergeant laughed. He jerked Superman’s head around to face him. Tears streamed down Superman’s face. Snot pooled around his nostrils. Almost inaudible whimpering cries came from behind the penis shoved in the hero’s mouth. 

“You are crying!” Sergeant Walters exclaimed. “I don’t believe it. Superman, protector of the weak, fighter of crime, savior of the earth, can’t handle a little spanking from a mere mortal human.” The sergeant huffed. “Well I guess I always thought that all the stories I had heard were too good to be true. You aint nothing but a pansy ass punk, Supersissy.” The sergeant held Superman’s square jaw firmly in place. Superman tried to pull away and turn his head but the sergeant would have none of that. 

“Look Bitch, I sure hope you’ve learned your lesson and we won’t have any more trouble out of you. You’ve already wasted too much of my time. That little ass whipping set me back. I’ll have to call Detective Carlilse and let him know you are going to arrive a little later than we anticipated to Interrogation K. I’ve still got a lot to do to prepare you for him.”

Sergeant Walters squeezed Superman’s jaw in his grasp. Superman winced with pain and moaned around the fullness of his pecker gag. The sergeant could tell that the gag was beginning to cause the prisoner excruciating discomfort. “Are we gonna have any more problems Super sissy?” He squeezed harder until Superman realized what he wanted and shook his head in the negative, to let the sergeant know that he understood and would cooperate fully. “Good, boy! I’ll take that gag off in a few minutes, Superfag. I am sure you’re gonna need it for the next part of your booking. I’ve still got to get that blood sample, remember.” He dropped Superman’s chin back onto the table with a thud. 

Sergeant Walters reached across Superman’s bent over frame and picked up a few of the items that he had retrieved from the locker before the hero’s spanking. He walked back behind the prisoner’s still exposed and now reddened ass.

Superman felt the cop drop some of the articles on his nylon and spandex covered back. Then he felt the sergeant’s hands back on his swollen, sore ass cheeks. “Oh shit, here we go again.” thought Superman, realizing where Sergeant Walters planned on extracting his blood from. “Could this night get any worse?” the man of steel worried.

Sergeant Walters, meanwhile had begun to hum the toon to ‘Whistle while you work’. He carressed Superman’s ass for a couple of minutes and then grabbed something off of the pile of things on Superman’s back. Superman heard a snap and realized that the man had donned a pair of surgical gloves. The beaten hero’s heart sank a little farther. 

Sergeant Walters picked up another item off of Superman’s wide muscular blue clothed back. He continued to hum along, only stopping for a moment to tell Superman, “Ok Superfag this is gonna hurt a bit, but don’t be embarrassed. Hell we’ve become intimate enough that this shouldn’t bother you too much, now.” Then Superman felt something cold and metallic begin to push against his ass pucker. The sergeant parted Superman’s cheeks as he used the speculum to open the hero’s virgin hole. Superman screamed into the rubber cock that so expertly gagged his voice.

Sergeant Walters swatted Superman’s still tender left ass cheek. 

“Hush now, Superbitch. This is a special tool we purchased just for you. Yes some of us anticipated your criminal downfall, so we had Lexcorps manufacture some special tools for such circumstances. The tool that I am using to open your virgin hole with is a kryptonite dipped speculum. It’s former use was to open pussy, Oh hell what am I saying that’s still the use of the fucking thing.” He giggled and went back to his humming. After he had worked a few inches of the speculums jaws into Superman’s asshole, the sergeant beagan to open it’s mouth. This caused Superman to buck and scream again.

Pissed off, Sergeant Walters left the speculum embedded in Superman’s ass and stepped around beside the strapped down hero.He pulled Superman’s gagged head up off of the table by his hair and bitch slapped the man of steel’s facade back and forth a few times. “Keep bucking around and I swear I will stop and belt your ass with that thing still in your pucker, bitch.” Superman stopped struggling and begged for mercy with the only means of communication he had left, those piercing blue eyes. Sergeant Walters ignored him. He continued his chastisement” Now just be still and shut the fuck up and take it like the whore you’re soon gonna find you are.” 

The sergeant returned to his task and within minutes he had the speculum totally embedded in the asshole of steel and opened to it’s full three inches. Superman screamed and bit down as hard as he could on the rubber cock filling his mouth.

