The Ultimate Take-Down Part 4
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The Ultimate Take-Down


with some help from Catbatbom900900


Part Four


He rushed me. I sidestepped and he lunged past me. I tackled him and we went rolling on the ground, locked like snarling dogs, arms and legs intertwined. I was on top of him. He managed to fist me in the side. UGGHHH! He bridged up with his back lifting me off the ground, pushing up with his left leg and rolling on top of me. Fist into myface. I saw stars! Tasted more blood! Another fist into my face.  My head smashed down into the cement. I managed to grab both his wrists and push him back. I whipped my legs up, locking my ankles around his neck, pushing with all my strength – my quads against his massive torso, my arms against his massive arms. He shaking, straining, his cock grinding hard against my cock, face going red. Icould just see his mind trying to figure out all these sensations – “fight to finish!” or “fuck to the finish!” – it was one and the same. I thrust my groin up against his cock. The move startled him, giving me the edge. I rocked, forcing him back off me. He fell on his back.

I sprang back on top of him. I grabbed his chin and yanked back in a camel clutch. I pulled, wrenching his chest off the ground. Air spat through his clenched teeth as he tried to shake off the pain. He tried to get his arms levered up to push me back, but I pulled harder and bared down on his back at the same time, rocking him back and forth. He let out a yell through clenched teeth. But he couldn’t move. His neck was a massive knot of muscles. His back and traps were almost exploding. It felt like I was ripping boulders out of the ground with my bare hands. He pulled at my elbows, weakening my grip enough so that he could turn and throw me off his back. I went flying over him onto the ground but I managed to roll with the fall.

We both bounced to our feet. He swung at me. I blocked his blow with my forearm. He hit me with his left. Good blow. Knocked some wind out of me, but I swung back and landed my fist in his side. His body caved to the side with the force of my blow. I sent blow to his other side. Another, and another! He lurched over against my fist each time it hit, his face scrunched in pain. He dropped to his knees, heaving. I laughed. I was hitting an oak – but I cracked it, and I was ready to chop it down.

Suddenly, pain that shot through my gut – through my whole body! The Big Blue had slugged me in the balls. God it hurt! He smiled at me as I arched over grabbing my nuts. But then I raised my head up, not letting on that my guts had caved in.

“Good one!” I said.

He sprang up, snarling, swinging at my head with a haymaker. I ducked, and gave it back to him Whrammm!!! – right into his balls! He yelled. I don’t think he had ever felt anything like that before. You get cocky when you’re invulnerable and you can’t feel pain. But he felt it now – the swords shooting up from his testicles, ripping into his gut – the depth charge that gets worse after impact, growing into white hot, breath-killing, body-wracking agony. His muscles shuddered. His first instinct was to cover his nuts. Before he could reach them, I drove my knuckles into his sack again, shoving his balls up into his stomach. His head and arms shot back and he catapulted into the air with a yell that echoed across the field – “AAAHH!!! AAAAAAHHHHHRRRRRRRRHHHH!”

I ran over to him as he crashed on his back 60 feet away. He jumped up lunging for my throat. I blocked his arms with mine and whipped them aside. I sent a jab to his chin, his head snapped back. I sent another, but he blocked it, hitting me in my side. This time I barely felt it. It was like my body was adapting, strengthening – an effect of the K-steroid increasing my power and stamina as I fought.

I grabbed him by his bunched up arms blocking face and sent my quad into his side. OOOOFFFF! He dropped his guard. I sent both fists into his lats at the same time. His eyes bulged as he was squeezed like a stress ball, his chest bulging forward from the force. I stepped back as he swaggered on his feet – the light bouncing off his sweaty muscles, red marks and bruises where I had stuck him. His eyes were starting to glaze, but his determination was still there.

“C’mon Superman! C’mon!” I motioned him to come at me. He charged, shooting a blow to my chest. Instead of blocking it, I stood there – legs planted firmly apart, arms to my side mimicking his classic pose. His fist hit hard – THOOOOMMMM! The ground shook under my feet. Dust flew. The old metal buildings rattled around us. But I stood there unmoving – a wall!

Superman looked at me in shock. Anger flashed across his face. He sent another blow to my side. I smiled. He rained a series of lightning fast blows all over my body. I took them all. I began posing my abs, flexing them etched and vascular in front of him, guiding him where to hit – BAMMMMMMMM – right in the ten pack! Superman recoiled shaking his hand, knuckles in pain.

He was tiring, but his heaving breaths only accented his musculature.  His fist came at my face. I grabbed it. He sent his other fist. I grabbed both, crushing them in my hands. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” he screamed, throwing his head back in agony, unable to pull out from my grip. I released his hands, and they dropped to his sides. He looked at me with that “look” – my favorite part of any fight when my opponents realize how outclassed they are. His big blue eyes started to fill with defeat and self doubt.

