TDJL Book III Island Boss Bill’s Triumph Over Superman!

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book III Part 4-6
4.8 (4)

“I heard enough of your sick, twisted, perverted fantasies, Martin! Have it your way, “replies Superman as he angrily steps away from Martin and faces Bomba’s cell; he grabs the black iron bars and prepares to rip the barred door off its iron frame.

“Wait, Superman… please, no more damage. It’s hard to get a repairman out here, and it’ll take ages to get the brig’s entrance replaced,” begs the old fat man with feigned sincerity.

Tarzan – Deposed Jungle Lord Book III Part 1-3
5 (2)

“He is a mighty and very powerful warrior called Superman,” explains Bill to the old witch doctor. “He has the ability to fly and has tremendous strength and other powers; he is invulnerable to every known weapon. And Superman is coming here to turn me over to the authorities. Supermen will destroy my home, turning it to ashes. He can burn objects with a mere look from his eyes!”