Illustration Superman’s New Tattoo
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Like many of the people reading this blog, I love the idea of superheroes being defeated. In some stories the hero is beaten in a fight, in some others the hero is rendered powerless by some machine, magic or other evil plan.

Superman, being one of the most powerful heroes in the comics, is usually seen as the epitome of masculinity, “the undefeated champion of the world” and probably for this reason, he is one of the favorite in gay erotic fiction (my favorite is Spider-man but I also love Superman).

But having all this power may cause all the stories in comics to be boring, so, thanks to the invention of the “Kryptonite”, normal people could have a chance against this hero.

I have read many stories with different usage of this rock to defeat the Man of Steel, but I don’t remember right now a story where the use of kryptonite is in the form of a tattoo (my memory is not so good at remembering all the plots). Note: I think in the Murder of Clark Kent they used some kind of small shards in his feet. Maybe someone considered this similar to a tattoo (because it remains in the skin of the hero).

When I saw the movie Justice League Dark: Apokolips War I got a pleasant surprise of Superman having a new tattoo by Darkseid and losing his powers because of this. I think the idea of getting a Kryptonite tattoo is great from the point of view of using the symbol of the hero, of his family and transforming into a humiliation that renders him weak enough that anyone may defeat him. Also, if you are a hero and have a secret identity, the idea of you can not longer expose your muscle body because a tattoo may reveal your identity is very sexy for me (of course some heroes never, expose their bodies).

I decided to make a draw of Superman with a tattoo of Kryptonite and use a simple rope to keep him in line. Hope you like it.


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1 thought on “Illustration Superman’s New Tattoo
4.5 (2)

  1. Poor Supes, all that great muscle unable to aid him, confined with a measly rope.
    His pecs near bursting from his struggle, his “restrained” powers.
    Would, however (him being such a “super” man), like to see his cock way above his navel, and perhaps
    helplessly also contained against his torso under the rope… near frothing like crazy.
    Frustrated, turned on, even trying to erupt and get relief merely frotting himself against his cobbled abs.
    (And if someone would squeeze his nipples in sporadic, measured crimps, he would. Very soon.
    But what’s the point there? Villains’ pleasure, or his? Why be concerned with his –? Unless trying to tube
    his seed for later analysis. Milk him down and out… for a lethal harvest. Alas, his great powers being rapidly depleted.
    His own hyper-sexuality being used against him.)

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