I took a step towards him. He edged back. “What’s wrong, Supes?”  He roared and punched me in the chest. It was a strong punch, but it just slid down my chest. I sent two blows to his biceps, making him wince. Grabbing him by his thick traps, I pulled him forward, kneeing him in the gut over and over. OOOFFF! AAAH! UNGGGHH!!! Spittle dribbled out of his lips. He fell to his knees, his head rolling around on his neck. I grabbed him by his hair and pulled him back to his feet. I wanted his whole body to feel defeat. I dropped to my knees and sent an elbow cleaving deep between the muscles of his thigh. His leg dropped, and he went down to one knee. I stood him back up, and sent a punch to his gut. He started to double over. I grabbed the sides of his head as it was going down and rammed it on my upcoming knee. CRACK! Bone against bone. His body jolted like a shockwave, and he flipped backwards onto the ground, blood dripping from his nose.

Yeah, the man bleeds like the rest of us. It fired me like a shark! I showed no mercy. I slammed my fist into his abs again and again and AGAIN and AGAIN! The cement under him cracked in all directions.  Chunks flew as each blow crushed him deeper into the pavement, trapping his arms at his side, his body trying to jerk but locked in cement. I pounded him at super speed, drilling him deeper.  HUHH! HUHHH!! HUUUHHHH!!! HUUHHHHH!!!  Knuckle-sized bruises started forming on his invulnerable skin. I could feel his muscle wall starting to give way. I reared back and smashed my knuckles deep enough to grab his spine. I twisted my fist, feeling his guts wrenching inside. He dry heaved. I drove my elbow into him with all my weight.  The force shot him upright busting out of his rock prison.  Stomach juices blasted out of his mouth. His eyes bulged out of their sockets.

He weakly tried to grab me, but I wouldn’t let him catch his breath.  I lifted him up in a body-crushing bear hug. We were both yelling from the pain and exertion. I don’t think he had ever felt his body being crushed like I was crushing him. His legs and back arched, mouth open in agony, cords flaring on his neck like steel cables. His hands clawed at my traps, trying to tear himself away. I could feel his cock against my abs. Even in pain, it was still erect. I wrenched him harder and rougher, jerking the air out of his body.  With each tightening of my arms, he would arch in pain, animal grunts hollowing.

Then suddenly he found the air to yell as a couple of his ribs cracked on both his side. Through his yell I could feel his spine starting to give. I smiled knowing that with a few more ounces of strength I could cripple him. I could seize his balls with one hand, his neck with the other and lift him up over my head. I could press the beaten Man of Steel over my head like a fucking Hercules and smash his back down onto my knee with superhuman force. I could break his body like I had broken so many normal men. I’d love to hear his screams as his muscles tore apart and his spine ripped into his organs; love to see handsome face wracked with the most unspeakable pain. I’d look him in the eye, flex my bicep in his face and punch his lights out. Doing that to normal men makes me cum spontaneously. Just think of what it would be like with a “super-man.”

But that was not my plan. I wanted to take him whole! I wanted him to know the man who took him down… know him totally!

I gave one final crushing wrench to his back and slammed him down to the ground on his knees. The force shook his body. I sent lightning hand chops to the sides of his neck! He was dazed and swaying, but still upright – face at fist level. Yeah, he was my punching bag!  CRACK! Fist into his chin! WHRAMMM! Right across the face!  CRACCKKK! Uppercut to the jaw. A right! A left! Another right! Another left! Another right! CRAMMM! SMASHHH! WRACKKK!!! I sent FIST AFTER FIST into his face, his head, his chest, his broken ribs, his abs! He just took it. I don’t know if it was out of sheer defiant will or just spite! Blow after blow! Bruised, nose bloody, eyes swelling, cheek possibly broken – he still wouldn’t go down!

Then I winged both my arms out to my sides and chopped both fists into his ears with a blow that would have crushed a normal man’s head – WRABBAMMMMMMMMMMM!

“WHAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!” he yelled from deep in his gut. I knew he was seeing stars. Another double chop to the sides of his head! His head shot back, and he grabbed his ears. He swayed and looked up trying to hold onto consciousness. I drew my arm back over my head and slammed him across the chin with the most brutal hook of the night! His head jerked like it had come off his neck. Sweat, spit and blood flew from mouth. His whole body spun in the air like a top, and he hit the ground face first. And he didn’t get up. He was unconscious, blood dripping from his ears and beaten face.

“Yeah!  Down for the count!  I fucking KO’d Superman!”

 I caught my breath and readjusted the hard cock in my briefs.

“So much for foreplay.” I thought with a smile.

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1 thought on “The Ultimate Take-Down Part 4
5 (1)

  1. Know! I am ready for a full, final completion, winning my way to total victory,,,
    SUPERMAN AND I WILL ENJOY all the fruits of my mythic strength…
    My MANROD is aching with determined destiny.

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