Sergeant Walters chose another item from the makeshift table of Superman’s wide back. Humming he inserted the kryptonite tipped probe into the wide opening that the speculum had created. The sample probe was tipped with a sharp kryptonite drill of sorts. Under this tip was a small vial for collecting the sample. Atop the thin probe was mounted a miniscule camera. Sergeant Walters snaked the probe into Superman’s ass cavity. The sergeant threaded the probe down into Superman’s chute searching for the super hero’s prostate. He hummed along as he carried out his task. 

“Ah hah! Eureka!” shouted the ass mining sergeant. “Pay dirt. It’ll only be a few more minutes, Superfag. Almost got what I want here.”  Then Sergeant Walters using his free left hand, smacked Superman’s left thigh. “Get your ass perched up on those toes, sissy. I’m gonna kill two birds with one stone so to speak.”

Superman raised himself up onto his toes as ordered. Sergeant Walters reached up under the man of steel and grasped his rod which was still hard as steel, and drooling pre-cum. “God” thought Sergeant Walters, “That mixture Lex Luthor concocted for Superfag really works. It has kept him hard and leaking since I poured it down his alien throat.”   

Superman felt the probe hit his prostate. He screamed and cursed his fathers for putting him in this human formed body. Then the damn probe started to softly massage the glandular muscle. At the same time Superman felt Sergeant Walters placing some sort of dish under neath his hard-on. The sergeant grasped Superman’s cock tightly, just under the bulbous head with his thumb and forefinger. He began to masturbate the cock of steel, as the diabolical probe massaged the prostate of steel. Superman’s screams became moans and then groans as he tried his best not to give up his load.

“Come on. Supes, give me that load, bitch. I have to have a cum sample from you, so just give it up like a good little homo. We don’t have all day.” Sergeant Walters continued to work both prostate and cock. He alternated from the cock head to reach down and caress Superman’s balls, trying to help coax their contents up through that monstrous shaft.It didn’t take long before Superman could hold back no longer. The sergeant felt the load rising through Superman’s stiff 12 inches. Then with a gag shuttering scream Superman gave up a huge load of milky white super cum. It over filled the petrie dish that Sergeant Walters had placed under Superman and puddled across the table top, running both front and back of the table onto the floor, puddling there as it landed. 

“Damn Superfag, that was a hell of a load. I only needed to fill the dish. Shit, bitch, You’re gonna have to clean up this mess when we’re done here.” Sergeant Walters huffed.

Superman was exhausted. The ejaculation had drained him completely. He had no time to rest though as the next thing he knew that damn drill in his ass was back at work. Only this time it was after blood. Sergeant Walters worked the kryptonite drill head deeper into Superman’s ass channel. He scraped it along walls of the hero’s rectum and let the drill turn for a couple of minutes. Superman was screaming himself hoarse behind that damn cock gag buried in his throat. When the camera told him that the vial was full, Sergeant Walters slowly extricated the probe from Superman. He was careful not to permanently damage that ass hole. He wanted badly to be able to use it as his personal pussy hole soon. After the probe was out, Sergeant Walters closed the speculum and pulled it out of Superman’s hole. Sergeant Walters massaged Superman’s ass and, after releasing his own cock from his pants rubbed it’s hardness  against the prisoner’s crack. Amazingly the hero’s rectum closed up slowly and the pucker seemed to give the sergeant a wink. At that, the sergeant’s own cock gave a lurch and shot it’s load across Superman’s violated ass. 

Sergeant Walters lay across Superman’s powerful ass and back for a few minutes to catch his breath. Then he collected his samples and strode across to the lockers. He opened another locker that was refridgerated and deposited Superman’s blood and sperm samples inside.

Superman lay across the table totally waisted. The strap was no longer necessary. He couldn’t fight anymore. His will was broken, as was his strength. He’d been wearing those damn handcuffs now for some time, and even though it was just a small amount of kryptonite, it had done it’s job. superman was as weak as a little girl. 

Sergeant Walters returned to his prisoner and unstrapped him from the table.He pulled Superman upright and informed him, “It’s time to get you washed up good Superfag. ” He turned the hero around and told him to hop up on the table. Superman wasn’t in any shape to hop anywhere, so the sergeant helped the ailing man of steel up onto the table. Then when Superman was seated on the table, Sergeant Walters relieved him of his red rubber/lycra boots. He tossed them over to where the hero’s cape, and briefs lay in a pile on the floor.

