The Ultimate Take-Down Part 3
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The Ultimate Take-Down


with some help from Catbatbom900900


Part Three

He rushed at me like a lightning bolt, slamming into me, smashing us through the wall of the hanger. Even though he couldn’t fly the momentum sent us hurtling straight across the airfield at 90 miles an hour. The wind was knocked out of me. I tried to grapple him down, but we were going too fast. Straight across the field, then SLAMMMMM!!! We hit the base of a tall steel tower. Metal girders crashed around us like tinker toys. He rolled on top of me and slammed his fist into my face.  Urgrgh!  That hurt. We were invulnerable, but because we each had Kryptonian DNA invulnerable was relative. We could do damage to each other. Yeah! What’s a fight without damage? I returned the blow, slamming him hard in the chin with enough force to catapult him back, metal girders flying in all directions. He landed with a crash on the cement and picked up a girder as he rolled to his feet. He swung at me. I saw it coming as if in slow motion. I ducked as it whizzed by me. He swung it back. This time I grabbed it – WHAMMM! The jolt shook him but he held hard. We both gripped the huge girder. He couldn’t move it.

“Fight me with your own two hands, you chicken shit!”

Before I could let go of the girder, he was on top of me, pushing me to the ground. He grabbed my head and slammed it into the concrete. I saw a flash of light and stars as my face smashed into the blacktop. Chunks of cement went flying. Again, head into cement! WRRRAMMM! WRAMMMMM! WRAMMMM! More chunks, a foot deep. I tasted blood. I could tell my face was starting to bruise and swell.

He lifted me up with his arms in a full nelson around my neck. My neck strained. I managed to push up on my arms, trying to push him away. But I couldn’t budge him.

“Give up!” he said in my ear.


“Give up, and you’ll get off easier.”

“Fuck you!” I said.

“Have it your way” he said, wrenching my head forward. He pushed hard. I winced as my neck muscles burned. Even with my new found invulnerability it hurt like hell. “You’re goin’ out in hurt!” he said. I could tell he was enjoying this. I tried to kick, wrap my legs around his to throw him off balance, but I couldn’t. He lifted up and my toes left the ground. He was breathing heavily in my ear, straining with all his might. I was hanging there, kicking and wrenching my body to get out of the hold. But I couldn’t knock him back.

I knew I shouldn’t waste my strength. I needed to focus – visualize myself breaking the hold. I planted my feet hard on the ground. I pushed with all my super strength. My arms and lats flexed, burning like hell. Superman gripped harder. I pushed to swell my muscles. We both grunted. Neither of us were moving – frozen in fierce, muscle-straining combat, sweat pouring off both of us. I could feel him trying to keep his hold, his steel pecs against my back. I knew I brought out his inner warrior cause his cock was hard against my ass.  I breathed in again, tensing all my muscles; mind sending signals to every fiber. I put all my force into my legs and pushed against him. For a fraction of a second, I could feel him slipping, rocking back. Then I knew it – I WAS stronger than he was! I could almost feel mybody grow as I pushed. My biceps bulged into his forearms; my triceps hardened against his delts. He tried to hold on, but I could feel him straining. I let out a yell and forced harder, lats spreading his grip. His fingers slipped a centimeter against my sweaty muscles, and then “HHHAAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRR!” – I burst out of his hold with a massive yell!

His arms whipped back with the recoil. I blasted my elbows back into his gut, knocking him backwards, lunging back with a kick to his chest. He was fast, grabbed my ankle. He twisted my leg with lightning speed, spinning me off balance. If I had tried to resist he would have broken my leg in two.

He lifted me up by the ankle and swung me over his head, bringing me down on the ground like a slab of beef. THRUMMMMWHAMMMM! It happened so fast I don’t remember anything but eating cement.  Then again up and over his head and smash! down to hard ground. I was near invulnerable, but I felt it again and again.  Had to keep my wits.  Had to stop him. New body, skeleton, muscles taking shock after shock.  He swung me up in an arc over his head again and brought me down.  I flexed my leg rigid on impact and used the force to lift his body up and whip him over my head and down into the cement – just as he had done to me with his arm.  He landed hard. The sheer force of the move took him by surprise, and he let go of my leg.

I reached down, grabbed him by the neck and threw him over 100 feet up into the air. He rolled, tensing his body in an attempt to fly, but he just managed to turn over and fall with his front exposed.  The look of fear that flashed in his eyes when he realized he was earthbound was extremely rewarding.  I cocked my fist and shot it up into his the gut as he landed. His whole body jackknifed on my outstretch arm.  He grunted loudly as his abs caved in around my fist. I held the doubled-up Superman over my head for a moment.  And then I lunged forward, keeping his body against my fist with momentum, and slamming him into the ground with incredible force.  My fist drove his abs into his spine.  The ground shook and the cement cracked under him. His virile scream filled the air, his face and neck went red.

Fast as a cobra I snatched his arm, turning it at the wrist, and put my foot against his exposed obliques. I slammed my heel into his kidney. Again and again and again. Brutally stomping. He grunted in pain, and his body arched back with each blow. “Huuuuuggrrhhh! Huuurggghhhh! Arrrrrggghhhh!” Every shout of pain was more guttural than the last. I let him have it harder and harder, my quads pumping thicker and thicker with each impact. His breathing became labored. Liquid started to leak on the ground under him as he jerked uncontrollably. Not cum. No, it was urine. He panted hard as I rolled him over. The Man of Steel had pissed himself, wet stain on his red crotch front.

I let out with a loud laugh. My mistake. He kicked his leg around and hit me across the ankles. I went down. He lunged on top of me. I jolted my arms outright holding him off, his fists swiping by my face. I lifted my foot into his crotch and pushed him off me. He landed on his feet and rushed me again. I sprang up, facing him off. He stopped in his tracks, and we began circling. His cock was huge straining against his red pissed-stained speedo. He grabbed it, stroking it defiantly and gripping it at the base. It flared harder almost breaking out of his spandex. I’d swear I saw pre-cum shine on it. “Come on!” he roared. There was real anger in his eyes. No more

Muscle Boy Scout. We were animals in the pit – and that was right where I wanted us!

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