Testing Superman Chapter 7
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Testing Superman


By Superman Fannn 

Chapter 7


As Superman stood there with the wind knocked out of him, he gasped for breath.Sweat poured down his face.  A drop of sweat mixed with some of the large soldiers cum that spashed on Superman from the soldier’s enormous cum shot.As it ran down his face, it entered his mouth.Superman swallowed and when he did, something amazing happened.  He began to feel some strength courseback through his body.  His mind began to race.  “Could it be that this man’s sperm was the solution to his problem?”Although he felt stronger, he knew this small drop was not enough to return him to the amazingly powerful man he was before being exposed to the red sun rays.

But there was a ray of hope.  He felt confident he could take on the soldiers who were restraining him but knew he wasn’t powerful enough to beat the big soldier.In fact, he was beginning to question whether he could even beat him when he was at full strength.  Coming from a planet near Krypton it was possible this man could defeat even Superman.  Now his only hope was to get this hulking muscle man to cum down his throat.  His mind raced for ideas on how to make this happen. 

Superman knew that he could not let on that some of his strength returned and ironically the red rays were not weakening him.He could feel it.He wanted to test his powers but obviously couldn’t try any feats of strength or heat vision.  He tried to his super hearin and could hear what was going on outside on the street.  He ex-rayed the door and although it was a strain, he could see through.  He was very hopeful but very unsure how to proceed. 

“Well, Kal-el, it appears I have broken you and you will now spend the rest of your days serving me,” said the hulking soldier.  “Let him go,” he commanded the soldiers.  “He is of no threat to me, or even you two for that matter.”  He laughed an evil laugh.  Superman feigned weakness as he knew he couldn’t let on that his little cum coctail brought him some strength.  He held his abs pretending they were still hurting even though they no longer did.”You might as well take those tights off the rest of the way, Kal-el.  Tights are reserved for super-heros and you are nothing of the sort.  Superman obeyed, knowing that he could still be overpowered by the hulking soldier. Standing there in his nakedness all alone, he was a sight to behold.  Superman had a nice coating of hair across his chest.  His cock, even flacid was full and thick.A nice thickening of pubes surrounded his cock and his massive legs were covered with a nice bit of hair.  The super solder, in contrast, was virtually hairless. It appeared he was shaven but knowing his super powers, was probably done with heat vision.  He looked more the part of the bodybuilder.  His muscles were more defined than Superman and his now flacid cock was longer and thicker. 

Superman finally came up with a plan.  He looked into the eyes of the super soldier and said, “You know you may be bigger than I am but before my power loss I am fairly certain I was stronger than you.  And, if that cum display was your full load, I know mine was much bigger.  In fact I was surpised you needed a break between your two small loads.  I would have been able to produce in one load whay you did in two, easily.”  The super soldier looked enraged.  “We’ll just see about that,” he said as he became erect and pushed Superman to his knees.  “Now you are gonna choke on my big dick,” he said as be began to face fuck the hero.  Superman had a look of fear in his eyes and it wasn’t fake, this time.  The dick was so big it was cutting off his air supply and he was afraid he would die from asphixiation as his powers had’t fully returned.  The mammoth soldier pushed his dick down Superman’s throat.  Superman knew he needed the cum to survive but the process of getting it might kill him first. 

Superman used his remaining strength to create super fast waves in his throat hoping to make the super soldier cum quickly.  “Aaaahhhhhhoooowwwwwwfuuuuuuuuck,” the soldier screamed.  “What the fuuuuuuck is happening?????”I’m cummmmmmmminggggg!!!!!!!!”  At that, cum began to pour from his massive dick directly into the esophagus of the hero.  He could feel it entering his stomach as it was very warm.  Ribbons upon ribbons entered his stomach.  He could actually feel his stomach expanding from the massive amounts of cum.  The soldier pulled his dick out of Superman’s throat as it continuted to spurt cum. 

Superman lay heaving on the floor, gasping for breath, hoping his prediction of renewed powers was right…

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