Sergeant Walters couldn’t help but notice the pungent smell emanating from Superman’s tights covered feet. “Whew, Superfag. how long you been wearing those same tights, bitch? Damn your feet stink.” He held his nose and grinned at the hapless prisoner. “I was gonna strip those pussy tights off your ass for your shower, but I think I’ll leave ’em on you. As it is I’m gonna have to cut that pretty leotard shirt off you. We can’t have you prancing around the jail with that “S” logo intimidating all the other inmates, now can we? But first I do need to do a body search to make sure you aren’t hiding anything in your tights. Since, thats all your gonna have to wear around here. You can’t have those boots back.And we don’t have any shoes to fit on those big ole clod hoppers of yours, so you’ll just have to prance around in your stocking feet.” Superman perked up at this new info. His eyes pleaded again. 

“Sorry but that’s the breaks kid. Oh, I suggest you walk around on tip-toes as you never know what might be laying around on the floor. Besides such a ballerina as you, should get used to prancing around like a sugar plum fairy.” Sergeant Walters patted Superman’s naked bottom.

“You can’t keep your cape or briefs, either. Too easy to hide stuff in those. With just your tights on it will be much easier to see any and all unsightly bulges.” The sergeant tweaked the head of Superman’s rock hard leaking cock. 

“And that yellow utility belt of yours, well thats self explanatory isn’t it. As a matter of fact thats evidence, because we don’t yet know if anything on it was used to kill Clark Kent.” Sergeant Walters talked to Superman as he pushed the heroes tights down to his ankles, felt around inside them all over Superman’s huge size 18 feet, and then pulled them back up the hero’s thick muscular legs and snapped them in place over Superman’s sore ass in the back and still erect cock and drained balls in the front. When pulled up and without the recognizeable red briefs and belt, the thin blue tights left little to the imagination. Espeacially since the drugs that Superman had ingested were still keeping his cock rock hard. Sergeant Walters adjusted the man of steel’s cock so that it stood up at 12 o’clock sharp against his crotch and tight abs. 

The sergeant continued his search by pushing Superman’s tight nylon shirt up his torso, over his head and leaving it like that. Then he began to feel up Superman’s tight muscular torso and back. Sergeant Walters stopped at Superman’s tits and rolled them around between his fingers for awhile. He pinched and pulled the nubbins away from the prisoner’s body and then let them snap back. After a few minutes of this type of abuse Superman’s nipples stood out from his body at attention.

“Nice tits, Superfag. I bet they get a lot of attention in the joint, too. I am sure they will here as we don’t have a shirt big enough to cover your massive chest, now do we?” The sergeant stepped over to the opened wall locker again.

Sergeant Walters returned to Superman and brandished a silver pair of scissors. He stepped behind the super hero and began to cut Superman’s shirt away from his body. He tossed the shredded rag over onto the pile that contained Superman’s briefs, cape and boots. 

Sergeant Walters pushed Superman over into the shower stall in just the tights, handcuffs and gag. He turned  the cold tap on and watched the down trodden super prisoner flinch when the ice cold water drenched his almost naked body. 

“Up on your toes, Tinkerbell!” the sergeant ordered. Superman obeyed. Then Sergeant Walters pulled a flexible metal hose from it’s clamp beside the shower nozzle. The hose had a long tubular end with small holes in it. “This is an enema hose, Superfag. You know what it’s for?  Bend Over!”

Superman reluctantly  bent over in the shower with his nylon tights covered ass exposed once again to Sergeant Walters. The shivering super hero had fallen off of his tip toes and now stood on his entire feet. He awaited what he knew was to be yet another unpleasant episode. He was oh so right. 

Sergeant Walters hauled back and landed an open handed  slap across Superman’s wet pantyhosed ass. Superman lost his balance and crashed against the shower stall wall. The stall was barely big enough to hold Superman as it was. “You really are a dumb ass, aren’t you Superfag. I told you to perch that pretty pantyhosed ass up on your tip- toes and bend over. I never said stand flatfooted. As a matter of fact if I catch you standing flat footed again, I am going to belt that ass again. Is that what you want, sissy?” Sergeant Walters swatted at Superman’s vulnerable ass again.

Superman righted himself and immediately perched up on his stocking toes. Then remembering his orders he bent over again, this time remaining on his toes. 

