Testing Superman Chapter 8
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Testing Superman


By Superman Fannn 

Chapter 8


Superman was laying on the ground, still heaving from the lack of oxygen from the soldiers cock in his throat. The soldier dumped so much of his semen down Superman’s throat that his stomach protruded like a beer gut as seen on many muscular construction workers. His abs were still evident but pushed out. With each breath, however he felt stronger and stronger. His plan was working. The solution to his problem lies in the soldiers super cum. His mind raced. Would more cum make him even stronger? Was there any limit to how strong he could become from this super ‘soldiers’ cum. He wanted to test his powers but still didn’t want to give away the fact they were returning. The soldier, coming from another planet near Krypton, with no apparent weaknesses, was still bigger and more muscular that the Man of Steel. Even at full power, Superman was not sure he could defeat him.

Feeling he needed more of the nectar that was now the source of his strength, he taunted the hulking soldier. “So I guess my throat was too much for you, big man. Can’t hold your cum?” “No one makes me cum until I’m ready to cum”, replied the soldier. “Now you will pay for it.”. He quickly and strongly flipped Superman over and began to try to fuck him with his still stiff dick. Instinctively, Superman’s sphincter tightened to prevent the intrustion. “What the fuck..”, stammered the soldier. “That’s never happened before.”. He forcefully tried again and this time, Superman opened up, wanting more of the strong man’s cum. The soldier bagan to roughly fuck the Man of Steel. Superman was glad that he had regained powers because this would have probably killed him otherwise. He began to flex his sphincter at super speed. “Noooooooo…”, the soldier began. He tried to pull out but Superman clamped down on his cock with a force so powerful, he couldn’t escape. “I’m cummmmmmminggggg…..”, the soldier screamed as he dumped ribbon after ribbon after ribbon of cum into the bowels of the hero. So much that the Man of Steel wasn’t sure he could take it. He’d already swallowed explosive devices to protect the innocent bystanders that caused him less discomfort than this massive amount of cum. But he knew he needed it if he was going to defeat this super soldier. 

Finally, to the point of not being able to contain one drop more, Superman released and the soldier pulled out. Cum still pouring from his massive tool, the soldier moaned in ecstasy. Superman slowly climbed to his feet. The soldiers orgasm subsided and a look of hatred and anger washed over his face. He approached Superman, grabbed him by the throat and raised him off the ground with his legs dangling. “I told you NO ONE makes me cum before I’m ready”, he bellowed and began to increase his choke hold on the hero.

Just then, something began to happen. The soldier expected to see a look of fear in Superman’s eyes. Instead, a smirkish grin was on his face. He felt stronger than he ever remembered feeling. Right in front of his eyes, the soldier observed Superman’s distended belly begin to flatten as his body absorbed more of the cum. At the same time his muscles began to grow similar to a computer generated morphed picture. And most amazingly, the hair on his body began to grow. He grew an entire beard right before the soldiers eyes and the light coating of fur that covered his massive chest became thicker. And as his muscles grew, so did his height. Although the soldier was still holding him off the ground superman was much closer to the ground than before.

The soldier looked him up and down. Superman’s cock and balls were bigger than ever and even in its flacid state appeared larger than the soldiers. The soldier tightened his vice like grip on Superman. The now hulking bear of Superman winced in pain, but it was short lived. He smiled as he raised his arms above his head, held them together and delivered a huge blow to the arm that was holding him up. The soldier cried out in pain as he dropped Superman and grasped his injured arm with the other arm. “Time for us to leave, Jimmy”, Superman said in a voice that was nearly an octave lower than his old voice.

Jimmy looked on in amazement as the musclebear grabbed ahold of the “unbreakable” lock on the door and pulled. At first it didn’t budge but Superman regrouped and pulled once more. Exerting more power than ever in his life, creaking began which led to the sound of twisting metal until the door was open. The hulking hero was obviously spent from this impossible super feat but motioned to Jimmy. He looked back at the soldier who was still nursing his arm and said, “We will meet again and I WILL finsish you off”. He picked up Jimmy and began to fly back to Metropolis.


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