Superman Vanquished Part 7
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Superman Vanquished

Part 7 Kryptonite

Author: Lcross


Pressing tightly back in the corner of the radiation well Superman continues to try and make sense of what has happened to his superpowers when suddenly he hears Eden’s taunting voice echo down loudly from speakers high above in the narrow room.


“Eden here Superman! This tour is little different than the last one. You most likely wonder how I managed to trap you in the professor’s well. I know all about Kal-El and Clark Kent; the professor and you have been careless lately and I discovered his detailed research concerning your origins, life on Earth and a strange element called kryptonite.”


“Eden, why are you doing this?” asks Superman as he cranes his neck towards the voice coming from above. “Open the well doors and we can forget about this whole thing,”


“No can do Clark. I’ve crossed the Rubicon. That crushing wave of pain and dizziness you experience signaled the loss of your superpowers. I know kryptonite is your Achilles’ Heal Clark; your only weakness! I placed the small particles of kryptonite you entrusted to the professor for his research in his Radiation well and successfully amplified their radioactive output. While the cats away the mice will play,” taunts Eden.  Superman swallows hard as he listens with a sullen expression as the young man with the upper hand taunts him.


“As I said, I know all about kryptonite Superman; the professor will not be back for weeks which leaves me plenty of time to attend to you. That pulse you felt moments ago was a moderate amplification of the kryptonite. According to the professor’s research you are basically a living solar battery; your cells absorb electromagnetic radiation from the sun which provide you with tremendous superpowers. Kryptonite’s specific radioactivity apparently interferes with this semi-photosynthetic process driving the energy out of your cells. That brief exposure was sufficient to snuff out your superpowers. That brief wave of dizziness you experienced signaled the loss of your superpowers. Indeed Superman, kryptonite is your Achilles’ Heal Superman. You’ll remain powerless until exposed to sunlight!


Superman swallows hard as he listens with a sullen expression. You asked me why I am I doing this you? I must admit it’s for the 20 million in bounty money the Teflon Boss has put on your head Superman. I intend to turn you over to him and his boys and collect the bounty. But first I think I need to demonstrate the power I hold over you Superman.


Desperately Superman springs from the corner and grabs the lead box junction box mounted to the concrete wall. Using both hands he pulls at the cover trying to open it and disable the radiation well. Superman strains with all his strength but the heavy lead cover is sealed tight and will not pull free. Superman then pounds the lead cover of the junction box with both fists wildly but his fists bounce off the heavy lead cover harmlessly.


The voice taunts loudly “Your superpowers are gone Superman!”


Superman regains his composure and backs tightly against the corner again and presses back hard. Again the voice taunts him from high above the pit, “Cowering in the corner will not shield you from the forth coming bombardment Superman! The specialized reflective floor makes that impossible.  I will make you a proposal. If you do exactly what I instruct you to do I will make this quick. I’ll give you one large microburst of kryptonite radiation that will kill you painlessly – you won’t feel a thing. If you refuse I’ll initiate the program I wrote that will slowly and agonizingly kill you. Either way the end result will be the same.


Superman remains tightly in the corner staring up to the top of the pit with a questioning expression on his handsome face.


The voice again, “Get down on your hand and knees and crawl to the center of the radiation well. There remain on all fours and lower your head and beg me for merciful end!”


“Go to Blazes Eden!” replies Superman in a defiant voice.


 “I think its time for your first demonstration of the power I hold over you Superman!” declares Eden.


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1 thought on “Superman Vanquished Part 7
5 (1)

  1. Eden evolves into a power player’s personality preparing to wield his ways into subjecting SUPERMAN to see Superman squirm and grovel before him.

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