“Good girl!” the sergeant praised. Then Sergeant Walters once again slipped Superman’s tights down off of his ass. He unceremoniously shoved the douche hose up Superman’s defeated ass. He reached up and switched the water flow to the  hose. Superman flinched again but kept his balance. The hero bit down into his gag again as the sergeant pushed and pulled the enema tube in and out of his sore ass hole. Then Sergeant Walters pushed it in and left it there for awhile. He pulled it out and ordered Superman to hold the water inside him. Superman puffed up around his gag and made sure to hold as much of the water in as he could. Just a bit trickled out. Finally Sergeant Walters Told him to let the water out. Superman was relieved to do so. The water shot from his ass like a cannon, bringing the dried blood from his earlier ass opening and some fecal matter with it. Sergeant Walters repeated this process four times until he was assured that Superman’s ass chute clean. The sergeant pulled the hose from Superman’s ass. Then he pulled Superman’s tights back up and switched the water flow back to the shower head. Superman once again was soaked by the ice cold water. Sergeant Walters told the man of steel to turn around a few times in the shower. Superman did as he was ordered, remembering to stay perched up on his toes.

Sergeant Walters stood back to watch. Superman had a magnificent physique. Even after all he had been put through, his muscular body was still amazing. The sergeant’s cock began to rise again. Superman appeared to be even more naked with the wet tights on than if he had not been wearing them. They had become quite see through and hugged every nook and cranny of Superman’s lower body. Superman’s cock and balls were on full display in the wet tights. 

The sergeant was brought out of his reverie by a sound that even shocked Superman. A phone began to ring with an annoying tone. “Damn”, Sergeant Walters spat as he turned and dashed to the phone on the wall by the door. “That’ll be Detective Carlilse wondering where you are Superfag. We’ve got to get a move on.”

Superman remained in the shower, turning slowly on his stocking toes, the icy water spraying his half naked body and causing the former man of steel to shiver uncontrollably. The cold water was bringing him around though. “I guess everything has a purpose thought the imprisoned super hero.” In his own world, he was oblivious to the telephone conversation that was going on regarding him across the room. The way things were going, Superman reckoned, this might very well be the only satisfying event he would experience for the forseeable future. What little bit of satisfaction a freezing cold shower could bring, anyway. The icey water was not even serving the purpose of reducing the hardness of his traitorous loins. 

“Hello.” the sergeant answered the phone. Then a pause. “Yes I know Detective. We got set back a bit here. The prisoner needed some correction, which took longer than I expected. We are almost finished here and I will have him brought along as soon as I am done.” Another pause. “Yes, I understand. Tell the DA his boy will along shortly. Tell him to keep his pants on, for the time being. Anyway!” Sergeant Walters winked towards Superman in the shower and laughed, as he replaced the phone in it’s cradle.

Sergeant Walters strode confidently across to the shower. he reached up and turned off the tap.  “Got no towel for you, Superfag. You’ll have to shake the water off yourself like the animal you’ve become. After all murderers are nothing more than animals are they? I am sure that a crime fighter like yourself would agree with that statement, wouldn’t you?” 

Superman had been brought out of his own daydreaming when the water was shut off. He started shaking the water from his body as instructed. There was no more rebellion left in him. At least for now. The initial effects of the kryptonite spiked handcuffs, and the other exposures to the power draining rock in Superman’s ass was beginning to subside. The icy water had helped with that, at least. His head was clearing, but the dire consequences of his situation were only becoming clearer. He was still very weak though.He was in no shape to fight back right now. This sadistic cop would feel the full vengeance of Superman soon enough, the super hero vowed to himself. And then he’d track down the rest of the conspirators in this fiasco.

Sergeant Walters could see that Superman’s attention was off in some other place. He knew just how to get the big man’s mind back where it needed to be. 

The evil sergeant reached out and grabbed hold of Superman’s balls through the thin wet fabric of his tights. He yanked the nuts away from Superman’s groin, and used them as a leash to lead the super hero from the shower.

The booking sergeant led Superman to the last wall locker against the wall. He noticed that his prisoner had returned the heels of his blue stocking feet to the floor. He gave a sharp tug to the scrotum that he now fisted in his right palm. He smirked, “Superfag, you really do need to concentrate on the here and now, and stop wondering off in that dim little head of yours.” He sharply yanked downward on Superman’s genitals again. “How did I tell you to stand and walk, dumb ass?” He kept up the pressure on the dejected super hero’s balls until Superman finally understood to what the bastard was referencing. Superman bounced up onto his stocking toes, and the sergeant let off on the obedient hero’s balls. He did not let go of them completely, though. 

Sergeant Walters opened the last wall locker and Superman saw that it was full of orange prison outfits. There were jumpsuits and orange shirts with “Property of Metropolis Corrections” stenciled in large black letters across their backs, hanging on hangers. Orange pants neatly lay folded on a few shelves and white canvas espadrill type shoes lined up on the floor of the locker.

The sergeant brushed through the hanging items, turning down the collars as he went, as if looking for a size to fit Superman’s enormous muscular frame. The sergeant gave up and pulled one of the smallest size shirts from the locker. 

“There’s not a size big enough for you, in here, Superfag. So we’ll just have to make some alterations to what we’ve got. He took up the scissors he ahd used to cut Superman’s blue leotard shirt from the big alien’s body and snipped at the shirt in his hand, letting the dregs fall to the floor. When he was satisfied with his work, Sergeant Walters  told super man to turn around. Superman did as he was told and the sergeant fitted the shirt onto Superman’s massive naked torso. Superman winced and moaned into the cock gag still filling his face. “Great, yet more humiliation!” Superman thought.

Sergeant Walters stood back and admired his handiwork. The way too small orange prisoner uniform shirt hung over Superman’s shoulders. The sergeant had cut off both sleeves and then cut down both sides of the garment, leaving , basically three panels of orange. There was no other way to get anything on the prisoner’s upper body, as Superman’s hands were still cuffed behind him. The booking sergeant then had taken the two front panels of the shirt, that would never have stretched far enough across Superman’s broad chest to allow for buttoning, and; he tied them around behind Superman’s back. This left Superman’s entire front open for all see or explore or whatever. The shirt was also way too short for Superman’s torso, so this meant that the back panel of the thing only fell halfway down his back. Sergeant Walters adjusted the back of the shirt so that he could read the print. Then he stated, ” There Superfag, that’ll let everyone know who the former savior of the world belongs to now.” He laughed and pushed Superman back over by the table. 

“I’ve got one last task for you, Superfag. then it’s off to Interrogation K, for you. I am sure You will have a grand time there. You’re gonna love the hospitality we’ve created just for your kind there. I promise.” He grinned. “But first, let me get that gag out of your face hole.” The sergeant pushed Supes against the table and reached up for the straps of the torturous mouth cock. “I sure hope that you’ve been adjusting well to that cock, Superfag. Because I am quite sure that from now on you are going to have a lot of them in that pretty puckered mouth of yours.” He released the straps and yanked the pecker from Superman’s mouth, without concern for the prisoner’s comfort.

Superman groaned again as the blood rushed back into his face and lips. It was difficult for him to close his mouth, and his tongue was slow to respond when he tried to move it around inside his aching mouth. 

Superman was busy readjusting his finally free mouth and hadn’t noticed that the sadistic sergeant had unbuckled, and unzipped his pants releasing his cock again. The sergeant’s rod was once again at full mast, probably had been all along just like Superman’s, only for other reason’s. The purple bulbous head of the sergeant’s schlong leaked pre-cum.

Sergeant Walters stepped up to Superman and grabbed his head. He forced Superman to look down at the mess of Superman’s cum that still puddled the desk. It still drizzled down on to the floor. As a matter of fact Superman was standing on his stocking toes right where the jism had puddled. “I told you, you’d have to clean up your mess Superfag. Get too it.” 

Superman looked at the sergeant confused. His hands were still held behind his back. He didn’t know how the sergeant expected him to clean up the cum. He found out when the sergeant began to push his ungagged face down onto the tabletop. “Use your tongue, shit head.” Sergeant Walters explained. He swatted Superman’s pantyhosed ass to get him moving. Superman groaned his displeasure but began licking up his own cum after threats that his ass could still take another good belting, if he didn’t. Superman licked the entire table top clean. Then the sergeant had him lick the side where the jism had flowed off of the table, too. He told Superman to use his stocking feet to clean up the puddle on the floor. He allowed the hero to use the full lenghth of his size 18 blue tights covered feet for the job. Then he ordered Superman back up onto his toes.

Sergeant Walters glared at Superman and pushed him sideways a bit. The sergeant jumped up on the tongue washed table with a plop. He sat there with his uniform pants opened and his leaking cock pointing out at a forty-five degree angle. 

“Might as well get you started right now Superfag!” the sergeant spat. “Get over here in front of me, and; plant those pretty lips of yours on my cock, bitch!” The sergeant reached over and grabbed Superman by the neck and guided the shocked super hero around to stand in front of the offensive leaking cock.

The sergeant pulled Superman’s head down into his crotch. But, Superman decided now was the time to show resistance. He summoned what little strength he could muster and fought the cop. Sergeant Walters was in heat and this new burst of disobedience pissed him off. He hauled way back and bitch slapped Superman across his aching jaws. “Bitch, Don’t fight it. You are gonna blow me or I am gonna blister that bubble ass of your some more!”  Back and forth the sergeant slapped, front hand, back hand, front hand, back hand. Superman was in excruciating pain. He lost the battle and found himself with a mouth full of the sergeant’s drooling meat. 

“That’s a good girl, Superfag. Just give in to reality, baby. You are soon going to be doing this on a regular basis. You’ll thank me later when others aren’t so kind to you, trust me.” Sergeant Walters placed his hands on the back of Superman’s head and guided the hero’s mouth around on his cock. He used Superman’s hair to pull and push the prisoner’s head off and on to the hard leaking rod. He ordered that Superman “Suck it fucker, and use that tongue.” But he warned, “I better not feel any of those pearly whites on my dick, either, cocksucker. If I do, I’ll have the dentist remove them all so that they can’t possibly get in the way.”

Sergeant Walters enjoyed a good fifteen minute face fuck, before he blew his second load of the night. This time he shot it down the throat of the former man of steel. He told Superman, “Swallow it all, whore. That might be the closest thing to nourishment that you’re gonna get for awhile. Dinner’s already been served, but we can’t let you go hungry now can we?” He grinned an evil shit eating grin that Superman wished he could punch off of the sadistic bastard’s face. Instead, Superman, swallowed. He drank the full load of Sergeant Walters’ salty, vitamin tasting ejaculate. A tear inched down Superman’s right cheek. 

“Don’t cry, Superfag.” Sergeant Walters stated. “There will be lots more of that for you. I assure you.” He pushed Superman back away from the table, noting that the super hero was still perched up on his blue stocking feet. He smiled, jumped off the table, tucked his softening cock away and strode over to the phone on the wall.

Sergeant Walters punched a few numbers into the phone nand waited. Then he said “This is Sergeant Walters in booking. I need an escort for a prisoner. Make sure to send two of your best. This one’s a tiger.” He winked at Superman who stood in the center of the small room, stripped down to just his blue nylon and spandex tights., which were wet and still obscenely clinging to his lower body.  Superman’s 12″ penis still stood rock hard against his crotch, straight up at 12 noon, the angry purple leaking head trying to poke out of the band of the tights against the start of hero’s hard chiseled six pack. The super hero’s wrists still ached in the cuffs that had drained his super strength, behind the hero’s back and under the modified orange prison garb. superman perched up on his stocking tights covered toes. His signature hair curl was gone, his hair now mussed and unruly. His face was flushed and red from the many slaps he had endured. His lips were swollen and cracked from the villainous gag that he had been forced to wear. He was a far sight from the strong, masculine, cock-sure super hero that the world had cum to know.                                                            

Sergeant Walters laughed again and walked over to the downfallen hero. He grabbed Superman by the cock and whispered in his ear. “Don’t worry. Superfag, I am sure that we’ll meet again. it’s been such an honor to book you.” 

The sergeant let his finger play around the head of Superman’s dick.He wiped at the pool of pre-cum that was oozing from the slit.

Just then he heard the door knob jiggling and went over to unlock the door. The same two burly cops as before came through the door. One of the cops spoke up, noticing, “He’s not quite as ominous looking as he was a little while ago. What have you been doing to Superman?” both of the cops looked over at sergeant Walters smiling. 

“Oh me and Supes have just been getting aquainted. that’s all. Booking wasn’t too kind on the man of steel. He’s all ready for interrrogation now, though. Take him directly to Imterrogation K. Don’t dawdle. They are waiting for him, and besides the way he looks isn’t exactly conservative, we don’t want to offend anyone around here now do we, boys?” Sergeant Walters explained.

Then as the two escorts took up position on either side of Superman, the booking sergeant reminded Superman, “Now you be good stud. remember, Cooperation! And don’t forget to walk properly around the jail, Ok? This can be a dangerous place for such a boy scout as you.” 

Sergeant Walters watched as the two men lead his most enjoyable plaything ever out the door and down the hall. He sighed!

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